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What Is The Traditional 10 Year Anniversary Gift

Th Anniversary: Candy Or Iron

Making My Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Six years together and enjoying every minute of it. This marriage anniversary is all about the sweet stuff. And we mean that literally, the traditional gift for this year is candy or iron. The youthful appeal of candy is a hint at the sweetness of your days of dating and a reminder to continue carrying that into your marriage. We love the idea of having your wedding cake baker recreate a mini version of your big-day dessert for just the two of you to celebrate these last six years. While iron, with all of its strength, attests to the rock-solid marriage that you have built.

That same notion is carried over into the modern gift of wood, which is forever growing and maturing. In terms of tones, stick to colors of white, turquoise, or purple. Stunningly elegant cala lilies and majestic amethyst round out this year’s symbolic gifts. This regal gemstone is said to have protective properties, shielding its wearer from any negativity or impuritymuch as your relationship cloaks you from harm.

The Ultimate Beer Gifts For Him

For the husband who loves beer as much as he loves you, the only 10 year anniversary gift for him is this beer gift set! Also, a great traditional gift thanks to the aluminum ammo can, this amazing gift set has it all: custom beer glasses, beef jerky, beer nuts, and even a cool bottle opener. Your husband will be so excited to try out each and every item in this incredible gift, so make sure youve got his favorite beer in the fridge so that he can pour the two of you a couple of cold ones using his new bottle opener and custom pint glasses and toast to a wonderful decade together.

Why Do We Celebrate Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries are a reminder of the time that you have spent together. Rather than simply marking another year since you first said “I do”, celebrating your anniversary encourages you to express your love and care for one another, to reflect on how far you have come together and all the things you have learned. In an increasingly busy and distracted world, anniversaries are a meaningful reminder to pause and focus on the things that are truly important.

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Classic Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas By Year

Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

Saying I do is just the beginning of a long and happy life together. Celebrate every trip around the sun with these fun and creative gift ideas to let your one and only know you still care no matter how much time has gone by.

Traditional and modern gifts, as well as color themes and gemstones, are listed below for inspiration to make your sweetie feel special! After 30 years of wedded bliss, the themes, colors and gifts come around every five years the perfect excuse to create your own tokens of affection and find even more personal and wonderful ways to say, I love you. Happy anniversary and congratulations!

Year Anniversary Gift For The Culinary Whiz


This is a top anniversary gift idea that will keep the fire going in your relationship. If you are in the market for cool presents that are also useful gifts that will be cherished for years to come, this handsome soapstone saute pan ticks off all of the boxes. Its a good gift for anyone.

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Get Your Very Own Bobblehead

This funny and adorable gift will appeal to anyone who has a fun sense of humor and wants a memorable keepsake that reflects their love! Why not immortalize you and your sweetheart on a couple bobblehead that will be a great conversation piece for years to come. Hilarious, creative and totally personified to reflect you, these trinkets are sure to please.

For The Man Who Loves To Grill

Looking for cool and unusual 10th wedding anniversary gifts that hell actually like? This unique bamboo grilling tool set is traditional as the grilling parts are made of aluminum while the rest of the material is bamboo so that theyre unlike any tools he already has. He will be amazed at how lightweight and handy his new grilling tools are, and hell definitely want to try them out on the grill as soon as he opens the case. It sounds like your anniversary dinner will be some gourmet BBQ made by your loving husband!

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Lennie Arifin Custom Portrait

A photograph speaks a thousand words, but so does a custom illustration. Send in images of you and your spouse, and the artist will color you both to life. Customize it down to every last detail, from the clothes you both wear to your hairstyles. Youll soon have a piece of art on your hands.

Jumbo Flask With Sheathe

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts : How to Choose a Gift for a 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Heres a big flask for your partner who loves his liquor on the go. Of course, its possible to store milk, juice, or whatever drink he prefers.

This flask is made of stainless steel to make it durable and corrosion-free, so it stays with your partner for a very long time. And with around half a gallon of capacity, the flask is also good for long drives or camping trips.

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Creative Gift For The Picnic Of Your Dreams

For a funny and practical anniversary gift idea for her, check out this collapsible wine table that packs up easily and then unfolds to hold all of the elements you need to have the perfect picnic. There is really nothing more romantic than the great outdoors, so pick up this amazing gift for a special way to show that you care.

Th Anniversary: Tin Or Aluminum

Look out, worldyou’ve tackled ten whole years of marriage. The decade-long anniversary gift is traditionally tin or aluminum, which symbolize the strength and resilience of your marriage. For a modern 10th-anniversary gift, turn to every girl’s best friend: diamonds. This rare gem reflects your 10-year marriage’s love and durability. If you and your partner have planned on upgrading an engagement ring, the 10th wedding anniversary is the perfect milestone to commemorate with such a gift. Silver and blue are associated with the big 10, and the daffodil, which symbolizes happiness, is the traditional 10-year flower.

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Th Wedding Anniversary Heart Tin 31 Delightful Living

This personalised 10th wedding anniversary heart tin from Delightful Living will be the perfect place to hold all those special keepsakes. If you buy this tin for your other half then why not fill it with special things like a copy of your wedding invitations, photos of memorable moments and holidays together or tickets to places you have been?

Make The Most Out Of Your Anniversary With One Of These Amazing 10 Year Anniversary Gifts For Him:


Now that your 10 year wedding anniversary is here, youre probably trying to figure out what to get that could top your previous gifts. According to etiquette, the traditional 10 year anniversary gifts for him are aluminum or tin items while the modern gift is diamonds. Of course, non-traditional gifts are always a good idea if diamonds or aluminum isnt his style. What kind of unforgettable 10 year anniversary gifts for men can you get? What is the symbol for 10 years of marriage? What do you get a guy for your 10 year anniversary? Dont worry, we found plenty of unique gifts that are as amazing and thoughtful as they are practical and useful for your husband.

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Celebrate With A Handsome Drink Themed Gift

An excellent anniversary gift idea for him, this silver bucket will keep all of your beverages frosty and delicious for hours while looking incredible doing it! It has incredible detail and is built to impress all of your friends and family members. Plus, it is made out of metal, which is traditional for decade-long anniversaries. Heres to you!

Personalized Family Tree Canvas Print


Its been 10 years since the day your parents got married. It took 10 years of dedication, devotion, love, and laughter to build a home and family as beautiful as yours. On your parents Diamond Anniversary, gift them our gorgeous Personalized Family Tree Canvas Print.

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What Are Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts

If you and your spouse are planning on giving romantic gifts to each other, keep in mind that your presents should be made of aluminum to follow the traditional theme.

While this kind of metal might not seem romantic from a first thought, your traditional gift of choice is meant to symbolize the strength of your marriage within the past decade.

Best For The Traveler: Herschel Supply Co Novel Duffle Bag

10 Years of Traditional Anniversary Gifts With A Twist ⥠PLUS JORD WOODEN WATCH GIVEAWAY!

Update his smelly gym bag that he has probably had since your wedding day with this stylish and classic canvas duffel. Available in 30 patterns, from a traditional navy and brown to a more rugged camouflage print this bag will be his new favorite. If you want to go one step further, pack it with clothes and toiletries for a surprise weekend getaway to celebrate your big anniversary. He’ll never see it coming!

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Lucky Tusk Tree Roots Art Poster

Courtesy of Etsy

Symbolize the roots youve planted over the past 10 years with a customized metal print of a tree. Its designed to feature two red love birds against the white tree branches, with your and your spouses initials at the base of a trunk and your anniversary date below the roots. Its made in an aluminum and tin blend with a high gloss finish.

What Is The Traditional Anniversary Gift For 10 Years


The tradition of giving wedding anniversary gifts dates back centuries. According to a list of traditional gifts, each year of marriage is represented by an item, and each year’s gift is more precious than the last. The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin.

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Rose Gold Skinny Curve Necklace 495 Monica Vinader

This gorgeous rose gold and diamond necklace from Monica Vinader can be ordered with a diamond, blue diamond or champagne diamond and is the perfect understated piece of jewellery that can be worn every day.

Read our ultimate guide to all wedding anniversaries for even more ideas, or start browsing some of our favourite date ideas so you can plan a romantic anniversary night.

Lucy Addicott

Coupons Make Great 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Tin 10th Anniversary Gifts for Him

These coupons are an awesome way to celebrate a 10 year anniversary. Theyre an unusual gift that makes a great anniversary present because they can be totally personalized to suit the couple that you are giving them to! In addition, coupons are one of the most excellent cheap gift ideas because the payoff comes later. They are guaranteed to be loved!

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A Countdown To Mr & Mrs Sign

Cute and chic, this woodblock sign includes a set of number blocks to create a countdown of days until a couple is “Mr. & Mrs.” For anniversaries, a couple can countdown the days until their wedding anniversary comes around, all 365 days of the year! It also features black and gold colors, making it timeless and classy.

Th Anniversary: Wool Or Copper

Modern options are all about the more pragmatic approach of a desk set. A desk set might seem like choosing functionality over romance, but we can’t think of anything more romantic than a partner who supports your ambitions. The seventh wedding anniversary is characterized by an organic yellow color scheme, bouquets of striped Jack-in-the-pulpits, and dignified onyx stones.

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Th Anniversary Gifts And Ideas For Spouses

What to giveBudget

  • Give them an old-fashioned metal lunch box to take to work.
  • Get them a gift card to their favorite store or experience and package it up in a metal gift box.
  • Fill a vintage candy tin cookie jar with their favorite cookies, candy or snacks.


  • Vacation in Mexicoand dont forget to buy colorful tinware souvenirs.
  • Get a set of tin camping cookware and go for a weekend at a national park.
  • Rent a shiny Airstream travel trailer or vacation property for a week on the road.

What to write

What to write in a 10th anniversary card

  • Ive spent a decade loving you, and I could do it for a thousand decades more.
  • Ten years later and were even more perfect together than when we started.
  • Ten years ago I said I doand I still do. Do I ever.

What to write about in a 10th anniversary love letter

  • Ten favorite memories of your wedding dayor one each for the last 10 years
  • Ten ways they make you a better or happier person
  • Ten things you want to do together in the next 10 years

How to celebrate

  • Find an antique or thrift store and buy each other a present made of tin, the traditional tenth anniversary gift. Look for signs, vintage lunch boxes, containers and toys.
  • Find a photographer who does old-school tintype photos and have one made of you or your family.
  • Write down the top ten things you love about your partner and take turns reading them to each other. If you have kiddos, get everyone to make their own list about your family.

More ideas for anniversaries

Show Your Partner That They Are Your Dream

4 Stunning Gift Ideas for your 10th Wedding Anniversary

You will be drifting off to sleep next to your sweetheart for the next several decades so why not lay down your heads on some personalized and silly pillowcases that reiterate what all couples know she is Mrs. Always Right! These pillowcases are a wonderful addition to your bedroom and are a dream to doze off on. Sweet dreams!

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Give Him A Gift He Will Cherish

This is a wonderful anniversary gift idea for him and shows that you have cared about him for the past ten years and will continue to do so for the rest of your life! An understated and sophisticated tie pin that will compliment any outfit, this is a thoughtful way to show your sweetheart that you love and cherish them forever.

Beer Growler Set For The Home Brewer

Does your husband enjoy craft brew or making his own beer from home? Either way, this quality growler gift set is the perfect 10 year anniversary gift for men who love beer. The amber glass growler is specially designed to store his beer and keep it both fresh and unaffected by sunlight. It even holds up to 64 ounces, which is perfect for him to bring to BYOB parties, cookouts, or on vacation and have plenty to share with you. Also included are two pint glasses for you two to share a couple of cold ones over your anniversary dinner or taste test his latest batch of home brew.

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Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

20+ of the best 10 year anniversary gift ideas to inspire you for your anniversary. Embrace the traditional 10th anniversary “tin” or “aluminum” gift themes, or just find a really sweet and thoughtful gift.

On this page you’ll find over 20 great ten year anniversary gift ideas to inspire you this anniversary. From jewelry and art to more practical gift ideas, we hope you find something just right for your husband or wife.

White Space Continuity Ring

10 Year Anniversary Gift Wedding Anniversary Decor Rustic

Symbolize your unending love with a continuity ring that seems to go on forever. Made of recycled gold, it stretches for one inch and features a delicate conflict-free diamond at its base. Somehow, it manages to make a statement while giving off a dainty air at the same time.

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Traditional And Modern Gift Blue Sapphire

Similar to the 45th anniversary theme, this rare and beautiful blue gemstone is a symbol of inner peace and loyalty, both of which are qualities that help a couple stay together through 65 years of marriage. A 65th anniversary is a relatively rare celebration, so celebrate your special day with gusto !

Th Anniversary Gifts For The Home

Give them a 10-year anniversary gift that they can use in their home. This Personalised Love Book can be used to commemorate the anniversary and will look great on any coffee table. This 10-year Anniversary Candle will light the mood, and budding botanists will love this Anniversary Plant Pot to display their favourite blooms. This engravable Chopping Board features an anniversary message, their name and will be perfect for any kitchen. These modern Mr & Mrs Tealight Holders will add a touch of soft romance to any anniversary celebration.

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Celebrate Compromise The Adorable Way

When it comes to divvying up domestic chores, this cute towel set does it in an adorable fashion. Promise your sweetheart that you will always compromise with them by presenting these towels as a celebration of your decade-long romance. As practical as they are romantic, these beautiful towels will fit in right at home in every kitchen.

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