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What Is The 25 Year Anniversary Gift

Th Anniversary Quotes For Husband

Best 25th Anniversary gift| 25 years Marriage moments

When looking for the right 25th anniversary wishes to send to your husband, consider including some quotations. Whether theyre from your wedding day 25 years ago or something youve been saying to each other over the years.

Its a cute way to recognize the milestones youve been through together. Celebrating a Silver Jubilee is a blessing, and you should send wishes that will be remembered for years to come.

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  • You complete my life in a way I never thought possible. Happy 25th anniversary to you my darling husband.
  • Thank you for being my husband, my partner, my lover, and my best friend till so long. Happy 25th anniversary!
  • I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is the best day of my life. Happy 25th anniversary to you my dear.
  • We have changed over the years, but the sparkle in your eyes is as bright as ever, and my love for you is even stronger.
  • My husband, if I were to go back in time, I will choose you to be my life partner again and again! Happy 25th anniversary to you, love.
  • On our 25th anniversary, I want you to know how much Ive enjoyed annoying you all this time and how excited I am to keep doing so in the future.
  • After all these years together, I can proudly say that loving you is the best thing I have ever done, and taking care of you is the best hobby I have ever known.

A Wine Glass Gift Set For Her

Your wife is an amazing woman who is the chair of the local wine tasting club. She has her own wine cellar built into the house with dozens of rare, expensive bottles that she collects. You want to give her something wine-related for your 25th anniversary, but you want it to be nice too. Look no further than these wine glasses! These beautifully etched stemless wine glasses will become her new favorite. Shell love the elegant design bearing her name and that the glasses aerate her cabernets with ease. Make sure to include a nice bottle of wine shes been eyeing to make it a complete anniversary gift!

Find The Perfect 25th Anniversary Gift

Celebrating a quarter of a century with your partner is a significant occasion, and one that is perfectly marked with the gift of a stunning piece of jewellery. Also known as the silver wedding anniversary, sterling silver makes the perfect gift for the 25 year milestone. Consider selecting a silver gift that features your loved ones favourite gemstone, such as diamonds, rubies or sapphires, to make them really sparkle.

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Corporate Milestones: Work Anniversary Gifts By Year

Every work anniversary is important, as it marks another year of hard work and dedication to the company, but milestone anniversaries should stand out as extra-special. Rest assured that employees will notice if you dont acknowledge their milestones in some way, so why not think outside the box and go above and beyond with your work anniversary gifts for years of service? Here are some employee years of service gift ideas to get you going:

How To Celebrate 1 Year Work Anniversary

According to the Harvard Business Review, a study of more than one million respondents found that voluntary turnover peaked one year after their start dates. Celebrating that one-year work anniversary can be an invaluable retention strategy that reinvigorates your employees passion for the company and reminds them that they are valued.

1 Year Work Anniversary Gift

Branded Laptop Backpack: A sleek backpack branded with your company logo and large enough comfortably fit a work laptop makes for an exciting, useful one-year work anniversary gift. Backpacks of this type can run between $20-$120 depending on the style, materials and level of customization. If you have an employee celebrating a one year anniversary at work, this is the perfect gift in both price range and practicality.

How To Celebrate a 5 Year Work Anniversary
5 Year Work Anniversary Gift
How To Celebrate a 10 Year Work Anniversary
10 Year Work Anniversary Gift
How To Celebrate a 15 Year Work Anniversary
15 Year Work Anniversary Gift

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25 Year Anniversary Gift 25th Anniversary Art Print


While finding a gift for couples in the first years of their marriage is relatively simple , later in their marriage, thinking of an appropriate gift idea that will be appreciated and treasured is more difficult.

Gift-giving on the occasion of a wedding anniversary has its origins in the medieval period. In the Holy Roman Empire, husbands would give their wife a silver garland to mark their 25th anniversary, and a golden wreath when they reached 50 years of marriage.

In the 1920s, Emily Post, an American writer, attempted to solve the issue of what gift to give on the occasion of an anniversary by drawing up lists of anniversary themes in a book titled Etiquette, published in 1922. However, only some anniversary years were included in the book, the first, fifth, then every fifth year up to the 25th wedding anniversary. In 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association added additional years to the list, including all years up to 14 years of marriage, and every 5th year up to 50 years of marriage. These are known as traditional themes linked with each marital year. More recently, a contemporary list was created, and today, all the anniversary years from 1 up to 30 have been linked with a theme or material, and then every fifth year up to 75 years of marriage.

Other Themes for Anniversary Gifts Gemstones, Colours and Flowers

Choosing a Gift

The Eternity Rose has a local website near you!

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Lou Lou Art Studio Minimalist Couple Portrait

Courtesy of Etsy

We love the minimalist vibe of this unique art printall it needs is a sleek frame! The artist offers the piece with an array of skin tones available to reflect the couple, and there are even versions of the print that include children so you can depict the entire family.

Ready for some friendly competition? A gift perfect for sharing, this all-in-one home gym takes up only a small slice of space and looks ultra-sleek. You can stream certified trainers from top fitness studios, wholl lead you through live workouts and classes and provide feedback and motivation.

Th Wedding Anniversary Wax

Yes, you read that right, wax. And the modern gift is silver holloware . Both of them might seem tricky things to buy for, but that isnt the case at all.

Wax for your 16th wedding anniversary represents how youve moulded your lives together after this many years wax can melt, bend and change shape, just as you have to be flexible to make a marriage work. This is why luxury candles are such a lovely gift idea: try Jo Malone, Diptyque and Neom. Its especially nice if you choose a scent that was also in your wedding flowers.

For silver holloware, what about a Champagne cooler or a carafe?

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How Do I Take Care Of My Silver Wedding Anniversary Jewellery

Sterling silver anniversary jewellery will add shine and radiance to your collection, but it is important to care for it properly to keep it like new.

Silver jewellery can tarnish over time, but this can be avoided by regularly cleaning and polishing your pieces. Wipe your silver jewellery often with a soft cloth such as a jewellery cleaning cloth, and soak it in a solution of mild detergent and warm water occasionally. Try to avoid harsh chemicals coming into contact with your silver jewellery by removing it before cleaning, or entering the pool or spa. Take your silver anniversary jewellery off at the end of each day and store it safely in its box or in another jewellery box. For professional care, bring your silver jewellery into your nearest Michael Hill store for free lifetime cleaning.

An Eternal Silver Rose For Her

25 years anniversary gift

Your wife is a woman of practicality and doesnt want anything big and fancy for your 25th anniversary. You know that shes getting you a pair of courtside tickets to your favorite basketball team as your anniversary gift for you and your best friend to attend next week. What kind of thoughtful gift can you give a woman who doesnt want anything? Something simple, but meaningful, like a silver-plated rose that will last forever! This beautiful rose is a real flower that has been dipped in pure silver so that she can treasure it for the rest of her life. Plus, it ties in with the silver anniversary tradition! This thoughtful 25 year anniversary gift is a win-win all around for the wives who dont want anything.

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St Wedding Anniversary Paper

Whoever devised the meanings of anniversaries probably figured newlyweds would be pretty broke after paying for the wedding so the traditional first gift of paper is nicely affordable! Paper also represents your new marriage as like a blank sheet, and as relatively fragile.

Our favourite twist is to give tickets to an experience print them out and it totally counts as a paper gift. Virgin Experience Days offer everything from a trip up the Shard to a romantic break away for two. We love the pottery making lesson for two its great fun and you get a piece of pottery to take home and treasure forever

Cotton is made from lots of thread woven together and the longer you are married the more your life becomes intertwined. There are plenty of cosy cotton anniversary gift ideas, like personalised pillowcases or co-ordinating robes , which you can snuggle down in.

If your partner loves to give or receive flowers, then these cute cotton blooms from Little Foundry will be their favourite gift and theyll last a lifetime. You can also order a sweet personalised oak charm to go with them. The modern alternative to cotton is china.

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Make Their Home Bar Dreams Come True

Youve always known your partner has wanted an amazing home bar, but they just havent had the time to make it happen, or the homes youve lived in just havent had the space they wanted. Well, for your 25 year wedding anniversary, you can finally make their dream come true. This incredible globe bar cart is the coolest home bar that money can buy, and your partner will be so excited to try it out that theyll want to throw a party and invite all of their friends so that they can show everyone the cool hidden bar inside the globe. As far as luxury 25th anniversary gifts go, this globe bar cart is by far one of the best.

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Our Moments Couples Edition

You might think that being together for 25 years means you know everything about each otherbut when you have specific starter questions that ask about certain memories or scenarios, you might find yourself learning a new thing or two about your partner with this fun, adult party game. The back and forth asking and answering will make you feel like you’re on your first date all over again.

Wedding Anniversaries: Your Year

25 Year Anniversary Gift Silver Wedding Anniversary Custom

Make sure your wedding anniversary is totally unforgettable by exploring our guide to the best traditional and modern gifts for each year!

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Wedding anniversaries are a special chance to celebrate reaching another milestone in your marriage. Its about reflecting on a year growing together and looking forward to the future, re-connecting as a couple and remembering that happy day you said I do.

Each wedding anniversary has a different traditional meaning and gift associated with it, depending on how many years youre celebrating. There are also wedding anniversary stones associated with each year, like diamonds for your 60th.

If your wedding anniversary is coming up, youve come to the right place. Alternatively, if youre buying a gift for friends or parents and you want to know the traditional anniversary gifts and their meanings, weve got them all below.

NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.


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Th Wedding Anniversary Rose Bush

Does your husband or wife love roses? A living rose bush makes a gorgeous 25th wedding anniversary gift. It will flower for decades to come and remind you both of this special milestone in your marriage.

If you live in the UK, then look out for the silver wedding anniversary rose bushes sold by the famous rose breeder David Austin. In other countries, ask your local plan nursery what they have available.

There are also many other beautiful “silver”-themed plants available in the U.K., such as:

  • Silver Anniversary Camellia

A Gorgeous Jewelry Set For Your Wife

You can never go wrong with jewelry as an anniversary gift. This gorgeous three-piece diamond set is a showstopping, eye-catching set that she will love to show off. Intricately detailed with baguettes and round diamonds that add up to 8 total carats, this incredibly sparkly set is sure to become her new favorite jewelry to wear. While the 25th wedding anniversary gift is typically silver, this set is made of white gold and will last much longer than sterling silver.

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Gifts With A Silver Touch

Although silver is the highlight of a 25th anniversary, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and do “normal” date nights. For example, if you want to purchase tickets for a movie, sports event, concert, or theater event, you can get creative and wrap them up with a silver ribbon or place them in a silver box.

You could also think outside the box with a day trip to Silver Springs in Maryland or Florida, or head out to Silver Strand Beach in California or Ireland. Of course, keeping it simple with silver can be done through everyday gifts like photo frames, paperweights, key rings, and jewelry.

Th Wedding Anniversary Furniture

Candace Cameron Bure On Why She Is Terrible About Celebrating 25 YEar Anniversary

Theres no traditional gift for 17 years of marriage, but the modern version is furniture. If you bought a new bed or sofa a few years into your marriage, nows the time to refresh your space. We adore adding a love seat into a living room its so cosy and romantic or perhaps you want to redecorate your bedroom as an anniversary treat and buy a new bed frame.

Think outside the box with this one too. How about adding a cool bar cabinet, like this one from Anthropologie? If you love being outside, what about some garden furniture? A lovely new coffee table or dining room table are ideal if you like having guests over.

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Whats A Good 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift For My Husband

A piece of sterling silver mens jewellery such as a men’s ring, men’s chain or men’s bracelet makes a thoughtful wedding anniversary gift for your husband.

Much of our sterling silver mens jewellery can be engraved, and engraving your gift with the date of your wedding or first date makes it a perfect 25th anniversary gift. For more anniversary gift ideas, consult our anniversary gift guide.

Willow Tree Anniversary Figurine

I love this Willow Tree anniversary figurine. It captures the affection between the couple and the support and company they offer each other growing side by side. If your wife likes figurines then this would be a beautiful 25th wedding anniversary gift for her. Or, if you’re buying for your mom and dad, then this would be a lovely gift for them.

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New Glassware For Their Home

What do you give the couple who has everything as gifts for their 25th wedding anniversary? This unique whiskey glass gift set! The beautifully sculpted glasses fit perfectly in their hands and the handy chilling stones ensure that their drinks stay perfectly chilled until the last drop. Unlike any other glassware they own, this unique pair of glasses is sure to leave them speechless when they open such a lovely anniversary gift. Theyll love using their new glasses to toast to their 25th anniversary and have celebratory drinks with their friends since there are plenty to share. Rest assured, theyll be using these unique glasses for years to come.

Th Anniversary Gifts For Him Her Them

25 Year Anniversary Gift For Wife parents anniversary ...

Rae OliverFebruary 19, 2021

Your 25th anniversary is a personal silver jubilee, so its only right to celebrate it with a bit of pizzazz!

Weve searched high and low for fantastic 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas that will add a bit of sparkle and shine to your special day. Use our gift ideas to find the perfect gift for your husband or wife, as well as those you can enjoy together.

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