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What To Give For Sympathy Gift

Is It Appropriate To Send A Sympathy Gift After The Funeral

Amy’s Story | 5 Ways to Give Better Sympathy Gifts

Yes. Whilst sending a gift as soon as you learn of the death is recommended it can be comforting for the family to receive something after the stress and pain of the funeral too.

Grieving doesnt end or stop after a funeral. It will continue on for however long is necessary and during that time the support and love of friends will be essential. So a gift to show your support and to lift the spirits of those mourning is a lovely gesture that will be appreciated regardless of it being after the funeral.

Sympathy Gifts For Women

Were used to getting little gifts for girlfriends but finding sympathy gifts for our best pals isnt always as simple. If you have a caring friend in your life who needs some extra caring, here are some feminine sympathy gift ideas:

  • Pamper her with a massage gift card or prepaid mani/pedi appointment.
  • Chip in with your squad and gift her with a grocery delivery gift card.
  • Show her you care with something for her home, like a memory candle or this hopeful Bible verse trinket tray.
  • Honor her grandparent with an artistic sympathy gift like this loving depiction of a grandma and her grandchild by Ken Sheldon.
  • Give a wooden wall cross as a symbol of hope and comfort.
  • Remember her beloved sister with a symbol of their relationship. This sisters figurine is perfect for her desk or nightstand.
  • Tell your friend you love her with a You are loved angel or this prayerful angel for her office or home.
  • Comfort her with something that represents your friendship. This friends figurine will remind your bestie youre keeping her close in heart.
  • Gift a butterfly symbol, like this butterfly tray or cross. Butterflies are symbolic creatures that represent rebirth and immortality. In Japanese culture, white butterflies are our loved ones souls trying to connect with us.
  • Commit to regularly scheduled online video calls .
  • Read a book or take up a hobby their loved one was passionate about.

What Should I Give Someone When I Family Member Dies

However, if it was a close relative, family member or best friend who died, it may sometimes be a good idea to send a gift that lasts and honours the loved one for eternity – or at least for the lifetime of the bereaved.

Gifts that last can be treasured for ever, and keep on giving long after the initial shock has worn off. Examples of gifts which last could be memorial jewelry with the name of the lost loved one, a framed inspirational poem, or a remembrance bench.

Some gifts are so personal that they would only be appropriate from a relative or very close friend of the family. If in doubt keep it fairly simple.

You can also plant a tree in memory of the lost one. We have lots of ideas in our sympathy gift pages.

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Angel Figurine Sympathy Gift

An angel figurine is a beautiful way to provide someone with a memorial gift for their home. This beautiful, intricately carved angel has a vintage look. The blonde angel has a downturned face and is carrying a large cross. The cross is gilded with leaves, a flower and a gem. The angel has a butterfly in her hair and a simple, flowing dress. There are more flowers carved at the bottom of the dress. A beautiful message is engraved, which reads, angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hands of God. Made of polyresin and beautifully packaged, this gift will delight and comfort someone after they have lost a loved one.

Comfort Gift Basket For Bereavement

Condolence Gift Basket For Encouragement And Support

When someone is grieving, a gift basket can provide thoughtful and sympathetic comfort. This beautiful basket has two, vintage-style cream teddy bears and other treats. The basket itself is a light gray color and nicely woven. Inside the basket, your recipient will get a packet of pretzels, chocolate, cookies, bruschetta crisps, cappuccino and gourmet crackers. There is also a grief journal, sympathy book and two large, ceramic coffee mugs. The general color scheme of the basket is various shades of royal blue and gray. The basket will be shrink wrapped so that it is secure during shipping and delivered perfectly. You can personalize a message that will be lovingly printed and included with the gift basket.

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A Limb Has Fallen From The Family Tree

Handcrafted wooden plank sign with dark finish contrasting against creamy white lettering and tree design. The sympathy gift sign reads,

A limb has fallen from the family treeThat says grieve not for me.Remember the best times,

This distressed wood sign stands out with the woven heart, which symbolizes the message that the loved one will live on, Forever in our Hearts.Available here.

Stars In The Sky Terracotta Candle Holder

The uplifting sentiments that decorate this candle holder make it an extremely thoughtful remembrance gift to help your friend keep their lost loved ones flame alight. The inscription reads Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy, fitting words to demonstrate your support for your friend in their time of grief, with the comforting thought that their lost loved one is in a better place. The candle holders decorative lid means it doubles as a tasteful ornament. Itll come safely packaged up in a decorative box, so you can rest assured itll arrive in perfect condition. The designer also produces several other designs with the same inscription, if you like the sentiment but are looking for something a little different: various ornaments, angel figurines or photo frames could be better options for your friend.

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Premium Hardcover Ruled Notebook

It can be extremely difficult to know what to give a mourning friend, so a notebook is a simple, but very thoughtful gesture. For some, writing down their thoughts and feelings will be key to processing their loss. Premium quality paper, a ribbon bookmark and lay-flat binding mean using their notebook will be a luxurious, calming experience, bringing them some time for relief and reflection as they navigate their grief.

Succulent Sympathy Gift Box

5 Sympathy gift ideas gestures!

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here

Plants are an important source of comfort during times of loss. Caring for a plant can be a helpful and meaningful distraction from grief. Succulents are a popular, low-maintenance gift plant. This gift box is a good comfort kit for someone in your life. It has a small, succulent plant. The two-inch succulent has a terracotta pot with soil. There is also a scented soy candle, which is made from natural ingredients and smells like white tea. The gift box is a natural, brown cardboard and has a lovely, printed card with the words with heartfelt sympathy. You can add a personalized message to the modern, princted card.

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Sleeping Baby Memorial Sculptures

Buy or Read More on Etsy Here

To bring peace and comfort through the loss of a child, these precious rainbow baby concept sympathy sculptures are a wonderful gift idea. You can choose from various colors and styles. The baby itself is a carefully, hand sculpted baby who is lying down with their hands gently resting in front of them. The babys head, hands and feet are all simply sculpted. Attached to the back is a set of luminescent, translucent wings. These look like butterfly wings with elegant vein detailing. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles for the wings. There is, lastly, a birthstone gem affixed to the center of the wings which can be customized. What a beautiful reminder of a sleeping angel.

Buy Plants Or Flowers

Plants or flowers are a traditional gift you may want to get to show sympathy. You might want to opt for floral arrangements at the funeral. You might choose to give a houseplant, like a palm plant, that your friend can enjoy for years to come.

Florists can also help you with your selection. If you make your purchase online, look for specially labeled products, like some flowers would not be appropriate to give in sympathy.

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Hello You Candles Personalized Candle Sympathy Gift

Candles are a home decor staple, but these are a bit more special. You can choose from 9 to 16 ounces and kraft or white paper with these scented soy candles that have a personalized message on the back. The message can be words of encouragement, a quote, or even scripture. The soy candles burn between 40 and 70 hours. So not only will the recipient have something beautiful to look at but also a sweet fragrance to smell.

The embroidered cover of this has a special Live, Laugh, Love message to emphasize the happy times that people were able to share with the person they lost. The album holds 200 4 x 6-inch photos and leaves room in a memo-writing area on each page to jot down notes and memories. Your grieving friend might find comfort in going through pictures from times they spent with the person theyve lost.

Hanging File Copper Desk Organizer

Sympathy gift for a friend: Wine, Wine Glass, Corkscrew ...

Bereavement can involve a whole lot of paperwork, but its not something that youll appreciate before youre actually faced with it all. Now, you might not be able to deal with all your friends admin yourself, but you sure can make things easier for them. This elegant organizer will hold multiple 8.5 x 11 hanging file folders to keep their paperwork in order. Set up the organizer on their desk or wall and pick up some hanging files to get them started, too. Thatll give you a reason to check up on how theyre doing, too, without making it too obvious.

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Helpful And Practical Gifts

Gifts of service, from raking leaves to watching small children, are often welcomed. Gifts of service are often put to immediate use and help relieve stress for the person who receive it. Practical gifts that fill a need or can be put to use, like a sympathy throw that can be displayed and then used at home, are also good types of gifts to give.

What Is An Appropriate Sympathy Gift

A fitting sympathy gift is one that demonstrates youve put thought and effort into it. Whilst flowers are fine, and a good choice for many situations, choosing something like a picture frame containing a photo of the deceased or a donation to their favorite charity shows extra time taken to personalise a gift, and a degree of care and attention dedicated to the decision. This will be appreciated far more than a standard, generic gift.

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What Type Of Gift Is Appropriate

If you know the person well, you can give anything you think they would like. Food is generally a safe bet, as long as you know their preferences.

Before you spend a fortune at the florist, find out if flowers are acceptable to the family. Some cultures and religions frown upon flowers during a time of mourning. You can also give a donation to a charity in honor of the deceased.

Other comforting items may be a photo album, frame, or keepsake box to hold mementos. If you have a picture or something special that you know the person will love, by all means, add it.

Should I Expect To Receive A Thank You Card For A Sympathy Gift

Sympathy, Condolence or Bereavement Gift Baskets

The bereaved may send a thank you note or message but you shouldnt expect one. Grief affects people in different ways. Some can cope and carry on their normal life without it causing too much interruption. Others struggle enormously. The grief can cause them to even function properly. Getting through each day is hard enough.

So if someone is affected badly the last thing they are going to be thinking about is sending a thank you card for a gift theyve received.

But that doesnt mean they arent grateful. And it certainly doesnt mean you shouldnt send one. The act of giving should be the reward, and knowing it may help those going through such pain to not feel as alone.

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Send The Gift To The Right Person

When a friend has a relative that has passed away, it is easy to know who you should send your sympathy gift to. However, what if one of your friends has passed, and you want to send a gift to their family?

If you arent sure who you should send your sympathy gift to, it is considered respectful to send it to the deceaseds partner or oldest child. Another option is to send it to the person in charge of the funeral. This way, the gift will be sure to find its way to the correct person.

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Something For The Kids

One of the first questions people will ask after a loss is how the children who were affected are doing. And yet, people rarely think to send or give items to the kids. Children often feel forgotten with all the attention around the death and the funeral. Any small gift can remind them that you are thinking of them.

Think of the age and interest of the children. A stuffed animal , a journal , coloring books, activity books, movies, or video games are all easy suggestions that will let a child know you havent forgotten them.

When Should I Give The Gift

The Best Homemade Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas â Home ...

Avoid bringing a gift to the funeral or service itself. Flowers and cards can be brought or sent directly to the funeral home or the person’s house. If you have a small item to give, then you may want to cover it with tissue paper or plain wrapping and bring it to the visitation as well. Food items should be brought to the person’s home. When dropping off a gift at the person’s home, call ahead to make sure someone is there to receive it. Mailing a gift or sympathy card is also appropriate.

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Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas For 2021

If youre writing a sympathy card message to send or give to someone then you may be thinking of including a gift to go with it. Offering a touching and thoughtful gift to the bereaved is a generous gesture that can really brighten their day.

During a time where they probably feel most alone this can be a real comfort, especially if the gift is one that comes from the heart and reaches out to them.

But you may be struggling with what gift to get. The usual sympathy gifts can be cliche and seem like no thought was required before giving them.

Sometimes it can be nice to give something a little different and unique. Theres nothing wrong with flowers, plants or a memorial plaque. Often these will be the most appropriate.

But there are many options out there that can offer something more personal, have a deeper meaning and connection, and really make a difference.

Thats why weve compiled a list of what we believe to be the most different and unique sympathy gifts out there. So if you want an alternative to flowers then look no further. Were sure youll find something that really stands out and hopefully provides real warmth in such a trying period.

Tree Of Life Cremation Urn Locket

From $24.99 at Etsy

How about a bronze urn necklace with a fillable glass ash orb? This is one of the best sympathy gifts for families that conduct cremation.

The glass orb comes in a variety of colors so you can choose a significant one, perhaps the favorite color of the deceased.

Wearing the ashes as a pendant symbolically shows that the deceased will always be close to the heart.

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What If Someone Asks For A Donation Instead

Many people ask for a donation to their favourite cause instead of a gift, but there is no reason why you can’t do both. Donations can be given without the amount being divulged to your loved one if requested.

It would certainly be worthwhile to give your friend or loved one a link to this site with whatever gift you choose as it will certainly help them. You could give them the link by sending one of our cards which has the link on the back.

See also our section on Words of Sympathy to help you write messages and letters to go with your cards and gifts.

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