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What Is The 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Th Anniversary Sharing The Sofa Custom Pillow


A 15th Anniversary Sharing the Sofa custom pillow is a lovely personalized wedding anniversary gift. Give this cushion to your wife for a happy crystal 15th anniversary.

Theres no greater joy than cuddling up with your life partner at the end of a busy day. Relive the great moments youve had during your time together while snuggling each other at home.

The Best Of Both Traditions

Want to give your husband something traditional that isnt glass? A new watch with Swarovski crystals is the perfect combination of both modern and traditional 15 year anniversary gifts! He will love the luxurious look of this everyday timepiece, especially the subtle bling of the crystals on the face of the watch!

Unique 15th Anniversary Gift To Enjoy Together

Looking for a really unique anniversary gift that you and your spouse can enjoy together? How about starting a collection in a shadow box on the day of your 15th anniversary? This beautiful shadow box is great for collecting corks, bottle caps, golf balls, Hallmark Cards, ticket stubs, and more. To get started with your collection, make sure you also get something that you can save in the shadow box like tickets to your spouses favorite band, a nice bottle of wine, or a six pack of their favorite beer on your anniversary!

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Crystal Floral Drop Earrings 14 Urban Outfitters

With their bright pink and purple colours, dazzling crystals, and timeless gold-tone setting, these crystal floral drop earrings are a treat for the eyes. Their fun design is sure to add whimsy to any outfit, making them the ideal gift for those who love to add a bit of fun to their look.

Faqs About Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary Gift

15th Anniversary Gift For Wife 15 Year Anniversary Gifts ...

1) How did ruby get its name?

Ruby gets its name from the word ‘ruber’ which means ‘red’ in Latin.

2) On which anniversary do you give the ruby?

The ruby is gifted to mark milestones such as the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

3) What makes ruby so special?

Ruby has ruled the hearts of many since ancient times. This breathtaking gem is also called the king of gemstones and it certainly lives up to its reputation. It has an exceptional hardness which makes it a popular choice for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings. This stunning gem is also worthy of being passed down as an heirloom through generations.

4) Is there an alternative gem for the 15th anniversary?

Yes, rhodolites and garnets are the other 15th anniversary gemstones. Both are red gems but look somewhat different in comparison to rich red rubies. Rhodolites exude a rose-like pinkish-red hue, while garnets have a deep red hue.

5) When was rhodolite discovered?

Rhodolite was discovered in the late 1890s in North Carolina. It is a relatively modern discovery compared to the typical red garnets.

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Crystal Decanter And Matching Glasses

If youre the type who just wants to get something thats sure to be a hit without thinking too much about it, go for a crystal decanter and glasses set, which will be a super stylish way to sip on his favorite drinks, whether that be whisky or brandy. This is one gift that hell love coming home to after a tough work week!

The Most Romantic 15 Year Anniversary Gift

Want to give the love of your life something really special to celebrate your 15th anniversary? Look no further than this personalized wine-themed shadow box gift set! After they open their gift, use the corkscrew multi tool to pop open a nice bottle of wine and pour it into the personalized stemless wine glasses. Then, you can drop the cork into the shadow box and start a collection! How sweet is that? This fun ritual will soon become part of every date night, special occasion, and even just relaxing together after a long day.

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What Is The 15

The traditional 15-year anniversary gift is crystal, which is luckily pretty easy to work with. This transparent material demonstrates just how well a couple knows each other after 15 years of marriagetheir understanding of one another is crystal clear. Additionally, this stunning symbol represents a love that shines so bright it sparkles.

If you’re happy to forgo tradition, the modern 15-year anniversary gift is a watch. A timepiece in any form is a sentimental token of the time a couple has spent together . Plus, there are so many different styles, so you’re bound to find one your S.O. will love.

Want some more inspiration on your hunt for the perfect present? In addition to watch and crystal anniversary gifts, there’s also a 15-year anniversary color, stone and flower. The romantic hue associated with this special occasion is red, which also lends itself to the traditional gemstone, which is ruby, and flower, which isyup, you guessed itthe rose.

Watch Anniversary Gift Ideas

Chateau Trouvaille Resort & Event place, Tagaytay

The modern take on the 15-year wedding anniversary gift is quite specificthere aren’t too many variations of the watch that you can work with. But if you know your spouse loves watches or think they’re due for an upgrade, these picks will please every style preference. You’re also free to put your own unique spin on the modern gift theme. We’ve included a few watch alternatives to help inspire you.

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Common Questions About The 15th Wedding Anniversary

Q: What is the 15th wedding anniversary called?A: The 15th wedding anniversary is popularly celebrated as the Crystal Anniversary.

Q: What is the 15th wedding anniversary gemstone?A: The 15th wedding anniversary gemstone is rhodolite, which is part of the garnet family and is rose-coloured, although its colour can vary from pink to purplish-violet red.

Q: What is the 15th wedding anniversary symbol?A: The 15th wedding anniversary symbol is crystal, known for its healing properties.

Q: What is the 15th wedding anniversary colour?A: The 15th wedding anniversary colour is ruby red, similar to the anniversary gemstone colour and depicting love and passion.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 15th wedding anniversary?A: The traditional gift for a 15th wedding anniversary is crystal, while the modern gift is a watch.

Q: What is the 15th year anniversary flower?A: The 15th wedding anniversary flower is a rose, so an attractive bunch of ruby red-coloured roses would be very appropriate for this celebration.

How To Celebrate A 15

  • 30th Anniversary Party Ideas
  • The goal of a wedding is a union that lasts a lifetime, but that doesnt mean that those years should be taken for granted. Celebrating wedding anniversaries, particularly the big ones, can be a great way to nurture your relationship and show appreciation for your spouse. Your 15th anniversary is certainly one worthy of extra attention and celebration.

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    Shadow Box Desk Calendar

    Source: Pop Shop America

    Remind your partner of your love every day with a shadow box desk calendar. Glue scrapbook paper to the back of a small wooden box and add three small c-hooks to the top of the inside of the box. Create a marbled effect on the number cards with the help of paint and shaving cream.

    How To Celebrate A 15th Wedding Anniversary

    15th Wedding Anniversary 15th Anniversary Gift for Wife

    There are many options available for you to commemorate your 15thanniversary in crystal, as numerous cut-glass crystal vases, bowls and glasses are readily available. As this is another hugely significant anniversary, perhaps an ornamental bowl or vase would be the ideal gift option.

    Gemstones for the 15th wedding anniversary are traditionally crystal or a modern-day alternative of alexandrite. The latter is an extraordinary stone with chameleon-like qualities commonly described as being emerald by day and ruby by night.

    Both gems can be found in exquisite necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and tie pins all great gifts to treasure for many years to come.

    Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.Quoted by: Friedrich Halm

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    A Different Crystal Anniversary Gift

    You want to get your spouse something beautiful and traditional thats crystal, but they insist on needing more glassware. How about a Waterford crystal picture frame? You can have your favorite picture of you and your spouse printed and framed in this stunning piece, creating a unique and thoughtful 15th anniversary gift theyll treasure forever.

    Enjoy The Best Red Wine Together

    Everyone knows that red wine is best when decanted, but not many people actually own a decanter. After 15 years together, you know that your sweetheart loves their red wine, so why not make their favorite Bordeaux or Merlot even better? This lovely wine decanter set will make even the cheapest red taste like a top-shelf bottle with its simple two-step aeration process. Pair the set with a bottle of their favorite wine so that you two can try out your new custom glasses and decanter right away on your anniversary!

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    New York Bagel Brunch For 6

    Theres nothing like a classic New York brunch straight from one of the most legendary bagel shops in the Big Apple: Ess-a-Bagel. Cut and rolled by hand, theyre every bit chewy on the outside and soft and pillowy on the inside as you dreamed theyd be. This order comes with half a dozen bagels as well as nova lox and cream cheese.

    Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

    Godox ZP1 smartphone gimbal unboxing
    • A 15 year wedding anniversary gift traditionally comes in the form of a sparkly crystal, a truly beautiful gift and one that is full of romance and love.
    • There is also the modern list, with your anniversary gift being watches – practical and romantic at the same time.

    From great jewelry to an alternative crystal gift we have come up with ideas to help you find your perfect present for your husband or your wife.

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    Traditional Themes: Where Gift Lists Originated

    There is little documentation to show exactly when themed lists started. However, it is believed that during medieval times, men would give their wives a silver wreath crown for their 25th wedding anniversary. On their 50th anniversary he gave her a gold wreath crown. These silver and gold traditions continue to this day for these two anniversaries.

    Other themed gifts for an anniversary began in 1922. Emily Post, a popular American author at the time, wrote a book titled Etiquette. In her book, she suggested special gifts for the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th… up to the 50th anniversary.

    In 1937, The American National Retail Jeweler Association decided to expand the list by assigning every year up to 15 a theme. These themes are called the ‘Traditional Themes’.

    Modern Themes

    Today there are additional themed suggestions to the traditional, for just about every single anniversary up to the 30th, and suggestions for every 5 years thereafter, up to the 75th anniversary. These are now known as ‘Modern Themes’.

    Our table below listing gifts by anniversary year is as accurate and comprehensive as we can possibly achieve. We feel it is more detailed than any other list on the internet.

    Traditional vs Modern

    Beyond the Gift Lists: Colors, Flowers and Gemstones

    Choosing the Perfect Gift


    A Cute Piece Of Decor

    Surprise your spouse with an adorable personalized wooden sign as your 15 year anniversary gift! This sweet piece of decor will add a cute, rustic, homey touch to your house and will remind you and your spouse of your wedding day every time you see it. You can even get creative with it too because the two lines of text on the outer edges are fully customizable! Your sweetheart will be so touched by your thoughtful and creative wedding anniversary gift.

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    Natural Crystal Candle Holder

    by RockParadise

    This is the kind of candle holder that will add a warm glow to any room. If your sweetheart loves to unroll a yoga mat in the morning or enjoys a quiet glass of wine by candlelight in the evening, get her this beautiful crystal holder. Choose a few gently scented candles to go with it and youve got a natural romantic setting!

    White Crystal Clear Cluster Drop

    15th Anniversary Gift For Wife 15 Year Anniversary Gifts ...

    Even after many years of working hard at marriage, she is still sparking just as bright as her wedding day. Make sure she knows it with this stunning 15 year wedding anniversary gift.

    These beautiful crystal chandelier earrings are certainly a statement piece that will capture the spotlight. Surprise her with earrings that will light up just as much as she does when she walks into a room.

    Make sure she feels extra special on her 15 anniversary with this truly stunning, tennis bracelet with two diamond rows. This beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry is a timeless design that shell love to show off wherever she goes.

    Can be worn alone for a simple, statement piece or accompaniment to any other minimalist pieces of jewelry. Just like her marriage, this piece is designed for her to last.

    This so makes a perfect anniversary gift for your wife. You can customize this Heart-Shaped Bird Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print by telling us what song it is that takes her breath away. You can also add your names and wedding date to turn this canvas print into a memento of your undying love.

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    Impressive 15 Year Anniversary Gift

    The best 15th anniversary gift for your spouse is this beautifully monogrammed decanter set! Perfect for having in their office or home bar to enjoy drinks with you or a couple of friends, this lovely serving set is just as stunning on display as it is when being used to serve drinks. The elegant monogram of yours and your spouses initials makes the set all the more special as you enjoy drinks from it on your anniversary and for every special occasion.

    Happily Date Night Subscription

    Date nights and quality time will forever be important, but after being coupled for so many years, things can feel a little predictable. Luckily, Happily has fun dates nights in a box. Sign up for the monthly subscription, fill out a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes, and the box arrives with details for a fun date night. There’s even the option for a box-free, digital version.

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    Th Wedding Anniversary Artwork

    Silver wedding anniversary gifts should be something that theyll use often. 15th Wedding Anniversary artwork is the perfect 15th wedding anniversary present for women! Art makes 15-year-old wedding anniversary gifts personal as each piece of art can reflect their 15 years of marriage. You can pair this 15th wedding anniversary present with some nice framing as well, so it will look great in their 15th year traditional home.

    Smell The Roses At The Royal Gardens Of Highgrove

    15th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

    Created with imagination and passion by Prince Charles over the last 38 years, the Royal Gardens at Highgrove makes for a beautiful setting for a romantic weekend getaway. Included in the ever-changing canvas of magnificent garden scenes is an exquisite garden of roses. After admiring the fauna and flora, the two of you can tuck into sandwiches, cakes and a glass of Highgrove Champagne in The Orchard Restaurant. Its a royally grand 15th wedding anniversary gift fit for a queen.

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    Complete Crystal Decanter Set

    After 15 years together, you know that your partner enjoys drinking whiskey. You also know that they dont have a nice decanter set to enjoy it from, which makes this complete crystal decanter set the perfect 15 year anniversary gift! You and your spouse can enjoy drinks together from this handsome decanter set on the night of your anniversary, after work every evening, and celebrate with it on special occasions. This impressive decanter set will soon become the centerpiece of the home bar, and your spouses favorite glassware for drinks!

    Quartz Crystal & Air Plant


    I am completely in love with these amazing little plants. This display holds three beautiful crystal clusters alongside an air plant, which will thrive on just a light misting of water once or twice a week. This means theyre as low maintenance as they are refreshing to look at. Ideal for a guy who loves a little greenery without the hassle.

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    Thanks for reading our whistle-stop tour of crystal gifts for a 15th year anniversary. Were wishing you many more happy celebrations together!

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    Crystal Anniversary Gifts For Them

    Crystal may seem like a difficult theme for a couples gift, but we’ve rounded up three thoughtful 15-year anniversary gift ideas that they’ll actually use.

    Up their at-home bartending skills by giving them a set of crystal highball glasses.

    Nude Highlands set of 4 highball glasses, $50, Nordstrom

    These gorgeous coasters are made out of rose quartz . Plus, they’ll look absolutely adorable on the couple’s coffee table.

    Ariana Ost Aura quartz set of 2 coasters, $60, Nordstrom

    Here’s an on-theme crystal alternative for the couple. The red color of these wine glasses is another nod to the 15th anniversary color. Everytime the couple uses them, they’ll remember this special occasion.

    Estelle colored wine stemware set of 6 in Rose, $175, Estelle

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