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What To Send For Sympathy Gift Instead Of Flowers

Tribute Books Make Treasured Memorial Keepsakes

How to Express Sympathy with Flowers & Gifts

Photos and memories sustain families after the loss of a loved one. A tribute book is a wonderful way to collect those photos and memories for the family. Place a basket at the entrance of the memorial service, or reach out via social media and ask friends and family to submit their favorite memories of the deceased. You can then organize them in a memory book to present to the family. Not only will the family have new stories about their loved ones, but they will be reminded of how much he was loved as well.

Buy Your Self A Gift:

If you are looking for concrete, helpful ideas for being a good friend to a griever, dont miss our ebook: Guide to Supporting a Griever . Dont worry, it is cheap and jam-packed with helpful info .

These are just a few things you can send to a funeral instead of flowers. If you are looking for ways to support someone after a death, check out our post How to Support a Grieving Family Member or Friend. If you are worried about what to say to a friend, you can check out our list of What NOT to Say After a Deathfor some guidance.

Peace And Pampering Care Package

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We could all use a little more zen these daysand heres some peace your lucky someone cant pass up. Theyll cozy up with a plush, light-as-a-wisp blanket and socks. Soothe the stress away with luxe toiletries and tea. And breathe in the warm scent of a flickering candle.

Your Peace and Pampering package begins with:

  • Cozy Comfort Throw
  • Pure Goat Milk Hand Cream
  • Pure Goat Milk Lip Balm
  • Soothing Tea Trio
  • Lavender & Eucalyptus Candle of Calm
  • Calming coloring book with pencils
  • Comfort Has Met its Matches
  • A personal notecard from you

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What To Send Instead Of Flowers For Sympathy

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I wish there was something more that I could do.

What can you give in times of loss? Its natural to want to comfort someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. But how can you offer sympathy in a personal, individual way?

Weve explored 25 creative ways to send sympathy and support when theres a funeral. These suggestions for funeral gifts offer love and help for the bereaved in five categories:

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Should I Expect To Receive A Thank You Card For A Sympathy Gift

What To Send Instead of Flowers for Sympathy [25 Unique ...

One point to remember, is that the bereaved are in shock, and probably overwhelmed by the number of phone calls, flowers, gifts and visitors. That doesnt mean that you shouldnt send them, but just realise that they may not remember who sent what, or what you did. But they will appreciate your support.

Perhaps it makes sense to send a gift that will last in that case. It may be months later when a bereaved person finds or notices a gift, and will then get a sense of lasting comfort from that gift.

So, whatever you do, don’t be offended if you don’t receive a thank you card. Grief can cause people to be forgetful and it may be too hard or to emotional for them to write thank you cards for a while or even at all. Just know, that they will appreciate your effort.

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Send A Living Memorial Wreath

A living wreath such as this gorgeous Succulent Living Wreath is a great option to send instead of flowers, as sympathy floral wreaths are a well-established condolence gift.

This one is different, however, because it does not simply wither and die after a week or two. It actually lives on. Keep it lightly watered now and again, and this beautifully unique wreath will be a very long-lasting memorial gift.

Cute cards such as the ones pictured above feature plantable seed paper cutout images affixed to a sympathy card. The recipient can plant the seed paper to grow flowers that will bloom in memory of the departed.

If those designs dont strike the right tone, you can get plain seed paper cards and write your own condolences. These are also handy for use as thank-you cards, invitations, and more.

At Urns Northwest, we also offer sets of plantable memorial bookmarks that are ideal for giving out to attendees at the memorial service.

What To Send For Sympathy When Someone Dies

When my father passed away, we were thankful for all of the beautiful gifts and demonstrations of sympathy people showed us when we were grieving. I know it can be hard to think of gift ideas for someone who is going through such a troubling time, but I can offer some great alternative ideas to flowers.

People who are grieving the loss of a loved one may need the following:

  • Nutritious food: They often have a hard time feeding themselves due to exhaustion, sadness, or depression.
  • Help with household duties: They may not have the energy to get outside and exercise their dog like they regularly do.
  • Items to offer visitors: They may have to host people coming into town to visitgifting tea and goodies may help them feed visitors.
  • Relaxation: Offering to watch their kids or gifting them a certificate to a place for rest and relaxation may help them unwind.
  • Self-care: Whether it’s a gift certificate to get their hair done, their nails done, their beard groomeda gift that makes self-care easy is sure to be appreciated.

A homecooked meal means a lot to a grieving family.

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What Can I Send Instead Of Flowers For A Funeral

What To Send Instead of Flowers When Someone Dies

  • Send a Personalized Bird Feeder. Available Here.
  • Send a Living Memorial Wreath. Available Here.
  • Send a Plantable Condolence Card.
  • Send a Jewelry Memorial Gift.
  • Send Something Useful for the Funeral.
  • Send a Sympathy Meal.
  • Send a Mass Card
  • Send a Self-Care Kit.

Is It Customary To Give Money In A Sympathy Card

Funeral Flowers Online – 800Florals – Funeral Flowers Online

Tucking cash or a check inside a sympathy card is a great way to offer support. You may only want to include cash if you present the card to the family at the visitation or funeral. Regardless of whether you put cash or a check inside the card, there is no need to tell the recipients about the monetary gift.

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Hello You Candles Personalized Candle Sympathy Gift

Candles are pretty much a home decor staple, but these are a bit more special. You can choose from nine to 16 ounces and kraft or white paper with these scented soy candles that have a personalized message on the back. The message can be words of encouragement, a quote, or even scripture. The soy candles burned between 40 and 70 hours, so not only will the recipient have something beautiful to look at, but also a sweet fragrance to smell.

Even in the age of digital everything, theres something special about a photo album. The embroidered cover of this has a special Live, Laugh, Love message across the front to emphasize the happy times that people were able to share with the person they lost. The album holds 200 4 x 6-inch photos and leaves room in a memo-writing area on each page to jot down notes and fun memories. Your grieving friend may find comfort in going through pictures from times they spent with the person theyve lost.

Something For The Kids

One of the first questions people will ask after a loss is how the children who were affected are doing. And yet, people rarely think to send or give items to the kids. Children often feel forgotten with all the attention around the death and the funeral. Any small gift can remind them that you are thinking of them.

Think of the age and interest of the children. A stuffed animal , a journal , coloring books, activity books, movies, or video games are all easy suggestions that will let a child know you havent forgotten them.

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Can I Bring Flowers Myself If I Attend The Funeral

Its best not to arrive at the funeral with flowers in hand. The flowers sent by others will already be arranged by funeral home staff, and there might not be a good place to put yours.

Handing a bouquet of flowers to a family member isnt a great option, either theyll have to carry it around for the duration of the service. If you find out about the funeral too late to send flowers in advance, you can have flowers sent directly to the family at home rather than buying a bouquet and bringing it.

Can I Send A Gift After A Funeral

What to Send to a Funeral Instead of Flowers Whats your ...

Gifts may actually be more appreciated after funeral events are over. Organizing memorial services can be time-consuming and stressful, especially when grieving a recent loss. Gifts of extra help during this time may be especially appreciated at this time. But gifts sent after a funeral show continued support. A persons sense of loss remains long after the funeral, and a thoughtful gift can bring much-needed support, care, and even relief during times of loneliness and great emotion. To some, a gift that celebrates a birthday or anniversary of the deceased or a surprise, thinking-of-you gift shows enduring support and love from you.

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When Should I Send Plants Instead Of Flowers

There’s a common misunderstanding that plants should be sent for same-day delivery to the funeral home for the viewing. Though no one will necessarily frown at this, you shouldn’t do it. A sympathy plant delivery should be sent directly to someone’s home, office, or wherever the immediate family has gathered. One of the best reasons for sending plants instead of flowers is because of their longevity. It’s that very longevity that also makes them a nuisance if you send them to a funeral home or viewing. Afterwards they’ll all have to be delivered home somehow. For the funeral or a viewing send flowers, but for the home or office send a plant variety. The family should take relief in your gift, not feel an extra burden from it. So what is a good plant to send for sympathy when the recipient loves flowers? If you really prefer to send flowers, send a flowering plant instead.

Do I Have To Send Flowers Or Can I Send Another Gift To Express My Sympathy

There are certainly other types of gifts you can send and gestures you can make to express your sympathy if you prefer not to send flowers. Potted plants are a longer-lasting but just as beautiful remembrance. Other popular sympathy gifts include food baskets and memorial decorative items such as wind chimes or garden plaques. You might also choose to make a donation to charity in the deceaseds honor.

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Create A Personalized Guestbook

People are familiar with signing their names when they attend a service, but you can create a personalized version. People can leave a message for the bereaved family, along with their signature. You’ll need a large blank guestbook, like this funeral guest book that has room for visitor registration and lines for condolences.

If coming up with messages is hard, try another angle. Its hard to know how to offer condolences, but sharing memories is a great way. Bring a guest book that has plenty of space.

And include a card with instructions to let people know they can write longer messages. People can personalize their notes without worrying about space. And the family of the bereaved will get special memories of their loved one.

Diy Sympathy Gift Basket

The Symbolic Meaning Of Flowers

Few things are more touching than a hand-picked selection of goodies and practical household items.

You can stick with things that are helpful and useful, like paper goods and pantry items, or go the opposite route with completely gratuitous stuff like a pampering bath set or a haul of luxurious wine, coffee, or chocolate.

The nice thing about a DIY sympathy gift basket is that it has a personal touch, being obviously hand-picked and arranged, yet since everything is in store-bought packaging it doesnt have the, ahem, homey charm given off by a gift that you literally make by hand.

Here are some popular items to fill your gift basket:

Practical Items

A Here for You Compassion Package includes the little thoughtful things that come in so handy when your grieving friend is feeling overwhelmed. This is the perfect practical sympathy gift to send when you cant come and drop off something personally.

These gift boxes are filled with things like disposable plates, cutlery, tissues, and a sympathy card. Remember, for someone in the midst of grieving, going to the store for toilet paper can sometimes seem like a daunting task. This gift box will help your friend in a very practical way while showing your love and support.

Optional upgrades and add-ons are available, with plenty more household items plus nice additions like bath bombs and tea samplers.

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What Should I Give Someone When I Family Member Dies

However, if it was a close relative, family member or best friend who died, it may sometimes be a good idea to send a gift that lasts and honours the loved one for eternity – or at least for the lifetime of the bereaved.

Gifts that last can be treasured for ever, and keep on giving long after the initial shock has worn off. Examples of gifts which last could be memorial jewelry with the name of the lost loved one, a framed inspirational poem, or a remembrance bench.

Some gifts are so personal that they would only be appropriate from a relative or very close friend of the family. If in doubt keep it fairly simple.

You can also plant a tree in memory of the lost one. We have lots of ideas in our sympathy gift pages.

What Is An Appropriate Sympathy Gift

When deciding on a sympathy gift, consider your relationship with the grieving loved ones. Think about how theyll respond to your gift idea, what may be most helpful in their circumstances, and how well that gift shows genuine empathy.

Often, the greatest sympathy gift is taking time to listen and a willingness to help. Be available, offer a helping hand, and provide aid without being asked.

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Flowering Bushes And Trees

When my aunt lost her mother, I googled her address on Google maps and clicked on the tab find nearby businesses. I found a nursery that was less than a mile away, called the owner and asked if I ordered a flowering bush, would he deliver it to my aunts house for a reasonable fee.

Instead of sending flowers, I wanted to send her knockout roses that would bloom year after year. Her mother was a beautiful lady and this would be a wonderful reminder every time it bloomed. The owner was happy to help.

Locally, I have gone to nurseries myself and have given beautiful pink hydrangea bushes when friends moms have died and blue hydrangeas when their dads have died.

If a death occurs during the winter, you can give a gift certificate to a nursery or give them a card saying youll bring a plant as soon as planting season arrives.

I have been a recipient of receiving plants as a sympathy gift and have been so touched. When my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, I came home to a beautiful pink rhododendron sitting on my porch from some dear friends.

The girls in my husbands office not only gave me a beautiful blooming tree but one of the gals came with her husband to plant it for me. These are such thoughtful gifts that keep on giving, year after year.

Are Group Sympathy Gifts Appropriate

If you need sympathy gift ideas, here are some great ...

Group sympathy gifts are absolutely appropriate when you know the deceased or the grieving individual as part of a larger social group. Co-workers, church congregations, community groups, and former classmates might consider extending mutual sympathy through a collective donation or gift.

A group effort can provide the means to contribute a larger donation or more significant gift. However, uniting peoples expressions of care and honor is an even more meaningful reason for group gifting. Together, people can amplify their support in an impactful way for someone experiencing loss. Groups gifts from people who knew the deceased well may also be more appropriate when the recipient is less familiar with the givers.

Even if you participate in a group gift, a close relationship with the deceased or bereaved person calls for a personal note or sympathy gift you send yourself.

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A Blanket Pillow Or Cuddly Toy

During grief, sometimes a little bit of comfort can help. A gift of a special blanket, pillow or teddy bear can be hugged, providing physical and emotional comfort. You can buy blankets, pillows and cuddly toys with quotes about grief embroidered on them, to mark them out as special.

Another option is to customise them yourself. Some people embroider their own message onto a pillow or teddy, or even use old clothing of the person who has died to make a very special pillow to hug. However, this should obviously only be done with the permission of the bereaved, and it may not be an appropriate gift to suggest if you do not know them very well.

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