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What To Get For Baptism Gift

Personalized Scripture Baptism Cross

Baptismal Gift Basket DIY

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Commemorate this special day in your child’s life with a Personalized Baptism Cross. Choose from 3 touching scripture passages and then add the child’s name and baptism date to create a cherished keepsake.

Consider also how many people from your immediate family are included on the gift. If you are bringing a family of five to a restaurant dinner, you may want to try to give closer to $100. Keep in mind, however, that the gift is for baby and is not meant as an offering to cover the costs of your dinner. It is however, customary that if you have more people in your party, you should give a bit more of a gift.

Its also perfectly appropriate to show up with a card that has a check or cash in it. Thats also where youd include a savings bond. But what if youre just tapped out and cant give the gift youd like to? There are options. You can make something special for the baby. Even a small frame decorated well will look nice. Include a photo of baby in it. Some super inexpensive, but fancy frames can be bought at your local TJMaxx Homegoods or Marshall’s. That’s where we like to bargain hunt! Look online for inexpensive things on you can make your own version of.

Other Ideas

Last Minute Baptism Gift Ideas

Finally, here are a few last minute baptism gift ideas that you can probably find the day of or day before a baptism:

  • Bible- many box stores and book stores carry bibles
  • Religious-themed childrens book- again, most box stores and of course all book stores have at least a few religiously-themed books for children
  • Religious-themed picture frame
  • Many stores like Hallmark will carry Precious Moments or Willow Tree Angel figurines, which likely include christening-themed or religious items
  • Card and monetary gift

Benefits Of An Ugma Account

UGMA accounts provide many advantages that youâre unlikely to find together in any other type of account.

First, UGMA accounts allow you to invest your contributions in stocks and bonds. And as we mentioned previously, this can result in impressive financial returns.

At the most basic level, this growth helps to protect the childâs money from inflation. The Federal Reserve aims for 2% inflation per year. As a result, if your money isnât seeing a return of at least that much, youâre losing money to inflation.

When you consider putting money into bank accounts such as savings accounts, money market accounts, or certificates of deposit , this is the risk you face.

These accounts certainly have a time and a place â theyâre well-suited for short-term goals or money your child may want in their early years. But they arenât as ideal as a UGMA account for growing money.

UGMA accounts also provide tax benefits. Some parents may consider buying stocks for their child in their own brokerage account. But in that case, the earnings are taxed at the parentâs higher tax rate.

But with a custodial account, the first $2,200 is tax-free. Earnings above that are taxed at the childâs tax rate, which is lower than the rate the parents are likely subject to.

Finally, UGMA accounts provide the benefit of flexibility that you canât find with other custodial investment accounts.

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How We Chose Our Favorites

I have attended many baptisms throughout my life, and even participated in a few baptism ceremonies. I have learned through my own culture what kinds of baptism gift ideas work best. At FamilyEducation, we always talk with real parents and gift-givers to help us narrow down the best choices as well.

Best Crib Cross

A crib cross is a religious symbol believed to protect and bless a sleeping baby. This adorably simple crib cross comes with either a pink ribbon for a baby girl or a blue ribbon for a baby boy. It can be hung alone or mounted in a picture frame. It is a cute yet elegant gift that will last as a keepsake.

Best First Bible

Parents can start teaching Bible stories from early on with this cute board book set. It includes the stories of Adam and Eve, Noahs Ark, Moses, and Jesus. It is accessible and meant to be enjoyed by little ones while still remaining serious enough to stay focused on religion. Since its a board book, it will likely last through infancy and toddlerhood, but this one might not last a lifetime.

Best Bedtime Story Baptism Gift

This cute story about a baby polar bear and his mother will have adults tearing up as they read it aloud. The book sends the important message that every child is a unique gift from God who is deserving of love. It is such a touching story and, if well taken care of, can be kept as a bedtime story for future generations.

The Cutest Stuffed Animal Christening Gift

Best Jewelry Baptism Gift

Best Rosary Christening Gift

What Are The Best Christening Gifts For Boys

Pin on ornaments

A good baby album or photo frame is an excellent option for the christening of a baby boy. A special silver plated photo album or baby photo frame to display a family photo from the christening is a lovely milestone keepsake. This is a christening gift guaranteed to stand out. A Silver Spoon & Fork Set is another gorgeous traditional christening gift for a boy. Even though the baby will only be using this spoon and fork after he starts eating solid foods, it is certainly a great idea for a christening keepsake.

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Little Book Of Blessings Personalized Baptism Gift

Encourage your goddaughter or niece to give thanks with this personalized Little Book of Blessings. This 20-page, hardcover book is filled with a collection of blessings that can be used to guide your angel throughout her day. Each story is designed to teach your young reader about compassion, gratitude, and friendship.

This book can be customized to include your giftees name, gender, and birthdate, in addition to the names of friends and family members .

Give Them Something To Keep For A Llfetime

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Faith Based Music Dvd

Created especially for 0-3 year olds, this Praise Baby DVD God of Wonders is a stimulating faith based dvd.

It features well-known worship music and images of animals, colours, shapes and visual effects that babies seems to love and the dvd runs for 30 minutes . The songs can be played with instrumental only, children singing or adult singing. Its fantastic to have that option.

My daughter received this Praise Baby dvd for her baptism. It was amazing how much she loved it even at 6 months old. It would quiet her down even at her most fussy times. We often played it around 5pm! It was great for me too as I remembered worship songs I hadnt heard or sung in ages.

Definitely recommended.

Price: US$11

So these are my 9 top picks for baptism gifts given from godparent to godson. I hope youve found something special here that conveys your faith to your godson.

All the gifts above are made by businesses that offer very fast turnaround for personalised gifts and very reasonable if not free delivery.

However, my advice is to not delay in selecting a gift. As soon as youve found one you like order it so that it will get to you in time for the baptism.

And remember, baptism is the start of a life-long journey of faith for your godson. You have been selected to help him in this journey through your guidance, prayers and faith.

Mud Pie Baby Blessings Jar

Q& A#97 How Did I Change My Mind on Infant Baptism?

Consider yourself the sentimental or the DIY type? Buy this kit, which comes with a cute jar and little hearts you can write personalized blessings on and then drop into the container. Babys parents will love opening it nowbaby will love opening it when they can read.

Buy it: $18,

Plus, more from The Bump:

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Best Keepsake: Spang Gang Designs Llc Baptism Gift Ornament

Personalized gifts that can be forever cherished are always in style. This porcelain ornament can be fully customized, from the babys name to a personalized message on the back of the ornament. Once its complete, it will be finished with a glossy glaze to give it that perfect final touch.

And, included with the Noahs Ark ornament, youll find a hanging ribbon and free gift box, so you dont have to worry about the finishing touches. If the free gift box wasnt enough, the company also offers free shipping.

How To Give A Baptism Gift With Impact

Baptism can be an important milestone for new parents and their children. Itâs an opportunity to introduce a new baby boy or baby girl to the people close to them. And for families of faith, itâs an event of great religious importance.

When you receive a christening or baptism invitation, whether as a grandparent, godmother, godfather, or other loved one, itâs often customary to bring a gift. Some may choose to bring physical gifts, but most people opt for financial gifts like money or financial assets.

In this article, weâll discuss why money makes a good baptism gift, how much to give, and the best ways to give a financial gift to help prepare for a babyâs future.

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Cuddle + Kind Lucy The Lamb Little And Regular

Heres another sweet godparent and godchild set. You hold onto the big stuffed animal and baby takes the little one. Its just another way to feel connected, and as they get older, theyll love seeing yours on proud display when they visit. Plus, the lambs are religiously symbolic.

Buy it: $124 for both,

Find Sweet Baptism Gifts For Girls And Boys Plus Gender

Gifting Etiquette for a Baptism

A baptism is certainly a milestone to celebrate. And with that celebration comes the need for a special gift. If youre a grandparent or godparent looking for the perfect baptism gift idea, something unique, personalized or handmade is sure to bring a smile. From Noahs Ark toy sets to cross pendants and personalized date prints, these baptism gifts for boys, girls and gender-neutral options will serve as a sweet, sentimental way to commemorate the occasion.

Planning a celebration? Be sure to consider these tasty baptism party recipes.

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Precious Moments Prayer Cross

Another great gift idea for a christening, baptism, or baby shower is a prayer cross . This one is specifically designed with an adorable little boy saying his bedtime prayers while hugging his teddy bear.

Of course, since its Precious Moments, you know this high quality 7.75 inch cross is gorgeously hand painted.

The Sacrament John Bytheway

For years, John has used a poem during fireside talks to help LDS families understand the importance of the sacrament. With full-color illustrations by Nathan Pinnock, The Sacrament will help children of all ages understand what they should be thinking about during this sacred ordinance. John shares the story of a by and his grandfather and the memory the grandfather shares with his grandson regarding the lesson he learned about the sacrament when he was a young boy. It is the perfect way to help children understand how the covenants they make at baptism are renewed each Sunday. Get it here!

Aleah is a graduate of Southern Virginia University, where she studied English, Creative Writing, and Dance. She now works full time as a marketing and product manager, writer, and editor. Aleah served a mission in California and loves baking, Lang Leav poetry, Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, and Bollywood movies.

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Stuff4tots Inspirational Baby Blanket

If theres one thing babies love more than stuffed animals, its cozy blankets. This soft and lightweight quilt is embroidered with inspirational scriptures to bring your favorite little girl sweet dreams, and as she gets older, positive guidance to help her through childhood. Its also hypoallergenic and machine washable.

The quilt was perfect, . So worth the money every detail and the scripture was perfect. I had the name embroidered on top, which made it extra special.

Ugma Accounts With Earlybird

Our Baby’s Baptism

EarlyBird offers innovative UGMA accounts to help families save and invest for the children in their lives. The custodian sets up the UGMA account. They can then invite friends and family to contribute.

Once the custodian creates the account, they can decide how to invest the money within it.

EarlyBird offers five different ETF portfolios ranging from conservative to aggressive. As a result, families can invest in a way that best aligns with their investment goals and risk tolerance.

In addition to the main portfolios, EarlyBird offers values-based funds, in which custodians can invest up to 5% of the childâs UGMA account.

This option provides a unique opportunity for families to invest in funds that promote causes of importance to them, such as diversity and environmental protection.

Contributions to this type of account can serve as unique baptism gifts, allowing loved ones to make a financial contribution to the childâs future while also showing the family they care.

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Personalised Framed Faith Print

Words have such power. Especially words from God. Both children and adults need to be reminded of these powerful words often. A great way to do this is to give a faith print at your goddaughters baptism.

These are some prints I have personally worked on as I was so inspired and touched when my son received a faith print for his baptism from his godmother. It reminded me of my own baptism plaque that was special to me and inspired me to create prints that are touching and meaningful to children and look good displayed in their room.

Top 10 Ideas For Baptism Gifts

Uh oh the christening is on Sunday and you have no idea where to start. Youve got a lot of questions: Is it customary to give a gift for a baptism? If so, what is an appropriate gift for a baptism? Maybe youre not even sure what a baptism is!

Okay. Breathe. Well answer some of those questions then give you some great ideas for baptism gifts.

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The Lowdown On Christening Gifts

In the Christian religion, a baptism signifies a welcome into the faith. While the details of the ceremony may differ depending on the Christian denomination, the purpose of the celebration is the same.

It is also often the moment when godparents become godparentsa special honor thats worthy of acknowledgment.

Precious Moments Jesus Loves Me Snow Globe

Baptism Gift Christening Gift 8x10 Print Baptismal Gift

When I was younger, my grandma sewed together a Precious Moments doll and gave it to me. I kept that pillow long into toddlerhood. Much like that pillow, this snow globe features a Precious Moments character whos sitting with a little lamb. The front of the snow globe is embellished with the words Jesus Loves Me.

I ordered this for my sons communion,. He loves pretty things, and this is a keepsake that he will always have to remind him of this sacrament.

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My Baptism Memories And First Journal

Help your child begin a tradition that can last a lifetime with this commemorative baptism journal. The front cover pocket lets you slip in a treasured photo, and inside youll find plenty of space to record memories, special events, and spiritual experiences. Sure to be cherished now and especially in years to come, this will help your child remember what mattered most at their baptism. Get it here.

What If You Cant Attend The Baptism

Many times people are unsure of whether or not they should give a gift for an event that they cannot attend. Following general etiquette, it is polite to still send a gift to events you are not attending. It is up to you whether or not you would give a gift in the first place. If you do decide to give a gift you can either bring it to the family in person or send it to them. Depending on your relationship with the family having the baptism, the choice is up to you. If you do not wish to send a gift, consider sending a card in the mail.

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Personalized Baptism Baby Blanket

If youre a godparent or a very close relative, you might want a special keepsake item for the christening of the baby.

In that case, nothing beats a personalized blanket thats designed just for that special day. This silk blanket with a satin border comes in blue and pink, so its a great option for both boys and girls.

You can personalize the blanket by adding the babys name and christening date. The best part is, the gift arrives pretty quickly with reliable customer service!

Investment Accounts For Children

How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

As we discussed, compound interest means that a monetary gift thatâs invested will have a considerably greater impact for the young person in your life. And while brokerage accounts generally arenât available to anyone under the age of 18, there are plenty of other ways to invest for the children in your life.

Some of the most common investment accounts for children where you might put a baptism gift include:

  • Custodial accounts

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