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What Visa Gift Cards Have No Fees

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3 Big Problems With Visa Gift Cards

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Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance

Please have your gift card ready when you check the balance.

If you purchased or received a Visa gift card right from Gift Card Granny, visit our Visa balance check page for current balance information.

For Visa gift cards not purchased on Gift Card Granny, you must contact the financial institution responsible for your gift card in order to check the balance Visa is unique in that it doesnt provide gift card balances or transaction information for its gift cards.

Here are the most common issuing banks and providers of Visa gift cards:

See our Visa Gift Card fee schedule.

How Secure Are Gift Cards

If you lose your gift card, someone else may use it since it does not directly link to you. It is just like money. If you misplace your notes, someone may collect and use them. However other security measures help to make loading secure mainly to protect the merchants from fraud.

Data stored in the gift card is usually encrypted to ensure that a standard card reader cannot read it. Again, some companies typically require you to call a specific number when reloading your card.

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Do Visa Gift Cards Expire

While the funds on the gift card wont expire, its important to know that the plastic card will. If this occurs, the gift card owner will need to ask for a replacement gift card. The remaining balance of the expired gift card will then be transferred to the new gift card. Be mindful that there usually is an additional fee for inactivity this is subtracted from the balance of the card. A fee will occur if the card isnt used a year after activating. Remember to make a purchase within the year of your last purchase since there is a non-use fee as well.

The Gift Card Granny Visa® Gift Card and the Virtual Visa Gift Card are issued by Sutton Bank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Visa Gift Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the US. No cash or ATM access. The Virtual Visa Gift Card can be redeemed at internet merchants everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the US. No cash or ATM access. The Gift Card Granny Mastercard® Gift Card and Mastercard Virtual Gift Card are issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Use your Mastercard Gift Card and Mastercard Virtual Gift Card everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted in the US. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Where To Get Visa Gift Cards With No Fee

Purchase Visa Gift Cards With No Fees.

Most Visa cash gift cards come with an activation fee. In the table below, you can see how much the purchase or activation fee varies depending on the cards balance:


The purchase fee varies only if the cash gift card is physical. If you have a digital Visa gift card, the activation fee is $5.95, regardless of the balance.

To avoid paying the activation fee, you should purchase a Visa gift card in one of the following financial institutions:

  • TD BankThe bank offers fee-free Visa gift cards to the account holders in amounts ranging from $25 to $750. They can be used wherever Visa credit cards are acceptable
  • Bank of the OzarksYou can get the Bank of the Ozarks Visa gift card in amounts between $10 and $1,000. You can use it for online purchases and everywhere Visa cards are acceptable
  • Navy Federal Credit UnionThis credit union offers fee-free Visa gift cards to their members, in amounts varying from $15 to $500
  • Republic BankClients of Republic Bank can get fee-free Visa gift cards in amounts ranging from $25 to $250. Unlike those from TD Bank, Bank of the Ozarks, and Navy Federal Credit Union, Republic Bank Visa gift cards are non-reloadable
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    What Is A Gift Card

    A gift card is also a type of stored value card loaded with funds for future discretionary use. Only it contains a specific amount of money. Once this sum is spent down, the card can no longer be used. Gift cards also have expiration dates, which are often much shorter than that of prepaid cards.

    Gift cards can be purchased in several different formats. The most familiar type is what’s technically known as a closed loop card: It is good only at a particular merchant or certain retailer and bears that outfit’s name and logo. Some retail groups will allow the same gift card to be used at any of their affiliated stores.

    Gift cards began with specific stores. Now, however, many of the major charge or credit card issuers, like American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard, are also offering gift cards, good anywhere the regular plastic is accepted. Known as open-loop cards, these are most easily confused with prepaid debit cards, especially since some of them are reloadable as well. These cards may carry a one-time activation fee.

    Prepaid vs. Gift Cards

    Youll Likely Get Fewer Rewards And Other Perks

    If youre ditching the annual fee card because youre not using it enough for the card to pay for itself with rewards earnings, no problem. That said, its likely that a no annual fee card wont offer the same level of benefits as a card with an annual fee. Youll also need to determine if youll be getting comparable earning rates in the bonus rewards categories you use most. And if you have unredeemed rewards on your annual fee card, use them or ask if theyll transfer to the no annual fee card.

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    How To Add Cash To A Reloadable Visa Prepaid Card

    Fee-free cards that allow Cash reloads at participating ATMs and stores.

    There are many convenient ways to load funds onto your Visa Prepaid card. The best option is to free direct deposit all or some of your paycheck, government checks, or even your tax refund directly to your Visa Prepaid card. You may also be able to load cash at free ATMs, bank branches, and retail locations, or add money from checks by using the mobile check deposit feature on your card issuers mobile app. Check with your card issuer to confirm which of these features are offered.

    The 9 Reloadable Gift Cards With No Fees

    How to Buy Visa Gift Cards without a Purchase Fee

    A gift card is a prepaid shopping card loaded with a certain amount of money meant to make purchases at specific stores. Some people refer to a gift card as a gift voucher or gift token. Some gift cards are universal, whereby you can shop at any outlet. Banks usually issue general cards. Most reputable businesses issue reloadable gift cards with no fees. You just get it for free.

    Gift cards are specifically for shopping purposes. You cannot withdraw cash using a gift card at any point, unlike ATM cards, which you can use to withdraw money at ATM points. As the name depicts, these are gifts. Employers, at times, give gift cards to their employees as a sign of appreciation of good work. Individuals also can provide gift cards to their loved ones during certain special days.

    You can purchase a gift card from a bank or by using an online checking account such as PayPal. If you want to buy gift cards online with checking account, you need to have an account with either a bank or an online checking account such as PayPal, Payoneer, or WorldRemit, among others. When purchasing, you indicate the amount of money you wish to use before tapping okay button.

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    Problems With Visa Cards

    Visa gift cards are convenient and secure for shopping online and at your favorite store. However, it is worth noting that Visa cards have problems that you may have to experience when shopping. The most significant setback with most cards is fees as they can attract transaction, reloading, and monthly payments as well as purchase fee. Furthermore, depending on individual cards, you may have to experience difficulties such as reloading restrictions.

    Prepaid Visa And Other Prepaid Cards

    They give the recipient an incredible amount of flexibility to buy whatever they would like, from any store that accepts Visa or other prepaid cards. Who wouldnt love this flexibility? Its as good as cash without handing over the green. You can buy plastic or digital prepaid cards. If you have someone you want to send a gift to immediately, you can easily send a digital prepaid card and the recipient will have it in minutes. There are several providers that will even let you personalize it with a favorite picture or logo and emboss the recipients name and small message onto the card. All of this equals a great gift.

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    What Should I Do If My Gift Card Get Lost

    If you lost your gift card, you can report to your issuer of the gift card and see if you can get a replacement. It depends on whether the terms and conditions of the company allow for replacement. If they replace, you will need to have the card number or the receipt you used to purchase the card.

    Moreover, you will need to understand a few things, such as keeping information concerning your documents in a consolidated account such as Google Drive or any other cloud storage account. Take pictures and upload them there for reference.

    Best Prepaid Debit Cards

    How to use the Walmart Money Pass Kiosk to load gift cards ...

    Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

    • Bluebird by American Express: Cheapest.

    • Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa: Cheapest.

    • Fifth Third Access 360° Reloadable Prepaid Card: Best for ATM withdrawals.

    • FamZoo Prepaid Card: Best for parents.

    • Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard: Best for parents.

    • Walmart MoneyCard: Best for shopping at Walmart.

    • Chime: Best cheap prepaid alternative.

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    Confirm Understanding Of Terms

    Although Visa gift cards with no activation fees enable recipients to access the listed value from inception, other fees and conditions may apply. Review the terms and conditions closely to make sure you fully understand any other costs or restrictions associated with the card before making a purchase decision.

    Benefits Of A Free Prepaid Credit Card

    There are numerous advantages of a free prepaid credit card in the following, we mention the crucial benefits of the free prepaid card.

    • The prepaid card aids you to adhere to the spending limit as per your budget.
    • The card is easy to obtain if you are not looking for any other credit card
    • No employment verification is queried for card issuance.
    • Also can be used to distribute salaries to the employees
    • You cant get into debt as it offers no credit facility
    • Some banks even allow you to withdraw cash using the card
    • Can be used to pay utility bills
    • Also, it can function as a gift card or travel card.

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    Theres A Wide Range Of No Annual Fee Cards Available

    About 90% of all credit cards on the market dont charge an annual fee, and many of them come with 0% APR offers, initial bonuses, ongoing rewards, and more. No annual fee credit cards are also available to customers of all credit levels, from bad credit to excellent credit .

    You will need to do a bit of comparison shopping to find the right card. Our editors picks for the best no annual fee credit cards are a great starting point.

    About Visa Gift Cards

    No Fee VISA Gift Credit Cards |

    Visa is the world’s most widely-accepted credit card company. They help over 200 countries connect people, governments, businesses and financial institutions. From financial inclusion to advancing digital currency, Visa offers its consumers and clients secure and cutting edge solutions to their financial needs.

    Get the best Visa gift card deals when you shop Gift Card Granny. We take pride in our customization options, ease of ordering and speed of delivery. You can also save on the go with our mobile app!

    Send a prepaid Visa gift card to anyone, for any occasion. Simply select a traditional plastic gift card or an eGift card that the recipient can download for immediate use. Usable to make purchases on anywhere* that accepts Visa as a form of payment.

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    Dont Confuse Gift Cards With Prepaid Cards

    Even though theyre often displayed together at gift card kiosks and carry network logos, its important to point out that prepaid credit cards are not the same as general use gift cards.

    True gift cards are designed to be used until the original balance has been spent, while prepaid cards can be used repeatedly and money can be reloaded onto the card.

    WalletHub stresses that, Unlike gift cards, prepaid cards are not intended to be given to third parties. Theyre meant to be registered by the purchaser and used in place of a bank account for direct deposit, ATM withdrawals, purchases and other similar transactions. Theyre not intended to give someone money as a gift and are not protected by the Credit CARD Act rules for gift cards.

    Whether you buy or receive gift cards, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recommends you read the disclosures to understand important terms and conditions, including:

    • Any fees that apply during or after the sale that reduce the value of the card
    • The expiration date
    • What to do if the card is lost or stolen
    • What to do if there are problems with the card
    • Where the card can be used
    • How to claim any unused portion of the card

    Whether youre giving or receiving a gift card, you should know the fees associated not only with the type of card, but the state laws that govern both types gift cards. ConsumersUnion has a summary of gift card protections offered by state law.

    Retail Or Store Gift Cards

    Often referred to as closed loop cards, retail gift cards are limited to the store or store chain that issues the card. Although store gift cards are only good for a specific retailer, theyre often a better value because the money you put on the card is the exact amount the recipient has to spend at the store. Store cards rarely come with activation fees or inactivity fees. And since almost every retailer carries a branded gift card, its a breeze to find something for even the pickiest person.

    The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act, passed in 2009, provides that gift cards cannot expire within 5 years from the date they were activated and generally limits inactivity fee on gift cards except in certain circumstances, such as if there has been no transaction for at least 12 months.

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    Chase Liquid Prepaid Card

    The card is easy to load. You can use paper cheques, make direct deposit, or do bank to bank transfer at any Chase Bank branch. The best way to load the card is by direct deposit to get the card faster. Again, you pay zero charges on PIN and signature transactions.

    However, unlike others, you pay a monthly fee of $4.95. Additional benefits include using Chase Bank ATMs free across the country. There are no charges on withdrawals you make. After all, adding money to the card is free.

    Having the card is very economical as it saves you unnecessary expenditures. Download the Chase Mobile app in the Google play store or at the app store and enjoy the convenient operation of the account on the go. See more details here.

    Canada Post Prepaid Reloadable Visa Card

    No Fees on Visa Gift Cards this Week

    Forget Credit Checks or Bank Accounts

    This card is ideal for those who dont have a bank account and are looking for a reloadable prepaid card. You just need to visit a participating Canada Post location and use cash or debit to add money to your card. You will, however, need valid government-issued photo ID to use the card. The downside of this card is that it has pretty high fees, such as $15 to buy the card and a $3 a month maintenance fee.

    Note, however, that the sale of new Visa Prepaid Reloadable cards will be temporarily discontinued as of June 1, 2021.

    Please re-visit Canada Post for updates about the new upcoming Visa card program.

    Key Features:

    • Perks: Dont need a bank account to buy and use, no credit check
    • Withdraw Fees: $2 for every ATM withdrawal in Canada, $2 for ATM withdrawals outside of Canada
    • Spending Limits: Maximum card balance of $10,000, with an overall max of $40,000 for the life of the card
    • Other Fees: $15 to buy the card, $3 a month maintenance fee, as well as a 2.5% foreign transaction fee

    *This card is owned and issued by DirectCash Bank pursuant to license by Visa International. The Visa Brand is a registered trademark of Visa International.

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