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What To Give For Engagement Party Gift

Reasons For Not Bringing A Gift

What type of gift do you bring to an engagement party?

Conventional engagement party etiquette is that no gift is required or expected for an engagement party, and therefore, no, you do not necessarily need to bring a gift to the event. Other reasons to refrain from bringing a gift may include:

  • You don’t want the gift damaged at the party.
  • You don’t feel close enough to the couple to warrant an additional gift when you will be buying a wedding gift or other celebratory gifts.
  • Your budget may not permit an engagement gift.
  • The couple has requested that no one bring gifts.
  • You don’t believe that every celebration requires a material gift.

Whatever your reason for opting not to bring a gift, the couple is sure to appreciate your congratulations and good wishes for their engagement even without a physical gift to unwrap.

When To Buy Wedding Jewelry

Are you getting married? Let’s move beyond the engagement party and talk about the engagement and the wedding. If you’re dreaming up your engagement plans right now, you may be looking for the perfect band for proposing to the love of your life.

Beyond that, you might consider giving gifts to those who help plan your engagement party, bachelor and bachelorette weekends, couples’ shower, and wedding day. Let’s take a look at the beautiful jewelry you can gift throughout your engagement and wedding planning.

How Do You Plan An Engagement Party On A Budget

Here are some tips for planning an engagement party on a budget.

  • Cut down the guest list.
  • Tip: regardless of the size of your guest list, everyone who receives an invite to the engagement party should also receive an invitation to the wedding.
  • DIY decorations.
  • Go with a simple menu.
  • Dont do gifts.
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    Planning And Practical Gifts

    The parents of the engaged couple can opt for a gift that helps the couple plan their wedding or a gift the couple can use in their home. For example, the parents may buy the couple a wedding-organizing book or donate their time by taking the couple around to visit prospective reception halls and caterers. If the parents wish to buy the couple something useful, they can opt for a household appliance, such as a new toaster oven, barbecue or even a washer and dryer set.

    What Is The Proper Engagement Gift

    Pin by Amanda Ann on My projects

    Making sure you give the right engagement present to the happy couple is key. Find out how to handle the task with these 3 tips from Modern Manners Guy.

    Modern Manners’s engagement tips are:

  • Keep it simple and don’t break the banksave the fancy gift for the wedding!
  • Consider asking a group to go all-in on one nice gift
  • Be creativepersonalized gifts are always treasured
  • Everywhere you look, there are couples announcing their engagements. With so many people getting engaged and you being the popular person you are, chances are you will be called with an invite to the engagement party. Your happiness for the couple might turn to panic, however, when you find yourself wondering, What do I get them for an engagement gift? Dont worry youll be able to handle this task with ease after reading my top three tips for the proper engagement gift:

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    A Wine Club Membership

    For the wine-loving couple, a membership to a wine club is a gift that theyll continue to enjoy during their first few months of marriage .

    Most wine clubs charge by the month, so choose a membership that fits your budget. offers a variety of packages at different prices and allows you to choose a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription.

    How Many Hours Should An Engagement Party Be

    An engagement party should last a maximum of four hours. So factor in the drinking, partying, speeches, and everything else. This will allow the guests to get home in good time.


    It is ideal to have an engagement party three months after the proposal at the latest. You have to think of a cogent reason to bring everyone together. However, if you plan on having a long engagement, you can delay the party a bit and celebrate when youre ready.

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    Betty Lu Paperie Custom Wedding Address Stamp

    Courtesy of Etsy

    When it comes to practical gifts, this one may just take the cake. Between save-the-dates, wedding invites, and thank you notes, the couple is going to have a lot of mail going out.

    Make their lives easier and help them streamline the process with this custom ink and set stamp featuring their return address.

    Is A Gift Even Necessary

    BRIDAL PARTY GIFT IDEAS (So many personalized & affordable options!)

    Traditionally, engagement parties were not occasions for gifts. Times are changing however, and in some areas giving a gift at an engagement party has become standard practice. If you’re not sure, check with other invited guests or a local wedding planner to see what the custom is. If the bride- or groom-to-be are family or close friends, a small gift may be appropriate.

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    Advice For Engaged Couples

    If you are the couple of honor at an engagement party, it’s nice to keep in mind how much your guests will be spending over the next several months as they celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Not only will they purchase bridal shower gifts and wedding presents, but they’ll also have the expense of something to wear and potentially lodging at your event.

    Never expect anything from your guests, since the purpose of this event is to share the news with the people you care about most. If you’d like to dissuade guests from bringing a gift, a simple “No gifts, please!” message on your invitations can go a long way. If you are still treated to presents by your guests, make sure to send a timely thank you note to everyone who brought a gift, following the same basic guidelines as you would for wedding and shower gifts.

    Should You Bring A Gift To An Engagement Party

    If you want to! Bringing a gift to an engagement party is definitely not a requirement, but its certainly an extremely nice gesture to extend. Generally, relatives and close friends of the couple will bring a gift to the engagement party.

    If youre still uncertain about whether or not to bring a gift, consider the formality of the event , your plans for attending the wedding , and your budget . Unfortunately, at an engagement party, chances are the couple hasnt gotten around to creating their registry just yet. So whats an appropriate gift for an engagement party? More often than not, invited guests bring a small and meaningful gift.

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    Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal For Two

    Courtesy of Amazon

    Talk about creating memories. This journal acts as a relationship time capsule, with all kinds of thoughtful writing prompts for the couple to respond to and reflect on together.

    Pair it with a handwritten note suggesting they start now so that they’ll have something fun to look back on during their first wedding anniversary. Bonus points for the very budget-friendly price.

    Proper Engagement Gift Etiquette

    Engagement gift idea

    There are two schools of thought when it comes to whether or not presents are necessary for engagement parties. On one hand, it’s fun to buy gifts for any occasion, and a couple pledging to spend their life together certainly is a reason to celebrate. On the other hand, there are many times throughout the wedding planning process where you may be gifting the couple, and many think that’s more than enough.

    As it turns out, both of these arguments are correct. The current etiquette policy for engagement party gift-giving is open to whatever you’re comfortable withyou can spend a lot, a little, or nothing at all. Just remember, no one expects you to make a major purchase for this event. Here are some other things to think about when deciding whether to buy a gift for an engagement party.

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    Daily Harvest Gift Card

    The wedding planning period is often busy with a capital B, with cooking and meal-planning falling by the wayside. Give them the gift of easy, healthy meals at their fingertips with a gift card to Daily Harvest.

    They can pick their own plan, choosing from all kinds of delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner optionsall of which are full of nutritious ingredients.

    Agier Design Adventure Together Print

    Courtesy of Etsy

    Choose from three memorable locationsthink the couples hometowns, where they met, where they live, or the wedding locationto create a hand-crafted, map-inspired piece of art. You can even add custom text to make it that much more personalized. It comes in various sizes and framing options in a range of prices, too.

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    A Cookbook They’ll Want To Use Together For Date Nights In

    Date night doesn’t always have to mean going out for a fancy dinner sometimes it’s just about spending a night in with a pile of takeout or taking the time to cook a nice meal together. Get them a cookbook that portions out ingredients for two so they know just what to make and how much to buy at the grocery store.

    This Is The Right Kind Of Gift To Bring To An Engagement Party

    My bridal party gift! (Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Mother of the bride, and more)

    The rules of wedding etiquette are constantly changing, making it difficult for modern brides, grooms and guests to find up-to-date and correct information. That’s why we launched #MannersMondays, a series in which we ask our followers on Twitter and Facebook to submit their most burning etiquette-related questions. Then, with the help of our team of etiquette experts, we get you the right answers to your biggest Big Day dilemmas. Check out this week’s question below!

    what type of gift should you bring to an engagement party if there’s no registry and bridal shower to follow at some point?

    Anna Post — great-great-granddaughter of etiquette guru Emily Post and author of Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette — is here to help us answer this week’s question. Find out what she had to say below:

    You can submit your wedding etiquette questions via or tweet them to us with the hashtag #MannersMondays.

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    Keep These Engagement Party Etiquette Tips In Mind

    Are you helping to plan an engagement party? You could be wondering how to properly accommodate those getting engaged and the guests who will celebrate. As a host or co-host, your job is to facilitate a festive environment where the newly engaged can celebrate with friends and family and have meaningful, exciting conversations. Here are a few ways you can make this party both enjoyable and polite.

    West & Willow Custom Pet Portrait

    Simply send in a photo of the pup and the brand does the rest, replicating their likeness in a portrait. You can also customize the text above the image

    Courtesy of West & Willow

    You know that couple thats so obsessed with their dog that the pup is going to be in the wedding ceremony? This is the perfect gift for them.

    Simply send in a photo of the pup and the brand does the rest, replicating their likeness in a portrait. You can also customize the text above the image

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    A Custom Stamp For All Their Invitations And Thank

    Custom Stamp Gift Set, available on Paper Source, $39.95

    Planning a wedding includes quite a bit of snail mail invitations and thank-you notes, for starters and a custom stamp can make the process go by much faster. Each gift set includes a self-inking stamper, one black ink cartridge, and one gift certificate that allows them to customize a stamp plate online.

    Parachute Classic Bathroom Starter Bundle

    Pin on Crafts I

    Courtesy of Parachute

    Towels and bathroom mats are one of those seemingly boring staples that many couples probably wont register for. Give them what they didnt even know they needed: a major bathroom linen upgrade.

    This set comes with four bath towels, four hand towels, four washcloths, and a bath mat, all made of super soft long-staple Turkish cotton and available in five different colors. It may not seem like the most obvious gift, but trust us, its one that will be appreciatedand used repeatedly.

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    For The Holidays: A Custom Ornament Or Holiday Decoration

    The first holiday season as newlyweds is always so special, so make it one to remember by engraving an ornament or other holiday decoration for them that includes the date of their engagement. Everyone remembers their wedding anniversary, but a keepsake to remember their engagement date by will keep that special day top-of-mind as they celebrate the holidays for years to come.

    The 5 Best Engagement Gifts Moms Can Give Their Children

    Heres The Skinny On Gifts Mom Will Approve And Children Will Love

    Congratulations! Your son or daughter has just agreed to marry the love of their life. Time to celebrate! We know that buying meaningful engagement gifts can be tough, but were here to help. No matter your budget, here are some mom-approved things you can gift to celebrate the special couple in your life.

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    Local Art For Their New Home

    Later on, the couple will likely register for all the home goods their hearts desire. At the engagement party, you’re free to gift any fun home decor pieces that remind you of the in-love couple. One way to support your local economy and your engaged friends is by giving them locally made art. Such a personal gift can help transform their house into a home.

    Map Of Their Love Story


    If they got engaged on a romantic trip away, then this gift for newly engaged couples is the perfect idea. The spot where they popped the question will be marked with a colorful heart. Their names are added in cursive above the location and date of their engagement. It doesn’t get much more personalized than that!

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    Wedding Fund Money Box

    A cute money box will make saving for the big day way more fun, and personalizing it with a picture of your friend and their soon-to-be spouse makes it all the more special. You can also add their names above the words “wedding fund,” which is printed in pretty calligraphy style. This elevated money box is a fun yet practical gift for anyone planning a wedding.

    Who Hosts An Engagement Party

    iSave to

    The host of an engagement party is the parents of the bride in the traditional sense. But these days, things are evolving. Couples now choose to host their engagement parties. Also, friends step in to give the couple a surprise party.


    An engagement party can be as formal as a sophisticated dinner, cocktail evening, or black suit event. It can also be as casual as an evening at the beach, club, or backyard setting. The most important fact is that the couple is able to get creative and leave their personal touch.

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    How Much Money Do You Give For An Engagement Party

    The Gift Amount

    Aim for the engagement party gift to be around one-quarter to one-third the cost of the wedding gift.

    Keeping this in consideration, How soon should you have an engagement engagement party?

    You want to have the party when the news is still fresh. Assuming the wedding is a year or so away, holding the engagement party within the first few months would be a good idea. Youll be relaxed and wont be super busy with serious wedding planning just yet.

    Secondly Do you take a present to an engagement party? The good news is, engagement gifts are not required, no matter how fancy the celebration. Nowadays, its common for guests to bring a gift to an engagement party, but its usually something small and sentimental. Dont feel pressured to give an elaborate or expensive gift.

    What are you supposed to bring to an engagement party?

    Gift cards, a check, or cash always make a much-appreciated present. If you want a gift that underscores the celebratory aspect of getting engaged, pick out two or four champagne flutes. Or bring a bottle of Champagne or prosecco. The bride probably hasnt registered yet but in case she has, look there for ideas.

    Personalized Bottle Of Wine

    Image result for quilted engagement gift ideas ...

    Do they love kicking back with a bottle of wine? Make your friend and their fiancé feel extra special with a bottle that’s engraved with their names and the date they said yes to forever. Choose from champagne or cabernet sauvignon depending on their tastes, then tuck your gift into a cute wine tote for a little something extra.

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    Here Are Some Things That Are Appropriate For Engagement Party Gifts:

    • Stemware a pair of wine glasses with their names etched
    • Coffee or tea mugs with cute sayings that are appropriate for the couple
    • Coasters a set of coasters that either goes with their decor or shows their interests
    • Vase for all the special occasion flowers that will follow
    • Book love poems, romantic stories, wedding planner, or engagement guide

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