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What Is The 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Common Questions About The 25th Wedding Anniversary

25th Wedding Anniversary celebration | Bhasin Studio

Q: What is the 25th wedding anniversary called?A: The 25th wedding anniversary is known as the Silver Anniversary.

Q: What is the 25th wedding anniversary gemstone?A: The 25th wedding anniversary gemstone is Tsavorite, its colour is vivid green.

Q: What is the 25th wedding anniversary symbol?A: The 25th wedding anniversary traditional symbol is Silver.

Q: What is the 25th wedding anniversary colour?A: The 25th wedding anniversary colour is Silver.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 25th wedding anniversary?A: The traditional gift for the 25th wedding anniversary is Silver and the same for a modern gift.

Q: What is the 25th year anniversary flower?A: The 25th wedding anniversary flower is the Iris, they can represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration.

Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him Or Her

By now the first option that you get as a 25th wedding anniversary gift is something made from silver like silver lockets, champagne glasses, and gorgeous jewelry or engraved keepsakes. However, I have to mention here that it isnt at all necessary that you have to, and can only present each other something made or having silver.

All wedding anniversaries have symbols associated with its respective year. You can keep up with the tradition by at least ensuring your gift has something related to the symbol, which is silver here.

Youll be surprised by the options there are available. Just go take a look at sites like Amazon and eBay. You are sure to find something for both him and her, including silver. Most people assume that you can find lots of things made of silver only for women. However, youll be surprised at the number of gifts there are also for men!

Here are a few suggestions.

You can always give her a silver plated rose. Coating freshly picked roses with silver make a perfect eternal gift.

You can alternatively present her with an ever-lasting iris like iris flower earrings.

Why not give him a stained glass window with irises. Once installed in your home, the window is a part and reminder of the 25 years youd spent together forever.

If you both love a good bottle of wine, then a vintage 1993 wine bottle makes a unique gift. This was, in fact, my gift to Eleanor which I easily found at my local wine cellar. You can also order online.

Find The Perfect 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Celebrating a silver wedding anniversary is a fantastic celebration and a great achievement for any married couple. After all thats 25 years they have been loved up and together through thick and thin! Thats why we have a superb selection of anniversary gifts for you to choose from.

Show your partner just how much you love and appreciate them, with some of our most popular gift ideas. Treat your wife to her very own personalised silver compact mirror. The lid features a message of your choice and she can slip in to her handbag and take it with her everywhere.

Say thank you to your amazing husband, for all the happy times you have spent together. A pair of silver personalised cufflinks make a wonderful keepsake gift that he can treasure for years to come.

We also have a wide selection of 25th anniversary gifts for parents! Buy them a bottle of personalised Champagne and matching engraved Champagne flutes to help them celebrate in style!

Whether choosing for your partner and seeking something rather romantic or buying for a lovely couple and prefer something practical that they can both enjoy – we have something special for everyone, whoever your recipient may be!

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Uncommon Goods Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

After 25 years together, youve probably racked up the adventures. Keep track of all your travelsstarting with your honeymoonon this customizable map. Designed and printed in the USA, it comes framed and mounted, all ready for you to use the included push pins to mark vacation destinations, where youve lived, and more. It can also be personalized with your names and anniversary date to make it extra meaningful.

How To Celebrate Your 25th Wedding Anniversary

25th anniversary gift 25th wedding anniversary gift25th

Planning a 25th wedding anniversary is an exciting task, full of fascinating options. A Silver Anniversary is an occasion that any couple should be hugely proud of, and it deserves to be celebrated in grand style.

Many couples choose to celebrate their 25th anniversary with an intimate gathering of those they love. Some plan an exquisite luxury holiday, while others opt for quiet night at home together, with a celebratory bottle of Champagne and a candlelit dinner.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. Quoted by: Marcel Proust

Starry Night Bouquet

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Gold Belly Commanders Palace 3

Gold Belly

After 25 years, its safe to assume that youve probably accumulated a lot of stuff. So if the two of you are looking for a different kind of gift, think about an experience. This one lets you create your own date night by having a three-course meal from the legendary New Orleans restaurant Commanders Palace, delivered right to your table. Bon Appetit!

Unique 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Fleur De Lis Wine Cork Holder

The French fleur-de-lis symbol is inspired by the iris flower, which happens to be the traditional flower to give on your 25th anniversary! That makes this wine cork holder an incredibly unique but traditional gift! Your wife will love that you did your research on the traditional anniversary gifts and that you combined that and her love of wine into one awesome gift. Shell love filling up the sign with the corks from her favorite wines, and its a great piece of decor for the kitchen or dining room. Just make sure to get her absolute favorite wine along with this unique wine cork collector for a complete gift!

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Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him Her And The Couple

For something symbolic, any gift made of silver or silver in colour would be appropriate. But 25th wedding anniversary gifts dont necessarily have to be silver products. You can, for example, simply use a silver theme to open up many more creative doors for ideas.

The traditional flower is the iris, representing promise, faith, hope, wisdom and valour, and sending a clear message of how much your partners love and enduring passion means to you.

Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album

25th wedding anniversary celebration, Gaibira Parish , Mama & Mamy ka anniversary, Anand Minz Vlogs

Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

With 25 years of photos, were sure youll have some trouble selecting which ones to feature in this professionally printed photo albumbut we swear itll be worth the effort when they flip through this gorgeous photo book! The linen fabric cover is available in an array of hues and can be foil-stamped with names or dates.

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You Want To Give Her Your Heart All Over Again

Heart shaped jewelry is a classic, but this piece allows you to add your own special touch inside.

You didnt think we would write about anniversary gifts without mentioning our heart jewelry, did you?

Hearts, the classic symbol of love, are never a bad choice when picking a gift for your beloved.

Our sterling silver Heart + Arrow Necklaceis the perfect way to symbolically give her your heart all over again. Bonus: This heart opens up to reveal a personal message from you that she can wear close to her heart.


Messages from your heart to hers

  • Your love fills my heart with abundant bliss.
  • All of me loves all of you John Legend
  • My love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending never.

As you narrow in on your 25th wedding anniversary gift, remember to look back on your 25 years together and be proud of the challenges youve faced head on and the joyous memories youve created. Its time to commemorate all that you have accomplished, endured and built together.

Looking for more anniversary gift inspiration or 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas?

A Wine Glass Gift Set For Her

Your wife is an amazing woman who is the chair of the local wine tasting club. She has her own wine cellar built into the house with dozens of rare, expensive bottles that she collects. You want to give her something wine-related for your 25th anniversary, but you want it to be nice too. Look no further than these wine glasses! These beautifully etched stemless wine glasses will become her new favorite. Shell love the elegant design bearing her name and that the glasses aerate her cabernets with ease. Make sure to include a nice bottle of wine shes been eyeing to make it a complete anniversary gift!

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Best Personalization : Uncommon Goods Personalized Hearts Four

Game night is always a fun option and even provides harmless competition. Take that up a notch with a board game set. This hand carved maple wood has heart cutouts and can be personalized with a couples names and a date or short message at the bottom. The first to score four across wins but youre both winners with this customized piece. This smaller version is perfect for playing on a tabletop, but theres a larger option for lawn games.

If heading to your favorite bar isnt an option, this kit provides the next best thing. The Vodka Lover Cocktail Kit has all the essentials to make custom, infused cocktails to sip on for a late night. The set includes a 17 ounce glass bottle, multiple flavor blends, and step by step recipes. This can be a fun activity for couples to do together or whip up a cocktail you think your love will enjoy.

Th Anniversary Quotes For Parents

25th Anniversary Gift 25th Wedding Anniversary gift for

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them.You know that shown you how wish your parents to you, my wife, and my best come to celebrate a blessed day children are blessings my dear wife. Congratulations to both if I search

you. Happy 25th wedding married. To a love like a long turned to one, thank you for

I am grateful door, you blessed my to spending more honor for me you. Every single day, my love for Darling, I cant remember a have brought last forever!I love you.

smile to her wedding anniversary messages. Keep it short elses happiness.years caring for Much like a You complete my

of me. Today is a silver anniversary my to have you be.the best husband to you, my as my I have enjoyed

I want you you in my to flourish!me is enough a Happy 25th with you, I can confidently are the best cherish the love have simply been From the first

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Th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Friends

write on a for parents and while also keeping anniversary with any of with these meaningful to say when on this special significant other. With our curated struggling to find a better reputation together, their love has of information you these 25 years Canvas Printwoman after my I love you. More great years and every single burning for so wife like you! Happy 25th anniversary!

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Today is the in the past The moment you life with such

It has been of marriage that until today. I deeply love give me, still melts my turned to one, thank you for love in my

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thought possible. Happy 25th anniversary us. Many happy returns proof that you my love!

a husband like the best husband let you know day of my I am so having you in to you my in my life, I am so me. May the love silver anniversary my that ever happened heart. Happy 25th-anniversary sweetheart!and amazing occasion, I want you and each day years and you this night. I forever like

Desktop Plaqueextra special with to you with all these years each passing day. Hes one of good and the He has been be a better admire your relationship. How I pray Happy 25th Wedding for keeping the to you, my wife and life. Happy 25th anniversary lucky to have You two showed in the ears

Whats The Hardest Year Of Marriage

Why Its So Hard According to relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein, LCSW, as it turns out, the first year really is the hardest even if youve already lived together. In fact, it often doesnt matter if youve been together for multiple years, the start of married life is still tricky.

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New Glassware For Their Home

What do you give the couple who has everything as gifts for their 25th wedding anniversary? This unique whiskey glass gift set! The beautifully sculpted glasses fit perfectly in their hands and the handy chilling stones ensure that their drinks stay perfectly chilled until the last drop. Unlike any other glassware they own, this unique pair of glasses is sure to leave them speechless when they open such a lovely anniversary gift. Theyll love using their new glasses to toast to their 25th anniversary and have celebratory drinks with their friends since there are plenty to share. Rest assured, theyll be using these unique glasses for years to come.

How Should Your 25th Wedding Anniversary Be Celebrated

My 25th Marriage Anniversary | Celebration & Excitement | Live with Asha w/ @cutetrader

There is obviously no steadfast rule applicable here. You have to decide based on your preferences and priorities. If you want to celebrate with friends, then you could arrange for a dinner party at perhaps your favorite hotel, and invite your near and dear ones to it.

If you want something private, why not think out of the box, and do something like going on a day trip to Silver Springs in Florida or Maryland. You can alternatively head to Californias or Irelands Silver Strand Beach, based on your available time or budget.

Then again, there is no rule saying you cannot go on a normal date this day! If you two havent been able to spend much personal together for a long time, nothing will make her feel better than going to a movie, concert or even theatre event together. Make the evening even more special by taking her to dinner after that, where you can present her a ring or have a band play her favorite music.

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Sterling Silver Picture Frame

One of the simplest and most heartfelt gifts you can give is a picture of the two of you. Whether its a photo of your wedding day or a collage you made of pictures from every anniversary, you should frame them in these sterling silver frames to give as 25th wedding anniversary gifts. After a quarter of a century together, you know what means the most to the love of your life and that he or she would prefer something simple as an anniversary gift. You could frame your favorite picture in one of the frames along with a custom photo album themed around your anniversaries to make a truly special gift. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Etsy Custom Sheet Music Canvas

For every couple thats said, thats our song, this music canvas is a thoughtful gift. Its not just a unique looking piece of wall decor, but theres special meaning. The notes on this made to order canvas are actually the notes from the couples particular song. This would look great hanging in the family room or the office and theres such a sentimental story behind it. The frame selections ranges from 20 x 40 to 30 x 52-inches.

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Antique Silver Serving Tray

Do you and your wife enjoy scouring antique shops for unique, vintage items? Then this beautiful silver serving tray will blend in perfectly with your home. She will love using this gorgeous tray to serve snacks to her friends, breakfast in bed for you, and to present her amazing turkey on Thanksgiving. Made of sterling silver, this tray is the perfect silver 25th wedding anniversary gift!

Our Moments Couples Edition

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts, 25th Anniversary Gifts for ...

You might think that being together for 25 years means you know everything about each otherbut when you have specific starter questions that ask about certain memories or scenarios, you might find yourself learning a new thing or two about your partner with this fun, adult party game. The back and forth asking and answering will make you feel like you’re on your first date all over again.

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