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What Is The Second Year Anniversary Gift

For The Boho King Or Queen: An Insanely Cozy Hammock

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts : How to Buy a 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

It’s like your own personal backyard getaway.

Maybe your partner just loves hanging out indoors or outdoors: this hammock is a perfect alternative to the couch. You can pick a hammock that suits their interior design and stylewhether its bright and colorful or neutral and classicand choose between the classic style hammock, which holds up to 400 pounds, or the family style, which holds a whopping 550 pounds.

A Throw Blanket So Your So Can Feel Like They’re Receiving An Extra Hug Every Time You Guys Snuggle Up On The Couch

The blankets are made by independent artist Kerry Stokes, who is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Promising review: “We keep this adorable blanket on our couch for evening show-watching. It’s just the perfect size for a lap throw, but still works as a full coverage blanket in a pinch .” Mel

Shipping: Economy shipping arrives with seven to nine business days, standard shipping arrives within three to seven business days, expedited shipping arrives within two to three business days, and express shipping arrives within one to two business days.

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $108 .

Fun Cotton Gifts For Her

A cotton gift that will excite or make her laugh.

  • You can go out and see how cotton is harvested and loomed into fabric!
  • Go to a theme park, buy cotton candy.
  • Or just buy a cotton candy maker and create sweet candies and sweet memories at home!
  • How about a photoshoot? Cotton candy-themed! Maybe you can have a carnival theme while holding cotton candies? Something like the photo on the right . The photoshoot looks really really fun.
  • How about some plush slippers? These unicorn plush slippers are very comfy and cute and magical. She will wear these every day at home!
  • Cotton bathrobe. Maybe also invite her to a spa.
  • How about a tour to Cottonwood, Arizona? There are tons of tourist spots there!

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Cotton Artefacts At The British Museum

Theres something super romantic and charming about exploring a museum together. And the British Museum must be one of the most beautiful museums in the world. Surrounded by incredibly rare artefacts, youll be taken on an expert-lead tour where you can ask all your burning historical questions before clinking glasses at a wine tasting at Montague on the Gardens Hotel. But how exactly is this a cotton anniversary gift? The British Museum is home to an staggering number of cotton treasures, including a portrait of Sir Robert Cotton. Your partner cant say youre not creative!

Funny Socks Box For Men

2 years together

Ok, this darling pack of funny socks for men is just too cute! If youre looking for quirky cotton anniversary gifts for him, youve stumbled across one of our absolute faves! It can be just so hard to find the right cotton anniversary gift ideas, but this funny socks box is just the thing you need! You get math socks, rainy day socks, music socks, pizza socks, crazy banana socks, and sheeps in the meadow socks! Theres so much variation of silliness here that you will feel proud to have found them! These colorful socks are perfect for all men and can be worn as novelty pieces within his normal, everyday wardrobe.

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For The Guy Who Loves A Deep Nights Rest: Incredibly Comfortable Pajama Shorts

Breathable material is always good.

These pajama shorts are so comfortable, multiple reviewers have said theyve bought more than one pair. These shorts keep breathability and temperature in mind and are made with beechwood fabric and spandex. Beechwood is 6x more breathable than cotton and overall, this sleepwear is designed with comfort in mind.

What Is The Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gift

Traditionally, the second anniversary gift is cotton.

Depending on where search online, you may come across a few different meanings for what cotton is supposed to symbolize. Some people believe that it represents that youve become more comfortable with each other. I tend to think this is a more modern representation.

Others think that the fibers of the cotton fabric represent how your lives have come together. As the interwoven fibers of cotton signify a couple growing closer as their lives become increasingly intertwined.

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How To Celebrate A 2nd Anniversary

One excellent 2nd wedding anniversary idea is to invest in cotton-themed art for your home. You might want to buy a canvas print, or perhaps even commission an artist to make a treasured piece of art for the two of you.

Enjoy some quality time together, spending a weekend visiting galleries searching for the right piece. If this is a bit out of your budget, you could look for work by emerging or student artists.

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works if from the head, almost nothing. Quoted by: Marc Chagall

Sunflower Beauty Bouquet – £27.99, Flying Flowers

Whatever You Choose She Will Like The Gift

Lets make a memory frame (2nd year wedding anniversary gift) Cotton

You are going to celebrate 2 year dating anniversary, your feelings have become stronger for this period, but there are not so many bright emotions as in the very beginning. People get used to each other, but getting used to each other does not mean to become boring. Give your girlfriend emotions, romance, give her your tenderness, and your love will become even stronger, and the eyes of your beloved one will always shine with joy.

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Cotton Anniversary Gifts For 2nd Anniversary

Because everybody likes a bit of tradition, weve put together a list of the most exciting and unique second anniversary experiences to share with your partner. And guess what? They all involve cotton in some way.

Keep your marriage on the right track with a symbolic anniversary gift that will knock their cotton socks off!

Fun Cotton Gifts For Him

Cotton can also be a fun gift that can entertain, make him laugh or excite him. Take a look at these super nice cotton wedding anniversary gifts for him:

  • Bathrobes! He will totally look like a young Hugh Heffner.
  • A hammock. This will give your man something to laze on at weekends.
  • A funny macho man apron he can use during barbecue Sundays with his buddies.
  • Cotton candies! Maybe you can go to a theme park and buy yourselves these super sweet treats?
  • A cotton candy-making lesson, perhaps? Just search for experiences online, I am sure you can find some.
  • How about a cotton candy machine? This one is really nice.
  • Visit a cotton farm. And see the looming process?
  • Oh! You can also learn how to loom and turn cotton into fabric.
  • A vacation to Puenta Gorda. Stay at the Cotton Tree Lodge.

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The Citizenry Imabari Waffle Towel Set

Courtesy of The Citizenry

These towels arent made out of just any old cotton. The brand partners with local artisans across the globe to create gorgeous wares in a fair-trade environment.

In this case, its a Pima cotton from a family-run mill in Japan thats been making towels for over a century. The end result is these stunning, waffle weave towels that feel as good as they look.

Nd Year Anniversary Gift #1: Personalized And Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

Second Anniversary Gift Ideas

These personalized handkerchiefs stay with the cotton theme and make great gifts for the bride and groom who are celebrating two years together.

You can choose from 16 handkerchief styles and thread colors, so theres a little something for everyone! If you wish, you can even get these hankies embroidered, making them extra special.

The bride and groom will treasure this gift for years to come. Best of all, you can order this gift and have it delivered quickthe fast turnaround times are a perk!

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The Modish Home Couples Initials Throw Blanket

Courtesy of Etsy

Incorporating both the cotton and personalization element, this oversized blanket is customized with your initials and wedding year. Toss it over your couch to have on-hand for snuggling up during movie nights, or layer it over the bedding in your master bedroom. Also nice: Its available in two different sizes.

A New Set Of Parachute Sheets That Automatically Screams We Are Grown

Promising review: “I absolutely love these sheets! Just the way percale sheets should be soft and crisp! Ive purchased many brands of sheets over the years only to be disappointed time after time. Not so with these exquisite sheets!! I could not be happier with these percale sheets!! Planning to buy another set or two and to buy some as gifts!” Jennifer F.

Shipping: Free ground shipping on all orders, with options for faster and next-day shipping for an added fee.

Get it from Parachute for $109+ .

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Nd Year Anniversary Gift #: Ceramic Jewelry Organizer Necklace And Earring Holder

The most important piece of jewelry is on her left hand, but she probably has an assortment of other jewels she treasures. This coral branch design jewelry holder is an attractive way for her to store her favorite gems and other trinkets.

Made with an elegant rose gold metallic finish and a white ceramic tray, this gift complements anyones style. She can place it on her nightstand, in her bathroom, or on her dresser, and it will add a classy touch to the room.

This gift is for the bride who not only wants to organize but wants to turn her jewelry into a work of art!

Le Coton Facial Cotton

2nd Anniversary = Cotton Gifts!

Nothing says I love you like some toiletries. No really — after a few years together, you know each other and you know what you need most is to have your basic needs met. With some Cottonelle and maybe some really fancy cotton balls, the two of you will be set to tackle another year of marriage free of any unnecessary messes! If youre looking for a cheap cotton anniversary gift, Cottonelle toilet paper and wipes is the way to go.

If youre looking for quirky cotton anniversary gifts for her, then this darling succulent print kitchen apron is absolutely the way to go! The sophisticated take on spiky succulents printed on a cotton-bistro apron adds some fun and flare to the kitchen. If your woman loves succulents and cooking, this cute apron is a no-brainer. This kitchen apron is detailed, realistic, uses muted colors, and its 100% natural cotton fabric is uber comfy. If youre struggling for cotton anniversary gift ideas, then go for this gift idea: it makes for a stylish gift for gardeners, cooks, and hostesses. She will love it!

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Second Wedding Anniversary Garnets

The gemstone that represents your 2 year anniversary is Garnet, a lovely deep red stone and one that was a popular stone for engagement rings. Diamonds were for only the very wealthy, rubies and garnets were popular and red is the traditional color for love. Garnets were more affordable than rubies!

The meaning behind Garnets is that they attract love and soul mates and enhance your creativity.

All of the meanings behind your Second wedding anniversary gifts are beautifully romantic, it has been 2 years since you said I do and during that time you have grown as a couple. Life might not always be romantic but on your Second anniversary that is definitely the order of the day!

For The Asmr Lover: Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

I bet you’ve never had headphones like these before.

Whether your partner loves listening to ASMR before going to bed or sometimes suffers listening to you snore, these bluetooth SleepPhones will help them sleep like never before. These headphones are designed for comfort with a machine-washable fabric fleece headband and last 12 hours at full charge. Alsothey stay comfortable for side sleepers all night long.

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Second Anniversary Modern Gift

The modern or contemporary gift for a second anniversary is one made of china. China symbolizes fragility but also elegance and beauty, something to cherish and protect. Ideas for china anniversary gifts include:

  • China plates and dinnerware
  • Fine china cups or bowls
  • China figurines
  • Porcelain wedding ring holder

A Hammock Constructed From The Softest Cotton Ideal For Those Days When There’s Nothing Better To Do Than Lay Around Literally According To Reviewers This Is An Absolutely Napworthy Buy

2nd anniversary gift idea. This is the 2nd anniversary ...

Promising review: “This is easily the best jacket I’ve owned. I live in Arizona and was planning on taking a trip to Nebraska this winter. I seem to have lost all of my cold tolerance living in AZ, so I wanted to make sure I was toasty. This jacket has surpassed even my wildest hopes. I can’t recommend this highly enough. It is a heavy, stiff jacket but I’ve washed it a few times and it’s becoming less stiff. The outer material is very heavy, and looks/feels like it will last forever. It has an interesting sort of heathering that camouflages dirt really well on the color I chose . I’m convinced this jacket will outlive me, it’s that well made.” James Bowen

Shipping: Free two-day delivery with Prime, otherwise arrives within six days.

Get it from Amazon for $99.99+ .

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Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gifts

Traditionally your Second wedding anniversary gifts are celebrated with cotton which some believe represents the wiping of tears and growing together. But what are the other meanings for your 2 year anniversary?

Traditional cotton anniversary gifts could be

  • a cotton rug for a romantic picnic, just the two of you.
  • You could sew an “I Love You” message onto a cotton hanky
  • or you could write a message on a piece of cotton and send it as a message in a bottle. You could send it out to sea or send it to them at work!
  • T-shirts can also be romantic – your first band, a best husband or their favorite team.
  • You can even get these gorgeous cotton roses from JustPaper Roses! Imagine a bouquet of flowers that will last all year!


For The Woman Who Loves To Sleep Until Morning: Cozy Pajamas

These soft and silky pajamas were designed with a good night’s rest in mind.

With over 1,000 reviews, rest assured that your wife will love this pajama set: not only are they comfortable, but they look stylish enough to wear for a Zoom meeting. Reviewers claim these pajamas are unbelievably softsimilar to silkand have a roomy feel that makes them want to wear the Moonlight Pajamas all day.

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Modern 2nd Anniversary Gifts

You also have the modern anniversary list and here your Second anniversary is celebrated with china.

The modern list was put introduced in 1937 by the American National Retail Jewelry Association and as such there are no meanings attached to these gifts.

However china is also on the traditional anniversary list for your 20th wedding anniversary, here china symbolizes that you need to look after your marriage.

Modern china anniversary gifts could be

~ cooking a dinner for the two of you and serving it on new china plates,

~ or a trip to your favorite Chinese restaurant.

~ You can also paint china mugs and add your own message.

Find Great Cotton Gift Ideas On Amazon

First Year Anniversary Gifts – Traditional Paper


The immediate second anniversary gift that comes to mind is bed linens. Get linens with a high thread count, new pillows and feel the difference. New linens with high thread count are cheap luxury. With all the colors and patterns of sheets available selecting which sheets to get will be the biggest challenge you face.

If you want to get a unique bedroom accessory, a cotton valance to surround the bed is sexy and romantic and just might remind you of your honeymoon.

Staying with the bedroom theme you could get you and your special someone matching monogrammed his and her terry cloth bathrobes and pretend you just started again. Or you could go for those giant terry cloth towels that men love to wrap around their waist after they get out of the shower. Interested in buying online, try Bedding& Bath.

Just getting time to relax is a gift in its self, but for the best outside the box second anniversary gift a two person cotton hammock cant be beat, find two trees and tie up and relax. There are some great cotton hammocks available through DFO Home. This wins the prize as the most unique 2nd Anniversary present.

Lingerie is always a hit for gifts and sexy cotton underwear is one of the required gifts for the second anniversary. Sexy underwear is available everywhere but a gift in a Victorias Secret box will be appreciated.

A dozen roses, made out of cotton will last for many years and she will remember the second anniversary every time she sees the roses.

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Romantic Cotton Gifts For Her

Romance her with your gifts!

  • A customized throw blanket. Put the happiest picture of you two into the throw. You can buy customized throws at Zazzle.com. Just upload your photo!
  • These You Make My Toes Wiggle! socks. Sweet, funny, romantic!
  • Comfy duvet bed sheets. I am positive bedroom activities will go up with a bed so comfortable.
  • These five senses gifts will flatter your spouse. What you will have to do is print a gift tag for the five senses, then add a reason why you love them through that sense . For example: Smell: Your after-shower smell drives me crazy! then attach that to a gift that is connected to that reason, for example, their favorite shower gel. Put everything in a basket.

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