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What Kind Of Gifts Do Teachers Like

The Best Teacher Gift Ideas That All Teachers Want

What do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas? BEST Teacher Gift Ideas (from a TEACHER!)

It can be hard to know what teachers really want when youre picking out holiday gifts for them or teacher appreciation gifts.

But I have a secret to share.

There is one major thing all teachers really want. What they get super excited about.

And Ive polled every teacher I knowfriends, colleagues and my kids teachers.

They all agree.

So to make your shopping easier in December and early May, and to make teachers happier, Ive compiled a list of teachers favorite go-to gifts that we give to my kids teachers.

A Thank You Is Enough

Well, weve been speaking to teachers from across the UK, and many we spoke to added that its not necessary to spend loads of money at all. They told us a simple thank you for teaching my child is often enough ?

That said, they appreciate ANY token and are super grateful for all the things they get its always a joy to receive gifts, after all.

Still, we wanted to make sure we were buying things theyll definitely use and enjoy, so we also asked the same teachers to share their present-buying tips with us

Best Gifts For Teachers

11. Uh-Mason Teacher from Lil LunaMason jars are all the rage and this Mason jar cup gift is sure to be a hit. Fill it will candy or even something like paper clips. I think that Walmart and Target have the cups or order this 2-Pack Sipper Drinking Jar.

12. Future is Looking Sharp from The Happy ScrapsTeachers can always use more Sharpie markers, right? This is a neat way to give a practical gift and say thank you at the same time!

14. Lemonade Gift from Lisa StormsAnother fun cup idea! And if you dont like the lemonade theme, simply fill the cup with something else and just use the Quench for thirst tag.

15. Take Note from Being GenevieveStationary is always a useful gift and the fun thing about this option is that the possibilities are endless! You could pair the Take Note printable with a set of blank note cards, sticky notes, a notebook or a journal.

And if the teacher was your childs favorite, heres another similar gift tag that works for that!

More cheap gift ideas:

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For The Teacher Who Loves To Learn: A Masterclass Subscription

Want to give your favorite teacher something for their out-of-school pastimes, but not sure what they need? Why not give them access to lessons from the worlds best minds! We loved MasterClass, and the celebrity expert-taught lessons are sure to inspire.

Get an Annual MasterClass Subscription for $180

Personalized Pencils That Have A Better Chance Of Actually Being Returned When Students Borrow One

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

My mother and I are both teachers and our biggest pet peeve are students who ask to borrow a pencil, never give it back, and have the nerve to ask for another one the next day. So, for my birthday she ordered me 1,000 pencils with the words “Please Return to Ms. –” on the sides. Literally the best thing ever, and it works too!


Get the StarPugs mug from Little Maple Shop on Etsy for $14.99+, and the “Joy” tumbler from Kate Spade for $13 .

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What Do Teachers Wantfrom Other Teachers

  • Teachers want other teachers to be professional. They do not expect other teachers to talk about them with their students, a parent, or another faculty member. They expect other teachers to value their opinion. They expect other teachers to adhere to the policies of the district.
  • Teachers want other teachers to collaborate. They value other teachers opinions. They want them to share best practices and offer advice. They want a strong working relationship with other teachers in which they feel comfortable to share frustrations and success stories.
  • Teachers want other teachers to be supportive. They want to know that other teachers believe that they are doing a terrific job. They want to know that their peers believe they are an effective teacher who does a solid job in preparing their students.
  • Teachers want other teachers to be unified. They want other teachers to have the same general philosophy of educating students. They want to build relationships with other teachers that go beyond the walls of the school.
  • Teachers want other teachers to respect differences. They want other teachers to understand that there is no one way to teach. They want them to understand that education would be boring if every teacher was the same. They want other teachers to steal brilliant ideas being used in their classroom and to apply it to their own.

Trade Gift Coffee Subscription

Coffee lovers will absolutely love this recurring gift. Trade’s subscription allows the java lover to take a short quiz based on their preferences, and then they can choose the frequency with which they’ll receive deliveries. The company has a selection of more than 400 coffee varieties, so there’s always something new and fun.

It can’t be easy keeping tabs on a range of classes, paperwork, and even supplies, but a desk organizer like this can at least help. The organizer, which comes in black or silver, holds a range of items, without taking up too much desk space. The bottom features two shelves, one of which has compartments , and the top has five letter organizer slots for paperwork.

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The Top Five Teacher Gifts I Loved To Receive:

I made my list of the top five teacher gifts I loved to receive as a teacher. Then I asked my sisters to make a list without telling them what mine was. They both made the SAME list IN THE SAME ORDER! We could chalk that up to similar DNA, but I truly feel that it is an accurate representation of what the majority of teachers would love to receive as teacher gifts, and that is why I am sharing them with you now. I will start at number five and countdown to number one, Letterman style.

#5: Delicious goodies make great teacher gifts!

Who doesnt love a treat?! So unless you know your kids teacher is on a diet or has health issues that require them to limit sugar, then go for the goodies! However, make them gooood. I am a junk food junkie , so I ate the junk candy that came in as well as the good stuff, but my favorite treat was when I got a big box of hand-dipped caramels from a local candy shop. Mmmmmm.

Non-perishable is always a good option. Local candy shops, gourmet chocolate, local bakery treats, or goodies from a place like Trader Joes are all great options. My sister got so much perishable, homemade food one year that she had to have a bunch of friends come over just so it wouldnt go bad!

I am passionate about treats. Just in case you couldnt tell.

#4: Something really great for the classroom . . . or HELP!

#3: Teacher gifts directly from your child that show they know you.

#2: GIFT CARDS are one of the best teacher gifts!


Everyone Loves A Good Book

TEACHERS DAY GIFT GUIDE | Teacher Appreciation Gifts Teachers Actually Like

Perhaps your teacher introduced you to an author who just released a new book, or maybe you read a story that reminded you of something your teacher said in class. Books can be great gifts for teachers because there are tons of opportunities to make them personal.

Image courtesy of pxhere

Bonus points: Find a signed edition, like the ones available at Powells City of Books. Your own inscription is a great touch, too!

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Teachers Tell Us What They Want

There is a perfect gift for every teacher, as comments from these teachers show:

I am a teacher so I have plenty of knowledge on this topic. Gift cards are a beautiful thing restaurants, stores, movies, grocery cards are all really great gifts. Flowers are also a nice gesture.

I always enjoy getting flowers or a gift card, adds Dr. Ruth Jacoby, an educational consultant in Florida and co-author of the School Talk! Success Series. Many of my parents usually ask other staff what my likes are. One school at the beginning of the year sent a survey to all staff members on likes and favorites, so many times I get gift baskets with my favorite coffee, snacks, and books.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Teachers are always in need of school supplies like pencils and markers. Help your teacher to stock up her writing supplies. This set of 10 dual tip markers are great for writing, drawing, coloring, hand-lettering, and more. They have a flexible brush tip perfect for creating bold strokes, and on the other end, a fine tip suitable for smooth straight lines.

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Zoweetek Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset

This product has been a voice-saver for me! I am a high school teacher and have vocal issues, says one reviewer of this voice amplifier. It has completely saved my voice. Teachers who need to wear masks in this classroom will especially appreciate this, as well as P.E. teachers or those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Buy it:

Tj Maxx & Marshalls Are A Hit

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

A T.J. Maxx or Marshalls gift cards are available for use at any of the retailers brands . If the teacher youre buying for is a bargain hunter, this choice is a no-brainer. Theres so much to choose from with clothing, classroom decor, home items, self-care, and so much more on the shelves of these stores at reasonable prices.

Buy it: T.J. Maxx Gift Card |

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Thoughtful Gifts That Teachers Really Want

Show your teachers that you appreciate what they have done by giving a meaningful gift that they can actually use. Whether its for the Teacher Appreciation Week, beginning of new school year, graduation, or end of year holiday, these teacher gifts are useful to teachers of any age group.

Teaching is not an easy. To shape the future of students, teachers put in a lot of patience and efforts. Thats why its important to show gratitude and celebrate their hard work.

Browse through our gift guide below to discover twenty two best appreciation gifts to make your teacher happy. Waste no time, read now and pick one for the special teachers in your life.

Williams Sonoma Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods Set Of 12

Chocolate is a universally beloved gift for any occasion. Williams Sonoma has endless choices for gourmet chocolate that are simple and delicious while also elegant. These playful but decadent chocolate covered pretzels come with a variety of toppings for sharing and sampling. And the best part about gift baskets is they can be sent anywhere as a token of love.

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Thank You Notes For Teachers

Bless those teachers hearts~Almost every single one of them said a simple thank you note would be awesome! Nothing is cuter than seeing a 1st grader write a thank you note!

I have some fun coloring thank you notes here:

and an honorary mention:

but chocolate was mentioned quite a few times!!! One teacher said her favorite teacher gift was a specialty caramel apple.

Gifts For The Classroom

$5 – $10 Teacher Gift Ideas that Teachers Will Use!

The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. Some of our latest conquests include the best womens jeans, rolling luggage, pillows for side sleepers, ultra-flattering pants, and bath towels. We update links when possible, but note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change.

Every editorial product is independently selected. If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission.

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For The Teacher Who Cares About The Environment: Hummingbird Glass Straws

A new set of reusable straws can show your biology teacher you care about her and the environment. Since the overly saturated reusable straw market can be difficult to navigate, we tested a number of top products and found that the Hummingbird glass straws were our pick for best-tasting straw. They’re bent for easy sipping and won’t give off any metallic taste as you’re drinking. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe and recyclable.

How To Pick Out A Teacher Gift They Really Want

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Inside: A teacher gift can be hard to choose. Its hard to know what they really want. But this list, created by an elementary school teacher and vetted by her elementary school teacher friends has exactly what teachers want for the holidays. Choose from this list and you cant go wrong.

As an elementary school teacher, I always looked forward to the holiday gifts and teacher appreciation gifts my families would give me. I got every teacher gift under the sun, from a gas station card gift certificate to plates of cookies, to a bright red mouse candle glued to a real mousetrap.

Seriously, I could not make that up.

It was the weirdest gift I ever got.

And with the list of everything moms have to do in December, purchasing teacher gifts can often get forgotten until the last possible second.

Between planning classroom holiday parties and practicing songs for the holiday performance with our kids and remembering to make the dish you promised for the PTA potluck, its hard to add one more thing to your to-do list.

But let me tell you, teachers love gifts.

Teachers are clearly not in this profession for the money.

They teach because they love making a difference in our kids lives.

So its nice to shower our teachers with gifts at the holidays and during the first week in May which is teacher appreciation week because its a simple way to tell them:

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What Do Teachers Really Want For Thank You Gifts

My sister is a school teacher, and every year, her husband looks forward to the influx of gift cards she receives during Teacher Appreciation Week. Though she enjoys the handmade gifts and is grateful for every gesture made , gift cards are simply more useful than most other gifts. The #1 Teacher mugs pile up, the apple-themed teddy bears get dusty and the handmade paperweights start to take over the desk. Gift cards, on the other hand, rarely get old, dusty or take up too much space.

That said, we did an informal poll on Facebook and asked other teachers to tell us the best gift theyve ever received. While gift cards are popular, they are outranked by two other things.

Meco Desktop Vacuum Desk Dust Cleaner Mini

Pin on Bloggers Best

Crumbs naturally seem to find their way to desks and into the tiniest crevices, but this genius product rectifies that. The small, but mighty desktop vacuum fits in the palm of their hand and operates with the push of a single button to suck up any small particles on a desk or even a keyboard. This is seriously one of those simple gifts that they’ll probably use daily.

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For The Teacher Who Loves A Gourmet Meal: The Always Pan

If your teacher is as much of a whiz in the kitchen as they are in the classroom, get them a multifunction piece that will help them take their culinary creations to the next level. We think the Always Pan from Our Place lived up to its social media hype: it was lightweight, nonstick, dishwasher-safe and capacious enough for deep-frying without crowding. Even better: It comes in a rainbow of gorgeous, Instagram-ready shades.

Get the Always Pan from Our Place for $145

Gifts And Love Languages

Wait, why are we suddenly talking about love in an article about teachers?! Dont worry the concept of 5 Love Languages refers to the idea that people show and receive appreciation in varied rankings of five forms: Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Touch, and Words of Affirmation.

Everyone has different love language rankings, and this is vital to bear in mind when deciding if or how to give presents to teachers. In fact, people who rank Receiving Gifts low on their love language list may find presents downright stressful in ANY context, school-based or beyond.

The importance of individual love languages is two-fold: 1) When in doubt, ask the teacher what they want as a gift and if they even want one at all. 2) Do not exhaust yourself buying gifts for someone who might actually feel more appreciated via another love language, such as Words of Affirmation aka, a nice email.

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Something Fun To Add To Their Collection

Does your math teacher always work Star Wars characters into word problems? Or maybe your teacher is a Volkswagen enthusiast and has a row of toy cars on their desk. Teachers are people, too, with lives and interests that extend beyond the classroom.

Image courtesy of Think Geek

I have an extensive elephant collection in my classroom. One student bought me an elephant to add to it, and another made me a notebook and painted an elephant on it. I was so touched that they paid attention and picked out/made something special for me. –zaftigzebra via reddit

Geeky gifts, like the Millennium Falcon book light, abound at ThinkGeek. This one is on sale for $10.

Top 10 Dos And Donts Of Teacher Holiday Gift

5 Easy Teacher Gifts

Last year at this time, I was standing in front of a classroom filled with 6-year-olds who were bursting at the seams to commence their Christmas countdown. They wrote in their journals about what they wanted Santa to put under their Christmas tree. They helped decorate the classroom with their artwork. They practiced the festive songs for the kindergarten Holiday Program.

And all the while, their parents were planning elaborate, expensive, heartwarming gifts to give to the best teacher their children ever had.

Okay, maybe I made that last part up. More likely is that those parents, like most parents I know, were stressing over what to give to a person they dont know very well to express their appreciation for educating their children.

Friends who have school-aged children often ask me for the teacher perspective, the dos and donts of holiday gift-giving. I cant speak for other teachers, but I know what gifts I treasure and what presents will either be re-gifted or tossed in the trash. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that teachers dont expect elaborate, expensive gifts. They dont expect parents to spend hours making presents. In fact, some of the best gifts are the ones that hardly cost a dime.

Here are my top 10 dos and donts for teacher holiday gift-giving:

9. Dont. Buy. Any. More. Mugs. Enough said.

What kinds of presents do you give to your childrens teachers?

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