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What To Gift Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Boxes Heres How To Get These Gift Boxes Ready

Gift Guide: What to give your BRIDESMAIDS!

Finally! The biggest moment of your life is around the corner. You are going to enter into the relationship of husband and wife. Apart from the excitement of getting hitched, you would have a lot of tasks to perform. From ordering a cake to deciding a dress and planning the venue, you have a lot of things to figure out. Your marriage ceremony is incomplete without your bridesmaids. The squad can be with you on your biggest day to help you get into your wedding apparel. Their presence can make your wedding day and its planning less stressful. Invite your bridesmaids to increase the festivity of this celebration. But let us know what you should put in your;bridesmaid boxes.

It can be a daunting task to plan out what you should include in a bridesmaid box and what not. The proposal boxes sent to your bridesmaid are important because they are sent to the personalities that are going to stand by your side on the biggest moment of your life. To make your wedding day memorable for you and your bridesmaids, we have compiled here what you should include in the bridesmaid proposal boxes.

When Should You Give Bridesmaid Gifts

There you have it: our list of our favorite jewelry to gift your bridesmaids! To close this post, we wanted to answer a commonly asked question: when should you give bridesmaid gifts? Is there a right time?

Theres no right time to give your bridesmaids their gifts but know that, generally, people hand out bridesmaids gifts close to their wedding date. Commonly, brides give out bridesmaid gifts at their rehearsal dinner or on the day of their wedding . Another idea is to have a fun brunch or dinner in the week leading up to the wedding where you spend a little time with your bridal party and then give them their gifts. Also, though its more unconventional, some brides give out their gifts much earlier. Some brides pass out their bridesmaid gift boxes at their bachelorette party, their bridal shower, or even when they first ask their bridesmaids, will you be my bridesmaid?

What Your Bridesmaids Really Want For Gifts

Last week, we asked yâall for the hands-down best gifts youâd want to receive as a bridesmaid. Hundreds of you responded over the next day. And as the DMs came in droves, we learned that many of your opinions on this topic are, shall we say, impassioned.

For example: âVeteran bridesmaid/MOH here. Please do NOT get us a tote with the word bridesmaid on it.ââ

While we may not all always agree, we love that we can harness the knowledge of this community to help bride-to-beâs with these decisions! Below are the main nuggets of wisdom we gleaned from the Famâs responses.

As youâll see, quality over quantity, and timelessness, are the overarching themes with gift giving. Ideally, you can gift your bridesmaids something theyâll love, and one they can wear/use beyond your wedding!

Oh, and one adamant thing you should definitely not do…

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Bride And Bridesmaids Hoodies

Shop: Totallybrides

Want to show off your bridesmaids? This matching set of bridesmaid hoodies is just what you need! And, of course, theres one for you too, so you can all match! These front zipper hoodies are perfect to get ready in because they make it easy to change without ruining your hair and makeup. And, your maids can wear them even after the wedding!;

A Gift Totally Unrelated To Your Wedding

DIY Bridesmaid Gift Box with Godiva

Your wedding is AMAZING. And your girls are your bridesmaids for a reason: theyre super excited for you, theyre going to have a blast, and they cant wait for your wedding day.

But! What if you thanked your bridesmaids & maid-of-honor with a gift that was entirely about them, rather than about your day? After all, theyre doing a hell of a lot of celebrating you during this wedding season.

My proposal, if they dont need anything from the list above, is to choose a gift thats entirely them. Whether that be jewelry , tickets to some event, a separate spa experience after the wedding.

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Custom Delicate Name Rings

A thoughtful maid of honor gift is this custom name ring. It can also be gifted to each member of your bridal party from best friends to sisters and even flower girls. Your party will cherish this ring and love its uniqueness. Its available in 3 finishes sterling silver, 18K gold and rose gold.

Price: $19.87+

Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids On Your Wedding Day

Here is a list of gift ideas for bridesmaids that you can give to them on your wedding day. Its important to let them know that there appreciated.

Now that you have chosen your bridesmaids, its time to think of a special gift to give them. This gift is a way to thank them for being part of your wedding. Its nice to know these ladies were willing to give up their time to be with you on your special day. Giving them a personalized gift is a wonderful way to show them how much they mean to you.

Some brides choose to give proposal gifts before the wedding which is also an option. Brides typically give at least one gift to their bridesmaids, and sometimes they choose to do more.

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Will You Be My Bridesmaid Candle

Aside from the glaring question on top of its lid that says Will You Be my Bridesmaid?, this;Will You Be my Bridesmaid Candle guarantees a Yes with its beauty and use. This gift is a 100% soy hand-poured candle that comes with beautiful crushed-up crystal pieces and dried flowers. The label on top is customizable so you may choose how you want to propose to your bridesmaids. Candles are made with ingredients that are FREE from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in other fragrances. They are also made with a cotton and paper-wrapped wick for a much slower, longer burn.

What To Get For Bridal Party Gifts

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas What To Get Your Bridal Party

This list is not comprehensive, but its a great start in creating your own list of gift ideas! Think about the kinds of things your party appreciates and values. Gifts that help reduce their out of pocket expenses for your wedding are also always a great option . And remember to think local – many of the gift ideas below feature unique items from local small businesses.;

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Lollipops With A Twist

“Pop” the question with these decadent lollies, which come in one-of-a-kind botanical flavors. Wait until your bridesmaids learn that once they eat the candy, they can plant the stick to grow their own flower or herb! Talk about a unique bridesmaid gift.

Brennan Clarke and Taylor Morgan blooming lollipops, $20 for a set of 8,

Oil Bath For The Senses 50 Susanne Kaufmann

A bath oil always makes a lovely gift, and the ones by Susanne Kaufmann are the most decadent and luxurious out there. The Oil Bath for the Senses version is a delightful blend of ylang ylang, patchouli and lavender. Perfect for post-wedding soaks for your hardworking team of bridesmaids.

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Tie The Knot Bracelet

A charming gift indeed! This;Tie The Knot Bracelet;is a unique way to ask/propose to your bridesmaids!; Inside each box, you can choose a floral card that says “I Can’t Tie the Knot Without You” OR “Thank You for Helping Me Tie the Knot”.; Your bridesmaids are special people in your life that truly deserve this amazing gift. Each bracelet comes packaged in a pretty heart gift box with a floral insert of your choice. Choose from gold, silver, or rose gold. It will surely look great having all of you wear it on your wedding day.

Bottle Of Champagne Or Cognac

Unique bridesmaid gifts ideas to show your love 14

Say it, dont spray it! Say thank you with a bottle of your bridesmaids favourite tipple. Prosecco and champagne still rank as the all time favourite bubbles. Say It With Champers has a wide range of personalised champagnes, combining light, fresh, citrus fruit flavours. These lively bubbles have a well balanced tangy finish thanks to extended ageing before release. Personalise 3 lines of text with messaging, names and dates.

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Where To Buy Bridesmaid Boxes

We are sure you would have liked the idea of creating a bridesmaid box to give something special to your attendants. Now the question is that where you should buy this box. There are several online and offline sources to get bridesmaid boxes. We recommend looking for wholesalers instead of retailers. If you are busy planning and managing the tasks of your wedding day, we recommend making an online order to get your bridesmaid boxes delivered to you without any problem. You can find out the box manufacturers and wholesalers right on your mobile.

The gift box suppliers like;Geotobox;can provide great services in this regard. You can contact them through their website and can have an idea about their products by seeing their items. You can also ask for samples. This is one of the best platforms to get high-quality and affordable bridesmaid boxes. You can choose the color of your choice and can also try different designs that seem perfect for your gift items. Keep the space in your mind that is required to put in your gift product. You can get standard-size gift boxes and can also ask the manufacturers to provide custom sizes. Read on to know more about the bridesmaid boxes.

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More so than ever before, your bridesmaids have stuck with you through thick and thin. If youre a COVID bride then you definitely know what were talking about.

From rescheduling dates, bachelorette celebrations, and engagement parties, finding accommodating venders and so much more theyve been by your side for your entire wedding planning process.

To thank your bridesmaids for all their support during this special time in your life, give them a well-deserved bridesmaid gift.

Ahead, find a dozen different gift ideas that theyll actually use and love. From personalized jewelry, comfy pajamas, beach bags and even a streaming device, theres bound to be something theyll love.

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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For Your Girl Squad

Written by;Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Your bridesmaids have been your saving grace. From trying on dozens of dresses to stuffing wedding invitations and helping you pack for your honeymoon, theres no task they couldnt handle. Now its time to thank them for the countless hours theyve devoted to you. While it can be difficult to narrow down the best bridesmaid gift ideas, weve put together a list of both meaningful and fun gifts that can help you show your appreciation.

Bride & Bridesmaid Slippers


These slippers will make the perfect bridal party gifts. Theres an option for you as the bride and your bridal party to rock the Babe slippers during the bachelorette party or even as everyone is getting ready on the wedding day. Theyre made from soft faux fur and super comfy to wear.

Price: $17.95

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Customized Wine Bottle Labels Available At Etsy From $340/label

My sister asked me to be her maid of honor with my favorite type of wine and a label that said, “Will you be my maid of honor?” on it. She got each bridesmaid their favorite bottle of wine and asked in the same way. I thought this was a thoughtful, sweet, simple way to ask. Victoria Gracie, associate distribution producer

Alcoholic Gummies That Have Basically Half A Shot Of Booze In Them Chewing Is The New Sipping

I’ve tried these and they are really tasty! You can taste the alcohol but it’s not overbearing at all. They’re a great way to start or end a night of revelry. The party box comes with two of each flavor: pineapple bellini, elderberry gin spritz, mandarin spritz, and passionfruit mojito. They also have mocktail versions if that’s more your speed.

Get it from Smith & Sinclair for $24.

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Speckled Minimalist Ring Dishes

Personalized wedding gifts are ideal, especially for the bridal party. This ring dish can be personalized with the initials of the recipient, a touching message, or even a standard saying. The dish is not ceramic and doesnt shatter when dropped. All of the customizations are hand-painted, which makes the gift even more special.

Price: $17.00+

Bride Babe Sleep Mask

5 Personalized Bridesmaids

Getting matching bride & babe sleep masks is an awesome way to make your bridal party extra fun. Made from soft satin nylon and with a trendy retro design, this is a super cute gift idea. The best part? Your girls can wear their masks at your sleepovers later on, too. Talk about a practical and special gift!

Price: $9.99

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The Best Bridesmaid Candles For Your Bridal Party

Your bride squads love and presence in your life and even during your wedding preparation have been heartwarming. Give them something that represents such warmth of affection and a symbol of a friendship that shall keep on illuminating your life no matter what season you may be in. Candle Gifts are classy and useful but to make the choosing part easier for you, here is a list of 17 Cutest Bridesmaids Candle Gifts.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts For Your Bridesman

If you have a bridesman, chances are youre pretty close. You probably share a special relationship filled with inside jokes and funny moments. So, dont hold back on giving a unique and practical gift to the guy in your life. Coincidentally, The Performance Package 4.0 would also be a great gift for your partner and groomsmen, too!

The kit includes an electric trimmer , an ear and nose hair trimmer, and supplies to keep everything fresh. Need we say more? Its all the things that hes wanted to try but wont purchase on his own. Plus, the benefit of gift ideas for bridesmaid proposals is that you can mail items or give them privately.

When in doubt, the Refined Cologne by Manscaped is vegan, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free. It has a light, masculine fragrance that is also perfect for gift giving.

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Custom Hanger Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts


Special dresses or outfits deserve a special hanger, and these lovely designs mean you can personalize everybodys dressing spot. Your bridesmaids will be able to take their hanger home as a cute and practical memento. Plus, having everyones name on an individual hanger will definitely save any confusion on the big day.

Under The Sea Pearl Necklace

My bridal party gift! (Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Mother of the bride, and more)

Ariel would definitely approve of this gem of the sea and add it to her collection of whosits and whatzitsand so will your bridesmaids! The classic 18 stainless steel chain holds a flawless freshwater pearl and a 9.2mm stainless steel circle charm. Engrave the circle charm with each of your;bridesmaids initials.;These timeless necklaces are the perfect accessory to gift your girls as a thank you the day of the wedding, during a beachy bachelorette vacation destination, or as a cherished gift to your mother and your future mother-in-law. All necklaces are sweetly packaged in individual white gift boxes so you can remind your girls that they are the true jewels of the sea.

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Name And Role Personalized Soy Candle

When a name, an initial, or a role is not good enough for you, print the Name and the Role of your bride tribe in this;Name and Role Personalized Soy Candle and be on your way to getting a guaranteed Yes! from them. This soy wax candle may come with your choice of scent or the scent preference of your bride tribe. Choose between white, black, gold, and silver for your font color to match your wedding theme. It comes in a box for a more convenient give-giving.

Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

It is tradition to present your bridesmaids with gifts on your wedding day. When choosing the gifts, it is essential to keep in mind useful products that may last beyond your wedding day. While you do not have to spend much on gifts, perhaps your budget will only allow for you to purchase something small, you can still make it special. Think about what they really want. Yes, perhaps robes or shirts that say bridesmaids are common. However, will they really wear it beyond your wedding day? Probably not. Here are a few tips to consider.

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The Best Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

When it comes to wedding days, one of the most influential aspects of your day will be who you surround yourself with. The people attending your wedding from guests to vendors will be in the vast majority of the memories you make on your big day. While they are all important and have a role to play, one of the most influential groups is your bridesmaids.;

From getting ready with you the day-of to dancing the night away with you after youve said I Do, there is no one else that will be with you as much as they will be on your wedding day.;

And, if were being totally honest, theyre also often there with you to celebrate your engagement, through numerous stages of planning, at showers and your bachelorette party. Your bridesmaids are a group of girls that are intimately intertwined with your entire wedding experience.;

So, how the heck do you thank them?!?;

Bridesmaid gifts are a hot topic among a lot of brides and on wedding forums. From the super unique to perfectly sentimental, weve seen a ton of bridesmaid gifts come through our doors over the last few years. While no one expects to get anything, giving gifts to your bridal party can be a fun way to not only personalize your day but also show the people who mean the most to you just how much you appreciate them.;

Wedding Day Necessities;

Custom Jackets;

Makeup Pouches & Weekender Bags;


Personalized Necklaces;

Unique Getting Ready Outfits

Custom Tumblers;

Throw Blankets

Individual Gifts;

The Alemans Vendor Spotlight:

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