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What Is The 1st Anniversary Gift

Th Anniversary Gifts: Silver

Perfect First Anniversary Gifts – Paper Anniversary by Anna V.

The 25-year mark is traditionally known as the silver anniversary and signified by the brilliance and shine of this precious metal. Opt for a timeless piece of jewelry like a pair of silver hoop earrings or tie clip or a sleek and modern picture frame.

David Donahue Sterling Silver Tie Clip

A sterling silver tie clip is polished, classy and will go with any suit already in his closet.

Kate Spade New York South Street 5×7 Wave Picture Frame

Showcase your favorite photo with this silver-hued wavy picture frame.

BaubleBar Dalilah Medium Silver Hoop Earrings

Nothing is more timeless than a pair of hoop earrings, and these Delilah Medium Hoops are lightweight, dainty and gorgeous for dressing up or down.

For The Audiophile: Soundwave Art

This voice print is a unique piece of art.

This soundwave art makes a sound clip the centerpiece. Whether its the audio of your vow, a special song, their childs first word, or just you saying I love you, its a unique piece of art that can hold a layer of meanings for them. With various sizes and colors available, this art will be unique with not just audio clips distinctive dips and waves, but the color and font of your choosing.

Origami Wall Clock 4126 Etsy

A clock made from paper? This has to be the ultimate first wedding anniversary gift! It also happens to be very chic, and the design is minimalist enough to fit with most home interior styles.

Just remember: however amazing the gift is for your first wedding anniversary, youll have to out-do it for your second! Luckily we also have a selection of gift ideas for your second wedding anniversary.

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For The Stationery Addict: Personalized Stationery

Personalized stationery adds personality to your correspondence.

If your partner loves writing letters, get them personalized stationery that they can call their own. Rifle Paper Company provides beautiful flat notes in a handful of selections that includes colorful hydrangeas, roses, and more. Theres also a selection of font colors and greetings to choose from to make the flat notes a touch more curated for your loved one.

What Is The One

Anniversary Gift 1st Anniversary Gift First by PaperMemoirs

If you didn’t already know, each year of marriage has a traditional gifting theme many couples and their loved ones look to for inspiration. “Typically, the longer you or the couple have been married, the more valuable or durable the gift or material becomes,” says Kathy Flynn, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Creative at Personalization Mall. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that paper is the traditional one-year anniversary gift. It’s fragile yet substantial, representing the newness of a young marriage.

Of course, paper isn’t your only option. Many marriage milestones also have a modern theme that lends itself to great gift ideas. The modern present for this wonderful milestone is a clockand believe it or not, you’ve got much more than watches to choose from. Clocks can actually be a super-meaningful gift. “The idea of placing it in a part of the home can be symbolic for a first anniversary,” says Susan Chandler, Chief Merchandising Officer, Citizen Watch America, representing both Citizen Watch and Bulova brands. Chandler continues, “The clock also represents the movement of time and is a reminder to spend time nurturing your relationship for years to come.”

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For The Writer: An Online Masterclass

Learn from noteworthy writers like Issa Rae, David Sedaris, and Shonda Rhimes.

Give the gift of knowledge by buying them a Masterclass taught by their favorite writer. With teachers like Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and Roxane Gay, you cant really go wrong with what Masterclass offers. And best of all, your partner doesnt have to leave their home when they use itso you can even join them in learning.

For The Wife Who Has Everything

If your wife already has everything that she wants, traditional gifts may not cut it. Get her something that you think she will truly like a piece of art or a piece of jewelry.

Spoil your wife with an adorable gold gemstone necklace or a bracelet with your initials on it. These kinds of gifts will melt her heart and make her remember why she married you!

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For The Sentimental Couple

For the sappy couple who still tears up looking at their old wedding photographs, give them something special. Cute customized items are a great option for the sentimental couple who will enjoy an item that reminds them of something special.

Something like a paper anniversary gift like a custom photo collage made with their favorite photos from their wedding is an amazing gift idea. There are also things on Etsy that you can have customized to remind the couple of their wedding day.

This song lyric wall art from Etsy is the perfect gift for the couple who still has the top tier of their wedding cake in the fridge. A level up from the traditional gift of a simple anniversary card, this wall art is the most perfect gift for a sentimental couple on their first wedding anniversary.

Common Questions About The 1st Wedding Anniversary

How to Buy a First-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Q: What is the 1st wedding anniversary called?A: The 1st wedding anniversary is known as the Paper Anniversary.

Q: What is the 1st wedding anniversary gemstone?A: The 1st wedding anniversary gemstone is Mother of Pearl, an iridescent substance that forms on the inner layer of shells.

Q: What is the 1st wedding anniversary symbol?A: The 1st wedding anniversary is symbolised by paper anniversary.

Q: What is the 1st wedding anniversary colour?A: The colour synonymous with the 1st wedding anniversary is Yellow.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 1st wedding anniversary?A: The traditional gift for the 1st wedding anniversary is paper, and the modern gift is a clock.

Q: What is the 1st year anniversary flower?A: The classic flower for 1st wedding anniversary celebrations is the Pansy, Pansies are used to symbolize loving feelings.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Steel

While it might be tempting to opt for the modern gift of jewellery for your 11th anniversary, the traditional gift is steel valued for its durability and strength. You might immediately think of a watch, stainless steel cufflinks or a hip flask, but theres lots of interesting gift ideas out there.

Think outside the box: horseshoes are made of steel, so what about a horse riding experience day? Skis also have steel edges what about a ski break? If you want to stick with the theme, a personalised tie clip, swiss army knife or cocktail shaker set, like this personalised one, are great.

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Traditional First Anniversary Gifts

The most traditional first anniversary gift for over 100 years has been the gift of paper. This is partly due to the fact that paper was an expensive commodity, and paper would be a gift for the home. Paper used to be handmade and more expensive than it is today, so this tradition has sort of faded out throughout the years.

The concept of the paper first anniversary gift has not gone away though. The paper would symbolize the fact that if you take care of it, similar to your marriage, it will stay intact. If you do not take care of the paper, it will tear or break.

This concept can be applied to your marriage and other gifts that you may decide on for your first anniversary.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Pottery Or Willow

Pottery is moulded by hand and the painstaking process results in a work of art, whereas willow is flexible but strong and can be woven to create beautiful things.

This willow picnic hamper is the perfect garden accessory and is available from Not On The High Street. Either take some Champagne outside to enjoy in your garden or pack up a picnic and make a day trip of it. If you would prefer to go for pottery, then how about a pottery making lesson for two ?

Leather is the modern alternative, so if you didnt get leather gifts for your third anniversary now is the time.

Tin was used to store and preserve things which is why it is used to mark ten years of marriage. It prevents other metals from corroding when they are plated with it, and can prolong the life of what it is storing. Mark a decade of marriage by giving a tin inspired gift.

This garden accessory can be personalised with your initials and will look amazing in your garden available from Not On The High Street.

If tin isnt your thing, you might like to know the modern alternative is diamond. Were lusting after the Monica Vinader rose gold Riva diamond hoop ring, which will look perfect alongside your wedding and engagement ring.

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Rd Wedding Anniversary Leather

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Leather is durable and has traditionally been used as a material to protect. As your marriage matures your relationship becomes much stronger, so giving your partner a leather gift is a way to represent this.

If youre looking for a timeless leather anniversary gift, then a classic handbag, purse or wallet from Mulberry is perfect. The Bayswater handbag is a staple from Mulberry, but a purse, wallet or leather iPhone case are also brilliant. Ideal leather anniversary gifts also include a belt or hip flask Aspinal of London have lots of gorgeous leather gifts and accessories that can be monogrammed to make them even more personal.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Wood

The idea of using wood to celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary comes from the fact trees were seen to be strong and symbolised wisdom. Your marriage is solid and you have deep roots that are entwined.

A romantic sign to hang in your home will be a cute gift for your other half or, even better, is this miniature wooden signpost marking all the major moments in your journey together. From your first date to when you bought a house, its a great way to tell the story of the first five years of your marriage.

If youre feeling sentimental about your wedding day, why not celebrate with a bottle of the wine you had on your big day presented in a personalised oak box? Or choose a wooden photo frame to give your wedding pictures a new lease of life.

Life is thought to be getting sweeter by the time you reach your sixth wedding anniversary, so you and your partner can indulge in some sweet treats.

Hotel Chocolat have some delicious and seriously stylish gift ideas, while Virgin Experience Days have amazing afternoon tea deals across the country.

The modern alternative to sugar is iron. Why not choose something romantic like this iron-influenced wall art featuring the sheet music from your first dance? A timeless cast iron Le Creuset casserole dish is brilliant gift idea for someone who loves cooking.

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Th Anniversary Gifts: Crystal

Delicate yet sturdy, crystal symbolizes clarity and transparency. Toast to this milestone anniversary with a beautiful set of crystal champagne flutes, set the ambiance for a romantic dinner with a stately pair of candlesticks, or frame a favorite wedding photo in a sparkling crystal picture frame.

Tiffany & Co. Square Crystal Candlestick

Timeless and elegant, this crystal candlestick from Tiffany & Co. is a romantic piece thats sure to be admired for years to come.

Waterford Lismore Diamond Lead Crystal Picture Frame

This diamond-cut crystal picture frame is a stunning way to display your most cherished moments together.

Swarovski Crystalline Toasting Flutes

Raise a glass to fifteen wondrous years with a dazzling pair of crystal champagne flutes.

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Traditional Themes: Where Gift Lists Originated

There is little documentation to show exactly when themed lists started. However, it is believed that during medieval times, men would give their wives a silver wreath crown for their 25th wedding anniversary. On their 50th anniversary he gave her a gold wreath crown. These silver and gold traditions continue to this day for these two anniversaries.

Other themed gifts for an anniversary began in 1922. Emily Post, a popular American author at the time, wrote a book titled Etiquette. In her book, she suggested special gifts for the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th… up to the 50th anniversary.

In 1937, The American National Retail Jeweler Association decided to expand the list by assigning every year up to 15 a theme. These themes are called the ‘Traditional Themes’.

Modern Themes

Today there are additional themed suggestions to the traditional, for just about every single anniversary up to the 30th, and suggestions for every 5 years thereafter, up to the 75th anniversary. These are now known as ‘Modern Themes’.

Our table below listing gifts by anniversary year is as accurate and comprehensive as we can possibly achieve. We feel it is more detailed than any other list on the internet.

Traditional vs Modern

Beyond the Gift Lists: Colors, Flowers and Gemstones

Choosing the Perfect Gift


What Is The Typical Budget For An Anniversary Gift


The typical budget of the first anniversary gift will vary based on the couple. A realistic goal is to purchase something that has sentimental value so that you feel like you are getting your moneys worth.

If you are looking for other more material items you may think your new husband, wife, or a newly married couple you know may like, look for deals so you do not have to pay full price.

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Th Anniversary Gifts: China

Just like a marriage, china represents the beautifully delicate and fragile nature of being in love. Take this opportunity to refresh your kitchenware with an elegant bone china dinnerware set, a floral-engraved salad bowl or a vintage-inspired teapot.

Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Tea for One

This beautiful vintage-inspired piece is a teapot, tea cup, and saucer all in one. Crafted from bone china and decorated with 24-karat gold accents, its just as pretty as it is useful.

Noritake Brocato 5-Piece Place Setting

You cant go wrong giving your S.O. a stunning bone china dinnerware set. We especially love the delicate floral design and platinum accents of this Noritake set that are both timeless and chic.

Kate Spade New York Blossom Lane Salad Set with Wooden Servers

For something equally as elegant but better suited for everyday use, opt for this floral engraved salad bowl with wooden serving spoons from Kate Spade. Its microwave and dishwasher safe too.

Th Wedding Anniversary Copper & Wool

Copper and wool are chosen for their ability to conduct heat. After seven years together, your marriage is warm and comforting, much like a morning cup of coffee in bed from this personalised copper coffee pot from Not On The High Street.

Or for something wool, The White Company have some gorgeous cashmere throws that are perfect for snuggling under while you watch a film. If youd rather go for the modern alternative, its a desk setyes, really! Probably best to stick with the cashmere.

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For The Nerdy Husband

If you have a husband who loves reading books about astronomy or outer space, the perfect gift is a Night Sky Projector so you guys can watch the stars from the comfort of your bed.

If your nerdy husband is obsessed with something specific, show him that you know what he is interested by buying something he has been hinting about!

For example, if he builds models, maybe buy him a tool that he has been complaining about needing. This will show that you truly listen and know what he wants!

Homemade 1st Anniversary Gifts In Paper

1st Anniversary Paper Rose
  • Aside from an anniversary card or letter, you can compose a heartfelt poem, print it in nice board and have it framed. A gift such as an original poem will surely make an impact on your wife. Here are lots of anniversary poems to help you write your own special verse.
  • You can also make a collage of pictures composed of memories from when you started dating up to the present. Though not everyone has the ability or the tenacity to do a collage, an option is to frame a photograph of you and your wife. I had a poster put together from lots of photos using an online digital printer. It came out really well and looked very professional – which was the look I was going for but unable to create by sticking photos on to a big piece of card!
  • Another idea to create a unique image of the two of you is to have a caricature, you can find artists online that will draw one from a photo of the two of you.
  • And if you are feeling very creative and you are handy with glue and old newspaper, you can do a papermache vase or cute heart. Here is one we made earlier!

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