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What Is The Traditional Gift For 50th Anniversary

Surprise Them With A New Serving Set

A 50th wedding anniversary gift for the Guptas from

Whether youve known the couple during their entire 50 years of marriage or not, one thing is for certain: any couple whos been married for so long could probably use a new serving set! They likely got one when they were first married, and they would be so surprised to get such a beautiful monogrammed set like this one. Perfect for serving drinks to their loved ones when they visit or for indulging in a romantic nightcap together, this gorgeous serving set is an absolute must-have.

Th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Need some ideas for 50th anniversary gifts? For this wedding anniversary, 50th wedding anniversary gifts are relatively easy to find. With gold as the 50th anniversary symbol, there are so many 50th anniversary gift ideas out there! The best part about these 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas is that theres something for everyone! Whether youre looking for 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents, 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends or traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse, youve come to the right place! There are so many ways you could celebrate with gold 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents and other unique 50th anniversary gifts! Check out these 50th anniversary gift ideas to get the celebration off to a fantastic start!

Gold 50th Anniversary Gifts

If you’ve decided to go for gold with your gift this year, let us point you in the right direction. We’ve got the best 50th anniversary gifts for parents, friends and spouses alike in line with this year’s special theme. No matter who’s on your list, one of these creative golden anniversary gifts is sure to impress.

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The 50th Wedding Anniversary Is Known As The Golden Anniversary For A Reason

The 50th wedding anniversary is no small feat. When youve weathered the tribulations and trials of half a century of marriage, how do you find the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift to show appreciation for your special someone?

It is known as the golden anniversary for a reason. Consider gold as you ponder anniversary gift ideas.

At Clean Origin, we have a wide variety of lab-grown diamonds to choose from that would make a perfect 50th-anniversary gift that expresses your love and affection for your partner for spending half a century at your side.

Modern 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gold Roses for Custom 50th Anniversary Gifts : Love Is A ...

Diamonds are a more modern gift for the 30th wedding anniversary. It goes without saying that diamonds are the most sought-after and well-known gem. They are commonly associated with cuff links, earrings, and necklaces. You could also give your wife what could be her second diamond ring after her engagement ring.

A set of Mens Diamond Accent Cuff Links could be a perfect gift if youre a wife looking for something for your husband. These diamond-accented cuff links are made of stainless steel. For added visual interest, each link has an 18-karat gold textured inlay. These cuff links would be a great finish to a dapper look.

Your wife may love a set of 1/4 Carat Princess-Cut Diamond Earrings as an anniversary gift. Each of these earrings features four princess-cut diamonds in 10-karat white gold settings. The total diamond carat weight is ¼ carats. These earrings are easy to dress down or up, and your wife is sure to love them.

This Diamond Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver might make for another great gift for your wife. The pendant itself is 20×20 millimeters in a sterling silver base. It features 30 round single-cut diamonds weighing roughly 1/5 carats as well as 31 baguette-cut diamonds weighing roughly 1/7 carats. The diamonds align quite beautifully, and the two hearts in the pendant can be representative of both your hearts as a long-time married couple.

Caring for Your Diamonds

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Choosing The Perfect 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditionally, gold is given for 50th-anniversary gifts because it is considered to be the most timeless and treasured metal. Clean Origin offers an array of gifts in gold in various colors to satisfy your partners taste. We have white, yellow, and some rose gold to choose from. When deciding, please take into consideration which color gold suits your partner best, and customize it to perfection with all of our many design options.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Gold Jewelry

The 50th wedding anniversary is also known as the golden anniversary because the official traditional gift according to etiquette is, naturally, gold! Jewelry is always a great anniversary gift, and this lovely gold bracelet is ideal. Not only is it customizable, but the style is timeless and will match any jewelry your friend has already! This bracelet works for a man or a woman, and you could even get a matching his-and-hers set for both of your friends!

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A Brief History Of Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Medieval Times

The tradition of giving anniversary gifts dates back to the middle ages. Materials thought to be good luck were linked with a specific number of years married. The symbols in modern gift lists are meant to reflect the growing strength of marriage over time.

Historians believe that milestone anniversary gifts began in medieval central Europe. A husband would give his wife a wreath made of silver on the couples 25th wedding anniversary. Upon celebrating their 50th anniversary, the wife would receive a wreath made of gold.

Its believed these traditions were honored only by the wealthy. This was due to the expense of the precious metals involved.

Victorian Era

Other anniversaries began to receive special designations in the late 1800s. Wood was selected as the fifth-anniversary gift around 1875. It was at about the same time that diamonds were designated as the 75th-anniversary gift.

20th Century

Emily Posts Blue Book of Social Usage listed eight traditional anniversaries. The book designated the first, fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and 75th anniversaries as the ones in which major gifts were exchanged. Post also wrote about a symbolic anniversary gift every year for the first fifteen years. Gifts were then spaced out in five-year increments.

Find Unique Gold Themed Gifts On Amazon

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts : How to Buy an 8th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

There are many gold and gold-themed gifts that are unique and special fiftieth anniversary gifts. Roses for Life/ offers roses preserved in 24K gold. You can give a single rose or create a beautiful gold arrangement for the anniversary. There are also trimmed roses preserved with their natural color. The are also glass roses which are handcrafted and then hand-painted with 22K gold highlights.

Macys has a collection of gold-themed items and accessories that would be the perfect fiftieth anniversary gift for both men and women.

Consider a gold coin from the US Mint as a memorable fiftieth anniversary gift. Get a coin from the year you met, or another coin that has a special significance or meaning to your partner. You can see different options at the US Mint website.If you want to give a gift of gold jewelry you have the choice of white or yellow gold. Make sure you know which one your partner likes. If you are looking for unique gold jewelry, check out the Byzantine necklace at Blue Nile. The website also offers awesome rings, earrings and bracelets for both men and women.

The Gold Palace has a collection of unique gold jewelry for both men and women. The website also displays other gold-themed options like religious items, gemstone-set gold jewelry, astrology-themed gold items, and others.

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Keep It Simple With A Bottle Of Their Favorite Liquor

When in doubt, a nice bottle of wine or liquor is always appreciated! With the added personal touch of an engraved gift box, your friends will definitely feel the love. By far one of the simplest but most thoughtful 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends, this custom gift box can be used to store keepsakes and mementos after theyve finished the bottle! This way, a part of your lovely gift can be treasured forever.

Th Anniversary Gifts For Her

Unsure of what to get your wife of 50 years? We’re here to help. Check out our favorite 50th anniversary gifts for your wife.

Give her a 50-year anniversary gift she’ll never forget. Book a professional photographer with Flytographer and schedule a professional photo shoot.

Make her morning coffee a little bit sweeter. These adorable mugs commemorate your anniversary and give you an excuse to have a coffee date.

Weegers Gifts 50th anniversary gift, from $13, Etsy

Record yourself saying “I love you” and have it made into sound wave art. She’ll be able to look at it everyday and feel your love.

Canvas Vows Sound Wave canvas, from $50, Canvas Vows

If she’s still wearing the same old pajamas, give her an upgrade with this luxe set. It’s made of silk, but it’s also machine washable.

Lunya washable silk set, $178, Lunya

If she loves to garden, growing indoor plants will be a fun new hobby for her. Gift her this monthly subscription for beginners, which includes several low-maintenance plants delivered right to her doorstep.

The Sill medium plans for beginners monthly subscription, $60, The Sill

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Creative 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Friends

by Kelly Jones·

50 years is quite a long time to stay committed to someone, which is why its an important occasion to commemorate! 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends should bea spectacular gift that shows your friends how proud and amazed you are by their five decades of marriage. Luckily for you, weve already tracked down the best gifts for celebrating half a century together that your friends will absolutely love. Also called the golden anniversary, this milestone event doesnt happen for everyone, which is why you should make sure that your friends are being celebrated for their years of dedication. Whether you are looking for traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends or something special for your friend to enjoy with their spouse on their special day, weve got it!

Which List Is Better

Top 24 Gift for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Most commentators on the subject will add that neither the Traditional gift list or Modern gift list is better than the other. It all boils down to the recipients tastes and interests, and the sentiment the giver wishes to convey, as to which list for that particular year yields the more appealing option for them. It is the thought that counts, especially the intention to commemorate each anniversary as a unique anniversary in its own right.

It is important to note that there is some variation in traditional gift materials for specific years of marriage, due to the country in which the list was compiled. The table in this section specifies for those particular anniversaries whether the traditional gift material was derived from a US source or UK source, which are the main two sources used across the globe.

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Special Anniversary Gift Occasions To Celebrate

You dont have to wait until the anniversary of your wedding to give your love a gift. Anniversary gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend are just as meaningful. Be extra romantic and give a little surprise gift on the anniversary of the day you met, the anniversary of your first date, or the occasion of your first kiss. If youre lucky enough to remember the date of the first time you said, I love you or the date you proposed then these are extra special anniversary dates worth celebrating. Even if you dont usually mark these dates every year, celebrating each little anniversary in your journey together can be a really special way to celebrate 5 or 10 years of marriage.

Celebrating Your Fiftieth Anniversary

The fiftieth anniversary or golden anniversary is a milestone event and the celebration should be perfect. There is no formula for a perfect fiftieth anniversary celebration it all depends on the partners preferences. I wouldnt try to do a surprise party after all, who would believe you were not going to celebrate your fiftieth year together? If you are planning the celebration for your parents or friends, involve the happy couple in planning the event. Make sure it is an event that they will be comfortable with. This is all about celebrating the happy couples lives together and should be a totally enjoyable, comfortable and relaxed day for them.The fiftieth anniversary is a time to look back at the last fifty years and celebrate the good times. The best gifts are personal. After fifty years, the couple is probably not adding things to their homes or closets, rather they are probably downsizing and giving things away.

A scrapbook on paper or a personalized DVD filled with digital pictures of the life and times of the couple enhanced with music are perfect gifts. You could organize family and friends through a photo sharing site so everyone can add their favorite photo or memory. Now that almost everything is in social media or online storage, a personalized photo or scrapbook is a more intimate gift for the couple.

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How To Celebrate A 50th Wedding Anniversary

This golden anniversary has been celebrated for hundreds of years, and today remains a poignant statement about the gift of married life.

It is important not to let your 50th wedding anniversary become caught up in everyday life and routine, or be overwhelmed by plans your friends and families might be making for a big to-do. Make sure you and your spouse also enjoy some personal and quality romantic time alone.

If you are lucky enough to be able to celebrate your parents or grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, you should do your absolute best to make it a truly memorable occasion and an opportunity to show how much you appreciate and admire them.

Family members could make a DVD slideshow of the couples years together. This doesnt require any substantial financial outlay, and any couple married for 50 years would love to gather with their family and friends and re-live the treasured snapshots of their marriage.

One excellent idea would be to begin the show with pictures of your parents as children, and work your way through births, holidays, family celebrations, etc., to the present. Also make sure to include some of their favourite songs over the years and decades.

Tolerance is the one essential ingredient of any happy marriage. The Queen has that quality in abundance. Quoted by: Prince Philip

In Conclusion: Which Gift To Choose

Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversaries 1st, 10th, 25th & 50th Anniversary Ideas!

In the table above, we provide the most comprehensive information compiled to date, for all anniversary years up to the 30th, and every five years thereafter to the 60th. The table outlines for each wedding anniversary the Traditional and Modern Gift Themes/Materials, the Gemstone, and the Color, as well as the Flower which is detailed when you click on the link in the final column for each year under the heading ‘Traditional & Modern Gift Ideas’. These links in the final column also take you to an overview of the descriptions of the symbolic backgrounds for the choice of themes and other aspects of each anniversary, as well as some gift suggestions based on each of these symbolic concepts. Hence, you generally have a broad range of options to choose from in your pursuit of the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one. There is no right or wrong theme for each year, and so your anniversary present should be guided predominantly by your loved one’s personal interests and preferences.

Please note that for some anniversaries, a Traditional Gift theme does not exist. For those anniversaries, the theme listed relates to the Modern concept. Also, not all anniversary years have a Gemstone, Color and/or Flower associated with it, and hence, the information provided for those years is limited. However, gift ideas are indeed provided for every anniversary year listed in this table.

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Traditional And Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift Lists

The traditional wedding anniversary gift list is as follows:

  • Paper for the first anniversary
  • Cotton for the second anniversary
  • Leather for the third anniversary
  • Flowers or fruit for the fourth anniversary
  • Ruby for the 40th anniversary
  • Sapphire for the 45th anniversary
  • Gold for the 50th anniversary
  • Emerald for the 55th anniversary
  • Yellow diamonds for the 60th anniversary
  • Other diamonds for the 75th anniversary

The modern wedding anniversary gift list is as follows:

  • Clocks for the first anniversary
  • China for the second anniversary
  • Crystal for the third anniversary
  • Appliances for the fourth anniversary
  • Silverware for the fifth anniversary
  • Wood for the sixth anniversary
  • Desk sets for the seventh anniversary
  • Lace or linen for the eighth anniversary
  • Leather for the ninth anniversary
  • Diamond jewelry for the 10th anniversary
  • Fashion jewelry for the 11th anniversary
  • Pearls for the 12th anniversary
  • Furs or textiles for the 13th anniversary
  • Gold jewelry for the 14th anniversary
  • Watches for the 15th anniversary
  • Platinum for the 20th anniversary
  • Silver for the 25th anniversary
  • Diamonds for the 30th anniversary
  • Jade for the 35th anniversary
  • Ruby for the 40th anniversary
  • Sapphire for the 45th anniversary
  • Gold for the 50th anniversary
  • Emerald for the 55th anniversary
  • Diamonds for the 60th and 75th anniversaries

There are also s flowers and colors associated with different anniversaries. These can help you better choose a gift for the occasion as well as decorations for your celebration.

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