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What Is The 8th Anniversary Gift

Year Anniversary Gift Includes:

What is my 8th wedding anniversary gift?
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  • After eight years of marriage, your spouse deserves the perfect 8-year anniversary gifts. Theres a lot to celebrate! During gift shopping, its best to consider if your partner prefers traditional gifts like pottery or a modern alternative.

    Most people know the 8th anniversary as the bronze year. Thus, a bronze anniversary gift is an excellent traditional choice. If you prefer stylish gifts, linens and lace are ideal. When it comes to jewelry, tanzanite and tourmaline are your best bet. In this list, youll find many amazing 8th anniversary traditional and modern gifts for lovers and couples.

    Your Guide To An Exciting 8th Anniversary Gift

    In traditional anniversary terms, 8 years of matrimony scores you a bronze medal. Because bronze represents both beauty and durability, it’s sweet to play on tradition and choose 8th anniversary gifts made from this pretty metal. If you’re anything but traditional, you may opt for a modern take on the 8th anniversary gift – like gifts made with linen or lace or 8th anniversary gifts that completely defy convention. Celebrate 8 years with a gift that unwraps your love and its staying power.

    Sweet & Salty Chocolate

    Your sugary-sweet 6th wedding anniversary has found its way to the 8th, but with a salty twist! Chocolate is a classic gift for lovers, and handmade chocolates are the ultimate treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

    For a salty-sweet 8th wedding anniversary gift, bake homemade salted pecan praline brownies, salted caramel fudge truffles or chewy sea salt caramel bonbons.

    Or better yet, treat the two of you to a chocolate-making workshop. Learn from expert chocolatiers as you make and sample exotic chocolate from around the world. This molten magic experience is a dream come true for true chocolate fiends.

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    What Are Some Useful Anniversary Gifts For A Husband

    20 Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Your Husband Will Love A Graphic Shirt. Depending on your husbands interests, you can always have a shirt designed for him and have it printed. A Brewing Kit. If your husband enjoys drinking beer and DIYs, you can gift him a beer brewing kit. Bluetooth Speakers. Take Him for Skydiving. Tickets for an Event. A Game Set. A Digital Photo Frame. A Jigsaw Puzzle. Wireless Headphones.

    Anolon Advanced Home Hard

    9 Best 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts And Ideas With Images ...

    Sick of using mismatched pots and pans while you cook? Get something that you and your spouse will enjoy with this 11-piece cookware set! The set comes in a cool bronze color and includes saucepans, a stockpot, a covered sauté with helper handle, a skillet, and a deep skillet, all of which are non-stick.


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    Th Anniversary Flower Hydrangea & Geranium

    Colourful and robust, hydrangeas look lovely in a fourth anniversary bouquet. As a symbol of enduring grace and beauty, choose pink to denote love and emotion, white for abundance or purple for deep understanding. On the other hand, you could go for the vibrant, textured geranium flower that embodies gentility, comfort, and familiarity. It symbolises the beauty and respectful nature of your relationship and four year anniversary.

    Bronze And Copper Cufflinks 45 Gracie Collins

    These bronze initial cufflinks from Gracie Collins make the perfect bronze anniversary gift that can be treasured forever. They can be personalised with your partners initials and we love that they are subtle enough that they can be worn day to day as a subtle reminder of your special anniversary.

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    Personalized Lace Scrabble Frame

    This personalized scrabble frame is perfect for scrabble playing couples!

    Just provide the names youd like included, along with the wedding date or year, and voila! You have the worlds best anniversary gift! How easy is that? The lace background is a sweet touch, and the soft colors wont compete with any other décor.

    Th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

    Wedding & Anniversary Gifts : How to Buy an 8th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

    This years anniversary is all about doing a fun activity with your spouse. If youre really not into any of the 8th anniversary gift ideas, consider finding an activity that fits the 8th wedding anniversary theme and going on a little adventure with your spouse. Whether you and your spouse are really excited to do a random activity 8 times, or youd rather stick to one event that relates to the 8th anniversary theme, there are some great 8th wedding anniversary celebration ideas to make this years anniversary super spectacular.

    • Go take a pottery class with your spouse!
    • Bronze yourselves jet off to a tropical island with your spouse to bronze your skin in the sunshine .
    • Go to a bronze jewelry workshop and create some bronze pieces together. If you or your spouse are a serious artist, consider doing a Bronze Casting Workshop.
    • Plant a Clematis Vine in your yard or in a pot and watch it grow together.
    • Take a sewing class together and make something out of lace or linen for your home.
    • Go on a food tour of 8 different spots! If your stomachs can handle 8 different food places in one, then try out 8 different pizza joints, 8 different ice cream shops or 8 different cheesecakes!
    • Go out to a local bar and play eight-ball pool!
    • Purchase a bronze framed share of stock in a major company that has meaning to you both.

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    Year Anniversary Gift For Him

    Saving tips: Use coupon code FIRSTORDER for 10% OFF

    Give your other half this Hello Will You I Do map canvas print as a unique gift to celebrate your anniversary. This custom canvas reminds of three important events in your relationship.

    Melt your partners heart with our customizable Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print. Use the lyrics from any song you both love, add the date, your names, and its good to go! How romantic is that? Whether its your bedroom, hallway, or the home office, it will look great anywhere!

    Are you looking for a beautiful and functional gift for your husband? Get him this customized photo mug! Its a thoughtful gift that will leave him feeling nostalgic about the adventures youve had in eight years of marriage. This cup is also microwavable, so your partner can use it on a day-to-day basis.

    To commemorate your 8th wedding anniversary, get an 8-year anniversary canvas print. Theres no sweeter gift to show your man you treasure all the hours, days, and years youve been together. He can display it in his home office or the living room with pride, knowing you love him unconditionally. Its a thoughtful and unique gift for any hubby!

    Bronze Family Tree Portrait

    This lovely bronze sculpture is part art and part family tree!

    It is going to get so many compliments whether it hangs in their living room or at the office. The charming little people represent how many are in your family, and the bronze tree and leaves really stand out in the best way.

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    Alexa Metallic Bronze Card Holder 1499 Katie Loxton

    Bronze doesnt always have to translate literally into metal you could also opt for a metallic spin, like this Katie Loxton card holder. Its a genuinely useful buy and one theyll likely use every day just the sight of it will make them smile as they tap their Oyster card or pay for their morning coffee.

    What Is It For 10 Years Of Marriage

    8th anniversary gift for wife 8 year anniversary necklace for

    10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum The decade-long anniversary gift is traditionally tin or aluminum, which symbolize the strength and resilience of your marriage. For a modern 10th-anniversary gift, turn to every girls best friend: diamonds. This rare gem reflects your 10-year marriages love and durability.

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    Th Wedding Anniversary Symbols And Gift Ideas

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    The Spruce / Margot Cavin

    Traditionally, bronze or pottery was what you would get if you were celebrating your eighth wedding anniversary. In more modern times, linens and lace are also associated with the eighth anniversary. You can choose to go traditional, go modern, or to diverge completely to get your sweetheart something special in honor of your eight-year milestone.

    Learn what gemstones, colors, and flowers are also associated with this octave of years.

    Da Vinci Secret Message

    For the puzzle lover in your life this totally unique Da Vinci secret message is the ticket! Made of bronze , the default to open the puzzle is the romantic phrase ILOVEU, but can be reprogrammed with your very own secret password! How fun is that?

    Once your lovebug figures out the password, he or she will be delighted with the contents: matching rings for him and her.

    An alternative would be to tuck in whatever small gift you like, naturally!

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    Personalised Traditional Linen Photograph Album 34 Stori

    A clothbound photo album quickly becomes a treasured family heirloom, and we love how this linen version can be personalised. By now you probably already have books filled with wedding photos, so why not use this one to document the smaller but still significant moments that have happened since?

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    What Is The Traditional Gift For A Wedding Anniversary

    DCUO: How To Redeem Free Gifts | Happy 8th Anniversary!

    Ruby jewelry is perhaps the most traditional gift people give on 40th wedding anniversaries, as the gems are valued for their deep, rich color and symbolism of devotion and passion for life.

    What do you give your husband for 8th anniversary? Traditionally, bronze or pottery was what you would get if you were celebrating your eighth wedding anniversary. In more modern times, linens and lace are also associated with the eighth anniversary. What is the symbol for 8 years of marriage? bronze The traditional 8th wedding anniversary

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    We Go Together Like Tumblers

    Get it personalized however you like: funny and witty, or sentimental and romantic. Theres no wrong way to do it with this set of two tumblers: vacuum sealed, insulated, and available in a variety of colors.

    Heres a great list of all the best we go together like quotes you can use for this 8th anniversary gift.

    Modern 8th Anniversary Gift Linen & Lace

    The modern 8th-anniversary gift of linen or lace is such a sultry combination.

    Just as your love grows stronger with each passing year, linen and lace exemplify your delicate but strong bond that has been created. With linen representing purity and truth and lace reflecting elegance and beauty, both are honest expressions of your marriage.

    Theyre both sensual, luxurious materials that can bring sparks to your love life too! We dont need to go into too much detail here. Were sure you can think of a few things in this category that will add some extra spice to your already tangy romance.

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    Take A Modern Twist With Gifts Made With Linen Or Lace

    Find a cool oil painting as an 8th anniversary gift that speaks to your spouse’s artistic side, since the canvases are traditionally made of linen. You can find linen paper and make a sentimental homemade card . Or think on 8th anniversary gifts that you’ll both enjoy – like a fresh set of linen sheets as an upgrade for your bed . Lace + lingerie – need we say more?

    Find Great Bronze Gift Ideas On Amazon

    8th Bronze anniversary gift 8th wedding anniversary gift


    This is a much easier category to find gifts for your partner than bonze. There are hundreds of pottery choices from cute coffee mugs to sophisticated bowls and elegant vases and handmade pitchers.

    There is a wonderful selection of pottery pitchers, dishes, lamps, vases and even a wine cooler at Arrowsic Island Pottery. If you cant find a pottery gift here I would be surprised.

    Another great pottery site is This site offers handmade pottery in bright colors including canister sets, sugars and creamer sets, trays, bowls, and a selection of handmade tiles which would be a great addition to a kitchen or bathroom.

    Or you could always opt for one of those crazy coffee mugs. You can find them with every imaginable saying. But if you want a personalized mug check out Mug Heaven who will design and hand make a coffee mug to your specifications.

    Hand painted tiles are a great addition to any room or get tiles with your house number to hang by the front door. You could purchase a few accent tiles or tiles for an entire black splash or kitchen counter. If you are handy you could install the tiles when they arrive or hire an installer and you have an 8th anniversary gift that you will provide joy day in and day out. Seaport Tile Shop offers an extensive selection of affordable tile address markers and letters, as well as Mexican ceramic, Talavera and finely handpainted tiles.

    See the linen gift suggestions in the fourth anniversary article.

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    Anniversary Gemstone Color And Flower Gift Ideas

    In addition to the Traditional and Modern gift material lists, each wedding anniversary has also come to be denoted by a particular gemstone, color and flower.

    In 1985, the American Gem Trade Association published its initial version of the Gemstone Information Manual. This manual has been adopted within the trade as the gold standard for disclosure of pearls, cultured pearls and natural gemstones. In that manual, the gemstones or precious metals that are associated with each wedding anniversary are listed for every anniversary year from the first to the 25th, and every five years thereafter up until the 60th wedding anniversary. It is interesting to note that there are some inconsistencies between this and other reputable sources as to the exact gemstone for each anniversary. This could simply reflect a difference due to the region of the world in which the list of anniversary gemstones was compiled. As such, the table in this section predominantly lists the gemstones according to the AGTA. Any variations in gemstones for a particular anniversary year as derived from other sources, are listed as alternatives for completeness, and to offer the reader a wider variety of options.

    How To Celebrate An 8th Wedding Anniversary

    The potent mix of copper and tin, to create bronze, represents the union of two lives and the strength resulting from combining your time together with perseverance.

    There is a great choice of distinctive bronze gift options. Perhaps you will be able to find some beautifully crafted jewellery made from recycled bronze or a hammered bronze drink cooler.

    As for the other symbolic gifts, instead of buying a piece of lace or linen, why not arrange a visit to Nottingham or France both famous over many centuries for their exquisite lace making. Or maybe plan a trip to Egypt or Greece, traditional makers of linen since the first millennium B.C. Now that would be a memorable celebration.

    Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. Quoted by Kahlil Gibran

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    + Amazing 8 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

        Looking for 8 year anniversary gift ideas? Celebrating eight years of marriage is a significant milestone for any married couple in love, so youll want to choose the perfect present for your spouse.

        Otherwise known as the bronze anniversary, some gift ideas for the 8th wedding anniversary include any present featuring bronze. This could be a special piece of jewelry, or a beautiful ornament, for example.

        Whether youre choosing for your other half or an important couple close to you, were here to help with the celebration. Welcome to our guide on choosing the best 8 year anniversary gift.

        Th Wedding Anniversary: 29 Gift Ideas For Your Bronze Anniversary

        8th Birthday gift Guild Wars 2

        Celebrate your eighth wedding anniversary with a traditional bronze gift, or go a little more contemporary with linen and lace. Here are the best presents for both themes to shop now.

        If your 8th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and youre looking for a gift to mark the occasion, youre about to be spoilt for choice.

        Tradition dictates that you have two key options: the 8th wedding anniversary was originally your bronze wedding anniversary, a metal which represents strength and longevity. Bronze is made by alloying copper with tin or other metals, making it tougher, more durable and resistant to corrosion. In marital terms, it symbolises a relationship that can weather tough times and stay solid eight years in, youre probably feeling that sentiment already.

        However, in more modern convention, your 8th wedding anniversary is also synonymous with linen and lace delicate fabrics which will last a lifetime. If bronze isnt your thing and youd prefer to get something softer and prettier, this could be the perfect gift idea for you.

        Whichever option youre after, weve got dozens of brilliant ideas below, from luxe linen bedsheets to copper-coloured keepsakes youll treasure forever. Happy anniversary heres to the next eight and beyond!

        NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

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