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What Stores Accept American Express Gift Cards

Why Is Amex Not Widely Accepted

Can You Use American Express AMEX Gift Card On Paypal?

Why Do So Few Stores Take AmericanExpress?

A fee is charged by all credit card issuers, although not all issuers charge the same price. Merchants may select which credit cards to accept thanks to this setup. Because of this, many retailers, particularly small companies, refuse to take American Express.

Does Target Sell American Express Gift Cards

Yes if youre already out shopping at Target and need to buy a quick, thoughtful gift for a loved one, youll find American Express cards available near the checkouts.

AMEX is not only accepted as a business here, youll also be able to purchase their prepaid cash cards.

Therefore, if you have friends or family who already love heading to Target to splash the cash occasionally, youre looking at a brilliant gift idea.

Use American Express Gift Card On Online Shopping

So you dont know how to use the AMEX gift card on the web? Worry not, we have covered you. You can use these gift cards just similar to credit or debit cards. You dont need to do something extraordinary for that purpose.

  • Just visit the merchants website or store and then add the favorite item in your shopping cart.
  • Now you need to check out with credit card payment option
  • Choose your card as an AMEX gift card or simply American Express credit card
  • Now enter your 15 digits card number
  • The expiration date of gift card
  • And lastly, you need to enter the 4 digit AMEX card security code
  • Now click on payment buttons and make a payment
  • If you would have balance in your card then your transaction would be successful and you can shop as much as you have in your card

So this is the way that you can use your American Express gift card online and make some purchases as well. So next we will find out how to shop online with AMEX gift cards.

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When Using The Gift Card At A Gas Station Be Aware Of The Balance

If you use the American Express Gift Card to buy gas from an automatic self-serve pump, the gas station may try to obtain an authorization for an amount higher than the balance on the gift card in order to make sure the full amount is paid. Therefore, when using an American Express Gift Card to purchase gas, its best to prepay for gas inside the gas station with a cashier.

Where Can You Buy American Express Gift Cards

Oculus Go App Store Gift Card

You can find AMEX gift card at just about any retail store location or online retailers website. Usually, they are located at the check stands or near the greeting card section.

  • Albertsons
  • Walgreens
  • Winn Dixie

Please note there is a $3.95 per card purchase fee if purchased through AMEX online. Fees will vary from retailer to retailer. Business and Personal gift cards are available in amounts of $25 through $3,000.

Note: Currently, you cannot purchase an AMEX gift card on Amazon. However, you may purchase a Visa and Mastercard gift card.

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How To Use Your American Express Gift Card

Once your gift card is activated, it can be used like any other debit or credit card. When making a purchase online, use your personal address and zip code.

You may find some restrictions if you use your gift card for hotel purchases, subscriptions, car rentals, or foreign transactions. You may not use your AMEX gift card at ATMs.

Do Supermarkets Take American Express

Almost all transactions nowadays are done by card instead of cash, and many people use cards like American Express for the perks. But, since many stores dont take Amex, many often wonder do supermarkets take American Express?

Heres what I can tell you from my experience:

Most supermarkets take American Express as one of several payment options, but a few do not, such as Costco. They, like all merchants who do not accept Amex, made their decision due to the significantly higher fees they charge the merchant for accepting it.

Before becoming a consultant, I worked as a general manager for 20+ years at Whole Food, and while they do take Amex now, I remember a time when Whole Foods did not.

In this article, I explained why AMEXs acceptance rate was slow and why its been increasing faster more recently. But well also explore their merchant fees and compare them to Visa and Mastercard, and talk about why they are higher.

Lets get started.

Were kicking off 2021 w/ new offers to support how lives & businesses have changed whether thats spending time at home or getting back to business. From online shopping & local travel to key tools for small businesses, learn more: Terms Apply.

American Express Business

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Why American Express Is More Expensive For Merchants

So why does American Express charge merchants more than Visa and Mastercard? American Express is both a payment network and a major credit card issuer. Credit card issuers primarily make money through interest charges and a portion of the interchange fees.

Many American Express cards are actually not credit cards but charge cards. That means that the cardholder is required to pay the entire statement balance in full each month, so Amex typically receives no interest charges from these products. Furthermore, American Express cards almost always provide competitive rewards in the form of cash back or miles and points toward travel rewards. With both the higher costs of offering rewards and less income from customers paying interest, American Express’ business model relies on charging merchants higher interchange fees.

Buy Your Amex Gift Card Online Quickly And Securely

Using American Express Gift Cards to Shop Online

Buying an American Express Gift Card online is easy, fast, and secure with Dundle . Simply choose the amount you want to buy and then choose one of our many secure payment methods to seal the deal. Your Amex e Gift Card will be instantly delivered by email and is ready to use. No waiting time, no need to leave the house!

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Use Your Prepaid Gift Cards Wherever Paypal Is Accepted

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Heres Where American Express Is Accepted:

  • Where American Express is Accepted in the U.S.: 10.6 million merchants
  • Where American Express is Accepted Internationally: 160+ countries and territories
  • Countries Where American Express is Accepted Most: Canada, Australia, UK, India, Mexico
  • Places Where American Express is Not Accepted: Cuba, Sudan, South Sudan, Iran, Syria
  • Major Retailers That Accept American Express: Amazon, IKEA, Sears, Target, Walmart, Lowes, Apple, Best Buy, Staples, CVS
  • Major Retailers That Dont Accept American Express: Costco, small non-chain stores/restaurants

So, an American Express card is enough for your shopping within the U.S. Though you may find some stores that dont take it, the majority will. But youll probably want to have a no foreign transaction feeVisa or Mastercard when you go abroad. Those networks guarantee you worldwide coverage, with acceptance in over 200 countries and territories. And Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted just about universally within those regions. Amex cards still have hit-or-miss acceptance in many.

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What Are The Free Bogo Offers At Food Lion

The BOGOdeal implies that each item will ring up at half price at all major Wilmington chains . To take advantage of this deal for the previously mentioned shops, you do not need to purchase two products.

Food Lion accepts American Express. For more information about this store, visit them at Read more about restaurants that take american express near me and let us know what you think.

Where To Use Your Card

ALDI Gift Cards

Use your American Express gift card anywhere in the United States that accepts American Express, including many restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops and retailers. You can use it for purchases made in person or online. The card cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATM machines. It is not valid outside the U.S.

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  • Where To Use American Express Gift Card

    • Where to Use American Express Gift Card?

    American Express gift card is a prepaid card that you can use to shop online, pay at restaurants, and buy stuff from specific grocery stores. You can use your card straight out of the box and you dont need to add funds before using it.

    All AMEX gift cards come with a pre-loaded balance and you dont need to top-up the card before making any purchase.

    American Express gift card comes in the $5 to $1000 range and thats a pretty good range for a gift card. So whether you are thinking of giving these cards to your family or your friends, you can choose between $5 to $1000 and gift them.

    In this guide, we are going to explain where to use the American Express gift card. So hang with us and know about it.

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    Does Walmart Sell American Express Gift Cards

    Yes, Walmart sells plastic American Express gift cards in stores and online. Customers can purchase pre-loaded gift cards for $25, $50, $100, and $200. Alternatively, load the

    American Express Gold Sparkle eGift card with a chosen balance between $25-$200 and directly sent to the recipients inbox.

    Customers are charged a one-time purchase fee when buying an American Express gift card at Walmart. $6.88 is charged for each $200, $5.44 for every $100, $3.94 for each $50, and $3.44 with every $25.

    Where Can You Use The American Express Card

    The American Express Business Gift Card – An Effective Tool for Rewarding Employees and Customers

    American Express offers many types of credit cards for both consumers and small business owners. Yet sometimes you’ll encounter merchants that accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover, but don’t take American Express cards. Nevertheless, American Express has been aggressively adding new merchants to its network in recent years, including over 1.6 million new U.S. locations in 2018. For more information, see “Where Can I Use My Credit Card?”

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    How Do You Use American Express Gift Cards At Walmart

    The Walmart cashier will scan or swipe your American Express gift card when paying for goods in-store.

    If youre operating the self-checkout, swipe the gift card yourself or scan the barcode. Use an American Express gift card to pay for gas at Walmart stations youll need to pay inside the station.

    Pay for merchandise at using an American Express gift card by inserting your name, the 15-digit card number, and the 4-digit security code at the checkout.

    What Are American Express Rewards

    American Express Membership Rewards is the rewards program of American Express. Once approved for your American Express card, youll automatically be enrolled in American Express Membership Rewards. You accrue points with purchases which you can use to book travel, redeem shopping rewards or transfer to partners like Delta and Aeroplan. You can also use these points to access discounts at Ticketmaster.

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    How Do You Activate And Check A Balance On An American Express Gift Card

    Most American Express gift cards will come ready to use. In some cases, gift cards may require activation and instructions should have been provided.

    You may need to register your gift card to make online purchases.

    It is recommended that you record the following in case your card is ever stolen.

    • Gift Card number
    • 3-Digit Security Code number
    • Customer Service phone number

    It is also recommended you sign the back of your gift card.

    How To Use It

    Oculus Go App Store Gift Card

    Sign your name in the signature panel on the back of the card. Make purchases as you would with a credit card, by handing the card to a clerk, swiping it through a card reader or by entering the card number for an online purchase. Identify your card as a “gift card” if asked, but if this option is not available, use the “credit card” option.

    Your card should be used for purchases that do not exceed the balance of cash stored on the card. However, some merchants may permit you to make a partial payment with the balance on the card and use cash or another form of payment for the remainder. Use the website or toll-free phone number on the back of your gift card to check the available balance.


    Some merchants also ask you to enter the card verification value number, which is the 4-digit number on the right side of the front of your gift card.


    Check at restaurants and gas stations for proper usage. Some restaurants automatically add a service charge to your bill. If the total exceeds the card balance, the restaurant will reject your card, so specify the exact amount you want on the card to your server. Not all self-service gas pumps accept gift cards for swiping. Instead, take the card to the clerk to pay in advance of pumping gas.

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    Using Your American Express Credit Card With Small Businesses

    While most major retailers in Canada accept American Express credit cards, not all small businesses do. American Express is committed to growing its network of small businesses that accept their credit cards, but there is still a chance youll find yourself at one of the few retailers that dont.

    Fortunately, you dont have to avoid all mom and pop stores in your area. To help you determine whether a local retailer will accept your credit card, American Express has built a handy online map that is searchable by location perfect for when youre on the hunt for that perfect gift for a loved one.

    Yes There Are Many Grocery Stores That Accept American Express Cards In Canada Amex Cards Are Among The Most Lucrative And Rewarding Credit Cards For Travelers Overall But Theyre Undeniably The Best For Grocery Purchases Specifically With 2 Cards Earning At Least 5% On All Grocery Store Purchases That Will Multiply Your Travel Rewards

    This phenomenal earn rate helps you earn a lot more travel rewards a lot faster .

    And its fairly easy for most Canadians to choose one of the grocery stores that accept Amex cards in Canada.

    Weve broken down which grocery stores accept Amex by Canadian region or province.

    Here is the list of grocery stores that accept American Express Cards in Ontario:

    • Sobeys

    Sobeys operates multiple stores across Ontario.

    Metro and Metro Plus have over 365 locations in Ontario and Québec.

    Food Basics is a discount supermarket with 137 locations across Ontario.

    FreshCo is another deep discount supermarket chain with over 98 stores in Ontario.

    Giant Tiger is not a grocery store, but they have a grocery section, and Amex codes the stores as a grocery store .

    Farm Boy is a specialized grocery store with over 30 locations across Ontario, with a strong presence in the Ottawa area.

    Whole Foods Market has 4 locations in Toronto and 1 location in Ottawa.

    Longos is a family-run grocery chain with 35 stores in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area.

    Rabba Fine Foods has 34 locations across the Greater Toronto Area .

    Pusateris serves the GTA with 5 locations.

    Foodland grocery stores are located mostly in rural areas and small towns in Ontario.

    Safeway only has locations in Northern Ontario, near Thunder Bay.

    Here is the list of grocery stores that accept American Express Cards in Québec:

    • Metro / Metro Plus
    • Sobeys
    • Giant Tiger
    • Sobeys

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    What Stores Carry American Express Gift Cards

    You can purchase an American Express gift card at a variety of well-known merchants and department stores across the US.

    While you can certainly buy prepaid credit online through American Express themselves, its sometimes nice to pick up a gift card with your everyday shopping.

    American Express gift cards are available at big stores such as your local:

    • Family Dollar
    • Walgreens
    • Sams Club

    Whats more, if you want to buy an American Express gift card at short notice and only have cash to hand, it makes sense to go beyond their website.

    For one thing, you wont have to worry about shipping fees or having to wait for your card to arrive.

    American Express gift cards are great gift ideas as theres no need for the user to worry about fees or limits they have a set amount you load the gift card up with, that they can use across the country.

    Anywhere that accepts American Express cards in general will be likely to accept a prepaid gift card towards payments, too.

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