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What Is 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift

How To Celebrate A 2nd Anniversary

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts : How to Buy a 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

One excellent 2nd wedding anniversary idea is to invest in cotton-themed art for your home. You might want to buy a canvas print, or perhaps even commission an artist to make a treasured piece of art for the two of you.

Enjoy some quality time together, spending a weekend visiting galleries searching for the right piece. If this is a bit out of your budget, you could look for work by emerging or student artists.

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works if from the head, almost nothing. Quoted by: Marc Chagall

Sunflower Beauty Bouquet – £27.99, Flying Flowers

Nd Anniversary Gifts For Her

No matter how you decide to go about finding the right gifts for your wife for this 2nd wedding anniversary, be sure to pick something thats personal in nature. The best anniversary gifts for her are the ones that speak from the heart. Use these suggestions for her to find the best traditional and modern presents shell adore.

If a pillow isnt the right fit for them, go for a personalized blanket. The blanket features the initials of the couple in a prominent and decorative way. This is not only a sweet gift, but also practical. It can be put to good use when the couple needs to stay toasty.

Bonus #1 Memory Keepsake Book

The keepsake anniversary journal is a fascinating gift made up of thoughtful prompts and questions to focus on the relationship, wedding, and marriage. Plus setting goals for the future. While filling the gaps and pages in the diary, a lot of lovely memories will come out, a lot of meaningful conversations will be driven a special keepsake is created for the years to come. What a romantic second wedding anniversary gift!

Second Wedding Anniversary Gift For Couples Keepsake Book from Unconditional Rosie @ Amazon

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Flower Cosmos & Lily Of The Valley

Unless your significant other is allergic to pollen, you cant go wrong with a bouquet of flowers as a second anniversary gift. The traditional flowers of the second anniversary are lily of the valley and Cosmos. Cosmos represents a playful love because of their liveliness and lily of the valley symbolises purity and smells delightful.

Nd Anniversary Gift Themes And Ideas

Pin by Gail Mulligan on " Made by me"

You will find here a selection of gift symbols that relate to the 2nd anniversary of marriage. Never feel bound by a particular rule or theme – you can combine different themes, colours or suggestions to create a present, showing the recipient clearly how much they are cared for.

Traditional 2nd Anniversary Theme for Gifts: Cotton

A versatile and durable fabric, cotton represents the essential qualities for a happy marriage. Reminding two people to be adaptable to change in their union, the interwoven fibres of cotton reflects how the pair grow closer through the intertwining of their lives during the second marital year.

Modern 2nd Anniversary Theme for Gifts: China

The beautiful elegance of china is similar to the love between two people in a relationship. However, it is also breakable when handled poorly, and therefore reminds the pair of how they need to continue to care deeply for each other, whatever challenges may arise.

Gemstone: Garnet

Floral Theme: Lily of the Valley, Cosmos, **Red Rose

The lily of the valley holds a meaning of sweetness, purity and trust.

When read in Greek, the name cosmos means ornamental beauty. It is known to be a flower that represents love, and its attractive appeal exudes wholeness and modesty.

**The red rose is a romantic alternative for this anniversary, in keeping with the colour theme, and the symbol of eternal love that a rose represents.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Cotton Hers and His bathrobes

Cotton clothing

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Cactus Embroidery Kit 2495 Etsy

Surprising as it may sound, embroidery has become one of the hottest hobby trends out there. If you know your partner would like to give it a go, there are some fabulous kits on Etsy – think contemporary designs rather than the twee animals of old. We chose this cactus kit because the finished product is very much something we’d like to have in our homes – assuming it goes to plan, of course… Anniversary relevance? Your partner would be sewing cotton thread onto cotton fabric.

Nd Anniversary Gifts For Him

Some hubbies can be tricky to buy for, but a little creativity can help you along your way. These traditional and modern anniversary gifts for husband run the gamut from useful to romantic, providing a plethora of enticing options that will appeal to even the ficklest of personalities.

Sweet and original gift for any couple. The design is screen printed directly into the toweling fabric in house, creating a footprints in the sand effect. The bath mat will evoke memories of honeymoon or holidays past.

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Nd Year Anniversary Gift #1: Personalized And Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

These personalized handkerchiefs stay with the cotton theme and make great gifts for the bride and groom who are celebrating two years together.

You can choose from 16 handkerchief styles and thread colors, so theres a little something for everyone! If you wish, you can even get these hankies embroidered, making them extra special.

The bride and groom will treasure this gift for years to come. Best of all, you can order this gift and have it delivered quickthe fast turnaround times are a perk!

Second Wedding Anniversary Garnets

Personalised 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas (

The gemstone that represents your 2 year anniversary is Garnet, a lovely deep red stone and one that was a popular stone for engagement rings. Diamonds were for only the very wealthy, rubies and garnets were popular and red is the traditional color for love. Garnets were more affordable than rubies!

The meaning behind Garnets is that they attract love and soul mates and enhance your creativity.

All of the meanings behind your Second wedding anniversary gifts are beautifully romantic, it has been 2 years since you said I do and during that time you have grown as a couple. Life might not always be romantic but on your Second anniversary that is definitely the order of the day!

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About 2nd Wedding Anniversaries

The celebration of your 2nd wedding anniversary is popularly known as the Cotton Anniversary. Like the interwoven fibres of cotton, the second year of marriage brings a couple closer together as their lives become increasingly intertwined. And, as cotton is at the same time both strong and soft, the couple are learning how to be flexible and adapt to each others needs.

The special colour for this anniversary is red: a warm and positive hue that is associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. It exudes a potent masculine energy, is strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power.

Modern Gift Silver Holloware

Dont get confused by the term silver holloware it just refers to any silver tableware or serving piece that isnt flatware. This includes things like teapots, sugar bowls, candlesticks, butter plates or food covers. Much like your marriage, silver holloware is constructed for its durability and elegance.

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Cotton Pillow Covers For Couples

For a bit of fun in the bedroom , pillows with hilarious writings will bring some laughs. There are many options as you can best relate to your couple. All these matching pillowcases are lovable. But I personally would choose one of the funny sets with the snoring topic.

Couples pillowcases from Thee Glamour Bride @ Amazon

If you prefer something a little less cutesy than the typical second wedding anniversary gift, there are other stylish options. Plus super personalized cushion covers with initials and wedding date.

Hubby & Wifey Home Decor Pillow Covers from The Cotton & Canvas Co. @ Amazon

Personalized Anniversary Cotton Blanket Throw

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Wooden Heart Cotton Second ...

by With Congratulations

An elegant adornment over a bed or ideal for freshening up sofas, this cotton throw blanket can be embroidered with your names, a date, or a cute message. Curl up on the couch with your new personalized throw , pop some bubbly, and throw on a good movie. Youve got yourself the perfect anniversary date night!

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Artifact Uprising Signature Layflat Photo Album

Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

At this point, youve probably already compiled your wedding album, so why not create another album capturing all the fun and memories that have ensued since? This elegantly bound book features high-quality pages and a choice of linen or leather covers. For a personal touch, have a custom title foil stamped on the front.

Our testers say

“These books are the best. I made my own wedding album, and I order a book each year for my two kid’s birthdays. I’ve tried a few other photo album services and this is by far the most impressive.” Dwyer Frame, VP, Commerce

Ideas For Celebrating Your 2nd Anniversary

Taking your cue from cotton, china, garnet, and cosmos, celebrate your second anniversary in comfort, but don’t forget to add some romance and fun.

  • Plan a Cotton Club-themed evening together and listen to jazz music maybe even dress up in 1920s outfits.
  • Set a beautiful table with fine cotton linens and your wedding china, and share a special meal of foods that you love to eat together.
  • Enjoy a cozy night in, complete with a bath and plenty of time snuggling on the couch under a cotton blanket.
  • Take the idea of a cozy night in even further by spending it in bed, between luxurious cotton sheets, of course.
  • Arrange a gift basket with a variety of cosmos seeds, along with a pair of cotton garden gloves and a coupon on red paper stating a promise to plant the seeds together. Or, plant them on your anniversary.

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Homemade 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • If you are feeling creative then you could create a personal cotton collage, use a graphics package to create an image that you can then transfer onto cotton canvas and then add more cotton pieces to create a one of a kind masterpiece.
  • And if you have still not got round to printing your favorite images from your wedding then your traditional 2nd wedding anniversary gift could be these printed onto cotton canvas. Most online photographic sites will do this for you.
  • Cross-stitch Anniversary sampler
  • Hand drawn t-shirt – use fabric pens so that it sticks
  • Embroider your Anniversary date on to a handkerchief or another cotton keepsake
  • Create your own Anniversary quilt using pieces of cotton fabric that mean something to you both – the t-shirt you were wearing when you met, cotton in the color of your wedding colors.
  • “Very pleased with customer service and product. My parents loved the gift to celebrate 40 years of marriage!” Dan

    I was a bit late in ordering and really didn’t know what to do for a first anniversary. Thanks to your online store I not only found what the 1st years gift is supposed to be, but I got the perfect gift for the Love of my life. My wife had tears of joy streaming down her face. I cant say Thank You enough. Next year I will be sure of two things. #1 shop allot sooner. #2 Order from Anniversary gifts by year. Thank You Suz and your team Ed,

    Create Clouds Of Cotton In A Molecular Cocktail Masterclass

    2nd Anniversary = Cotton Gifts!

    When you think of cotton, you probably think of cotton bedding, cotton clothing or anything actually made of cotton. But its time to think outside of the cotton fields. Treat your loved one to a unique second anniversary gift with an evening of foams, fogs and dreamy aromas in a molecular cocktail masterclass. As something fun to do together on your second anniversary, the two of you can come up with your own crafty cocktails with a cotton-candy twist. Sweet fairy floss, boozy fun and each others company mean youll be on

    Cloud 9 by the time you taste your creations.

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    Cotton Candy Dessert Station

    If you wanna feel like a kid, a single stick with cotton candy would do the magic. Did you know that the pinky sugary treat wasnt always kids stuff? In fact, its origins go back to those old times in Europe. When sugar was a rare and expensive delicacy. And only the aristocracy was rich enough to afford it on their banquet table. Just imagine!

    Anyway, back in our days, cotton candy is popular across the world, although known with different names. Its called candy floss in Great Britain, or fairy floss in Australia. Papas beard is its name in French and zucchero filato, or sugar thread, in Italian.

    Whatever you call it, one thing is sure its a perfect addition to the 2nd wedding anniversary celebration. A sweet wish for a marriage to be as sweet as it is.

    Cotton Candy Gift Set to die for from Chocolate Storybook @ Amazon

    The fun celebration on your 2 years anniversary could include fun making cotton candy together. But why not put a little more adult-ish twist on this sugary treat? Such as making and drinking cotton candy champagne cocktails. As you can guess, lots of sweetness, for sure. Heres the recipe.

    If youre both have sweet tooths, this cotton candy fudge recipe is just for you.

    Cotton Table Cloth & Matching Napkins

    by west elm

    Many couples love to entertain friends & family at dinner parties or seasonal occasions. If there is an avid dinner entertainer in your house, than a 100% cotton runner will add easy elegance to everyday meals or dinner parties alike. Dont forget matching cotton cloth napkinsto really bring up your tablescape game!

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    Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts For All Years Of Marriage

    Celebrating a marriage anniversary is a milestone in any couples life, but not all marriage anniversary years fall into the category of special wedding anniversaries. Most married couples celebrate every wedding anniversary year until the 25-year wedding anniversary or silver jubilee wedding anniversary.

    After that, they usually celebrate their wedding anniversary in intervals of 5 years, until the 50-year wedding anniversary or golden jubilee wedding anniversary. It is a rare couple that gets to celebrate a 60-years wedding anniversary, called the diamond jubilee wedding anniversary, and after.

    What Is The Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift

    2 years together

    Traditionally, the second anniversary gift is cotton.

    Depending on where search online, you may come across a few different meanings for what cotton is supposed to symbolize. Some people believe that it represents that youve become more comfortable with each other. I tend to think this is a more modern representation.

    Others think that the fibers of the cotton fabric represent how your lives have come together. As the interwoven fibers of cotton signify a couple growing closer as their lives become increasingly intertwined.

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    Nd Year Anniversary Gift #1: Two Year Anniversary Picture Frame

    Simple and classy goes a long way. Thats why we chose this two year anniversary picture frame for our list.

    It is 8 inches long and 7.25 inches wide and made with light walnut wood. A metal photo clip is ready for a picture to display!

    Even better, this frame is personalized especially for the couple. The wording of your choice is engraved into the wood, an art called Pyrography.

    Simply order the frame, print a picture of the couple, and voila you have a fantastic anniversary gift for them to display in their homes.

    Any Cotton Piece Of Clothing In Wedding Colors Or Topic

    You see, here there are two key features the wedding topic or colors and cotton material.

    I found at Amazon this super sexy summer dress that I wish I had received from my hubby. Only to illustrate my idea. Because our wedding was all about yellow & sunflowers. Sunflowers & yellow . As you can guess, this idea is strictly personal and can vary. As long as you remember the two key features

    Sexy Backless Sunflower Button Down Strappy Dress With Pockets from BerryGo @ Amazon

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    Cotton Balls Boho Sandals For Her

    Lace Up Gladiator Sandals with white cotton pom poms from RiRiPom shop @ Etsy

    The tie-up gladiator sandals with multicolored pom poms used to be a great hit. The little balls trend was dominating the accessories market, especially shoes, for a couple of summer seasons. Anyway, these sandals are still adorable and definitely might not be out of style if you only replace the multi-color with white

    Second Anniversary Traditional Gift

    2nd Wedding anniversary | my husband special gift | Subscriber gift

    The traditional gift for a second anniversary is something made of cotton. As a material, cotton is both durable and versatiletwo important qualities in a successful marriage. Cotton is also considered to be a symbol of prosperity. Ideas for cotton gifts include:

    • Warm or dressy cotton gloves
    • Handkerchiefs or bandannas
    • Fun T-shirts with inside jokes or messages
    • Plush towels
    • Table cloth, napkins, or place mats to go with your wedding china
    • Cozy his and hers bathrobes
    • High-quality Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases
    • Cotton cloth or rope hammock
    • Cotton paper artwork or printed vows
    • Cotton tapestry with artwork or personalized message

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    Nd Anniversary Gifts And Ideas For Friends And Family

    What to give

    • Give bright beach towels with a note: Every days a day at the beach when youre in lovewell, almost, anyway!
    • Or tea towels with a funny or sweet message or design.
    • Look for matching mugs with their initials.

    What to write in a 2nd anniversary card

    • Two years, two heartstoo amazing!
    • May this next year of marriage bring you fun, excitement, romance and contentment.
    • Its so clear: your love is growing stronger by the day.
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