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What Is The Third Wedding Anniversary Gift

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Wedding & Anniversary Gifts : How to Buy a 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

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Rd Anniversary Gifts And Ideas For Spouses

What to giveBudget

  • For a natural, casual accessory, give a bracelet of braided leather.
  • A blank journal with a leather cover is a great gift for anyone who likes to write.
  • A pair of wine or cocktail glasses is convenient for toasting your first year together.


  • Get them a leather jacket thats as cool as they are Well, almost as cool.
  • Or surprise them with a pricey, impractical pair of shoes or or bag theyve had their eyes on.
  • Make that glassware duo high-endor find a crystal decanter for your favorite adult beverage.

What to write

What to write in a 3rd anniversary card

  • I love being on the road of life with youand I love how we always find adventure along the way.
  • We can have an amazing time together, whether were on the vacation of a lifetime or at the DMV.
  • Every time you walk through the front door, I still get butterflies like its the first time I ever saw you.

What to write about in a 3rd anniversary love letter

  • Three things they do that make you laugh
  • Three small moments that had a big impact
  • Three new things youd like to try together

How to celebrate

More ideas for anniversaries

Common Questions About The 33rd Wedding Anniversary

Q: What is the 33rd wedding anniversary called?A: Although the 33rd wedding anniversary does not have a symbolic name, you can link it with the traditional gemstone gift of amethyst or a spiritual theme.

Q: What is the 33rd wedding anniversary gemstone?A: The 33rd wedding anniversary gemstone is amethyst. The amethysts spiritual meaning is related to protection against guilty and fearful feelings, tranquillity, calm and wisdom.

Q: What is the 33rd wedding anniversary symbol?A: The 33rd wedding anniversary does not have a traditional symbol, but the 33rd celebratory year can be considered one of wisdom, philosophy and reflection.

Q: What is the 33rd wedding anniversary colour?A: As the 33rd wedding anniversary colour is not specific, classic amethyst colours of light to dark purple would be appropriate for gifts.

Q: What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 33rd wedding anniversary?A: There is no modern gift as such for a 33rd wedding anniversary more of a theme, with this anniversary celebrating the spiritual aspect of being together.

Q: What is the 33rd year anniversary flower?A: The 33rd wedding anniversary flower is a strawberry plant in a tin can.

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Why Leather For A 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Were all familiar with the more common anniversary traditions such as silver for 25 years, gold for 50 years and diamonds for the 60th wedding anniversary. But there are special traditional gifts for other anniversaries too.

Your third wedding anniversary is said to symbolise the end of your honeymoon period. True, you may have discovered some less-than-ideal personality traits about each other, but as youre both still together, its likely that your marriage will last forever. In fact, by your third year of marriage, a couple should be so close, and so in tune with each other, that they feel they come from the same skin.

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Personalised wash bag – just request internal embroidery at the checkout.

Which is exactly why leather has become a customary third anniversary gift. Leather is a material that is durable, strong, flexible, resilient and, if treated correctly, will stay beautiful forever. Giving the gift of a leather suitcase, bag or even a wallet, is the perfect opportunity for a couple to symbolise their desire to continue their journey together. Indeed, the gift of a beautiful piece of leather luggage for your third anniversary could be the perfect excuse for you both to go on a second honeymoon.

For her and for him, our personalised Classic Backpack, Classic Bucket Bag & English Saddle Harvard Satchel.

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Leather Smart Book Light From 40 Graham & Green

10 Stylish 3Rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him 2020

With its leather cover, this book lamp is a stylish and unusual third anniversary gift – close the lamp and it’ll look like a regular notebook. The best bit? It has a rechargeable battery, so can be used anywhere and there are no unsightly wires.

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What Is The 3rd Anniversary Gemstone

Pearl is the third anniversary gemstone. The only gemstone that is not technically a stone, pearls are formed by layers of natural material formed around a grain of sand. The layers of concentric circles that form a pearl symbolize wisdom gained through experience and represent the perfect union you share with your spouse.

While jewelry is always an excellent anniversary gift, you can also surprise and delight your spouse with a gift of pearl jewelry given on any special occasion during your third year of marriage. Gifts inlaid with mother of pearl are also a great option for this anniversary.

What Is The 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Leather Anniversary

Rae OliverFebruary 7, 2022

Three years have flown by and youre facing your third wedding anniversary together. While the honeymoon period may lose its lustre by year three, who says the good times have to go away for good? We think that the third wedding anniversary is the ideal opportunity to extend that post-wedding glow.

Theres no better way to ignite the spark than to organise something really personal to honour your three years of love and loyalty. Youve accomplished a whole bunch in these three years and you deserve to celebrate the hard work youve put into your marriage.

Most people are familiar with the bigger anniversary gift traditions, like silver for 25 years, gold for 50 years and diamonds for the 60th anniversary. But there are special traditional gifts for other anniversaries too. Leather is the traditional gift of the third wedding anniversary, while crystal is the modern alternative.

Lets jump right in and find out what the 3rd wedding anniversary theme is all about. Our roundup of gift ideas is bound to inspire you to plan the perfect celebration.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Steel

While it might be tempting to opt for the modern gift of jewellery for your 11th anniversary, the traditional gift is steel valued for its durability and strength. You might immediately think of a watch, stainless steel cufflinks or a hip flask, but theres lots of interesting gift ideas out there.

Think outside the box: horseshoes are made of steel, so what about a horse riding experience day? Skis also have steel edges what about a ski break? If you want to stick with the theme, a personalised tie clip, swiss army knife or cocktail shaker set, like this personalised one, are great.

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What Is The Traditional 3rd Anniversary Gift

Personalised 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas (

Leather gifts are traditional for the third anniversary and symbolize the strength, flexibility and durability of your marriage after three years together. With many options ranging from practical to pretty, leather gives you the opportunity to give a gift specific to your loved ones interests or needs.

A popular way to celebrate the third anniversary with leather is to give a gift that can be used on a daily basis. Leather is also one of the easiest materials to personalize which means you can give a gift that is as unique as the recipient.

Whether youre looking for a gift for him, for her or for a couple of close friends or family, leather is a flexible theme that gives you the opportunity to give a gift that fulfils a specific need or is useful for a hobby or interest.

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Leather Passport Holder & Surprise Getaway

Surprise them with a leather passport holder and a ticket to a fantastic getaway. Escape the city for some guaranteed quality time together. The best way to ensure you have a relaxing holiday is to pick a spot in nature where the stress of the city is as far away as possible. How about staying in a private treehouse deep in the Peruvian Amazon? Surrounded by a green canopy of trees, its about as far from the city as you can possibly get.

Th Wedding Anniversary Silver

Silver is a precious metal, and no matter how old it is, if its treated properly and polished regularly, it will continue to gleam. There is no modern alternative, showing how timeless silver is as a 25th anniversary gift.

Of course, you could buy silver jewellery, cufflinks or a watch as a gift and theyd be very well received! But for something a little more sentimental, we love this stunning infinity photo frame by Vera Wang for Wedgwood. Give it to your loved one with a treasured wedding photo or family photo inside.

Pearls are a symbol of hidden beauty they are cultivated over time within the not-so-pretty oyster, but once you open it up you find something precious inside. After three decades together its unlikely youll appear the same as you did when you first met, but its whats inside counts.

Pearl-inspired anniversary gifts are the way to mark this occasion and we love this stunning silver and pearl bracelet from Not On The High Street.

Diamonds are considered to be the modern alternative for 30 years of marriage. Treat your loved one to something special from Tiffany. An eternity ring would be the ideal gift to mark 30 years.

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Leather Apron For The Budding Chef

Is your hubby the next Gordon Ramsay ? Does your wife put Nigella to shame? If so, theyll adore a handmade premium leather apron they can don in the kitchen while theyre cooking up a storm. With its soft texture, rustic look and durability, leather turns a basic apron into a thoughtful anniversary gift to last a lifetime.

To make your gift that much more special, pair the leather apron with a cookery class. Theyre the ideal way to work together as a team toward a shared goal delicious food. Led by experienced teachers, youll be taken through a hands-on cooking class in a swanky state-of-the-art kitchen space. And the best part is that you get to enjoy your meal with a glass of wine when youre finished.

What Do You Do For Your 3rd Anniversary

38+ 3 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her Leather, Top ...

Here are some ideas for fun places to go for your anniversary whether you plan to stay local or head somewhere new.

  • Stay At A Bed And Breakfast.
  • Picnic At The Park.
  • Revisit Your First Date Spot.
  • Go Back To Your Wedding Venue.
  • Book A Site At A Campground.
  • Walk Around A Botanical Garden.
  • Go On A Mini Road Trip.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Bronze

Bronze is chosen for eight years of marriage as its very strong in fact, its a mixture of two metals that are stronger together than separately.

Choose a keepsake that will take pride of place on a shelf forever, like this miniature bronze stag statue, great for someone with Scottish heritage.

The modern alternative is linen and lace. Theres nothing nicer than slipping into fresh, clean sheets at night and your partner will love some elegant linen bedding from Marks and Spencer. Just make sure its a fancy set like these and add some rose petals for the perfect mood-setter.

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Rd Anniversary Gifts And Ideas For Friends And Family

What to give

  • Give leather luggage tags personalized with their names or monogram.
  • Give a gift card to a shoe store. In a greeting card, add a message: Youve been walking side by side for three years nowtime for some new shoes!
  • Grab a bottle of their favorite beverage and give it with a crystal bottle stopper.

What to write in a 3rd anniversary card

  • Wishing all the love in the world to the loveliest couple we know!
  • Thinking back to that beautiful day three years agoand ahead to all thats in store for you!
  • So happy for you and for every amazing moment youve shared.
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Personalised Lifetime Memory Suitcase Box 155 Not On The High Street

Gift your partner one of these beautifully crafted memory suitcases boxes from Meminio for storing their favourite keepsakes. The boxes are made of bonded leather, so ideal for a third anniversary. Choose from a range of gorgeous colours and have a luggage tag monogrammed with your loved ones initials.

How To Celebrate A 33rd Wedding Anniversary

My 3rd year wedding anniversary presents!

Bearing in mind the spiritual theme of this anniversary, when it comes to gifts you can think about yoga, the stars, observatories and meditation.

Perhaps arrange a weekend break at a yoga retreat, where you can both relax and leave the stresses of everyday life behind. Or arrange a star-gazing evening if you are lucky enough to have a clear night.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone that works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience and peace. Quoted by: Miranda Kerr

Experience Day Gifts

Experiences From Red Letter Days

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Th Wedding Anniversary Coral

Coral is a very precious substance and was once believed to have magical properties to protect against illness and danger. It is still precious and protected today so think carefully when it comes to choosing a coral-inspired anniversary gift and maybe choose something inspired by the beautiful colour or shape of coral.

You can either choose a for your home or you could adopt coral as a theme and choose something special in a lovely peachy-pink hue.

The modern alternative is jade, still a vibrant colour but more environmentally friendly. This bright and sustainable jade necklace from Wolf & Badger is a beautiful statement gift.

Red is a colour often associated with love, and a rich red ruby is the perfect way to symbolise your love. Whether you want to do the traditional anniversary or the modern, look for ruby-inspired gifts as the stone is used for both.

This beautiful ruby and diamond ring is made from recycled 14k gold so you can feel good about saving the planet at the same time as wearing it. For men, a wonderful pair of ruby cufflinks would be a great addition to their wardrobe.

If you arent a fan of the precious stone, think outside the box with ruby chocolate, like these Prestat ruby chocolate thins, or ruby port.

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Year Anniversary Couple Canvas

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With this star map you can enter the date and place when you met your special someone, and the constellation map will be automatically created.

This canvas makes a pefect third-year wedding anniversary gift for him to memorize your meaningful moment.

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Rd Anniversary Gift For Wife

To make choosing a unique anniversary gift for your wife for the 3rd anniversary, weve selected a list of traditional, modern, and alternative gifts that definitely make her surprised.

This canvas print is a perfect and romantic gift for music and art lovers to celebrate the third year anniversary. This gift is truly for both of you, especially if it happens to be your wedding song or favorite song. A favorite and relatable love song can also be a great contender here!

Immortalizing a moment shared with your wife may be the best leather wedding anniversary. The moment chosen should be unique, and the picture should flatter you both. This plaque will end up on your wall or table for the rest of your lives together. Make sure to go with your favorite photo!

When it comes to leather anniversary presents, you cannot get any more personal than a customized bracelet. You can use a personalized nickname for your wife, your anniversary date, or a spiritual message that guides your marriage. A leather gift anniversary embodies the traditional symbol for a 3 year anniversary!

Have you been thinking about unique leather gifts for her? Unsurprisingly, this leather sheet may not pop into mind, and thats why it is perfect. Your wedding song can be laser engraved on genuine, tanned leather for your music-loving spouse to enjoy. This gift can either be framed or unframed with a customized message!

Leather Anniversary Gifts On A Budget

3dRose 3rd Wedding Anniversary gift

If you’re unable to purchase the leather gift of your dreams, don’t threat. As with any sentimental gift, it’s the thought and time that makes the difference.Leather offcuts can be bought relatively cheaply on eBay and cut into shapes or letters . We’d recommend getting in touch with the vendor and requesting a light shaded leather , this will respond better to felt pen than other types . Choose a gold metallic coloured pen for extra impact!

Other budget leather items: Luggage tags, key rings, tied leather shoe lace , bracelets, a leather card , a bookmark, picture frames, cufflinks.

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