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What’s My Spiritual Gift

What Is The Purpose Of The Spiritual Gifts

How can I know what my spiritual gift is?

The purpose of spiritual gifts is to glorify Jesus by testifying of Him and building up His church until He returns. A major part of this is accomplished by using our gifts to serve in love, and by bearing much fruit that lasts. See Romans 11:36, Colossians 1:16, Revelation 4:11, Ephesians 4:11-13, 1 Corinthians 1:7 1 Peter 4:10 John 16:13-14 and John 15:8.

How Do You Receive Spiritual Gifts

  • Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior
  • Acquire faith and truth in the area of spiritual gifts
  • Apply yourself to learning about spiritual gifts
  • Ask the Lord to give you spiritual gifts
  • First, you must be a Christian and therefore one in whom the Holy Spirit dwells. Second, you must be doing the work of Christ, or, at any rate, be readily available for that work. You wont receive spiritual gifts by locking yourself in the closet and praying for them until they show up, though it is certainly appropriate to ask God for the gifts you need. You wont receive spiritual gifts if you live as a Christian couch potato, watching the action but never getting involved. You will receive extra bits of grace for ministry only when you step out in faith to minister.

    What Is My Gift From God

    Your greatest gifts from God are His love for you and His offering of His son Jesus. God chose to send Christ so that we can have eternal life with Him. But that is just the beginning of what a life in Christ offers.

    What is my gift from God? It is an infinite promise of hope, peace, and an eternity with Him when we chose Jesus.

    From our new identity, we are filled with His love and sense of adventure. We can then use our gift from God to reach others with the same promise of new hope.

    When we understand what is my spiritual gift it is the best way to help others understand their spiritual gifts as well.

    For this reason, I remind you to keep alive the gift that God gave you when I laid my hands on you. For the Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid instead, his Spirit fills us with power, love, and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:6-7 GNT

    Before you gohave you answered the question, what is my spiritual gift? If so, how are you utilizing your gifts to glorify God? Do you have tips on how to identify your spiritual gifts?

    Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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    How To Know Your Spiritual Gift

    Romans 12:6-8

    Among Christians, there are a lot of differing beliefs about spiritual gifts. This article is not meant to be an exhaustive biblical study on spiritual gifts. Rather, the point of this article is to help you identify what gift God has called you to use as you seek to glorify him.

    So here are 4 signs God is revealing your spiritual gift to you.

    1. When the Lord Reveals Your Spiritual Gift, It Will Be Marked By Your Ability and Joy

    Ability and joy are two requirements that must go hand in hand when it comes to your spiritual gift. If you are good at something but you dont enjoy it, this will cause you to grow weary. If you enjoy something but you are not very good at it, this will be fruitless. But when the Holy Spirit has given you a special ability to serve him and it brings joy to your heart when you get to use this gift, that is a great sign you have identified your spiritual gifting from the Lord. As Romans 12:6-8 states:

    Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith if service, in our serving the one who teaches, in his teaching the one who exhorts, in his exhortation the one who contributes, in generosity the one who leads, with zeal the one who does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness.

    2. When the Lord Reveals Your Spiritual Gift, It Will Be Confirmed By the Church

    What Are The 7 Spiritual Gifts

    Pin by Dee McDaniel on Spiritual thoughts

    Although a life with Christ offers more gifts than we can imagine, lets focus on what are the seven spiritual gifts discussed in the book of Romans also referred to as motivational gifts.

    We have gifts that differ according to the grace that was given to usif prophecy, in proportion to our faith if service, in our serving or the one who teaches, in his teaching or the one who exhorts, in his exhortation the one who gives, in generosity the one who leads, with diligence the one who shows mercy, with cheerfulness. Romans 12:6-8 TLV

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    What Is Your Strongest Spiritual Gift

      There are four gifts or spiritual senses, and we all have one that is stronger than the others

      Do you know how to feel when something is wrong even before you hear about it?

      Are you able to detect when people around you feel upset or lie?

      Do you have feelings or sensations that you should or should not do something?

      Its your intuition, and believe it or not, were all born with it. We are all born with a sixth sense that allows us to better understand the invisible world. All it takes is to exploit it and know how to use it.

      Most of us are familiar with their physical senses: smell, taste, hearing, and touch. But we also have a set of spiritual senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance, which can help us navigate the way our intuition works.

      Here is how each sense or spiritual gift works:

      Its the ability to hear voices and receive messages from the spirit world.

      This ability allows you to hear what someone really thinks deep down. It is very useful for analyzing the thoughts of others. We start with buzzing in the ears and being strongly affected by the sounds around us. This ability often puts us in accord with our spiritual guides or our higher self. We are more comfortable with technology, and all that has a link with the auditory.

      The Purpose Of Spiritual Gifts

      While each believer has specific gifts, all the gifts serve one primary purpose. They are intended to glorify God.

      A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.

      Gods various gifts are handed out everywhere but they all originate in Gods Spirit. Gods various ministries are carried out everywhere but they all originate in Gods Spirit. Gods various expressions of power are in action everywhere but God Himself is behind it all. Each person is given something to do that shows who God is: Everyone gets in on it, everyone benefits.

      Spiritual gifts are to draw attention to Gods goodness and to encourage those who believe in Him.

      Spiritual gifts should never be used to call attention to yourself or make yourself appear more important than anyone else. They are to lift up everyone. The Spirit empowers believers to use their gifts in ways that point to God.

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      Different Perspectives On Spiritual Gifts

      While most believers agree that spiritual gifts exist, there are different views about whether all the gifts we see in the Bible are still given to Christians today.

      Some people believe that the Holy Spirit gave certain gifts only for a short period after Christ returned to heaven. They believe the purpose of these gifts was to reveal Gods glory and validate the message the early followers of Jesus were preaching. This was necessary because believers did not have the Bible as we do today since the New Testament had not been written yet.

      Others believe that all spiritual gifts are still being given to believers today and are still being used to reveal God and draw others to Him. They believe that all the gifts are given to the church, which is what we call all followers of Christ everywhere . Each persons gift and all work together to advance Gods kingdom.

      Why Dont You Test For Every Gift

      What is My Spiritual Gift

      You may have noticed that we do not test for the spiritual gift of tongues or interpretation, as well as the spiritual gifts of healing and miracles. These four gifts are very difficult to test for in a conventional way. Merely asking a set of questions will probably not lead a person to discovering these gifts . It typically takes exercising and experiencing them and receiving confirmation through the Holy Spirit and from other Christians to validate or confirm that a person has these gifts.

      The absence of these gifts from our tests is not an indication or affirmation that we believe they have ceased. The opposite is true. We believe that the Holy Spirit distributes and empowers believers with all of the gifts as He wills . All spiritual gifts are meant for the edification of the church until Christ returns .

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      How Many Gifts Are There What Are They

      According to 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, 28-29 Romans 12:3-8 Ephesians 4:11 and 1 Corinthians 7:7, there are at least 22 spiritual gifts. They are as follows: Apostles Prophets Pastor-Teachers Evangelists Prophecy Teaching Wisdom Knowledge Faith Miraculous Powers Healing Distinguishing between Spirits Speaking in Tongues Interpretation of Tongues Helps Service Administration Encouragement Giving Leadership Mercy and Celibacy.

      Are Some Gifts More Important Than Others

      Yes! Prophecy is the most important. Speaking in tongues is the least. All the others fall somewhere in between . The relative value of spiritual gifts is to be tested by their usefulness to the church as a whole. Paul’s wrote that due to the interdependent nature of all of the gifts, there should be no spiritual pride associated with any of these gifts.

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      How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts

      Everyone has spiritual gifts that are part of their identity in Christ.

      When learning how to identify your spiritual gifts it helps to start by taking a test on the seven spiritual gifts. There are many types of tests available. Find one to take so you can begin to understand what is my spiritual gift.

      Taking a test on how to identify your spiritual gifts is a pathway to uncover layers of information about who you are in Christ and how you can be used to spread the good news of Jesus love.

      Before you take an assessment on how to identify your spiritual gifts, here are four tips.

      If You Think You Are Clairvoyant:

      The purpose of a spiritual gift is the common good of the ...

      Close your eyes and start visualizing your body and how it looks in its current state. If you are lying down, what does your body look like? If you sit, what does it look like?

      Pay attention to the details of the clothes you wear and the expression you have on your face. Try to imagine your body there in space. If you are able to do this clearly and easily by being precise about the details, chances are you have powerful clairvoyant abilities.

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      What Gifts Do I Have

      Only God knows just kidding. We have developed a Spiritual Gifts Test to help you figure this one out. When you are done with the test, ask other Christians in your church or community that you know and trust to help you in discovering them. We also suggest serving in different areas and in different capacities in the church to figure out how you can best use those gifts to glorify God.

      What Is The Best Spiritual Gift

      So you should earnestly desire the most helpful gifts. But now let me show you a way of life that is best of all.

      Gifts are great, but its more important to know how to love. God has given us His love as a gift. We love because He loved us first. Without love all the actions supposed to be gifts are empty.

      Theres a reason the following portion of Scripture is so widely known. Love is the best gift. Love is what matters most.

      Three things will last foreverfaith, hope, and loveand the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT, emphasis mine)

      Seek to love above all else, and the gifts will find their place because God is love.

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      You Have A 4 Am Bathroom Habit

      You thought you were waking up at the crack of dawn to go pee every morning, but it might be something else. In certain spiritual realms, waking up between 3 and 4 a.m. on a regular basis is thought to be a huge sign that there are spirits looking to communicate with you. This time is often referred to as the “spiritual” or “connection hour.” Embrace it. If you are waking up consistently at the same time every morning, allow yourself to simply sit up and receive, even if it’s just for a moment or two. Maybe go into another room if that feels more comfortable to you. You may not get anything at first but with practice, information will start flowing through you in the form of thoughts, sensations, memories, or emotions.

      Tips To Learn How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts

      What are my spiritual gifts?
      • Pray Specifically when Identifying what is my Spiritual Gift

      When we pray specifically for the holy spirit to guide and be revealed in our answers it helps us avoid camouflaged selfish desires.

      • Be Self-Aware when Identifying what is my Spiritual Gift

      Self-awareness accompanied by prayer helps us answer the questions to reveal what is my spiritual gift honestly and with consideration.

      • Check Expectations when Identifying what is my Spiritual Gift

      Sometimes we see spiritual gifts in others that we would really like to have. But if we take the test with certain expectations, it becomes inaccurate. Dont miss out on your unique gift comparing yourself to others.

      • Create a Plan to develop your Spiritual Gifts

      Once we get our results on what is my spiritual gift, we cant let our spiritual gifts go unused or box us in. Share your gifts with a close friend or spiritual mentor. Ask God to help you learn how to actually express and use your spiritual gifts.

      Any time we take an assessment of our spirit, it can be used for growth and transformation. A spiritual gifts test is not the authority God is. It is just a tool to help us gain insight and direction.

      It is exciting to identify your spiritual gifts and get to work for God!

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      Should I Avoid Trying To Use Spiritual Gifts I Don’t Have

      A common temptation for believers is to limit themselves due to feelings of insufficiency in their own abilities. They get caught up in thinking that they’re only spiritually gifted in certain ways, so they focus all their attention in that area, neglecting other areas they aren’t as confident in or have little experience with.

      For example, let’s say you don’t feel you have the gift of evangelism, so you shy away from conversations about your faith because you don’t think you’ll do it “right.” But the truth is, there are no “surprise” happenstances in God’s eyes He saw that conversation coming and knew you would need to be equipped for it . Don’t miss out on opportunities to bring God glory by limiting yourself in your own mind.

      Knowing which spiritual gifts God has given you can be helpful as you move forward in life. However, that doesn’t excuse you from expanding your knowledge of the Bible in case someone asks about your faith, showing compassion and kindness to someone in pain, giving of your resources to those in need if you are able, etc. Ideally, our faith will grow and strengthen in a well-rounded waynot just in one area.

      Avoid the trap of stunting your spiritual growth by focusing too much on what you believe your spiritual gifts are. Be open to allowing God to use your life fully to edify His Kingdom, taking ownership of your responsibility to develop your spiritual giftedness, and He will equip you for every turn your life may take.

      TL DR


      The Origin Of Spiritual Gifts

      Before Jesus was crucified, He told His followers that He would return to heaven, but He promised to leave them with a helper: the Holy Spirit.

      And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever the Spirit of Truth. The world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you know Him, for He lives with you, and will be in you.

      The Holy Spirit would not only comfort and be with them, but He would help them continue the work Jesus started on earth, sharing the good news of what Jesus had done through His death and resurrection and inviting others to believe in Him.

      The Holy Spirit gave Jesus followers spiritual gifts to continue taking the message about Jesus to the world .

      Those gifts were essential for spreading the gospel, leading the church, building up believers, and serving others as an example of Gods love.

      Sometimes spiritual gifts are referred to as gifts of the Holy Spirit. Whichever term youre using, its vital to understand that were talking about gifts that are only within people who believe in Jesus, because His Holy Spirit is within them.

      Spiritual gifts are not just special skills that some followers of Jesus just have in the way people in general have natural abilities. No one should become proud for possessing spiritual gifts, because they are simply God expressing Himself through people as they depend on Him.

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