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What Is An Appropriate Sympathy Gift

Etiquette For Putting Money In A Sympathy Card

How to Express Sympathy with Flowers & Gifts

How do you properly give money to a grieving family member? Tucking cash or a check inside a sympathy card is a great way to offer support.

Include a check if you mail the card. You may only want to include cash if you present the card to the family at the visitation or funeral.

Regardless of whether you put cash or a check inside the card, there is no need to tell the recipients about the monetary gift. Talking about money at an end-of-life service is not appropriate funeral etiquette. Instead, share positive memories about the deceased.

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Is It Customary To Give Money In A Sympathy Card

It is very much acceptable to give money as a gift but not necessary. Whilst it may seem like a bit of a non-gift, and an easy way to avoid choosing something meaningful, money often turns out to be the most helpful and appreciated gift.

Thats because losing someone can cause financial hardships to the family. Funeral expenses can be very high and if the deceased was someone who contributed to the families income then to lose that leaves a hole behind that needs filling.

When giving money do so in the most sensitive way you can. It can be embarrassing for families to need extra help in this way and a real hit to someones pride. So you should do all you can to make it less uncomfortable for them.

Try to be discreet about it and just place the cash or cheque inside a sympathy card before sending or giving it to the grieving family member. Dont make a big deal about or draw attention to it.

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Relieve Tension And Stress

Papillon Back Massager

This is one of our editors favorites: Its easy to move around from the couch to the bed to the car and can help massage away and relieve any tension in the neck, head and shoulders that they may be dealing with during this stressful time.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Lavender-Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapists say that lavender has calming properties . Regardless, this luxurious lavender-scented candle comes in a pack of two, providing up to 70 total hours of burn time.

Gravity Blanket

Grieving can sometimes cause insomnia, and if you know theyre having trouble sleeping, a weighted blanket like this one from Gravity Blankets could be the hug-like help they need. For more ideas on how to help them rest, take a look at our guide to getting better sleep.

Ugg Oh Yeah Slippers

Another way to send a hug is via a pair of these ultra-plush slippers from the comfort footwear mega-brand Ugg. They even have a rubber sole that makes them fine for running errands.

Book of the Month Subscription

A membership to Book of the Month an institution since 1926 might be just what they need to get out of their head for a little while. Theyll receive five carefully vetted options via email each month and choose one to be delivered to their home.

Those We Love Dont Go Away They Walk Beside Us Every Day Canvas Sign

Top 40 Best Sympathy Gift Baskets 2020


Are you looking for sympathy gift ideas other than flowers? This canvas print will definitely come in handy. Since it does not include a photo, it is versatile enough for any grieving person.

At a time of loss, its a perfect reminder that the departed is only physically gone. Their presence remains through the memories they shared.

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In Loving Memory Photo Print


Express your sympathy and honor the memory of the dearly departed with this simple yet heartfelt photo print. Customize the print with some text in place of In Loving Memory, and a photograph of the departed loved one to turn it into a thoughtful memorial gift for the grieving family.

Best Sympathy Gifts For Anyone

The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose personalized sympathy gifts. This gesture might seem small, but it can speak volumes about reaching out to empathize with a grieving friend or family member. Common sympathy gifts include:

  • Sympathy Gift Baskets: Choose sympathy baskets with gourmet food and snacks that can be comforting in a time of loss. The best sympathy gift baskets include the persons favorite foods such as fruit, dried meat, cheese, crackers, chocolate, and more. Another option is to choose a basket with self-care items, such as spa bath salts, lotion, and candles.
  • Flowers:Floral arrangements can be beautiful to display at the funeral or memorial service. Or, you might send a bouquet for the family to enjoy at home. Online retailers such as Teleflora offer same-day delivery to locations throughout the United States.
  • Meals: We know we said that meals may be forgotten, but if youre a great cook, have at it! A home-cooked meal can be comforting and satisfying. Or, you might consider a gift card for a local restaurant or a pre-made meal delivery service to keep the family fed in the coming weeks. A gift of Kosher fruits and sweets makes a wonderful gesture of sympathy and care.
  • Memorial Bird Feeder: A small, personalized bird feeder provides a reminder that life continues. Each time the birds land on the feeder, it offers a comforting way to carry on the memories of the person who died.
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    Examples Of Sympathy Cards

    Sympathy cards can be tailored to fit different situations. Think carefully on the message you want to send, the message that would be most appropriate for the given situation. This can look like messages that express:

    • Condolences: Express the sadness you feel.
    • Appreciation: Tell them why you love and appreciate them.
    • Offers of help: Let them know youre there to help if/when they need you.
    • Following up: Send this type of message when you want to check up on someone.

    Make A Stepping Stone

    Sympathy Message – Say it With Flowers

    If your coworker enjoys gardening or has a yard, you may consider purchasing a decorative stepping stone as a sympathy gift, like this personalized stepping stone. The stones can be personalized with the loved ones name.

    If you think they’d want to go to the DIY route, buy a mosaic stepping stone kit instead.

    If you want something smaller and more tangible to keep close to you, Parting Stone creates beautiful, handheld cremation stones out of your loved one’s ashes.

    » MORE:

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    What Not To Write In A Sympathy Card

    Here are a few thoughts and phrases to avoid in sympathy cards, because they risk either minimizing the recipients unique feelings of grief or actually making them feel worse.


    • I know how you feel. We all experience and process grief differently.
    • She was so young. No need for a potentially painful reminder.
    • What a terrible loss. Avoid dwelling on the pain or difficulty of the loss.
    • You should Instead of advice, offer comfort and support.
    • You will Steer clear of predictions about how their grief journey will go.
    • This happened for a reason. Even with the best intentions behind it, this thought risks assigning blame for the death.
    • Sé cómo te sientes. No es bueno asumir cómo se sienten las personas. Todos experimentamos el duelo de manera diferente.

    Writing tip: If youre still worried about saying the wrong thing, then keep your message very short. The simple act of sending the card lets your recipient know you care.

    What Should I Give Someone When I Family Member Dies

    However, if it was a close relative, family member or best friend who died, it may sometimes be a good idea to send a gift that lasts and honours the loved one for eternity – or at least for the lifetime of the bereaved.

    Gifts that last can be treasured for ever, and keep on giving long after the initial shock has worn off. Examples of gifts which last could be memorial jewelry with the name of the lost loved one, a framed inspirational poem, or a remembrance bench.

    Some gifts are so personal that they would only be appropriate from a relative or very close friend of the family. If in doubt keep it fairly simple.

    You can also plant a tree in memory of the lost one. We have lots of ideas in our sympathy gift pages.

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    What Should Or Shouldnt You Write On A Sympathy Card

    If you know the person well, share a story about the deceased that will make them come alive in memory. Write about the persons character traits that you admired. Offer support. Remind the griever that you want to help in whatever way you can, and let them know that they are not alone.

    Dont write, I know how you feel. You dont know how they feel because every grief is unique. Instead, you can write, I cant imagine what youre going through right now. Im thinking of you.

    Who Should Receive A Sympathy Gift

    Letter to a Grieving Heart Religious Sympathy Gift Basket ...

    It is appropriate to send a gift to any member of the family of the deceased or anyone in the immediate family. You may also consider giving something special to a close friend or significant other of the person who passed. If the deceased had a favorite cause or charity, consider donating money or something in memory of your late friend and include that in your sympathy card.

    After a child loses a family member, something soft to snuggle with will be appreciated. Many children find comfort in stuffed animals and soft blankets. After the loss of a pet, you may want to frame the child’s favorite photo of the animal and give it to him or her.

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    How Do You Express Sympathy

    If it is a work colleague whom you are sending a sympathy basket, try to stick to basics since you may not know them or their family well enough to know their tastes. Consider a fruit basket, a platter of sandwiches, or maybe cupcakes if kids are in the house. An assortment of teas or coffees can also be nice.

    For a family member or friend, be specific and personalized since you know their tastes. Send a basket of their favorite things. You can also add a comfort item, like a miniature stuffed animal, throw blanket, attractive blank journal, photo frame, a gift certificate for a massage, or something special. Another thoughtful gift is a certificate to a restaurant that delivers. This will be appreciated, especially sometime down the road when the food gifts are all used up.

    Sympathy Gifts For Loss

    Losing a family member, family pet, friend, etc. is one of the hardest things we can experience. The tricky part is figuring out how to give a gift to someone who has lost someone or something they loved, because everyone deals with loss differently. Below are some suggestions based on certain types of loss.

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    Family And Close Friends

    If you are a family member or close friend of the person who has passed away, you might choose to send a beautiful floral arrangement for the service. A standing spray, heart-shaped wreath or standing floral cross are some popular options. Standing baskets or floor baskets of a favorite flower, or flowers chosen for their meaning, are both beautiful and thoughtful sympathy gifts. Sending a remembrance gift like wind chimes or a rosary following the service, can be a cherished daily reminder of a special someone.

    Who Do You To Send A Sympathy Gift To

    Gifts for Friends Grieving a Loss

    Who you address and send your gift to will depend to some extent on your relationship with the deceased. If its a friend that has lost someone then you can address it to your friend and family. If you didnt know the deceased or the family well they were just an acquaintance for example then it is probably best to address it to the family.

    If in doubt though then just send and address your gift to the family in general of whoever it is that has passed away.

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    An Unconventional Sympathy Card Handwritten Note Or Trinket:

    If youre like me, you like the idea of sending a card or a note, but you dont want to send the same old generic Hallmark card. First things first, handwritten notes from scratch are often the most thoughtful. If youre not sure what to say, check out our post, How to Write a Sympathy Card.

    However, if you arent much with words, there are companies out there with relatable card options. You also might want to check out Emily McDowell Studios card collection or send them a card with our Sometimes there is no silver lining enamel pin enclosed.

    Send A Gift Of Service

    Helping out is great way to show a personal level of care.

    Here are a few memorial gift options for when youre local:

    • Do some yard work. This is a great one because you wont even need to go inside. Come and weed the garden, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, etc
    • Clean the house. Make sure its ok first, but dont give them too much time to pre-clean. Be ready to get your hands dirty and take care of business!
    • Clean out the post-funeral junk. Toss out old flowers, clean out the fridge from all the casseroles, break down cardboard boxes from mailed gifts and memorial service supplies, organize the keepsakes from the funeral
    • Babysit the kids. Come to the house so they can get out for a long walk or go to a movie, or take the kids so they can have some peace and quiet at home
    • Run some errands. Pick up the dry cleaning, return items borrowed from family or friends, walk the dog
    • Get the groceries. After the meal deliveries end, run to the grocery store and pick up fresh fruits and veggies and some healthy prepared meal items along with some TP and other weekly necessities

    If youre in a different town or state, you might want to consider hiring some local people to help out in the ways listed above.

    Make sure that whoever you hire is either well regarded or already personally known to you or the recipient .

    There are plenty of ways to get creative with the gift of service!

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    Send A Gift Certificate

    If you know what they like and appreciate, send a meaningful gift certificate.

    If they love to shop, a card for their favorite store. For movie buffs, a theater gift card. Books, coffee, and restaurants are also popular choices, always well-received.

    Include a note that lets them know youre thinking of them and why you chose the particular vendor.

    Sympathy Gift Baskets And Food

    Pin by Jen Vendrillo on Grief

    Every Plate

    Kessler recommends dropping off groceries or getting your grieving friends a meal subscription service. Many people are dealing with feeding their families, and someone in their family has died. Just the thought of a box that shows up with a few meals in it is such a lovely gift right now, he says. Every Plate is known for its easy six-steps-or-less preparations and is one of our favorite meal delivery services.

    Tea + Sympathy Made by Mouth

    Warm them up from the inside out with this gift set from Mouth. It comes with tea cookies, honey and two different kinds of tea to suit their mood.

    Murrays Cheese Greatest Hits

    Murrays Cheese has been a New York City institution since 1942. Its Greatest Hits collection is a thoughtful way to show a cheese-lover you care. Gruyere, Brie, cheddar and Manchego are the foundation of this spread that comes complete with olive oil crackers, cherry preserves and roasted almonds.

    Sympathy Ice Cream Assortment

    Sometimes a pint of ice cream is just what the doctor ordered. Well, not literally, but this thoughtful set of four sympathy pints of ice cream is a sweet idea. Each pint has a message of condolence on it like Tub of Hugs and Pint of Compassion.

    Sympathy Bakery Gift

    Waffles, muffins, cakes, scones, rolls and more in this bakery basket will give them something to pick at while they process everything theyre feeling. Select the six baked goods that theyll like best from a list of 44.

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    What Do You Give As A Sympathy Gift

    We offer various sympathy gift options that include: Wine Sympathy Baskets – Red or white wine guarantees your loved ones is comforted. Fruit Sympathy Baskets – Give them the nourishment they need with some fresh fruit. Comfort Food Condolences Gifts – Give a loved one a treat to lighten their mood with the perfect pick-me-up.

    Sympathy Gift Ideas For Grieving Friends And Families In 2021

        When the people in your life lose a loved one, it is time to show your love and care. Offering sympathy gifts comforts the bereaved. Theyre reminded that theyre not alone in their grieving.

        If you were only familiar with the deceased, you could still offer memorial gifts to the family. Let them feel your presence at this difficult time when theyve lost their kin.

        Here, we have curated 25 gifts of sympathy that help you share your condolences. Plus, we answer some of the most asked questions about sympathy gift etiquette: when, whom, and how.

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