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What Is The 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Provide A Few Paid Months Of Fitness Classes


Perks that benefit employees lives in more ways than one boost employee loyalty. Make it easier for employees to work out, and theyll want to stick around for a few more years. This anniversary gift adds true value to employees day-to-day routines and overall lives.

What is this? Work anniversary reward

Best for:

  • 3 year work anniversary
  • 4 year work anniversary

Why employees love this work anniversary idea: Employees who were looking to shake things up might just find new fitness journeys more compelling than looking for new jobs.

How to get started: Find a variety of creative ways to boost fitness.

Long Chain Diamond Pendant Watch

Top quality functionality all wrapped up in a stylish, elegant case. Sound like a tall order? Not for this Diamond Pendant Watch from Akribos. If you like the idea of working the 15th anniversary timepiece tradition into a piece of jewelry your partner will love to wear, this might be the option for you. Choose from gold, rose gold and silver options, as well as several color shades for the dial face. To top it off, the face is set with a single genuine diamond, for a dash of added luxuriousness.

Unforgettable 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Whether your spouse is an aspiring whiskey connoisseur or you two simply enjoy the occasional glass after dinner, this beautiful crystal decanter set is the ideal 15 year anniversary gift! The luxurious crystal Glencairn glasses ensure that your drinks taste absolutely divine thanks to their unique design that enhances flavors and aromas. The custom decanter will make a great centerpiece for your home bar, and you and your spouse will never want to use actual ice to chill your drinks again after trying out the whiskey stones! Everything in this set will make every after-dinner and celebratory drink together the absolute best. In fact this set is so good, youll be using it to sip drinks from when searching for 20th anniversary gifts in a few years.

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Apple Watch Series 6 349 John Lewis

Yes, this watch is a little on the spendy side but its also a guaranteed hit. Sleek and stylish, the Apple Watch can track workouts, help to monitor heart health and help you out with directions your partner will wonder how they ever lived without it!

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Anniversary Crystal Sculpture Gift

15 Year Anniversary Gift For Him 15th Anniversary Gift For Her

Loved you yesterday, love you still. Always have, always will. Perfect sentiments for an anniversary, dont you think? Choose from a range of designs for these engraved crystal sculptures, so you can find the perfect words to sum up how you feel about your partner after these 15 years of life together. Go for that succinct, romantic poem, a totally blank canvas so that you can craft you own, or the 15th anniversary engraving that shows the days, hours, minutes, and seconds that youve been together. The sculpture comes complete with a presentation box and protective material bag, so you can present it to your partner in totally pristine, classy condition.

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Share Their Story In Your Company Newsletter

Give employees celebrity status by spotlighting them in your company newsletter on their anniversary. The spotlight can be as simple as their name and picture and a fun fact for newer employees or as in-depth as a long Q& A article for veterans. Choose whatever fits best with your company culture and newsletter format.

What is this? Employee anniversary recognition

Best for:

  • 15 year work anniversary
  • 20 year work anniversary

Why employees love this work anniversary idea: They can save and print the piece for their scrapbook or refrigerator.

How to get started: Browse some examples to get your format down.

Genuine Blue Sapphire Halo Drop Earrings

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here

Nothing says elegance like a pair of gemstone drop earrings that perfectly frame your partners face. These oval-cut sapphires are perfectly highlighted by the surrounding white topaz accent stones, which will sparkle away as they catch the light. Plus, the anti-tarnish finish will keep these beauties looking good as new for many years to come. If youre looking for more on-theme options in this design, its also available with rubies as the central stone. Have a browse and think about whether blue or red would look best set against your partners face. Ah, the freedom of choice!

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Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book

It might be time to get some of those precious photos out of your phone or the cloud and into this personalized book. Just upload your favorite pics and start customizing the photo book. Choose the size , the book jacket, fabric cover, and you can even choose recycled matte or a shinier paper.

If youre looking for the perfect 15th anniversary gift for a whiskey lover, check out the BROTEC Whiskey Stones and Glass Set. It includes two small crystal whiskey glasses and eight whiskey stones. The stones can be frozen and used in place of ice cubes to keep bourbon cold without watering it down. This gift set comes in a wooden box with a metal latch and has a little velvet bag for freezing the whiskey stones. The stones are guaranteed to not scratch the crystal glasses, so you’ll have both keepsakes for years to come.

Dublin Whiskey Crystal Bar Set

15 Year Anniversary Unboxing!

If youre looking for more opulence, take a look at this cut crystal decanter and tumbler set from Godinger. Take the gift giving up a notch with this set, which includes 6 tumblers and a snazzy mirror-finish serving tray. Remember, decanting isnt limited to whiskey, bourbon and scotch: wines and other spirits all have their place, as well as non-alcoholic alternatives, of course.

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A Modern And Traditional 15 Year Anniversary Gift

You want to stick to tradition for your 15th anniversary, but you cant choose between beautiful glassware or a nice watch. How about both? This gorgeous crystal clock is a great combination of both the modern and traditional 15 year wedding anniversary gifts! The skeleton style of the clock is fascinating to watch, and your spouse will love having a gorgeous new timepiece on their desk or end table.

Impressive 15 Year Anniversary Gift

The best 15th anniversary gift for your spouse is this beautifully monogrammed decanter set! Perfect for having in their office or home bar to enjoy drinks with you or a couple of friends, this lovely serving set is just as stunning on display as it is when being used to serve drinks. The elegant monogram of yours and your spouses initials makes the set all the more special as you enjoy drinks from it on your anniversary and for every special occasion.

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Three Posts Verdell 5

The Three Posts Verdell 5-Light Statement Chandelier is an eye-catching lighting fixture featuring tons of faceted crystals. But unlike traditional chandeliers, the clean, boxy shape and iron frame offer a contemporary aesthetic. The metal frame comes in two finishes: black-brown and chrome. During the day, the crystals refract sunlight through nearby windows, creating a pretty twinkling of rainbows. When its dark out, the chandelier can be switched on to provide a chic yet charming ambiance.

Ruby Blossom Wall Decoration Tealight Holder

20 Of the Best Ideas for 15 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas ...

Now, gemstones might spring straight to mind when we hear the word ruby, but theres a whole lot that we can do with this theme if youre not feeling the jewelry aspect of it. This delicate tealight holder features gorgeous, vibrant ruby red accents in the form of buds and flowers. Sure to brighten up any wall in your home, its a great gift if youre all about the relaxing ambiance as a couple.

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Year Anniversary Gift For My Husband

29. Leather Watch

Is your partner a fan of the traditional look? This watch is a great choice for him because of its chronograph design and tan leather band, which are both contemporary and timeless. This 15 year wedding anniversary gift for husband will make him feel all of the love that you have for him!

30. Personalized Pocket Watch

As an option for those looking for something different, why not go with a pocket watch? If that wasnt enough, you may customize it with the initials and date of your wedding, which is a nice touch as the 15 year wedding anniversary gift.

31. Classic York Watch

This classic timepiece will look great for many years to come. Both daily wear and the most exceptional of events may benefit from this eye-catching item because of its polished rose-gold setting and leather.

32. Mesmerizing Exposed Movement

Your 15 year anniversary gifts for him might be anything, but picking the right watch is the most important aspect. If youre buying for a watch connoisseur, nothing beats an exposed movement that shows off the complex inner workings.

33. Casual Canvas Strap

This simple, stylish watch will be a hit with your fashion-forward spouse. In addition to the stitched canvas bands casual elegance, the dual-layered dial provides an air of modernism. The casing is made of stainless steel and the glass is made of sapphire crystal.

34. Cool Reclaimed Wood

35. Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print

Ravenscroft Crystal Old Fashioned Decanter Set

We cant talk about crystal without including some top quality decanter sets, right? Featured in InStyle Magazine, this sleek set will add a splash of luxury to your home while youre using it and while its just resting up there on the shelf. Complete with a stoppered decanter and 4 tumbler glasses, its ideal for storing and serving up your partners favorite tipple, whether thats bourbon, whiskey or scotch. Made by hand in the finest of European workshops, the entire set is made with lead-free crystal. Top marks for style and safety what more could you want?

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His And Hers Wooden Watch

Watches are a great 15th anniversary gift: they represent all the time spent together. So why not get them matching ones? These wooden ones are so unusual but absolutely stunning. Definitely a gift they will love and treasure for a long time.

See what we did there? A long TIME.

Heh heh.

For the collector, this leather organizer is the bees knees. It holds twelve different watches and displays them well not to mention keeps them all in one spot, free from tangles.

D Anniversary Engraved Crystal Photo

Crystal Gift Ideas from SWAROVSKI and TIFFANY & CO. |15 Years Wedding Anniversary | #crystal

Put a photo of you and your lover on a romantic occasion on your crystal. This crystal is the ideal gift for your wedding anniversary since it will bring back fond memories for many years. For preservation and a high-end presentation, the crystals will be transported in magnetic-closing boxes with secure foam and felt lining.

With the use of cutting-edge software, the background of your image will be erased, leaving only the subject to be etched into the crystal.

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The Pioneer Woman Toni Linen Dinnerware Set

The Pioneer Womans Ree Derummonds line at Walmart will make you want to redecorate your entire house, but to start you can opt for some new dinnerware, which your partner is sure to appreciate. Made from durable stoneware, the set features gorgeous scalloped rims and classic details and includes 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates and 4 bowls that are available in 3 color options including Linen, Light Blue and Red.

Rhodolite Garnet Gold Wire Wrapped Pendant

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here

Chic geometric shapes encase a gorgeous rhodolite stone, perfectly balancing the gold tones against the deep red gemstone. The intricate wiring makes this a truly unusual pendant design, perfect for a partner whos into their unique jewelry. This is an ideal high-value gift option just bear in mind that youll need to purchase a chain separately. But thats no issue you can get one from the very same seller!

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D Crystal Photo Engraved Heart

A photo is worth one thousand words, as they say, so theres truly no better way to commemorate your 15 years of marriage than with a photoand one that encapsulates the crystal theme is just a cherry on top. This 3D crystal is laser-etched to include full personalization. Its the perfect size for keeping on a ledge in your living room or on your bedside table.

Common Questions About The 15th Wedding Anniversary

15 Year Anniversary Gift For Him 15th Anniversary Gift For ...

Q: What is the 15th wedding anniversary called?A: The 15th wedding anniversary is popularly celebrated as the Crystal Anniversary.

Q: What is the 15th wedding anniversary gemstone?A: The 15th wedding anniversary gemstone is rhodolite, which is part of the garnet family and is rose-coloured, although its colour can vary from pink to purplish-violet red.

Q: What is the 15th wedding anniversary symbol?A: The 15th wedding anniversary symbol is crystal, known for its healing properties.

Q: What is the 15th wedding anniversary colour?A: The 15th wedding anniversary colour is ruby red, similar to the anniversary gemstone colour and depicting love and passion.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 15th wedding anniversary?A: The traditional gift for a 15th wedding anniversary is crystal, while the modern gift is a watch.

Q: What is the 15th year anniversary flower?A: The 15th wedding anniversary flower is a rose, so an attractive bunch of ruby red-coloured roses would be very appropriate for this celebration.

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Wood Fire Pizza Stove

Everybody loves a good pizza, especially one made in a traditional, outdoor pizza oven. Unfortunately, we dont all have the space for a huge stone pizza oven in the middle of our yards. Luckily, this Wood Fire Pizza Stove by Gyber Fremont makes it simple to cook delicious pizzas in your backyard! Give your partner the gift of amazing pizza anytime you want it! The oven runs on the same wood pellet you would use in a grill and heats up in as little as 10 minutes. Its a great way to spice up your partners outdoor space.

  • Best 15 year anniversary gift to liven up an outdoor space.
  • Modern and sleek design with the safe great taste as a traditional pizza oven.
  • Uses wood pellets and heats up in only 10 minutes.
  • Cook a perfect pizza every time with ease!

Traditional And Modern Gift Platinum

More valuable than gold or silver, platinum is the quintessential symbol of prestige, luxury, and achievement. No wonder the precious metal, which also symbolizes true love, integrity, truth, and endurance. Your relationship with your spouse is enduring, and your love for them is true. Spoil them with platinum-themed traditional gifts.

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Agate Crystal Bookends For Book Worms

Is one person within the union an avid reader? Do they have an eye for the finer things? Put it all together and what youll come up with is a one-of-a-kind crystal bookend that will really stand out on a plain bookshelf. Some versions of this fantastic anniversary gift come with a hint of gold, which really brings out the beauty of the crystal.

All Mies Bauhaus 41mm Create Your Own Watch

Best 15 Anniversary Gift for Husband in India (2022) || Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Husband

Courtesy of All Mies

Who says a good-looking watch has to be expensive? This brand offers simple yet sophisticated timepieces for great wallet-friendly prices. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but were especially partial to their customizable option, which lets you choose the dial, case, and strap colors.

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Corgis Come To Middle

A new pet, region, and much more comes to LOTRO for its anniversary event.

The Lord of the Rings Online is one of the longest continuously running video games of all time, and to celebrate its 15th anniversary this week, developer Standing Stone Games is hosting a huge party. This includes the addition of a new pet, a Corgi, for some reason.

The anniversary event begins today, April 20, and runs through May 11. Perhaps the most notable addition in the event is the new region, Yondershire, which is located in the north.

“The northern region known as the Yondershire is home to a different breed of hobbit, a sparsely populated region of moor, thicket, and fen that has long been a sanctuary for recluses and troublemakers,” Standing Stone said in a news release. “Since the time of Bullroarer Took it has squabbled with the more comfortable parts of the Shire. Now that the upstart Lotho Sackville-Baggins has taken control, however, it has become a hotbed of resistance against his gang of ruffians.”

This is the first update to the Shire in years, Standing Stone said, and it has content for players in the level 20-23 range. The content is available free for VIP members, or it can be purchased by itself from the in-game store.

LOTRO players can kick off the anniversary festivities by visiting the Party Tree in the Hill in The Shire. From there, players can collect quests and redeem anniversary tokens for special celebratory rewards.

Crystal Globe With Crystal Display Stand

If the pair of you are real globe trotters or are planning to become them after celebrating a solid 15 years together then this striking crystal globe ornament could be the perfect, meaningful anniversary gift for your partner this year. Complete with a crystal display stand, youll be able to put the ornament in pride of place within your home. Go on, youve always wanted to give your partner the world. Nows a perfect time!

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