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Where Can I Buy Sam’s Club Gift Cards

You’ve Got Nothing To Lose

Disney Gift Cards for Free Through Swagbucks & Sam’s Club

So, you still haven’t decided if Sam’s Club is right for you, and that’s all right. Sometimes it’s tough to tell just how useful a store is going to be, and let’s be honest here: there’s just something weird about paying for the privilege of shopping at a store. It’s kind of like paying for the privilege of going to someone’s house, cooking for them, and then doing the dishes. It’s weird!

Here’s the good news: Getting a membership is actually so low-risk you could call it no-risk. Sift through the Terms and Conditions of Sam’s Club and their membership program and you’ll find that they have a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee on Membership.

That means that if you decide at any time during the year you’re not happy with your membership, you can cancel for a refund. Don’t believe it? They say, precisely: “We’ll refund in full the actual amount you paid for your current annual membership at any time during the membership year if you aren’t satisfied.”

So, there you have it. Go ahead and give that membership a try you might just find a ton of stuff at crazy cheap prices, and a whole bunch of stuff you didn’t even know you needed.

What Is Sams Club

Sams Club is a retail outlet that is part of the larger Walmart, Inc. You need a Sams Club Membership to make a purchase from your local Sams Club, regardless of whether or not you have a gift card.Once you have your membership secure, however, youll be able to purchase groceries and home supplies in bulk and at your leisure. Sams Club specializes in providing churches and non-profits with the bulk goods they need to continue serving their consumer bases. That doesnt mean, though, that you cant take advantage of the deals on bulk goods!

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Is Costco Better Than Sam’s Club

You’ve undoubtedly heard about Costco, and the people who go there are usually some seriously devoted fans. Are you missing out if you opt for Sam’s Club instead? Fortunately, comparisons have been done.

Cheapism;took a close look at the two, and found that while Sam’s Club had more payment options, Costco had slightly better prices . They also noted that Sam’s Club has self-checkout lanes and a free pickup service, also a bonus there.

And what do actual customers have to say? According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Costco has an overall satisfaction rate of 83 percent. Sam’s Club is below them, but just barely with their 80 percent satisfaction rating. When it comes down to it, it’s all about what services you’re going to use most, which private label brands you like best, and what’s closer to you.

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Eat At The Concession Stand

Big box stores like Costco are known for their cheap, hot meals that attract hungry shoppers, and Sams Club is no different. Luckily, you dont need to be a member to chow down on their concession stand meals, which include pizza slices, cheeseburgers, and even churros. You can also get a hot dog/soda combo for $1.50very interesting, considering one of their biggest competitors has the exact same deal. Heres the real reason Costco sells $1.50 hot dogs.

The Catch Is All In Your Location

Can you use a sams club gift card at walmart ...

Naturally, there is a catch to just how sweet this deal could be for you. Typically, if you use a guest membership at Sam’s Club, you will end up paying more for the items you buy. Those who shop at the retailer without a regular membership are charged a 10 percent service fee. That obviously adds up quickly, but depending on your shopping needs, it might be worth it.

The loophole to this catch depends on your location. Those who shop at Sam’s Clubs in California, South Carolina, or Elmsford, New York are exempt from this 10 percent charge. That means all of those fortunate frugal shoppers can get the same products for the same price as members as long as you shop online. Keep in mind shopping online this way means products are shipped to you from Sam’s Club, so there’s no way to arrange store pickup without a regular membership. That means no last-second purchases if you need them immediately.

So, do your homework and consider if occasional guest membership shopping is the right fit for you.

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Can You Buy Anything At Sams Club With A Walmart Gift Card

In short, yes! Walmart gift cards can be purchased to buy any product in Sams Club from alcohol, food, furniture, electronics, and everything in between.

However, some Walmart gift cards have restrictions that can be set by the giver . In these cases, the recipient of the card will not be able to buy alcohol or cigarettes either in Walmart or Sams Club with the gift card.

Sam’s Club Gift Card Redemption Instructions

Using your eGift Card is simple

You can redeem your Sams Club eGift Card at and or print it out to use in a Sam’s Club or Walmart store.

eGift Card Support

You can check your balance online. If you have concerns, please email customer service at . This card is not redeemable for cash.

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If You’re Looking For A Bargain Sam’s Club Has A Secret

Part of the fun of going to Sam’s Club is looking through that middle section to see what’s shown up there. You know the section, it’s where all the latest and greatest books, movies, and video games are, the clothes, and all the seasonal goodies you’ll find in your cart before you even know what happened. Sam’s Club has something even better than that: auctions.

You don’t even need to put pants on for this one, but what you do need is a membership. Sam’s Club auctions off a number of closeout items online, and there’s no telling what you’ll find there. There’s electronics, office supplies and furniture, home and kitchen goods… anything you’d find in a Sam’s Club store, and you have the chance to get them at ridiculously cheap prices. You don’t even have to sit at your computer to watch the clock tick down: just enter a proxy bid of how much you’re willing to spend, and if the auction ends with the item at a lower price than what you bid, you’ll automatically win with a bid that’s $1 higher than the last person.

But in order to take advantage of this one, you’ll need both a membership and an approved credit card on file with Sam’s Club.

Where Can You Buy A Sams Club Gift Card

How To Get a FREE Sam’s Club Card| FREE Sam’s Club Membership Card| Get Your FREE Sam’s Club Card

Where, though, can you find a Sams Club Gift Card? Physical gift cards are available for purchase with most retailers, including Walmart, Target, Kroger and so on. You can alternatively purchase e-gift cards for Sams Club through the retailers website or through the site built for Walmart Incorporated.

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Earn Cash Rewards Thatll Pay For Your Membership

Okay, before you holler at me, this final tip does require you to buy a membership, could easily allow you to get if for free in the end.

It works by you signing up for the Sams Club Plus;membership which earns you 2% cashback on all purchases. The 2% back can easily pay for your membership if you spend $420/month on average.

While that number might seem big, if youre buying all your groceries and household items for your family at Sams that number is fairly easy to reach.

Fantastic Instant Savings On Everything You Need

Were talking access to $4700 in instant savings in categories like seasonal decor, tech, home and health & beauty.

The Instant Savings that Sams Club offers is always nice because there are no coupons to clip, or cards to load, you simply get the savings at checkout.

You can see the entire Instant Savings book here.

For more details about upcoming sales, club hours, delivery cutoff dates and holiday categories, see the page here.

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Member’s Mark Products From Sam’s Club Might Be Your New Favorite Thing

In 2017, Supermarket News reported on what was the last phase of a Sam’s Club overhaul. Previously, they had carried private label products under a whopping 21 different names, and all those products were getting consolidated into one: Member’s Mark.

And it was a huge deal. At the same time, they added around 300 new products and stressed that each and every Member’s Mark item had something like an ingredient or recipe that made it different from anything else on the market. And that means that if you’re not taking Sam’s Club private label brands into consideration when you’re trying to decide whether or not you want a membership, you’re overlooking something big.

The Kitchn says there are a ton of great products on sale under the Member’s Mark name, and not all of them are food. There are things like frying pans, storage containers, and plastic plates, and there are also of course the things like their private label snacks, frozen foods, and everything you’ll need to throw a killer party. And since you can’t get these exact items anywhere else, well, that just means getting that Sam’s Club membership has a big benefit.

Does Sams Club Take Walmart Gift Cards In 2021

Can you use a sams club gift card at walmart

Sams Club does accept Walmart gift cards in-stores and online as of 2021. Additionally, Walmart gift cards are an acceptable payment option at Sams Club gas stations. Since Sams Club is owned and operated Walmart, Sams Club members have the benefit of using Walmart cards in-store.

To learn more about the different kinds of payment methods you can use at Sams Club, and more, continue reading!

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Sam’s Club Is Selling Discounted Restaurant Gift Cards So You Can Get More Bang For Your Buck

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links below, we may receive a commission. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

If you plan to order in or are counting down the days until you can visit your favorite restaurant again, Sams Club is selling discounted restaurant gift cards online. And, you dont even need a membership to get in on the deals.

On the wholesale retailers website, you can find gift cards to Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Bob Evans, Bravo, Texas Roadhouse, Boston Market, Dairy Queen and more, all costing less than their worth. For example, get can get a two-pack of $25 Bravo and Brio gift cards for $37.50 and $100 in Chilis gift cards for $85.98. The gift cards will be shipped to you in about week and most come with free shipping.

Whether you save a few dollars or $15, it all adds up. Buy a gift card for yourself, to send to a friend or family member or to save for future gifting. You can use most of them online for takeout orders or stock up for when you can use them for dining-in.

Maybe one of the best-kept-secrets is that you dont have to be a Sams Club member to shop the retailers website, you can register for free. However, there is a 10 percent non-member fee applied to the total order.

Check out some of the top deals on restaurant gift cards at Sams Club below to help you get more bang for your buck on your favorite meals.

You Can Get Sam’s Club Groceries Through Instacart Without A Membership

If you’re mainly interested in a Sam’s Club membership for the grocery items, there’s something you should know: You can order from them through Instacart, with or without a membership, and according to TechCrunch you’ll have your items on the same day or in as little as an hour. When is the last time any shopping trip took you an hour?

Sam’s Club first started their partnership with Instacart in Dallas-Fort Worth, St. Louis, and Austin before expanding to Los Angeles and San Diego. It was such a success they announced they were going to expand into almost 1,000 ZIP codes and 350 Sam’s Club locations.

Instacart does charge for individual deliveries or you can get a membership there, too. According to Grocery Dive, an annual membership dropped to $99 at the end of 2018 but that membership fee means you can also use it for any of their more than 300 grocery partners, not just Sam’s Club. It’s another one of those things that you’ll have to consider if you want to figure out whether or not it’s worth it for you and your family.

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How To Get A Free Sam’s Club Membership

To receive the instant savings offer, go to and enter your email address on the landing page. Click, “Get Offer” and shortly after you’ll receive an email with the promo code to use when signing up to join the warehouse club. Join Sam’s Club and pay the $45 S Club membership fee for a 1-year;membership. Within 72 hours, the $45 instant savings will be in your account, essentially turning your membership free for a year. According to the fine print you have to redeem the offer within 60 days and the $45 off does not include gift cards or alcohol. The offer must be used in one transaction at a club location. Offer cannot be used on, with Scan & Go or with Club Pickup.

To learn more, check out the FAQs on the Sam’s Club website, and find your nearest Sam’s Club location to take advantage of all the perks that come with the membership! There’s also a Sam’s Club app, making it even easier to find what you’re looking for. Plus, Sam’s Club members can get a Sam’s Club MasterCard, a credit card that gives rewards for money spent at Sam’s Club. You can get a basic MasterCard or a Sam’s Club plus membership.

There’s no saying how long this cash back offer will last, so if you’ve ever wanted to start an annual;membership, today is the day to do it.

Editor’s Note: Products featured on Wide Open Eats are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Are There Restrictions With A Sam Clubs Gift Card

How To Get A Sams Club Membership Plus a $45 Free Gift Card #Shorts #Free Gift Card

There are some items Sams Club will not allow you to purchase with your gift card, unfortunately. You wont be able to purchase lottery tickets or other gift cards unless you have an alternative credit card on hand. Likewise, you wont be able to buy into a Sams Club Plus account with your gift card balance.The good news is that as long as youre using your gift card for bulk purchases or one-off trips, youll be able to purchase just about everything else in the store.

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How To Redeem Your Sams Club Egift Card:

1. Click on the Redemption URL provided in the email. ;2. Print the resulting page. ;3. Bring the printed page to your local Sams Club and present at checkout or order online.

Any unused portion of your gift card will be placed in your account balance and automatically applied to your next online purchase. You can view your account balance at any time by logging in to your account. It can also be used in-store at any time.Please note you cannot receive cash back from your gift card unless required by law. Being gift cards are the same as cash, they can be combined with promotional discounts. You cannot transfer your balance to another account; however, you can send your gift card to an individual before it is redeemed.

Can I Get Cash Back For My Sams Club Gift Card

Wondering if you can return your gift card and get the remaining balance in cash? Well provide you with all the info!Although Sams Club gift cards arent returnable or refundable for cash except in states where required by law, we can still help you get your money.

11 states and Puerto Rico have a cash back policy in place and allow you to exchange your gift cards for cash. Does that mean you cant get your money back if your state doesnt have the policy? No. We found a workaround for the people who arent from those states!

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Don’t Buy A Sam’s Club Membership Until You Read This

If you’re thinking about a membership to one of the big warehouse stores, like Sam’s Club, then congratulations, you’re officially an adult! Seriously, though, they’re great. Where else can you get everything you need for a party at a fraction of the price you’d spend at a regular grocery store? And let’s be honest, we all have those obsessions that are a little inexplicable to others, and if you’re the type who will happily go on a pretzel binge through a whole series on Netflix, they’ve got all your singular snacking needs covered.

But which warehouse store should you choose? There’s a lot of fuss in the news and on social media about Costco… and then there’s Sam’s Club. Walmart might have a reputation of being a little bit shady, but drastic times call for drastic measures. Is it worth it? Is it your best choice? Should you take the plunge and get the membership? Here’s what you need to know before you make the decision to fork over some cash for a Sam’s Club membership.

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