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What Is The Three Year Anniversary Gift

Custom Crystal Whiskey Gift Set

Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary!! (Painting, gift exchange and a movie)

When youre searching for the best 3rd year anniversary gifts, you should fit the modern theme of crystal as well as getting him something that makes celebrating this monumental occasion with you even easier! These crystal glasses are a great way for him to have a celebratory drink, and they even come with ashtrays for him to have a stogie with too. With an engraved box set that has his name on it, whiskey glasses, ashtrays, and the love of his life around his arm, this anniversary couldnt get any better for him!

Leather Travel Chess Set – $49.99

They say chess is similar to bodybuilding practice every day, and youll always be the pro in the room. If your significant other loves chess and enjoys traveling, this travel chess kit is the perfect way to combine their two top hobbies into one.

The chessboard is made from full-grain leather and rolls up into a cap with shoulder straps to be easy to carry on the fly.

It comes with three leather bags the first two carry the dark and white chess pieces consecutively, while the third accommodates the leather checkers. This travel chess set is enough proof that just because they travel a lot, it doesnt mean time away from the chessboard. Let chess come with them everywhere they go by getting them this set as a leather wedding anniversary gift.

What Is The Traditional Three

As mentioned, leather is the traditional third anniversary gift, simply because its symbolic of something that gets better with age. Youll find lots of great leather gifts on our list. But if youre not a fan, or prefer to live a more animal-friendly lifestyle, you could opt to give a gift of glass or crystal, the modern third anniversary gift. Of course, weve added plenty of options there, too. The colors white and jade green are the traditional third anniversary colors, and the sunflower is this milestones symbolic flower. Finally, the gemstone most commonly associated with the three-year anniversary is pearla soft, versatile stone that manages to look both trendy and classic at the same time.

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H& d Crystal Perfume Bottle

An instant heirloom that will be treasured for generations, this vintage-looking crystal perfume bottle will let her think of you with each dab of her favorite scent from the crystal stick applicator. Featuring a rounded, feminine shape, the art deco bottle will add romantic sparkle to any vanity. This show stopper will make putting on her daily scent an indulgence. This perfume bottle is really very pretty. . I bought as a gift and I will be buying more, even one for myself. The presentation is perfect, a padded, elegant gift box, all I have to do is put a red ribbon around it and a bow on top and presto, perfect gift! Pair the refillable perfume bottle with her favorite fragrance, or a scent that has a special meaning, like The One from Dolce & Gabbana.

For The Partner Who Lives In His Slippers: Leather Ugg Slippers

3rd wedding anniversary symbol

Theyll think of you with every cozy step.

Not personalized, but still very much so a worthy option, suede leather Ugg slippers are the perfect gift for anyone who refuses to go barefoot in their home. And, because these shearling-lined slippers, which are sold in 12 colors, have durable rubber soles, they can be worn outside, too.

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For The One Who Likes To Dress Up: Magnanni Carbon Leather Belt

It will go with just about any outfit.

Anyone who likes to get dressed upwhether for a business casual look or a more refined ensembleneeds a high-quality belt. Were pleased to say that this one fits the bill. Sold in two colors, this genuine leather belt is made in Spain and is top-quality, according to reviewers who gave it an average 4.6-star rating.

For The Sentimental Couple: Custom Leather Relationship Map

Show where youve been and celebrate where youre going.

Give the gift of special wall art with this sentimental love story map. The leather map is sold in three colors and framed or unframed. When creating the map, you can add locations , as well as dates, times, and messages. Warning: Theyll probably cry over this incredibly thoughtful gift.

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For The One Who Loves Wordy Picture Frames: Leather Anniversary Picture Frame

Surround your favorite photo together in enduring words of love.

If you dont have the words to tell your partner just how much you care, let this picture frame do it for you. This leather one has over 400 reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. Its sold in two sizes, as well as vertical and horizontal options.

Work Anniversary Ideas For Everyone In Between

3 Year Anniversary Gift Exchange

The tenure of 3-7 years marks a stepping stone for employees and the company alike. The employees with 3-5 years tenure are on the threshold of the average job tenure in todays market. If they are convinced that they have a bright future ahead, and the company will value them, it becomes easier to retain them. The ones on the 5-7 year mark could be on the verge of peaking and if their work anniversaries are celebrated tactfully, they will continue with renewed energy.

Here are some foolproof work anniversary ideas for the mid-range tenured employees.

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Leather Smart Book Light From 40 Graham & Green

With its leather cover, this book lamp is a stylish and unusual 3rd anniversary gift – close the lamp, and it’ll look like a regular notebook. The best bit? It has a rechargeable battery, so can be used anywhere, and there are no unsightly wires.

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Traditional And Modern Gift Platinum

More valuable than gold or silver, platinum is the quintessential symbol of prestige, luxury, and achievement. No wonder the precious metal, which also symbolizes true love, integrity, truth, and endurance. Your relationship with your spouse is enduring, and your love for them is true. Spoil them with platinum-themed traditional gifts.

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These Epic 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Are The Best Way To Celebrate Your Third Anniversary

If youve ever been in a relationship, you know that 3 year anniversary gift ideas for him are a big deal. Your third anniversary proves youve been through a lot and that after three years you need a great way of showing your appreciation. Of course, every year has a gift theme. The third anniversary is no exception. After three years, the traditional anniversary gift is leather, but the more modern tradition is glass. You naturally still have some questions. What makes a great gift after 3 years together? What are some ideas for a modern gift? How much should you spend on this anniversary gift? We actually put together this list of 19 amazing 3 year anniversary gift ideas for him that has a wide range of modern gift ideas and even a traditional one for good measure.

Why Do We Buy Wedding Anniversary Gifts

3rd Anniversary Gift 3 Year Anniversary Personalized Gift 3

Celebrating major wedding anniversaries dates back to the Roman Empire although recognising the intervening years only really came about in the 1930s – largely for commercial reasons.

Personalised Classic Washbag in Vintage Mahogany.

Research has shown that recognising and celebrating the importance of anniversaries can help strengthen a relationship – helping you and your partner remember why you fell in love in the first place and keeping ‘complacency’ at the door.

Buying a gift relevant to your anniversary helps cement the annual ritual, teaching and reminding us the significance of the years spent together. Customary Gifts For Other Anniversaries

What are you buying your loved one for his or her next anniversary? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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A New Twist On 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

Show him that even though you are entering your fourth year of marriage, you can still surprise him with a good set of gifts. This personalized twist whiskey glass box set of 3 year anniversary gift ideas for him is surely something he wont see coming. Each time he goes to have some Lagavulin or Glenfiddich, he will feel like he is being suaver than even the Dos Equis most interesting man in the world.

For The Person Who Loves To Dress With An Edge: Genuine Leather Jacket

It goes with everything.

Whether its spring, summer, fall, or winter, a genuine leather jacket is a go-to staple for many folks. If your partner is forever reaching for their leather jacketor if theyve always hoped to own oneyour three-year anniversary is the perfect time to upgrade their wardrobe. This top-rated option features an asymmetrical front, notch lapels, a snap collar, and side zip pockets.

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Leather Anniversary Gifts On A Budget

If you’re unable to purchase the leather gift of your dreams, don’t threat. As with any sentimental gift, it’s the thought and time that makes the difference.Leather offcuts can be bought relatively cheaply on eBay and cut into shapes or letters . We’d recommend getting in touch with the vendor and requesting a light shaded leather , this will respond better to felt pen than other types . Choose a gold metallic coloured pen for extra impact!

Other budget leather items: Luggage tags, key rings, tied leather shoe lace , bracelets, a leather card , a bookmark, picture frames, cufflinks.

Traditional Gift Ideas: Leather

3 year anniversary gifts for my husband ��

The traditional material for the third anniversary is leather. This rugged and resilient material symbolizes security and sense of touch.

Just like your marriage needs to be, leather is durable and flexible. Giving the gift of leather is reaffirming how much you value these qualities in your partner.

Leather anniversary gifts are among the most versatile because so many different products are made using it. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Wallet Pair this gift with something inside, like a gift card to your favorite restaurant.
  • Belt The ideal accessory for the man in your life.
  • Handbag A well-made leather handbag will last decades with the proper care.
  • Gloves Stylish and warm, a pair of leather gloves will polish off any winter wardrobe.
  • Jacket Leather jackets are not restricted just to bikers.
  • Journal A blank, leather-bound journal is a great way to encourage your partner to express themselves.
  • Briefcase Whether your spouse needs an actual briefcase or just a case for their computer, having one in leather is a worthy upgrade.
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    Top Animal Charities In The Uk

    If you avoid wearing leather or would simply like to support a worthy cause to mark your wedding anniversary this year here are five of the UKs leading animal charities

    RSPCA: The worlds oldest animal welfare charity, the RSPCA deals with thousands of calls a day, taking in hundreds of animals with the aim of giving them a better quality of life, by helping restore their health, and finding foster and forever homes.

    World Wide Fund for Nature : This is the UK branch of one of the worlds most prominent animal charities, present in more than 100 countries. Its stated mission is to create a world where animals and humans can live in harmony and thrive together, including by protecting endangered species, slowing down the climate change process and promoting sustainable living.

    The Humane Society International: Another major international organisation with a UK branch, The Humane Society International promotes animal welfare through several active campaigns including the protection of British wildlife such as hares and badgers.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation: PETAS UK branch promotes the importance of respecting, establishing and protecting the rights of other sentient creatures, through public education, research, legislation and special events such as art installations, as well as celebrity endorsements.

    Anniversary Gifts By Year

    A Wedding Day is an incredibly important occasion when two people celebrate the beginning of their marriage in the presence of family and friends. Following this significant occasion, anniversary celebrations each year commemorate the continuation of each persons love for the other.

    It is generally considered important that each wedding anniversary is celebrated in a memorable and meaningful way, because the anniversary is like an annual renewal of the commitment between two people. This is one time of the year when time and effort needs to be invested into finding a suitable gift, and a gift that is romantic, unique, or symbolic in some special way for the couple.

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    Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

    Pearl is also the traditional gift given for the 30th wedding anniversary. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry are all great pearl gift ideas. You could even give your partner a religious rosary if that suits your lifestyle. Here are some examples.

    A set of From the Sea Magic Cultured Pearl Earrings might make for the perfect gift. These are fine jewelry earrings with 6.5 to seven-millimeter freshwater cultured pearls. The pearls are set in 14-karat white gold and the earrings have friction backs. If your wife is the type to wear earrings frequently, shes sure to love these. They wont break your bank, either.

    If a necklace is more what youre looking for, a Vera Wang Love Collection Freshwater Pearl Necklace could be just the thing. This is an 18-inch necklace with beautifully strung and knotted 6.5 to seven-millimeter freshwater cultured pearls. It features a 1/15 karat diamond accented sterling silver flower swirl clasp. The closure also features a hidden blue sapphire as a symbol of long lasting love and faithfulness. This necklace is a perfect way to remind your wife she is treasured.

    Caring for Your Pearls

    Its important to remember that pearls are very sensitive gemstones. They can become irritated by makeup, perfume, and other common products. Quality pearls are durable, but they still need to be taken care of properly. Here are some tips to help care for your pearls:

    Waterford Love Forever Crystal Champagne Flute Set

    Download Leather Gift Ideas For 3Rd Wedding Anniversary ...

    Ever notice how much better champagne tastes out of fancy glasses? Pull out the good stuff to toast your everlasting love and three years of wedded bliss with the elegantly-crafted Love Forever champagne flutes from Waterford Crystal. These lead crystal flutes are intricately adorned with an eternal flame a perfect way to symbolize your lasting love for each other. Extremely elegant and beautiful set! . I love the presentation from the box it comes in and the flutes themselves!! These flutes are beautiful, and are definitely worth the dollars. No doubt, these Waterford champagne flutes will be pulled out to toast every anniversary to come.

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    Custom Leather Camera Strap RSVPhandcrafted – $43.49

    The standard strap included as part of the package when one buys a camera might get the job done. But it can turn out to be uncomfortable, and as mentioned, standard. If your photography loving spouse still carries one around, then do not forget to add this custom leather camera strap to the list of leather wedding anniversary gifts you plan on getting them.

    It has a premium vegetable-tanned leather construction and boasts an amazingly smooth finish for comfort. Its durable and a sight to sore eyes thanks to the unique tree branches pattern. Itll fit most of the canon, Nikon, and Panasonics camera models.

    About 3rd Wedding Anniversaries

    Also known as the Leather Anniversary, your 3rd wedding anniversary is all about durable, warm, strong and flexible qualities that highlight stability in a relationship. The 3rd wedding anniversary is often when a couple becomes most acutely and reassuringly aware of the durability of their relationship.

    That is why leather has become the traditional gift for this celebration, and in many ways the most appropriate. For those who consider themselves modernists, the symbol is crystal glass. Crystal represents a delicate reminder of how a couple can touch the lives of others.

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    Whats The Traditional Third Year Anniversary Gift

    At this point in your marriage, youll be aware of the durability of your relationship. Habits and patterns formed early in the relationship are solidified. It is also the time in a relationship where couples appreciate the security that a long lived bond provides knowing a lot about each other and being at ease with anything that comes your way.

    Perhaps that is why the traditionally the 3rd wedding anniversary gift in the US is leather. Leather is a material that is strong, flexible, and very durable. A resilient and rugged material that reaffirms how much you value your life partner.

    Beer Cap Map & Custom Growler Gift Set

    3 Year Anniversary! *Date Night*

    If your guy is a bit of collector and loves beer then he will treasure this beer cap map and growler gift set. Hell be able to proudly display the bottle caps to all of his favorite craft beers, store one of them in the custom glass growler, and enjoy its full flavor in a pint glass designed just for him. Still holding to the glass tradition, but with something extra added, this is one of those 3rd year anniversary gifts he cant wait to unwrap.

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    For The One Who Never Has Enough Room In Their Purse: Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

    Give them the gift of never having to leave something at home again.

    Heres another leather gift idea that will please your purse-carrying partner. The roomy coated canvas bag has leather handles and trim and is designed to withstand travel. In other words, its durable and spacious, to boot. On the outside of the bag, youll find two snap pockets, while on the inside youll discover a back zip pocket, back slip pocket, and four front slip pockets. Your partner will have plenty of space to carry all their essentials and then some.

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