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What Plants To Give As Gifts

Which Is The Best Plant To Gift

Easy Care Plants To Give As Gifts (Plant Gift Guide)

Looking for the perfect gift idea? Well, the best plant gift really depends on the person you’re sending it to! But rest assured, any of our best selling plants makes for a wonderful gift for any occasion. That’s because plant gifts not only bring warmth into the home, but they provide lasting beauty as well. Our wide selection includes live plants delivered, green plants, rose plants, orchid plants, bamboo plants and more. Enrich your loved one’s environment with FTD’s healthy and beautiful plants. Get your plant gift delivered to your door by shopping with us. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s potted plants, live plants, gardening plants, summer plants or anything else we have you covered.

Make Home A Better Place With These 10 Best Plant Housewarming Gifts

With the ability to make an abode a welcoming place to be in, the capability to create an aura of freshness within the home, and the potential to spread joy, plants as housewarming gifts are perfect.

From air-purifying to exotic bonsais to Feng shui to fragrant, heres our list of favourites that will bring years of goodness and smiles.

Alternatives To Best Selling Plants

In addition to indoor plants, FTD offers fresh flowers, gift basket delivery for her, and more. Complement your plant gift by sending gift baskets filled with goodies – or send a personalized gift that will last a lifetime. Whatever you choose, your loved one is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Of course, some people prefer a bouquet of flowers over plants. At FTD, we offer a beautiful selection of floral arrangements and mixed bouquets. Tulips, unique orchids,bouquets of gerbera daisies, roses, – you name it, we’ve got it.

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List Of Various Green Plants For Gift On Birthday

Whenever the birthdays are around the corner, we start thinking of what to give to the person. Well, it is kind of a mission in which we want to succeed by default! Sometimes we even measure the likeability of gifts with the money spent on it. However, you need not rush into that direction because even beautiful plants can make a way for perfect gift ideas. Yes, you read it right! Zero wastage and an eco-friendly gift that would be loved by every birthday person you will be handing over to along with some funny birthday wishes.

To ace in the choice of picking the suitable ones, we have listed down the various plants for your convenience. So, let us introduce you to the new buds!

Send Seasonal Plant Gifts For Delivery

Best Plant Gifts for Gardeners

Looking for the perfect way to brighten that special someones day? Did you know that greenery can reduce stress, clean the air, and even boost peoples moods? A potted or hanging plant makes a great gift to let someone know youre thinking of them. At ProFlowers, were proud to offer a premier selection of stylish plants that are available in vibrant variations.

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Homalomenarubescens Maggie Queen Of Hearts

Homalomena plants were recognised in the Nasa Clean Air Study for their purification abilities, so give the gift of fresh air with the Homolomena rubescens Maggie. A tropical aroid, their glossy, heart-shaped leaves burst forth from red tinged stems. Theyll look right at home on a table or low bench, perfect for appreciating their clumping, upright nature. They enjoy bright indirect light, a moderate watering schedule and medium-to-high humidity, so instruct your recipient to regularly mist their beautiful leaves.

In Search Of A Unique Wedding Gift

Finding the perfect wedding gift is no simple task. You want something both parties will love, and something that is meaningful and will last. Why not give them the unique gift of a potted plant?

In the past, the idea of a potted plant as a wedding gift was a bit unrealistic. Sure, you could pick something beautiful out at the nursery, but then what? Would you need to store it in your home until the time came? How would you get it to them? Giving a plant as a wedding gift simply wasnt practical.

Luckily for you , this is no longer the case. Ordering a premium plant and pot set for the newlyweds is as simple as ever, and will undoubtedly make for one of the most cherished wedding gifts they receive.

So, why should you give them a gift that grows? Read on to learn about why plants make the perfect unique wedding gift.

The gorgeous Elephants Ear, the perfect gift for the couples new home.

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Send Living Plants Online To Canada

A standout amongst the most sublime plant gifts is the Jade Bonsai potted tree or Dwarf Pyracantha Bonsai Tree with orange to red shade berries. For that, you can buy house plants online.

In the event that you love somebody then the passionate purple Phalaenopsis orchid plant will be the right gift to express your feeling. The Japanese Five Needle Pine is viewed as The Prince of Pines for bonsai utilization and this tree can be the ideal gift for the plant lovers. you can send plants as romantic gifts online.

Bloom plants conveyance turns into a well-known method for sending your passionate message to your companions, families, and loved ones. There is a colossal mixture of plants online. All you have to do is to order plants online for delivery in Canada.

Plants And Flowers And Presents Oh My

5 Perfect House Plants To Give As Gifts! | Friend Jamie

When my oldest child was in kindergarten I had a friend who was the master planner of teacher gifts. She started thinking about end of year teacher gifts so early each spring that she had time to grow gorgeous hanging baskets for all of her kids teachers. AMAZING!

I never seem to be that organized but I do love the idea of giving plants and flowers!

Plants, bouquets, and herbs make lovely inexpensive gifts for teachers that are sure to be appreciated.

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Fresh Plants Delivered By Ftd

Our flowers are grown in the most ideal conditions and thus, remain fresh for at least seven days post delivery. FTD takes great pride in offering breathtaking blooms. If you want to make a big and lasting impression, we have just the thing to pleasantly surprise your loved one. And, if you’ve waited until the last minute to order flowers for your loved one, our same day flower delivery service will save the day. Whether you send a lush green plant, a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers, a gift basket of tasty treats, or any other gift from FTD, we meet your gift-giving needs. Find out firsthand why we’ve been the leading florist for 100 years. Known as the flower experts, FTD is in the business of making people smile.

Ideas For Creating Cute Plant Gifts

The beauty of gifting plants is that each one will be unique in itself, but so can the packaging. Plant wrapping paper can be simple, or you can use other fun materials to really spice things up.

Be sure to choose materials that match the holiday or occasion. Here are some ideas for what to use to decorate plants for presents

Supplies for wrapping gift plants

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Best Houseplants To Give As Gifts

Nothing makes a house a home more than having plants around the space. I always decorate my home with plenty of plants, but have you ever gifted a plant to a friend that just moved into a new place or someone thats looking for a fresh look in their home? What type of plants did you consider? In this guide, we will take a look at 15 fabulous houseplants that make incredible gifts that you can give.

Idea : Christmas Succulents Gift Plant

Herb Plants Teacher Gift

I love giving houseplants for Christmas gifts. It seems like such a simple gift, but plants are always a huge hit with my family and friends!

Its a great way for me to share my love of plants, and also give them a unique gift that they will enjoy for many years.

Succulents are one of the best plants for Christmas presents. Everyone loves succulents! So, for this one, Im gifting a mix of a couple of my favorite succulent plants for a good family friend for the holidays.

Since the planter is so cute, I chose to keep it simple by wrapping a festive bow around it.

Wrapping succulents as holiday gifts

Supplies Needed For Christmas Succulents

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Traditional Christmas Plants To Give As Gifts

Its hard to argue with a plant that has symbolic meaning for the holiday-lover in your life. Usually traditional Christmas plants are also easy to care for. But no matter how into traditions you are, you probably dont want to try to give away a whole Christmas tree as a gift. But fear not, there are plenty of fragrant blooms that can really brighten up a dreary winter without taking up the whole living room.

Most typical Christmas plants have red berries or bright red flowers. If all else fails, look for red blooms to add color to the winter months!

Traditional plants to give as gifts around Christmas include:

  • Christmas Cactus. A gorgeous winter bloom, the Christmas cactus produces pretty pink flowers over the winter. While they might not bloom exactly on Christmas Day, this traditional plant can survive for years and years. Buy a started plant for your loved one.
  • Amaryllis. Buy pre-started amaryllis or give the gift of bulbs. Keep the plant in a well-lit area. When the blooms drop later in the winter, cut the stalk and keep the leaves. With proper care, amaryllis will happily survive into next year.
  • Rosemary. Often trimmed into the shape of a mini Christmas tree, rosemary is a great gift for plant-lovers who may not be able to fit a full-sized Christmas tree into their homes. Best of all, you can eat this one! Also a bonus, rosemary can sharpen memory!

Perfect Gifts For Home Or Office

Everyone deserves plants, no matter where they are. With our fast and dependable delivery service, you can send plants as gifts everywhere without the hassle or worry. A large part of Lively Root’s mission is to connect everyone through greener spaces, including the home or office. Not only does giving plants as gifts deliver on our vision, but you can also count on our uncompromising commitment to the environment. It means we’re looking out for you and the planet!

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Best Plants To Give As Gifts

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Giving a plant as a gift is a gesture that will provide long-lasting joy. There are no calories or wrong sizes involved. In fact, indoor plants can live for decades and produce multiple offspring via cuttings that can be shared, so the joy will spread far and wide. Here are 9 fantastic choices for plants to give as gifts, even for those who arent green thumbs!

When considering giving a plant as a gift, be sure to select a plant that is easy to care for so the recipient wont be encumbered with the care of a finicky houseplant. Check out these 8 plants that are easy-care and make excellent gifts for any occasion.

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Easter Thanksgiving Or Christmas Cactus

5 Plants to give as Gifts

Just last year, I would have told you that all indoor plants of this variety are called Christmas Cactus, but thats just not true. The shapes of the leaves of this variety of cactus will clue you in to what type you have or are purchasing. These low maintenance plants all blooms stunning multi-layered blooms once a year, so theyre a wonderful gift.

If you have one of these cacti, then you can root a new plant for a friend very easily, so dont be afraid to give it a try! Find Christmas Cactus online here!

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Giving A Plant As A Gift

Your plant may be tiny or large, flowering, or dormant, cascading, or tall. So when it comes time for wrapping plants, its important to consider the size of the pot and the height of the plant.

A small plant could be tucked inside a gift bag, or even wrapped in a box . But that doesnt work for larger plants.

So whether Im giving large or small plants for gifts, I like to let the plant be the spotlight of the show from the beginning instead of covering it up.

Tying on a bow or ribbon may be all it takes to make it look extra special. Or you can add a bit of flair to the pot itself by decorating it or wrapping it.

Dormant plant bulb in a Christmas gift box

Why A Plant As A Wedding Present

Of course, etiquette dictates that you get something from the registry for the bride and groom, but people love to get more thoughtful and personal gifts too. Wedding gift plants dont have to be expensive, but can be a wonderfully personalized gift that will brighten a new home or garden for years to come.

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Send Your Best Wishes With Plants As Gifts

Not only do plants as gifts outlast the occasion, but they’re also a thoughtful way to express your best wishes beyond their good looks. Plants improve the quality of the air you breathe and the quality of your life overall. So say farewell to dull with the Peacock Plant, which boasts a rare and regal aesthetic no matter its surroundings. For more traditional plants as gifts, the Be My Heart Calla Lily is sure to be a bright spot in your recipient’s day with its burst of exquisite blooms.

Plants As Christmas Gifts

Rainbow Personalised Teacher Plant Pot Gift By So Close ...

Plants and flowers are a big part of Christmas. There is the obvious Christmas tree, which we proudly display in our homes each year. Poinsettias and Holly also come to mind, coloring the season with deep reds and greens. Wreaths are hung proudly on doors and given as Christmas gifts.

These are the classic images associated with Christmas plants, but there is so much more. Remember, house plants are gifts too, especially when in a nice pot or display. Palms and tropical house plants are cheery gifts for acquaintances. You may not think it, but bulbs are a wonderful seasonal gift ideaand just in time for winter planting. Anyone with a green thumb will appreciate this timely gift. Add an artsy gardening tool or watering pail, and youre set.

Even a cactus can look friendly when presented correctly. Many nurseries consider botany an art and take pride in high quality presentation. Remember, certain types of plants require commitment on the recipients behalf. Be sure to give something that is either easy to care for, or not expected to live very long .

In fact, if youre not sure, send flowers. They are truly universal. Designed to impress, they fill a room with vivid colors and fragrance. Everyone loves a flower delivery, whether in person or by a company. Check out our huge array of flowers and plants you can send with the click of a button.

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What Occasions Should I Gift A Plant

Theres no shortage of opportunities to send a plant gift. From housewarming flowers to congratulating a friend on a new job, plants like lucky bamboo are the perfect way to mark new beginnings. Give mom a plant thats as beautiful as she is by sending a potted calla lily, colorful zinnia garden wreath, or sunny yellow kalanchoe. Graduations, anniversaries, and thank yous are all also great reasons to send a unique plant gift.

You can give plant gifts for any occasion you would give flowers or want to recognize someone. Sometimes its fun to send yourself or your sweetheart a surprise just because!

Ficus Benghalensis Audrey Bengal Fig

Revered in its native home of India, the Bengal fig or banyan tree is believed to be the tree under which Buddha sat to achieve enlightenment. These leafy giants are some of the largest trees in the world by area of canopy coverage and they provide great shade for other plants in their native environments. Indoors, the Ficus benghalensis Audrey will be a little smaller and works beautifully as a statement plant in a large living area or workspace. Its a delightful alternative to some of the better known figs.

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Indoor Plants That Make Perfect Gifts

Most of us always bring something when invited to a dinner, celebration or other event hosted by family or friends. This gift is usually in the form of a nice bottle of wine, a delicious desert or a beautiful and fragrant bouquet of flowers. Our parents and grandparents have instilled these traditions in us, which express appreciation to a host or hostess, and show that we have good manners.

While it is important to show your host or hostess appreciation with a small gift, we highly recommend that you forgo the expensive flower arrangement and opt for potted plants.

Potted plants are a great value compared to cut and arranged flowers. While a $20 bouquet of cut flowers may last a couple days, maybe even a week, a beautiful potted orchid that costs $25 can last up to three months. There is a right and wrong way to gift flowers the gift should not be an imposition. This means no gifting five-foot-high plants or plants that require elaborate care and feeding.

There are usually two outcomes to what will happen to the gifted plants, either the host will love the gift and lovingly take care of it, or they wont be able to provide the plant with the necessary care and it ends up in the trash. While you cant control the plants fate, ultimately it is the thought that counts.

Here are five of the most popular potted plants and flowers that make perfect gifts for dinner parties, celebrations or just because gifts.

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