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What To Put In Wedding Gift Bags

What Do You Put In A Overnight Guest Basket

DIY Wedding Preparation : How to Make Gift Bags for the Wedding Party

Here are some items to include in a guest toiletries basket: Shampoo, soap, and conditioner. Lotion. Hair spray.Here are some other items you might want to include in the room: Nightstands. Floor lamps and bedside lamps. Waste basket. USB plug adapter. Wall mirror. Pen and paper. Tissue box. Bottled water.

What Goes Into The Bags

What would you fill these little bags with? Flower seeds, candy, jewelry, trinkets or even homemade soaps. Some more ideas for wedding favors, in or out of the bag:

  • Personalized jar candles with the brides and grooms smiling faces or a nice message on the glass. Its easier than it sounds to make this yourself!
  • Spoonful of Kisses. Perfect as table favors, these are spoons with chocolate kisses beautifully netted onto them . Just a gorgeous little presentation of candy and a spoon to keep.
  • Ribbon Roses. These beautiful little favors can be given to guests as is, or you can put a safety pin on the back and make them wearable.
  • Bags of almonds. This is traditional, so its all in the presentation. You could use one of the above bags, or the even simpler one shown in the linked project.
  • Illusion necklaces and earrings. Sets like these can sell for $30-50 at malls, but you can make them for a small fraction of that cost.
  • Chocolate wedding bell lollipops. Gorgeous and delicious, these are sure to be a big hit.
  • Candy Flower Pots. Paint and be-ribbon little cheap flower pots beautifully and put pieces of candy in as the soil for fake flowers.
  • . These colorful candles look like martinis. They are super-easy to make, and affordable too.
  • Health And Safety Supplies

    Show your loved ones just how much you care about them by including some health-and-safety essentials in the mix. Hand sanitizer is a great gift bag idea for wedding guests, especially when it’s small enough to stow in a clutch or back pocket. These pretty hand sanitizers come in a choice of three amazing scents, which will leave your loved ones’ hands sanitized and smelling great.

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    Monogrammed Towels In Printed Large Burlap Bags

    A beach wedding is a thing of beauty: exotic landscape, surreal natural colors, wind through your hair, unmatched sea waves music, heartwarming vows, relaxation, and wild parties. If you want to create unforgettable memories for you and all your guests, a beach wedding ceremony and party will meet and exceed everybodys expectations.

    However, a beach party would be incomplete without themed party favors. Pick some large burlap bags you can print with a fun message, your names and ceremony date, the lovebirds initials, and more. Throw in each bag a refined and high-quality beach towel with the couples monogram. This way, you will offer more than just a very useful gift to your guests, but also the chance of them remembering you every time they go to the beach.

    An Itinerary And A Map

    Wedding Welcome Bags. Hotel Wedding Welcome Bag. Welcome ...

    Even the simplest wedding needs a plan. A detailed itinerary helps guests understand the timing of the weekend and figure out how much time they need to for getting ready and traveling to and from events. For getaways or multi-day events, a detailed itinerary is crucial. Letting guests know where they need to be and when saves them from texting or calling you, or continuously logging onto your wedding website.

    If youre hosting a destination or an out-of-town wedding, include a map of the area and recommendations of restaurants, museums, and other attractions in the area. We recommend also including a list of contacts. You can add local emergency numbers and the names and numbers of the best people to reach out to for any questionsyou and your fiance will havé enough going on.

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    Leave A Personal Touch

    Having personalized welcome bags, does not mean you need to invest in branded bags or monogrammed boxes. In fact, we usually dont recommend it as your guests will likely never use a bag or box with your wedding hashtag or monogram again. There are many more economical but equally effective touches you can add, such as customized cards, handwritten calligraphy notes, and personalized tags on the items inside. We love to Infuse these printed pieces with elements from your invitation or wedding suite such as a monogram or emblem. You may also opt for something still personalized but more related to your wedding theme or destination.

    Another very fun idea is to add an illustration of your pets to personalize it even more and include your favorite furry friends. We used an illustration of the couples French bulldogs throughout their Welcome gifts.

    How Much Should I Spend On Welcome Gift Bags For A Destination Wedding

    How much you spend on the welcome gift bags for your destination wedding is completely up to you and your partner. Every wedding budget is different, and everyones priorities for how they spend the budget are different, too.

    The items we spent the most on were what we knew the guests would use after the trip. The best thing we could have gotten everyone was a tumblr Our family and friends still use these + they were a great way to know who was part of the wedding when we were drinking at the pool.

    We didnt want to waste money on filler items that could end up in the trash. We chose not to put our names or wedding dates on the welcome bag item in hopes that it wouldnt differ anyone from using after the wedding.

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    Do You Give Wedding Favors To Each Guest

    As a general rule of thumb, yes, you should plan to give a wedding favor to each of your guests, including couples and families. There are a few exceptions depending on the type of favor youâre giving outfor example, you can probably skip favors for babies and young children, and stick to one per family if the favors are elaborate or larger items, such as full-size bottles of champagne. When ordering or making your favors, always have a few extraswe recommend about a dozenso you have a few left for yourself or if a guest decides to take more than one .

    Invitation In A Bottle

    How to Make Gift Bags for Wedding Guests

    Charm your guests with this message in a bottle, Starfish edition. It poses as the perfect invitation card for wedding couples who want to stir up the guests before the actual wedding day.

    Each clear glass bottle is filled with fine sand, assorted miniature seashells, and is adorned with a real starfish. Create your own message inside the glass bottle or let us do it for you. Our custom invitation is printed on an ivory linen paper and is attached to natural earthy paper.

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    Waterproof Key Card Holder

    How many times have you been on vacation trying to figure out what to do with your money, credit cards, and hotel key card while you lounge poolside? This is something your guests will never think of bringing themselves, but theyll be super grateful you did! These key card holders are a really practical and fun gift! It comes with a double-sided card that has a fun poem on one side and your wedding itinerary on the reverse so your guests will know where to be at all times. There are many different designs to choose from, you get to personalize all the wording on it, and it comes fully assembled all for less than $2.

    Diy Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas For Wedding Guests

    Are you planning a destination wedding? There are many moving parts, so let me help you knock one thing off your list DIY welcome bags for wedding guests! We wanted to give our guests destination wedding welcome bags of things to make their beach week as comfortable as possible, without making this take out a huge chunk of our budget. Remember there is no pressure to have destination wedding gift bags if thats not something your and your fiance can/want to work into your budget.

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    Map Of Your Wedding Location

    Though not a necessity, we love custom maps created with your wedding location and surrounding area. We suggest including local eats, recommended bars, boutiques, and historic attractions on a handy map, custom illustrated with your go-to locations.

    Though guests will be busy , they may have some quiet time that they can use to explore the local area and your super-easy map of the area will take the guess work out of where to go!

    WGM Says:Minted is actually one of our favorite places for custom wedding invitation designs .

    Consider these key ingredients when filling up your wedding goodie bags:

    What Do You Give As Wedding Favours

    LOVE this destination wedding welcome bag idea! The ...

    Its all about small gifts: think a little candle, scented soap, packet of seeds or a bottle opener. Edible ones, like chocolate truffles, pick n mix sweets, or biscuits, go down a treat as do little bottles of alcohol. Try to link them in with your theme or a passion for you as a couple. If youre having a rustic theme, how about little jars of jam, shot glasses, tea bags or a succulent? If youre having a vintage theme, you could have popcorn in old-school striped boxes, polaroid snaps, tea cups, or cute milk bottles filled with personalised cocktails.

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    Welcome Letter & Itinerary

    A welcome letter is a simple but very impactful item that should be a part of every welcome bag. When were caught up in the wedding planning journey, it can be easy to forget just what a big sacrifice our guests are making. They are taking time off work/school, spending thousands of dollars and using up their own vacation time just to attend your wedding. A welcome letter is a really personal touch that you can add to your bags to show your appreciation.

    It may seem like something small, but my guests loved their welcome letters and many of them brought them back home as a keepsake. There are some really gorgeous high-quality double-sided designs that have a welcome letter on one side and a full itinerary on the reverse side. You can personalize them with any wording youd like and there are tons of gorgeous designs to choose from.

    Wedding Gift Bag Ideas To Welcome Your Guests

    Its difficult to land on the right wedding gift bag ideas in 2020. Most advice columns list items that are overdone, way too expensive, uninspired, or impractical.

    Thats why were here.

    Read on and find wedding gift bag ideas that are perfect for a range of ages, tastes, budgets, effort, and style.Our suggestions work as-is but you know your guests best. Feel free to swap out a few items with gifts that are more suited to your friends and family.

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    What Are Traditional Wedding Favours

    What are Traditional Wedding Favours? Traditionally, wedding favours were given as wedding souvenirs in place of wedding cards. They were meant to represent the good luck and fertility of the bride. The first known wedding favours originated amongst the French aristocrats and were called Bonbonnieres.

    Think About The Guest Experience

    5 Reasons… What to Put in Your Wedding Gift Bags!

    Are there certain things your guests may need while staying overnight for your wedding? Hangover kits are always a popular hit as they can contain necessities like Tylenol, Band-Aids, mints, vitamin boosters, earplugs, and makeup remover wipes. Water bottles are always appreciated . If your wedding is outdoors, consider what your guests may need for the elements. A fan and mini sunscreens would be perfect for a beach wedding welcome, while Chapstick or hand-warmers would be much appreciated during a winter celebration. If theres rain in the forecast, why not add in some disposable rain ponchos too?!

    While the focus will be on you the entire weekend, its nice to have an element of your event that focuses completely on your guests. A beautifully packaged and creative wedding welcome bag shows a level of gratitude and appreciation for the efforts your guests made to be there with you to celebrate. Have you thought about other ways to thank your guests for attending your big day? If not, you may want to also check out our recent post about how to create the perfect party favor.

    BONUS: Here are some more suggestions for your wedding welcome gifts!

    • Dried mango or other dried fruit
    • Local coffee or small bag to take home
    • Water boxes
    • Illustrated map of the hotel or local area
    • A printed Spotify QR code with a personalized playlist for the weekend
    • Bubbles
    • Disposable masks

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    Where To Buy Wedding Welcome Bags

    For our wedding welcome bag, we wanted to go the practical route and make sure we purchased a bag that our guests would be able to use again. We priced out different tote bags, canvas style bags, etc, from online shops, but most of the welcome bag ideas ended up being a bit more than we wanted to spend. Of course we could have gone the direction of gift bag, which is a really great cost effective welcome bag choice, but we knew that would just thrown away.

    We ended up finding wet swimsuit bags in the Dollar Section at Target, which fit everything except the Tumblr. I found a few similar wet swimsuit bags from Etsy, linked below.

    What To Put In Your Wedding Welcome Bags: A Handy Checklist

    As with all of our checklists, the following run-down is designed to be customised. In short, take the ideas you like and ditch the rest!

    • Water – adding a custom label would be a cute touch!
    • Sweet or savoury snacks – cookies, popcorn, crisps or sweets are a great idea, particularly when they’re exclusive to the area
    • Fresh fruit – apples, oranges and bananas are the easiest to pack in a goodie bag.
    • Mini bottles of Champagne or miniature alcohol bottles
    • Mints
    • A postcard, fridge magnet or other souvenir from the area
    • Weather essentials – for warm weather weddings, these might be mini bottles of sunscreen, after sun or bug spray, for other climates, ponchos, hand warmers and umbrellas are a good shout.
    • A mini hangover kit – this can include things like painkillers, eye masks and a vitamin tablet or sachet!

    Photo by Wedding Favors Totes on Etsy

    Tips for Putting Together your Wedding Welcome Bags

  • Enlist your bridal party or family members to help you pack and distribute bags to your venue or hotel. I love the idea of guests finding their welcome bags in their rooms when they arrive .
  • Keep it simple and remember that you don’t have to fill the whole thing your guests dont want to lug a bunch of extra stuff home with them.
  • Consider each individual guest while packing your wedding welcome bags, and ask your helpers to do the same. For example, alcohol won’t be appropriate for all guests.
  • Featured image credit: Bliss Paper Boutique

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    Here’s Exactly What To Put In Your Wedding Welcome Bags

    Greet your wedding guests with a thoughtful and convenient collection of goodies. Here’s how to build a wedding welcome bag, how to package it, and how to share it.

    Wedding welcome bags are a great way to warmly greet wedding guests as soon as they arrive at your festivities. These gift bags let family and friends know that youre grateful theyre able to share your special weekend with you. Plus, wedding welcome bags are filled with items that will make guests experiences as comfortableand memorableas possible.

    Welcome bags are particularly popular for destination weddings, but theyre also super common for local celebrations. Read on for our tips on how to build and how to package your wedding welcome bagsand when you should give them out to guests.

    Let The Journey Begin Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag

    5 Steps for Assembling Welcome Bags That Wow for Wedding ...

    This vintage suitcase luggage tag is a unique wedding favor for your frequent flier guests. This tag is made from rubber with 3-D travel-inspired details and brown stripes. It comes with a decorative gift tag with a world map print. Make it your way to say thank you to friends and family for traveling to your special occasion.

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    Spice And Everything Nice

    In case your wedding theme has a nautical or navigational flair, you can fill some small and cute burlap bags with high-end sea salt or saltwater taffy. You can decorate the burlap bags with anchors or other marine symbols. For a marine inspired wedding, you can also fill the bags with shells and aquatic decorations for a touch of innovation.

    Speaking about salt and spice, you can take things further and offer your guests different exotic spices in the same bag wrapped individually, of course. Lavender, curry blends, a mix of colored pepper, herbs, and oriental spices they all work to match the theme of your wedding.

    Davids Bridal Personalized Metallic Foil Playing Cards

    Courtesy of Davidâs Bridal

    Fun and whimsical, this classic deck of cards gets a custom, wedding-appropriate twist with personalized labels that you stick onto the case. Another fun idea: Add a small note of thanks that also includes instructions on how to play your favorite card game.

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