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What To Buy For Christening Gifts

Christening And Baptism Traditions

How to Choose a Baby Gift for an Infant Baptism | The Catholic Company

Christening gifts were originally items that were thought to be of value, that would increase in value with time and perhaps form the basis of an investment for the child in the future.

There was a tradition of giving Apostle Spoons to a baby began in the time of the Tudors in England and this may be where the phrase he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth originated.

So, whatever Christening gift you choose for a new baby, you can be sure that you are continuing a tradition that has existed for many centuries and your gift, given with love, is sure to be treasured.

What Was/is Your Ideal Christening Gift

I am looking for inspiration. Will be godparents to friends baby later this summer.If you have had your baby Christened what were the best presents you recieved and why?If you have been a godparent – what did you get and why?If you were to ahve a Christening – what would you love someone to buy for your baby?TIA

I can tell you what I dont/didnt want but got anyway.Loads of silver plate trains, teddies, ballons, cars etc etc. They go black in a few weeks and are horrid anyway! Also soft toys horrible dust magnets.I think a nice bit of jewellery that they can keep. It doesnt have to be expensive and it doesnt have to be for now . A nice compendium of nursery stories and songs is good too.

I wouldn’t want all of the silver/pewter stuff as it would just be hidden away and probably eventually thrown out.I always buy some nice pottery- usually emma bridgewater or susie watson designs as they will at least be used.

Oh and it is for a boy, aged about 7-8 months at the time.

Yes, I’m hoping I don’t get loads of silver tat.OK that does sound a bit ungrateful. Actually, I’m not bothered about what people get. I have asked my mum to buy an illustrated children’s Bible, she asked me what I wanted to get.Just wondering do people buy a Christening gift for their own children? Not sure what I would get for ds tbh!

you can never have too manynicely-bound classics are the best

Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver

I really love the Mud Pie Classic Keepsakes range of gifts, this silver-plated rattle is no exception. The detail is beautiful with an embossed cross and pretty bead details. You can see a picture below of the Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plate Rattle, Cross. Everything is beautifully packaged in an acetate box and decorated with a bow. The rattle is four inches long, and each of the ends is two inches in diameter. This would be perfect for any baby and a lovely Christening or Baby Shower gift.

There are lots of other lovely gifts in this range, and many are designed especially to commemorate the firsts that happen in a Babys life and as well as this one for a Christening, there are also gifts for babys first tooth, first haircut and so on.

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Typical Baptism Gifts For Baby Girls

It can be useful to start your search with the most traditional of gifts. The typical communion gift incorporates the symbols of the faith in order to create a present that is as meaningful as it is appropriate.

Look over these gift options for baptism ideas and find a simple and powerful way to show your love.

What Is An Appropriate Christening Gift

baptism gift boy christening gift gift boy baptism girl

An appropriate Christening gift is something that is a memento of the Christening day. It is also a good idea to choose something that will be used and meaningful in later life as older children and adults. Some good baptism gift ideas would be –

  • A keepsake box – this can be personalised with the date of the baptism and can be used to store items that the child’s treasures.
  • A money box – to save up all their pennies.
  • An heirloom doll – to play with when they get older.
  • A blanket – a personalised blanket makes a great gift as they are often used as a shawl to wrap around the baby during the service.
  • A personalised soft toy – such as a teddy makes a really special present as they will treasure it through childhood.
  • A Nursery decoration – an alternative gift idea

Anything you choose as a gift should be high quality and reflect that you have been thoughtful as to what the child might like as they grow up.

Did you know that the best christening gift or Christening hamper should be great and meaningful? It’s the first present given to your baby. Make sure it is worth remembering so he or she will always remember you.

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Religious Items As Christening Gifts

The christening ceremony is a significant religious one and for that reason, some people will choose to give religious items or keepsakes as a gift for example, a cross for the baby, a religious statue or a bible or perhaps a set of rosary beads.

This can be appropriate if you hold a senior role in the Church or if you are a close relative, however if you are unsure about what is appropriate, try checking with close family or friends of the host parents.

I Need Naming Ceremony Gift Ideas

Much the same as a Christening, a naming ceremony gift should be one that is thoughtful and a memento of their special day. A good choice of gift would be something that is a keepsake or heirloom such as a memory box, luxury doll, money box or a personalised gift.

Choose from the best UK selection of products here at The Baby Hamper Company to find your perfect gift.

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What’s The Best Christening Present

Christening gifts are designed as keepsakes for their first tentative, metaphoric steps into the big, wide world and are usually treasured just as much as newborn gifts. It isnt just the child who is on the receiving end of christening presents, though we also stock unique christening gifts for godparents that recognise the special part they have agreed to play in the childs life.

Christening Gifts For Girls & Boys

Christening and Baptism Gift Ideas

A Christening is a special event that the baby’s parents are sure to cherish for many years to come, so the gift you choose needs to be something memorable. At Celebration Giftware we offer a variety of customisation options to personalise your Christening or Baptism Gifts so they are truely unique.

What to buy for A Christening Gift?

You could choose something fun like a colourful teddy bear wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the baby’s name, the date of the Christening, the name of the church and any other relevant details you’d like to include.

Or for something a bit more traditional we also have a variety of Christening keepsakes. Popular favourites are our Christening Keepsake Boxes, Personalised Christening Frames, to display a favourite photo of the day and our Personalised Christening Photo Albums to store all of the precious photos that are bound to be taken.

Many of our available gifts are unisex so that they can be suitable for any child, but you can select gender-specific gifts as well. Pink is still popular for baby girl christening gifts and the traditional blue for baby boy christening gifts. But if you cannot decide white or silver is the safest choice.

Here at Celebration Giftware, we’ll work with you to personalise your christening gift so its something special, we can’ help you narrow it down so that all of the important details fit legibly within the space,’ so don’t be shy about reaching out to us if you need any assistance throughout the process.

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Why Trust Verywell Family

Katrina Cossey has been a digital content producer and news and feature writer for more than six years. She has covered local and national news as well as writing and researching parenting topics. Katrina is a parent herself and has a passion for helping parents and caregivers through writing. She loves personalized gifts because they add a thoughtful touch to any item.

What Is A Traditional Christening Gift

A traditional Christening gift is something that will last and that they will use. Some choose to give a gift at the time of the Christening for the baby such as keepsake items e.g. money boxes and keepsake tins. Something that might be a bit more of an unusual Christening gift would be treasure bags and mini rugby ball.

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Prince Leopold The Lion Slippers

Made with 100 per cent fair trade merino wool, these fearsome slippers are both practical and cute. Each one is meticulously hand made by shaping, sewing and cross stitching- a real labour of love. Theres a whole animal kingdom to choose from so you can find the right pair for the little one in question. Gorgeous to both wear and look at, these will be kept as a keepsake for years to come. Theres a great story behind the company too- Sew Heart Felt is committed to sustainability and fair trade as well as good working conditions for the makers of the felt. The only thing you have to worry about it is picking a pair which- with the array of delightful designs available- may be more difficult than youd think.

Modo Creative Personalised Music Box

The Best Christening Gift Ideas for Baby Boy  Home ...

Help the baby drift off to sleep with this hand cranked music box. Made form Norwegian pine, itll play the much loved melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You can choose from a closed lid, which is child friendly, or a classic clasp one which shows you the inner workings of the box. Choose a personal message to be engraved on the top and youve got a quirky keepsake that wont break the bank.

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Managing The Christening Gifts At The Reception

Christening gifts are usually brought to the post-ceremony celebration by the guests and are often not opened at the time of the celebration, but opened later by the parents.

If you are hosting a christening, its a good idea to allocate an empty table as the place where guests may leave gifts at the time of their arrival. This makes everything run just a little more smoothly on the day.

As a guest, it can make life a lot easier for the gift recipients if you make sure that a card is firmly attached to your gift to reduce the inevitable confusion that happens when a lot of presents are opened at the same time, at the end of the day!

This article was written by Fran Molloy,, journalist and mum of four

*Please note that the published date may not be the same as the date that the content was created and that information above may have changed since.

Baby Hand And Footprint Kit


Babies are only small for so long. A perfect present to help freeze this special moment in time is a baby hand and footprint kit. When the parents open this present at the baptism party, they will be ecstatic at the opportunity to frame the image of how small and precious their children were during this time.

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What Do Grandparents Give For A Christening Gift

The Appropriate Baptism Gift for Your Grandchild

  • Baptism Gown And Cap. Purchase a baptism gown and cap, which can be around $100 at a department store.
  • Money. Give money to show your grandchild support.
  • Cross. A cross demonstrates that you are supportive of your grandchild’s religion.
  • Personalized Frame.

. Just so, how much money do you give a grandchild for a christening gift?

If you are to be his godparent, you might be expected to give a significant gift of $100, $150 or even more if you can afford it. If you are another close relative, $50 might be equally acceptable.

Also, how much money do you give for a baptism? $50 is a very nice gift for a Baptism. So use that as your benchmark. If you can afford to make ends meet while giving $50 or more, go for it.

Beside above, what is an appropriate christening gift?

Good sentimental baptism gift ideas are picture frames, keepsake books, inspirational figurines, or children’s religious stories. Good practical gift ideas are blankets, outfits, age-appropriate eating utensils, and monetary gifts. Christenings and baptisms are proper times to think of the baby’s future.

Do you buy a gift for a baby christening?

Christening GiftsAlthough many people choose to purchase a gift for the child, it isn’t necessary, particularly if you have already given something to the child at a shower or during a visit. If you want to give a Bible, check with the parents first to make sure the child doesn’t already have one.

How Much To Spend On A Christening Gift

The Best Christening Gifts for Every Baby No Matter the Budget

A Christening is not all about presents, but people who are close to the little boy or girl will often want to give a gift in remembrance of this milestone in a child’s life, such as godparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Typically most people will spend around £20 to £100 on a gift, with an average spend of £50.

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Roald Dahl Hardback Collection

Lying in bed listening to a story being read is a treasured childhood memory for many. A beautifully presented set is a thoughtful gift that will be greatly appreciated by the parents. From one of the best childrens story writers in the world, this collection includes the most loved Roald Dahl stories of all time: Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Mr Fox, to name a few.

Best Baptism Gifts For Boys To Treasure A Lifetime

    Baptism is a memorable event where a child begins a journey with God. If a baby boy in your life is about to be christened, you might consider getting the best baptism gifts for boys.

    We made a full list of personalized, traditional, and thoughtful boy christening gifts and keepsakes.

    Check out these ideas to find the best fit.

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    Lewis & Fitz Rocking Horse

    Forget the flashing lights and annoying sounds of plastic toys and instead opt for a good old-fashioned rocking horse. Creating a focal point in any bedroom or playroom, its a beautiful gift thatll provide hours of fun for little tots. Rather than a traditional style go for something a bit more contemporary such as this argyle adorned beauty. With soft fabric and wooden handles, its easy to climb onto and even has a little pocked for the little Fitz rabbit.

    Why Do We Buy Christening Gifts

    10 Unique Baptism Gifts

    Traditionally, we purchase a gift for the child who will be baptised. We give a gift to welcome the child into the Christian faith. Christening presents often chosen for the baby will be a keepsake or heirloom product that will remind them into adulthood of this special day. Guests frequently choose personalised items that include the name of the child and date of the Christening as a reminder of the day. Meaningful Christening gifts are given to girls and boys alike.

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    What Should I Buy As A Christening Gift

    I would like to give my friends granddaughter a meaningful, long-lasting present

    Every week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and its up to you to help him or her out a selection of the best answers will appear in next Saturdays paper.

    This weeks question:

    I dont know what to buy as a christening gift for the granddaughter of friends. Id like it to be meaningful and long-lasting. They are having a small event and we are not invited. None of us are super-religious. What have other people done?

    Do you have a problem readers could solve? Email your suggestions to or write to us at Money, The Guardian, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU

    How We Chose Our Favorites

    I have attended many baptisms throughout my life, and even participated in a few baptism ceremonies. I have learned through my own culture what kinds of baptism gift ideas work best. At FamilyEducation, we always talk with real parents and gift-givers to help us narrow down the best choices as well.

    Best Crib Cross

    A crib cross is a religious symbol believed to protect and bless a sleeping baby. This adorably simple crib cross comes with either a pink ribbon for a baby girl or a blue ribbon for a baby boy. It can be hung alone or mounted in a picture frame. It is a cute yet elegant gift that will last as a keepsake.

    Best First Bible

    Parents can start teaching Bible stories from early on with this cute board book set. It includes the stories of Adam and Eve, Noahs Ark, Moses, and Jesus. It is accessible and meant to be enjoyed by little ones while still remaining serious enough to stay focused on religion. Since its a board book, it will likely last through infancy and toddlerhood, but this one might not last a lifetime.

    Best Bedtime Story Baptism Gift

    This cute story about a baby polar bear and his mother will have adults tearing up as they read it aloud. The book sends the important message that every child is a unique gift from God who is deserving of love. It is such a touching story and, if well taken care of, can be kept as a bedtime story for future generations.

    The Cutest Stuffed Animal Christening Gift

    Best Jewelry Baptism Gift

    Best Rosary Christening Gift

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