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What Is The 6 Year Anniversary Gift

Other 6 Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

6 Year Anniversary Ideas

If you already know that traditional anniversary gifts wont fit the theme of your personal commemoration, just know that you have plenty of other possibilities that your husband will be happy to receive.;

Take a look at our recommendations for alternative presents to give during a 6th wedding anniversary!

Modern 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

The original list of substances linked with each year of marriage was drawn up in the 1930s, and today many of the items on it are thought to be inappropriate. More recently, a modern list was drawn up to replace, or to work alongside the classic materials, using items that were thought to be better suited to contemporary couples.

The 6th wedding anniversary has been associated, in the newly drawn up list, with wood, which is thought to signify the solidity of a 6 year long marriage. Anyone who wishes to use this as a theme for a 6 year wedding anniversary gift for their nearest and dearest could choose a lovely wooden sculpture, a tree to plant in the garden, an engraved chopping board, or a stylish wooden storage box.

Happy 6 Years Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

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Celebrate six lovely years of your life together with your other half with our Happy 6 Years Anniversary custom canvas print. If youre looking for classic anniversary gift idea, this canvas print is just perfect!;

Made from wood, the product is a reminder of your special relationship with your partner in the most tasteful way possible.;

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Th Anniversary Keepsake Gifts

Keepsake Gifts are a great way to commemorate special occasions and our range of sixth anniversary keepsake gifts are great for paying homage to a couples special anniversary. Many of our keepsakes can be personalised, too, allowing you to create beautifully unique gifts. Our 6th Anniversary Keepsake is an ideal gift for a 6th anniversary. Embossed with the number 6 and an anniversary appropriate love-heart motif, this traditionally-styled keepsake gift is carved out of jade-tinted glass and engraved with a special message of your writing.;

Create a gift thats truly unique with our Keepsake Anniversary Cushion! Made out of high-quality white polyester, this beautiful cushion is illustrated with a beautifully intricate iron-coloured design and uniquely personalised with the happy couples names and the dates of their wedding and 6th anniversary. Uniquely styled, this elegant and contemporary cushion will make the perfect addition to the couples sitting room or bedroom!;

What Is The Traditional Six

6th Anniversary Gift Anniversary Print 6 Years Together

Iron. Its strong and solid, just like the couple who makes it to six years of marriage. So its easy to see why the traditional six-year anniversary gift is iron. And the good news is, there are lots of lovely iron anniversary gifts to choose from. Or, maybe something a little sweeter would tickle your fancy? Candy is another commonly gifted item for six years of wedded bliss, and who doesnt love candy?

If you consider yourself a more modern gifter, youve got an easy job if youre looking for a sixth anniversary gift, since wood is the modern gift this year. Other symbols associated with six years of marriage are calla lilies-beautiful, dramatic blooms that you may have even used at your wedding, and the amethyst, which is a pretty purple stone. In keeping with that, purple is one of the sixth anniversary colors, along with turquoise and white.;

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Th Anniversary Gifts And Ideas For Spouses

What to giveBudget

  • Use gummy candy letters to spell out a romantic message on a plate or traybetter yet, a cake or pie.
  • Make or buy your Sugar a few kinds of candy theyve never tried before, like Turkish delight, salted caramels, French creams or marzipan. In an anniversary card, write that every year together is a sweet new adventure


  • Give a box of high-end gourmet chocolates, and replace one of the chocolates with a surprise, like a piece of jewelry, a folded $50 or $100 bill or a love note.
  • Pick our a wrought-iron patio set or garden bench.

What to write

What to write in a 6th anniversary card

  • Every morning, I open my eyes and look over at you and realize how lucky I am, all over again.
  • Weve come so far, through so many highs and lows, and its made our love stronger.
  • Our life together has a rhythm and flow that feels constant and comfortingwithout ever getting dull. I love the music we make together.

What to write about in a 6th anniversary love letter

  • Six marriage memoriesone from each year
  • Six of your favorite hobbies
  • Six of your favorite pictures of you together

How to celebrate

  • Try your hand at making candythe traditional sixth anniversary gift. Here are recipes for;rum balls and peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes to get you started.
  • Travel to another country: Recreate that place in your home, right down to the food, drinks and music.
  • Play a game of Would You Rather over dinner and see how well you know each other.

Th Anniversary Gifts And Ideas For Friends And Family

What to give

  • Give six different kinds of candy or six gourmet chocolate barsone for each year.

What to write in a 6th anniversary card

  • Wishing you joy in the little moments, strength for the hard times and love, always.
  • Sending all our love to two of our favorite people.
  • Hope your 6th anniversary is as fun as you are!
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Th Wedding Anniversary Crystal

Crystal is a luxurious product and chosen for its clarity: as a transparent product it represents how the couple see each other clearly after 15 years together.

Crystal jewellery will always be a welcome gift we love this matching necklace and earrings set from Goldsmiths.

For those who arent a fan of crystal, the modern anniversary alternative is to give a watch. Beaverbrooks;has several beautiful rose gold watches that actually use crystal a win-win! For the gents, theres loads of stylish watches on offer that will last a lifetime.

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Colour Turquoise Purple Or White


Choose from the three official wedding anniversary colours for your six-year anniversary ; turquoise, purple and white. These can help you pick which shade of flowers to buy, or which colours to set the table in for your anniversary dinner. Keep these colours in mind when planning how to celebrate your 6th anniversary, such as a romantic beachside vacation next to dazzling turquoise waters.

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Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

If you need to buy a 6 year wedding anniversary gift for your wife, you may want to choose a candy related gift. Rather than opting for a standard store-bought box of chocolates, you could search for an unusual candy gift, such as a luxury chocolate gift basket, an unusual shaped chocolate gift like a Belgian chocolate candy pizza, or a gourmet chocolate tasting experience to give lasting memories of the happy day. Alternatively, who can beat the romantic appeal of chocolate dipped strawberries to enjoy together as a couple?

To capture the modern wooden theme, why not consider some pretty wooden jewelry, or an intricately carved wooden trinket box for storing odds and ends?

What Are Traditional Gifts For A 6 Year Wedding Anniversary

If you and your spouse prefer to exchange items that follow the traditional gift guidelines for a sixth anniversary, your options should be made out of iron.;

As a symbol of durability and strength, your iron 6th anniversary presents are meant to reflect on the sturdy marriage that youve shared with your romantic partner during the past six years.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Fruit & Flowers

As your marriage blossoms and your partnership ripens following four years of marriage, it makes sense to give an anniversary gift of flowers or fruit.

Roses traditionally represent how much your love has blossomed so take your present-giving to the next level by naming a rose after your love. You choose the name, its officially registered, and then you receive a pack of seeds to grow your own roses. Bloom and Wild;offer a huge range of gorgeous bouquets or flower gift subscriptions if your fingers arent quite so green.

Flowers not their thing? The modern alternative is appliances. Is there anyone whose morning wouldnt be improved with a Nespresso machine?

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Family Tree And Birds Custom Canvas Print

6th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Wife Husband 6 Years

Whether you want to gift 6 year anniversary gift your spouse, the Family Tree and Birds Custom Canvas Print makes for the perfect gift. You can get it personalized by sending us your names and any important date you want to be featured on the beautiful wall hanging.

What makes the Family Tree Milestones Desktop Plaque an even more meaningful present is that it features customized text, such as the names of your family members. Perfect for the front table of the house, this gift will surely help you both celebrate 6 years of love and togetherness.;

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Find Great Candy Gift Ideas On Amazon

If the season is right you could take your partner on a trip to maple syrup country. There are lots of great Bread and Breakfasts and lodges in New England and Canada where they make maple syrup. Ontario even has a website with a list of festivals celebrating maple syrup:;Ontario Maple. You could follow through on the sugar theme and have a wonderful get away at the same time.

Or if warmer vacations are your preference you gift could be a trip to the sugar cane fields of Maui Hawaii or Puerto Rico depending on which coast you live on airfare to either is affordable. And right now there are some great deals on hotels and resorts.; Who could ask for a better way to celebrate their sixth anniversary?

Expedia&Priceline are the largest online travel agent websites. TripAdvisor publishes thousands of in-depth user;hotel reviews, or if you want to try something more unique,;Airbnb allows travelers to stay at thousands of unique places.

Th Anniversary Vacation Ideas

As well as some stunning jewelry you could also look at travelling to where Amethysts are found and there are some pretty amazing places to visit for an anniversary vacation.

They are the Alps in Austria and Germany, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, India, Russia, USA and Sri Lanka.

Some of the places have more Amethyst than others and there are even places within these countries that have places named after this beautiful stone one famous example is the Amethyst Mountain, Texas. You can also visit some of the mines in these areas and maybe even find your own piece – how about that for an anniversary gift!

Of course mining for Amethyst crystals is really only an excuse for a great vacation! You could just as happily spend your time sight seeing, climbing mountains, skiing, sunbathing and chilling by the pool.

Plus the gorgeous color purple of the stone would also makea great gift, here are our favorites.

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Best Candy: Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate

With candy being one of the traditional themes, you’ve got your chance to show your loved one you pay attention to what they really like. Pick up some of their favorite candy and add a box of delicious;Godiva chocolate that you can both sit back and enjoy. Paired with a bottle of bubbly, you guys have your night set!;

Best Gemstone: Glass And Amethyst Bookends


If looking for a gift in the gemstone tradition for your 6th year anniversary, you’re in luck! The amethyst helps ring in your sixth year with its pretty purple hue and jagged construction. This gem is made of quartz which is quite strong and makes a great gift as it has lasting power. These bookends are each secured by glass corners to hold the large amethyst stone. Your sweetheart can add these to a bookshelf for a stylish and practical touch.;;

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Top 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Dear One

6th wedding anniversary gifts are perfect as they are sweet as candy and strong as metal. You can choose the gift according to the likeness of your spouse.

6th year wedding anniversary gifts need not necessarily be out of the box, for it can be simple, yet a thoughtful one. Sixth year is a testimony to the strength and coherence of your bond. This way, your gift needs to reflect that.

Modern 6th Year Anniversary Gifts

Modern lists mark the sixth anniversary with candy or chocolate hello, now your talking our language! Maybe just drop a few hints that your significant other should consider buying both candy and iron to make sure we cover all bases in this special anniversary year.

  • the elegant, slender calla lily flower is the traditional flower for a 6th anniversary. It is unlike any other and symbolizes all the ways that each partners love has grown over six years of marriage. The calla lily is thought to posess a magical light source inside that radiates upwards a great analogy for reflecting upon six years of marriage together.
  • Amethyst: The traditional gemstone for a 6th anniversary is a calming stone that helps promote calm, balance, and peace.

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Industrial Gear Sculptural Iron Book End

by Design Toscano

With its steampunk feel and industrial chic look, we can imagine a lot of interior design or office settings for these iron book ends. Lots of guys have a collection of books that could be displayed in a unique way. Bookends may seem old fashioned, but we really like the look of this old style made new again.

Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide Includes:

My 6 year anniversary gift to Chris! 6 year gift is candy ...
  • Final Thoughts!
  • Surprise your loved one with these gorgeous 6 year anniversary gifts. Making it past half a decade is no small endeavor. While it might be hard to beat the big milestone of five years together with a stunning keepsake, youre sure to find the perfect gift with our gift-giving guide for the wood anniversary. From one of a kind wooden gifts to fun and modern gift ideas, your spouse is sure to love anything on this list. While we have included many traditional gift ideas, there is no shortage of fun and interesting ideas for him, her, and them.;;

    Traditional 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

    From a first thought, iron might not seem like the most romantic material for this special anniversary. As people continue to share their ideas through online shops like Etsy and Redbubble, the opposite has proven itself to be true.

    Give her the full experience of an iron wedding anniversary with a perfect gift from our list!

    St Wedding Anniversary Brass

    No one would imagine not raising a toast to 21 years of marriage, yet there is no traditional gift associated with this year. The modern 21st anniversary gifts are brass or nickel, so think along the lines of brass jewellery or a watch and you cant go wrong!

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    Th Wedding Anniversary Wood

    The idea of using wood to celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary comes from the fact trees were seen to be strong and symbolised wisdom. Your marriage is solid and you have deep roots that are entwined.

    A romantic sign to hang in your home will be a cute gift for your other half or, even better, is this miniature wooden signpost marking all the major moments in your journey together. From your first date to when you bought a house, its a great way to tell the story of the first five years of your marriage.

    If youre feeling sentimental about your wedding day, why not celebrate with a bottle of the wine you had on your big day presented in a personalised oak box? Or choose a;wooden photo frame to give your wedding pictures a new lease of life.

    Life is thought to be getting sweeter by the time you reach your sixth wedding anniversary, so you and your partner can indulge in some sweet treats.

    Hotel Chocolat have some delicious and seriously stylish gift ideas, while Virgin Experience Days have amazing afternoon tea deals across the country.

    The modern alternative to sugar is iron. Why not choose something romantic like this iron-influenced wall art featuring the sheet music from your first dance? A timeless cast iron Le Creuset casserole dish is brilliant gift idea for someone who loves cooking.

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    Th Wedding Anniversary Coral

    20 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her: Unique & Special Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend Or Wife

    Coral is a very precious substance and was once believed to have magical properties to protect against illness and danger. It is still precious and protected today so think carefully when it comes to choosing a coral-inspired anniversary gift and maybe choose something inspired by the beautiful colour or shape of coral.

    You can either choose a for your home or you could adopt coral as a theme and choose something special in a lovely peachy-pink hue.

    The modern alternative is jade, still a vibrant colour but more environmentally friendly. This bright and sustainable jade necklace;from Wolf & Badger is a beautiful statement gift.

    Red is a colour often associated with love, and a rich red ruby is the perfect way to symbolise your love. Whether you want to do the traditional anniversary or the modern, look for ruby-inspired gifts as the stone is used for both.

    This beautiful ruby and diamond ring is made from recycled 14k gold so you can feel good about saving the planet at the same time as wearing it. For men, a wonderful pair of;ruby cufflinks;would be a great addition to their wardrobe.

    If you arent a fan of the precious stone, think outside the box with ruby chocolate, like these Prestat ruby chocolate thins,;or;ruby port.

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