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What Is The 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Anniversary Gifts By Year: Our Traditional And Modern Guide

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him from


Each wedding anniversary has traditional and modern gifts, as well as traditional flowers, colors, and gemstones. But where do these traditions come from? These long-standing conventions date all the way back to the medieval period and were chosen as agents of good fortune and prosperity for the marriage.

However, the tradition didn’t really gain popularity until the Victorian era. Contemporary opinions diverge from traditional lore and believe that each gift should be chosen to gradually increase in value as you invest more time into the relationshipserving as a recognition of a successful marriage and, often, as a reward for the wife. This created the foundation for modern gift interpretations, which were published by the American National Retail Jewelers Association in 1937.

Whether it’s your first year of marriage or you’re shopping for the perfect sentimental gold gift for your parents’ 50th, check out our reference guide below.

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Other Anniversary Gifts For Him

Not all husbands are going to like a traditional five year anniversary gift so dont be afraid to seek out other options that still express your love and devotion.

Check out our suggestions for anniversary gifts for him that are guaranteed to impress your significant other!

If your spouse enjoys hiking during his free time, dont think twice about giving him a brass compass for his meaningful five year anniversary gift. Be sure to include a matching leather case so he can prevent his instrument from tarnishing in the open air.

What Is The Meaning Of The Fifth Wedding Anniversary

The fifth wedding anniversary is the wood anniversary. Traditionally, couples give wood-themed gifts to each other on this day. If a couple prefers not to give wood items, silverware is the other appropriate gift for a fifth wedding anniversary.

The fifth anniversary is an important milestone in a couples life together. After five years together, they have formed a strong bond. Because of this, wood is the symbolic gift traditionally given on the fifth wedding anniversary as it represents strength and stability.

A couple can choose to give each other wooden desk ornaments, wooden necklaces and cuff links or any other type of wooden gift they choose. Although paper is made of wood, it is best not to give paper gifts for the fifth anniversary paper, after all, is the traditional, meaningful gift for the first anniversary.

If the couple does not want to give wooden gifts, the contemporary wedding custom for the fifth wedding anniversary is a new set of silverware. This is a sensible gift because after five years the original wedding silverware is likely to be worn out or tarnished. A new set of silverware brings a sense of freshness to the family home and also symbolizes a couples strength.

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The Complete Guide To Your 5th Anniversary

Congrats! Youve officially made it through half a decade with your partner definitely a call for celebration! Though married life can sometimes become routine and can even feel a little monotonous, your connection and bond with your spouse is far from boring. There are a lot of wonderful 5th wedding anniversary gift ideas, both traditional and modern, that can help you express your deep love and connection to your partner. Whether youre looking for wood anniversary gifts, 5 year anniversary gift silverware, anniversary gifts for her or for him, what matters most is the deep connection you feel to your spouse. Use this 5th wedding anniversary to showcase your strong bond what the 5th anniversary is all about!!

In this Complete Guide to your 5th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

  • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
  • 5th anniversary color

Enjoy The Wood World Map Travel Wall Art

Personalised 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Wooden Heart By ...

Courtesy of Etsy

Is the couple youre shopping for a pair of avid world travelers? Do you always spot their wanderlust-worthy vacay pics on your Instagram feed? Then allow us to introduce you to the perfect anniversary gift for those jet setters. Handcrafted from sturdy birch plywood, this large wall art is laser engraved and cut to create a rustic world map. Include a box of push pins so they can mark off all the places theyve explored over the past five years.

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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Wood Watch

These handsome watches will blow his whiskey loving mind. Made from reclaimed wood from American Oak Bourbon Barrels he will swear he can still smell the hint of whiskey. Available in multiple colors and styles with leather or bracelet bands any whiskey lover would be thrilled to receive this as an anniversary gift.

Jon And Julie Rousseau Personalized Wine Serving Tray

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Whether for your future dinner parties or a wine and movie night for two, this serving tray will undoubtedly come in handy. The birchwood features mandala-inspired designs and slots for a bottle of bubbly or your favorite red or white blend, plus up to four wine glasses. It can even be customized with a name and special date . To complete the gift, we recommend including a bottle of wine with which you can use to toast to five glorious years together.

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How To Celebrate A 5th Wedding Anniversary

Wood the traditional 5th anniversary gift is strong and long-lasting, and signifies the strength of your marriage bond.

If you enjoy antiques, this could be a perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift for your partner. However, rather than buying a piece of furniture, why not surprise them with a couple of days in the country, where you can go exploring and scouting for antique finds together?

Many country towns have antiques markets ideal for finding the perfect piece, and happily haggling over the price. Not only will you have a fun-filled weekend, and return home with a great gift, but you will also always remember your anniversary when you look at the item you have discovered and chosen together.

Lets go 50 years more and 50 again. The moon is too close so lets shoot for the stars. Quoted by: Ronan Keating

The 5th wedding anniversary flower is the daisy. It is a relatively small flower but it has large and significant meaning, depicting innocence, loyal love , purity, love that conquers all, beauty and simplicity.

Cheerful Smile Bouquet £25.99, Flying Flowers

The gemstone is the rose quartz, which symbolises love and friendship. It is said to remove negativity, fear and nervousness, and increase strength of body and mind. So, you have many different gift options for your special half-decade celebration.

Hello Will You I Do Canvas

5th Wedding Anniversary Wooden Gift Ideas from

Every journey always has its beginning, unforgettable moments and meaningful milestones. Your fifth anniversary is such a remarkable milestone for you and your man, and this map art is a perfect gift for that event. You can customize it with the locations where you two said Hi to each other for the first time, where he proposed to you, and where you guys became husband and wife.

Humor Him And His Marriage Life

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Whiskey Barrel And Antler Ring

A ring for a whiskey lover? Why not! This ring design features old-growth Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Oak and an offset mule deer Antler.The Whiskey Barrel and Antler Ring come from natural sheds on the Grand Mesa, from western Colorado. The entire ring is encased in Titanium, and pressure finished with marine grade epoxy to make the roughest, and hardy ring possible. Both the timber and antler are infused with resin in a vacuum, to make them as waterproof as possible.

Romantic Love Story Comic Canvas

This custom Love Story Comic Canvas will be a brilliant idea if you have no plan to go for a traditional gift. You can customize your love story throughout 5 years of marriage into a short comic. This one-of-a-kind present will find its place in any type of decoration in her quarter and put a smile on her face every time she glances at it.

To Shout Out To Their Anniversary

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Colours Blue Pink Or Turquoise

One of the most recent anniversary trends is anniversary colours, with the 5 year anniversary being commemorated with blue, pink or turquoise. Keep these in mind when buying gifts or planning your anniversary celebrations. For example, you can include blue skies, turquoise waters or pink flowers if youre planning on spending your 5th anniversary outside.

Custom Tree Heart Ornament

5th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY GIFT fifth Anniversary gift for him

Celebrate your Wood Anniversary with this 5 year Custom Tree Heart Ornament. The “Our Love Grows” heart ornament is made from beautiful aromatic cedar wood, and comes engraved with a last name or two first names and the year of your choice. It comes finished with a non-toxic food safe oil to protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty. Gift box includes a length of hanging ribbon in the bottom of the box.

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Personalized Family Wedding Tree Countdown

This Family Wedding Tree Countdown Art Print is an absolute on-theme present for the wood anniversary for couples! The art has a countdown of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds on its trunk. It’s a meaningful symbol to mark a 5-year marriage milestone.

Keep Their Treasure Moments Safe

Vacation Package For Them

The first five years are usually met with a lot of bills and not a lot of spending money or vacation time! Help them out a little by providing them with an experience, instead of something silly like another vase theyll never put flowers in.

Vacation packages are a wonderful way to show you care and you want to see them have fun and stay together for fifty more years!

Heres how it works:

  • You purchase a gift package, which is essentially a gift card for the experience of their choice
  • Prices range from under a hundred bucks up to about $300
  • They redeem for whatever adventure they choose, which could be rock climbing at a nearby gym, a wine tour within easy road trip distance or snorkeling in Mediterranean/Germany/Florida Keys

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Artifact Uprising Wedding Layflat Photo Album

Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

Spend your anniversary remembering and reflecting on your wedding day by crafting a gorgeous album for your spouse. Courtesy of Artifact Uprising, this photo album can be filled with all your most precious pics via digital upload.

It can also be customized with your choice of cover color, paper quality, cover text, and foil stamping. Finished with a high-quality cloth-wrapped hardcover, youll display this beauty on your coffee table or bookshelf for countless anniversaries to come.

Th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her from

If youre not sure what you want to get your spouse, consider celebrating your 5th anniversary in a unique way! You dont always have to purchase a gift and, sometimes, the best thing to do is just to spend time together. While there are a lot of 5th year anniversary gift for him, 5th anniversary wood gifts and 5th anniversary silverware gifts, try to incorporate these gift ideas into events! For instance, planting a tree together is a popular and wonderful way to celebrate your 5 years of marriage together. Check it out:

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Th Anniversary: Wool Or Copper

By the seventh year, you’ve no doubt learned to take things in stride. The traditional gift calls for either copper or wool. These two elements may seem diametrically opposed, but they have one thing in common: warmthwool is an insulator of warmth and copper is a conductor of heat. Just like that which radiates through your relationship.

Modern options are all about the more pragmatic approach of a desk set. A desk set might seem like choosing functionality over romance, but we can’t think of anything more romantic than a partner who supports your ambitions. The seventh wedding anniversary is characterized by an organic yellow color scheme, bouquets of striped Jack-in-the-pulpits, and dignified onyx stones.

A Personalised Wooden Wine Box

If your significant other is a wine aficionado, make your 5 year anniversary gift to him a beautiful bottle of wine in a wooden gift box. Personalize it with a special happy anniversary message engraved on the box, like your wedding vows, the lyrics to your favourite song, or wedding date. Even if he cant wait to pop the cork and share the bottle of wine with you, the box will last a lifetime.

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Wood Anniversary Gifts For Your Fifth Anniversary

Half a decade. Doesnt that sound so much more epic than 5 years? 5 years is pretty monumental. Youve reached a milestone in this marriage journey!

You can celebrate your 5th anniversary any way you like, but there is something special about the traditional gift for a 5th year anniversary: wood. In our modern world many have strayed from the traditional themed anniversary gifts, but Im going to ask you to consider returning to anniversary gifting roots .

Its a thoughtful and heartfelt way to show a loved one how much theyre cared about and appreciated on a special day! Learn more about our anniversary cards.

According to Brides,

These long-standing conventions date all the way back to the medieval period and were chosen as agents of good fortune and prosperity for the marriage.

However, the tradition didn’t really gain popularity until the Victorian era. Contemporary opinions diverge from traditional lore and believe that each gift should be chosen to gradually increase in value as you invest more time into the relationship.

Celebrating lifes special moments is a big deal here at Kudoboard and wedding anniversaries are right up our alley.

Other 5th Anniversary Gifts

5th Wedding Anniversary Card WOOD Traditional Gift by ...

Not keen on gifts made out of wood? No problem. We understand that everyone has different tastes, which our why our 5th Anniversary range features gifts made from a variety of different materials, not just the classic wood. Our Personalised 5th Anniversary Sharing the Sofa Cushion is a wonderful novelty gift thats a little different from the classic wood-themed gift, but still incorporates the colour of wood, with the writing being a beautiful rich brown colour. Personalised with the couples names, this cushion is perfect for accessorising their favourite sofa. Our Happy Anniversary Keepsake is a classically styled, square-shaped keepsake thats embellished with the number five and an elegant love-heart motif and uniquely engraved with a special message from you. Crafted out of glass, this gift is perfect for any room.

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Caliber Bmg Bullet Pen

This .50 CALIBER BMG Bullet Pen comes with an engraved gift box that can be custom personalized with up to 25 characters of your chosen text. It is handmade in North Carolina by a veteran owned company. It’s one unforgettable gift for your husband on your wedding anniversary especially 5th wedding anniversary because it is made with Wood!

Wooden Sound Wave Print Anniversary Gift

Here is a creative anniversary gift for him that features both the 5th year theme and a truly personal touch.

Order the Wooden Sound Wave Anniversary Print, send in a recording of you speaking a special message or singing your song, and theyll print it in sound wave form onto a lovely birch wood plaque.

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Boutique Heritage Engraved Cutting Board

Courtesy of Etsy

For an anniversary gift thatll earn itself a place of honor on the couples countertop, look to this custom cutting board. Both useful and beautiful, it’s crafted out of the natural wood of your choice and features unique tints, patterns, and natural knots.

There are six designs available, with each being customizable with the couples first or last names and wedding date. And once engraved, the piece is treated with hot mineral oil to keep it lustrous for many anniversaries to come.

Th Anniversary Modern Gift Suggestions:

Wedding Anniversary Gifts : How to Buy a 5th-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
  • An eternity ring Show that special person you still love them with a beautiful silver eternity ring.
  • Cork screw Ok it may not be real silver but the symbolism is the same. Get a bottle of wine to accompany the gift. A 5-year old port wine might be a great choice.
  • Table ware This gift features forks, knives, spoons, dishes, soup spoons, pitchers, nut bowls, cocktail forks, spreaders, platters, bowls, trays, tea pots, coffee pots, and more.
  • A silver bracelet Buy your partner a bracelet to wear on their wrist, have it engraved to make it even more special.
  • Silver dollar coin Silver dollar coin will really touch your partners heart especially if you find one with your wedding year.

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Th Anniversary: Silk Or Linen

Twelve years with your spouse have flown by in the blink of an eye. Celebrate by sprucing up your home life with objects of opulence and luxury like the traditional gifts of silk or linen. Those with an affinity for the contemporary will be happy to know that this year’s modern gift is just as refined: pearls. The color of the year emphasizes this with tones of oyster white, and the magnificent peony blossom does not disappoint either. For gemstones, jade reigns supreme.

Stamped Ice Cream Spoons

A matching set of silver ice cream spoons is another unique spin on the modern five-year anniversary gift. This useful flatware is stamped with the romantic phrase: “To a lifetime of ice cream together.” We suggest pairing the spoons with this anniversary-themed ice cream for a truly memorable present.

Impressions Stamped To a Lifetime of Ice Cream Together spoons, $39 for a set of 2, Etsy

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