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What Should I Gift My Husband On His Birthday

Scavenger Hunt Or Flash Mob


If your husband is quirky, then a scavenger hunt or a flash mob are great ideas for birthday surprises. Both birthday ideas will require a good amount of advanced planning on your part. When it comes to the scavenger hunt, leave clues in your husbands favorite places around a city or town that you frequently visit. The end of the scavenger hunt should lead to a prize whether it is his wrapped birthday gift or a nice dinner at his favorite restaurant.

Before you plan a flash mob, make sure that your husband is into them. First, you will want to choose what to do for the flash mob. This can be anything from a choreographed dance to a bunch of strangers breaking out into an opera performance or a band or orchestra of musicians playing your husbands favorite song out of nowhere.

You can look to the internet for examples and flash mob ideas. Be sure to give all of your flash mob participants clear instructions so that everything is perfectly coordinated for your husbands birthday.

For The Husband Who Needs To Dress Up His Man Cave: Philips Hue White And Color Ambiance Starter Kit

Its great that hes got a place to escape to where he can stow all of his hi-tech gear, but it cannot be good for him to sit in the glow of fluorescent bulbs all day. After testing the best smart bulbs on the market, we picked these Philips Hue programmable smart bulbs as the best. They easily connect to smart home systems like Alexa, can be adjusted for tone, and can be set with any alarm. The pre-programmed array of lighting configurations will transform even the drabbest space into something youve only ever seen on the holodeck of the Starship Enterprise.

Grilling Gifts For Him

Does your husband like to grill? Then he needs these custom bamboo grilling tools! Perfect for giving him on his birthday so that he can BBQ some burgers, brats, or kabobs to have for his birthday dinner, he will love how unique these tools are. The bamboo makes them extra lightweight and heat-resistant, and the carrying case allows him to easily bring his trusty tools anywhere from the park to his parents house for the family reunion.

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Local Brewery Or Beer Making Kit

Does your enjoy beer? Try surprising him with a gift that only a serious beer lover will appreciate. Surprise your husband on his birthday with a fun visit to his favorite local brewery.

You can also bring the fun home by gifting your husband with a beer-making kit. You can also get him a wall-mounted beer bottle opener which can double as wall art. Other birthday gift ideas for a beer enthusiast include a personalized beer caddy, a personalized bottle opener, or beer-scented soap.

For The Husband With An Outdoor Office: Patio Umbrella

a birthday care package I made for my husband who is on ...

We are all inventing new workspaces as we find new ways to make our remote jobs more manageable and safe. One of the hacks we have embraced is to transform our sun-bleached outdoor courtyard into a leafy aerie using an outdoor umbrella like this one from Wayfair. Prop one of these on your back deck for your husband and hell feel like hes in a quaint European piazzaas long as the weather permits.

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Customized White Noise Sound Machine For Better Sleep

Does your significant other have problems getting quality sleep? If yes, this is an opportune time to give him a wonderful device that can help him get better sleep and feel refreshed every morning.

One of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for husband, it has built in customized sound, which helps him to sleep better and to improve his body renewal process.

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Surprise Gifts Throughout The Day By Ghosting

This idea will take a lot of intense planning and huge efforts. Surprises and gifts are good but what is best is keeping your husband anticipated with timely gifts and letters through a third party which will really make his day.

To pull this idea off in perfection, you will have to know the schedule of your husband way before the birthday. When you try to find this information out, dont give your husband any hints.

To do the job, you can ask a kid or another third person. When your husband least expects it, you can ask the kid to give him the present. This can be done multiple times a day which different people. Ensure that your husband does not find out that it is you who has orchestrated all the gifts.

Keep this secret until you write a small note in the main present.

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Stylish Personalized Surfboard Cutting Board

Does your other half like hanging by the beach or enjoy water sports like surfing? Does he like to cook as well?

He will be delighted to have this surfboard cutting board because it will remind him of his two passions passion for water sports and love for cooking. He can whip up a nice meal using this eco friendly cutting board made from bamboo.

This serves as a nice kitchen d├ęcor too.

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Ergonomic Deep Tissue Massage Gun


Your husband will not know how he survived without this gadget once he starts using it! This massage gun provides profound muscle relief while soothing any pains and alleviating fatigue. A deep tissue massage with this gadget will promote blood circulation, relieve lactic acid and let your husband enjoy an extremely comfortable experience.

Practical and portable, it is also a good retirement gifts for boss male, it comes with several replaceable massage heads for different body parts. A great birthday gift for husband after marriage, this handheld cordless massage gun is lightweight and easy to use.

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A Book Of The Month Subscription

From $10 per month buy now at

If your husband is always saying he wishes he could read more, make it easy for him by getting him a subscription to Book of The Month. Each month, he’ll select from five choices and get a book in the mail. Even if he’s pressed for time during most of the year, thanks to this amazing birthday present, he’ll have a stack of titles ready and waiting for your next vacation. It’s one of the best birthday gifts for your husband that will also make him feel so smart!

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More Birthday Wishes For Husband

Still looking for the perfect birthday wishes for your husband? Maybe you want a message for a particular birthday year, or an extra funny message? Check out these other articles for more card message ideas:

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For The Husband Who’s Fashionable: Adidas Sneakers

He may claim that he likes the authentic look of his thick, molded running shoes, but lets be honestthey look like hes sporting gray whales. You know hes dying to own a pair of the hip and trendy runners that are all over the internet. Dont let his fear of looking like a trend chaser deny him the pleasure of looking great. The pure retro appeal of the classic Adidas Stan Smithwith its thousands of positive reviews on Amazonis pretty hard to resist, after all.

Get the Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker at Adidas starting at $55

Neck Back & Shoulder Shiatsu Massage

I made this for my husbands birthday, he loved it!

With this gadget, suitable for a man who has everything, he can have some soothing massage after his gym workout or exercise regime. He can also have his much needed massage after a hard day at work, hunching over the computer.

A wonderful 50th birthday gift for husband, this massager has 4 different programs to soothe his muscles. A useful device to promote his health as it shows your care and concern for him. This is an excellent gifts for older men too.

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For The Guy Who Loves A Craft Brew

Your husband might have all the craft beers in the world, but has he ever had the chance to make his own? This beer-brewing kit will serve as a fun activity he can do in his free time. The kit includes everything he needs to get started, such as hops, yeast, and a fermentation jug.

Brooklyn Brew Shop BrewDog Punk IPA beer making kit, $48, Brooklyn Brew Shop

For The Cheesemonger Husband: Murrays Cheese

Murrays has a huge selection of cheeses from all over the world, including their own specialty selections carefully aged in their custom-built cave. Whether hes a European sophisticate with a nose for the ripe and creamy or a northwestern hipster looking for the latest American modes, Murraysrated one of the top cheese destinations by USA Todayhas the cheese for him. Choose a pre-selected gift basket or build your own gift box from a rich and varied selection.

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Tie Or Belt Organizer

For the husband who has an extensive wardrobe, try getting him a birthday gift that will help him organize his clothes or accessories. A belt or tie organizer will keep his accessories perfectly neat and easy to find. If your husband is always dressed to impress, then you can get him a shoe shining kit, cufflinks, or a monogrammed money clip for his birthday.

Map Of His Milestones


Invest in a nice paper or canvas map. Add your own drop pins to it, marking locations of big, happy moments over his years and during your life together: where he grew up, went to college, met you, got his first job, became a father, and so on. Pin it silly, frame, then wrap up this stellar gift for your guy with l-o-v-e!

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For The Husband Who Explores: Addorgon Binoculars

Were all social distancing currently, but these high-powered, lightweight and durable binoculars with more than 5,000 ratings on Amazon will allow him to bring the great big world a little bit closer. Whether hes searching out the night sky for the Neowise comet or zooming in on the action at center field, these lightweight Addorgon binoculars deliver a clarity of optics comparable to much more expensive models, which is why reviewers are obsessed with them.

Trendy Sports Watch For The Sporty Guy

Sports watches are functional accessories for the sports guy in your life. They do not just complete his sports attire, but have functions required for their sports activities.

There are several functions available for different sports activities. For example, you will need one with higher level of water resistant, if your husband engages in diving.

Hence, for this exciting birthday gift, you will need to take note of the functions when choosing a suitable sports watch for your husband.

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What Type Of Birthday Gifts Are Perfect For A Husband

It has been seen that husbands love to receive useful gifts more than emotional gifts such as flowers and love letters. You can pick combos such as Beard care kit, Park Avenue Mens Kit, Chocolicious Gift Box, and single items like Matte Black Custom Pen, Customised Hip Flask, Personalised Wine Glass Set, and Custom Bday Perfume.

Exquisite 24k Gold Dipped Golf Ball

This is the birthday package I sent my lover, more than ...

If your husband loves to golf, this 24K gold dipped golf ball is the perfect idea for him for that pro golfer look. He may never want to stop playing once he receives this golf ball thats plated in 24K Gold. It comes in a designer gold lame pouch, fitted with a drawstring to secure the ball.

Turn it into a personalized gift by attaching a special message for your husband. It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and guarantee.

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Superior Viewing Portable Mini Projector

Surprise him with this creative first birthday gift for hubby a compact projector that allows him to display a huge screen from a variety of gadgets he owns through wireless connection.

Your loved one can experience enhanced visual quality while watching video, playing games, or browsing photographs when connected to his electronics such as a smartphone, gaming console or laptop. Its also a fantastic tool for family bonding!

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The Best Gifts Ideas For Husbands

Anyone else struggle with knowing what to get their husbands?

We went straight to the source this time around and asked OUR HUSBANDS about their favorite gifts theyve ever received or what they are asking for this year.

Hopefully this helps you out as you shop for your husband!

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For The Number One Stan

Still not sure what to get the husband who has everything for his birthday or the holidays? A shoutout from his favorite celebrity will make his day . Check out Cameo to see if any of his idols are on the site, then commission a custom video message just for your husband. There are lots of actors, athletes, musicians, and more to choose from, so you’re bound to find someone he knows and loves.

Cameo celebrity video message, rates vary, Cameo

For The Husband With A Dad Bod: Birdwell Board Shorts


These classic two-ply nylon board shorts have changed little since Carrie Birdwell Mann sewed the first batch of Beach Britches in her living room in Huntington Beach in 1961. These well-cut trunks created in the endless summers of Californias surf community are durable, stylish, and available in multiple colorsand are the only trunks I buy for myself. They will look great on your husband whether hes the guy out shredding waves or just kicking it beachside on spring break.

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For The Guy Who Loves His Home State

At this point, you might be realizing that deciding what to buy your husband when he has everything actually isn’t all that difficult when you think outside the box. Another thoughtful idea? These stunning handmade coffee mugs. Each one features a 3D representation of a different US stateall you have to do is pick out the one he calls home. It’s even more meaningful if he moved away to be with you.

Jim and Grace Alworth handmade home state mugs, $30 each, Uncommon Goods

Unique 60th Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Husband

A themed party always brings uniqueness and fresh flavor to any party. Dont know what 60th birthday party themes to settle for, check out and try out any of our unique 60th birthday party theme ideas for husband.

14. Days of our lives theme.

This is a theme that works well if you are celebrating your wedding anniversary together with his birthday. This theme celebrates his life and yours together. Put together a photo collage and video of his life and both of your lives together and give it to him as a present. If you are having a birthday party, consider strategically decorating the venue with some of these photos. You can also make it special by dressing up in his favorite dress.

15. Retro/A Decade theme.

With this theme, you can ask your husband to choose which year or decade he loves the most. It could be the 1950s or 1970s. And then have his celebration around that theme.

16. My wishlist theme.

Ask your husband to make a wishlist of everything he wants or wants to do, and make his birthday about granting all of the wishes on his wishlist.

17. 60 for 60 theme.

This sounds like an impossible theme to pull off but it is not as herculean as it looks. The beauty of this theme is that you can spin it either way you want you can decide to make it

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For The Husband Who Wants Airpods: Apple Airpods Pro

Lets face it: your husband does not want to be tethered to his smartphone with wires any longer. The Apple AirPods Pro, which are some of the best true wireless earbuds weve ever tested, give him the freedom to pace, dance, or skip freely around the house without hindrance as he listens to his favorite music and podcasts or drops in on his daily staff meeting. These high-quality noise-canceling earbuds also have a great microphone for crystal clear two-way communication, making them great for phone calls or Zooms.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack

Gift for the boyfriend

No matter whether hes using it for work, play, or travel, this backpack is a must. Made of ballistic nylon, its ultra-durable, though also comes with a lifetime warranty.

There are all kinds of compartments on pockets on both the exterior and interior, including a special sleeve for a tablet or laptop and an RIFD-blocking pocket for the ultimate in security .

This innovative cooler meets all of the most important cooler criteria. One, it keeps beverages extra cold, thanks to a special kind of insulation that delivers up to 48 hours of ice retention.

The zippered-top opens wide and stays open making loading and unloading super easy, its lightweight, waterproof, and even floats, and theres a detachable back butterfly strap to make carrying it less taxing than ever. Its all pretty darn cool, pun intended.

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