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Where Can I Get Free Gift Cards

What Can I Do With My Gift Card


Shop on Amazon and make use of your free Amazon Gift Card on a wide range of brands on clothing, home, garden, tools, grocery items, health and beauty products, toys, shoes, automotive and all things electronic. Simply log on to and redeem your gift card using the claim code and your account will automatically save the balance for future purchases. No need to re-enter the code at the end of your purchase. It will instantly be added as a credit to your account.

Trade In Your Electronic Devices Books And More

One easy way to get free gift cards while also decluttering your space is through . Go through your Amazon Devices, electronics, books, video games, and more to see what youre no longer using. Then, start the trade-in process on Amazon to see what youll get for your eligible items.

Youll need to unlock or deregister your specific devices, and then send them in to Amazon using a free pre-paid shipping label. Once Amazon processes and accepts your trade-in, youll see the amount earned in your when viewing your Amazon gift card balance.

If for some reason Amazon doesnt accept your trade-in item, theyll send it back to you at no cost to you.

Redeem Credit Card Rewards

Finally, the last way to get free gift cards is definitely not the ideal way to redeem because the return for your credit card points is not ideal. What I mean by this, is that you can get more bang for your credit card churning points through redeeming your points for travel. However, if you dont have any travel plans and you have lots of points you want to burn, then exchanging your points for gift cards might be up your alley.

It pained me to do so, but we exchanged our TD First Class Visa Infinite points for $175 worth of Home Depot gift cards. We used the Home Depot gift cards towards a purchase of a Weber Spirit II burner barbecue. We were needing a new barbecue and we didnt have any finite plans for travel at the time, so even though the return of credit card points wasnt very good, it was still great for us since we got a barbecue for 30% off. Weber barbecues rarely go on sale and last a long time, so this purchase with gift cards worked out well for us.

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Scan Your Grocery Receipts

Did you know your grocery receipts can earn you free gift cards or cash? Two of my favorite apps are simple to use and allow you to quickly earn cash back on food something we all need!

IbottaIbotta gives you cash back for grocery shopping and online shopping.

For in-store grocery shopping, youll need to browse the app for offers you want to buy, then upload a photo of your receipt. Depending on where you shop, you may be able to link your store loyalty cards to your Ibotta account to skip the receipt scanning step.

Ibotta also offers cash back at online retailers, restaurants, pharmacies, and more.

Once your cash back accumulates to $20, you can select a free gift card of your choice or have the money sent to your PayPal or Venmo account.

Fetch RewardsPut the kids to work scanning your grocery receipts with Fetch Rewards. Fetch Rewards keeps tabs on 250+ participating brands and will give you points every time you buy any item from those brands.

You can also link your account to select online retailers to earn Fetch Points. Once youve earned enough points, redeem them on free gift cards.

How People Have Used Swagbucks To Make Money Online

How can i get a free xbox gift card
  • “So that I can go to Disney World! So far I’ve earned $450 towards flights with Southwest Airlines Gift Cards, $200 towards Target gift cards and $100 in Amazon gift cards for new luggage! Now I’m trying to earn a few more Target gift cards before our trip!”

    – amcoope2

  • “To give my little boy a better life. Last year Swagbucks bought his clothes and pull-ups this year I’m almost to the point to afford a car payment on our minivan! Thank you for making our life a bit easier, Swagbucks.”

    – cldothan

  • “For my family. I live in New York City, but my grandchildren live in Rochester. Swagbucks helps pay for me to visit them every 3 weeks. I ‘m also able to buy them gifts using Amazon gift cards, and help out with diapers and personal care items using CVS gift cards. I even use Target gift cards to help out with grocery shopping. Swagbucks has been a blessing and I can’t live without it!”

    – Pirela

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Shop & Earn Gift Cards With These Apps

There are several apps that help you get free gift cards just by shopping at your favorite stores. Were going to talk about four of them.

Youll see that with these apps, all you have to do is buy the things you normally would and technology will take care of the rest. These apps let you earn gift cards or rewards that you can convert into gift cards as you shop.

Best Sites To Get Free Visa Gift Cards

The list below is not a full list of sites where you can earn Visa gift cards. It is instead a list focused on quality so you know they will be worth your time and that they will actually pay you.

In other words, the sites on this list all have good earning potential. I will keep updating this list if there are any new good sites to join so make sure to bookmark this page and come back and check for new opportunities once in a while.

So, there you go. These are the 16 best and legit sites to join if you want to earn free Visa gift cards. Remember, the sites on this list are all FREE TO JOIN. So it wont cost you a penny to become a member.

And as Ive mentioned earlier in this article, if you want to earn a lot of gift cards, it is best that you join around 5 to 7 of the sites listed above.

In my opinion, this is the best number of sites to join if you are new to this type of site in order to maximize your time and earnings without getting too overwhelmed by the things you have to do to earn.

If you have any comments, questions, or know of a quality site that offers free Visa gift cards that is not on the list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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Legit Ways To Earn Free Gift Cards In 2021

  • Date

Who doesnt love shopping with gift cards? Whether you receive gift cards as a present or you win them in a raffle, theres no denying that buying something without spending your own money is incredibly satisfying.

Its easy to save money by buying discounted gift cards or exchanging unwanted cards for gift cards you actually want. However, if you dont have much disposable income or gift cards to begin with, these options wont work.

Earn Free Gift Cards Without Spending Money

How to Get Free Gift Cards Online in 2020

Get paid to websites are platforms that pay you to complete simple tasks, such as watching videos, playing games, browsing websites, and answering surveys.

In return for completing tasks on these sites, youre rewarded with GCs and other prizes.

Below, weve outlined some of the best rewards/GPT websites that offer gift vouchers.

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Get Refund When Price Drop

This one is interesting!

Did you know that if youve purchased an item that goes on sale after you bought it, you can get the difference in price refunded?

Retailers do not want you to know, but its the truth.

Of course, monitoring every purchase price for months on end is a huge hassle, but lucky for us, there are apps that do it automatically.

Sounds good, doesnt it? Here are some of our favorite price tracker apps.

Leverage A Rewards Credit Card

  • Earning Potential: 4.5/5.0 stars
  • Minimum to Cash Out: Varies

Credit cards arent for everyone. If you have a history of overspending or are trying to get out of debt, then this probably isnt your best option.

However, if you dont have credit card debt and trust yourself to only spend what you can pay off every month, then consider getting a rewards credit card. These cards typically pay 1-3% in cash back or travel points, depending on the card.

Some offer higher rewards for certain categories, such as groceries or travel, and there are many rewards credit cards with no annual fees. Youll need to do some research to figure out which card makes the most sense for you.

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Best Ways To Earn Free Gift Cards

So what types of companies are going to pay you in free gift cards for doing something on their site or app?

There are several main categories of companies that will pay you in free gift cards.

  • Survey sites: Most survey sites are paying you to fill out surveys for companies that are doing market research. You take the time to fill out the survey, and when you complete one you get points that can be put towards a reward of some kind. In many cases that means free gift cards.
  • Cash back apps: There are a lot of cash back apps and websites that will give you cash back or points for buying products or services through their shopping portal link. You can then redeem the points you earn for free gift cards.
  • Receipt scanning apps: There are receipt scanning apps that will pay you in free gift cards for scanning all of your shopping receipts. Once youre earned enough points, you can redeem them for rewards.
  • Miscellaneous sites with referral programs: There are a ton of sites out there that will pay you in free gift cards for referring other users to their service. Some of my most successful free gift card payouts have come from referring other users to services using my social media accounts.
  • Vehicle test drives: I dont see this one mentioned very often, but its an underrated opportunity. You can often find free gift cards for $50-$100 just for doing a quick test drive.

Get Free Gift Card Codes With Online Surveys

Amazon gift card free code

Taking paid online surveys wont make you rich or even help you pay rent, but theyre an easy way to earn free gift cards without much effort. For the best use of your time, be sure to fill out your profile completely when you first sign up for each site.

This will ensure that youll receive the surveys most relevant to you and spend less time answering qualifying questions only to be told youre not eligible for the study.

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Get Bonus Savings Every Time You Shop With Your Free Gift Cards

Want to save triple the money when shopping online? Heres what I do in order to stack my savings using my free gift cards.

Heres what you do:

  • Shop via a cash back portal: When you shop online make sure to first activate cash back via a site like Rakuten, Swagbucks, Capital One Shopping or Honey by using their browser extension. Most browser extensions will pop a message asking if you want to activate cash back. Before you do, however, figure out what cash back site has the best cash back percentage via Cashback Monitor.
  • Use Honey extension to try coupon codes: When you find the item you want to purchase and add it to your cart, proceed to the checkout process. On the page with a space for coupon codes, use the Honey browser extension to search and try the available coupon codes automatically, to save you more money! Capital One Shopping is another one to try for coupon codes if Honey doesnt have any.
  • Buy gift cards from Gift Card Granny to cover the balance: After you figure out the order total after the coupon code is applied, if you dont have enough free gift cards to cover the total, head over to Gift Card Granny to buy gift cards at a discount to to pay the balance.
  • Activate cash back, use a coupon code, and pay for your order with a discounted gift card. When you do, youll triple the savings!

    Pay People A Discounted Rate On Unused Gift Cards

    You wont earn entirely free gift cards by using this method, but it is a good way to get a nice discount on your gift card purchase.

    You can do this by buying used gift cards through marketplaces like or Giftcard Granny, on which members sell the unused balances on their gift card for cash. You can find some good deals this way.

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    How To Get Free Giftcards

    Although the most common way to get free gift cards is by completing offers through shopping portals or cashback, its far from the only way.

    You can also complete surveys various survey websites will give you a free gift card when you complete their questionnaires.

    However, you should be aware that some of these sites are only available for US citizens surveys are mostly conducted for market research purposes and need people from a specific demographic.

    As well as surveys, there are other kinds of activities you can do online in return for gift cards these range from playing games to creating your own videos to posting job adverts.

    Another common option is to use referral programs, which are available on all kinds of websites. Usually, all you need to do is make a post on social media or get a friend to create a count using your referral link, and youll promptly receive some credit.

    There are some more alternative ways, too, such as taking a test drive or trading in your old electronic devices. Keep reading for a full, more detailed list.

    How To Get Free Gift Cards Online Without Completing Offers

    How To Get Free Gift Cards From Microsoft

    Wouldnt it be great if there was a way to get your hands on free gift cards and fast, to boot? Luckily for you, there are many opportunities out there to do just that, all from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we are going to show you how to do it without completing a single offer.

    Its so much fun to roll up to Starbucks and pay for a drink or snack with a gift card, knowing that it was all free.

    What an awesome feeling.

    Now you can have that feeling too, any time you spend a gift card online with any of your favorite places, like Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, Amazon and others. You will love how these 20 overlooked ways to get free gift cards fast do not involve completing offers.

    Im also excited to share my secret way for getting the most free gift cards online.

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    Give Your Opinion And Score Free Gift Cards

    What can be more fun than giving your opinion about brands and services in return for free gift cards? Sharing your opinion about their products with brands helps them improve the products for consumers. In return for your feedback, you get cash or gift cards.

    With Swagbucks, you get to do a lot of things along with surveys. You can watch videos, play games, shop online, search the web, and the best part is all of these activities pay you in cash or gift cards. According to the website, you can expect to earn around 40 to 200 SBs per survey . It also offers product testing opportunities occasionally.

    Once you have a minimum of $3, you can cash out via PayPal or get gift cards from top retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Target, Walmart, etc.

    Tips to earn more Take surveys regularly, do daily polls, use the Swagbucks search engine to do your searches, and check for daily deals and promo codes.

    This survey panel is fast becoming a reader favorite, and you can score a free 50 points just for signing up. It has tiers where you can earn more points when you reach in high tier levels like the Silver and Gold tiers. The surveys can give anywhere from 10 to 300 points.

    It also offers daily polls, local deals with businesses, and third-party product trials.

    The minimum cash-out of 500 points makes it easy to get free gift cards or PayPal cash.

    Tips to earn more Do more surveys to go up in tiers and take advantage of other shopping offers.

    Shop With Ibotta & Earn Cash Back

    Ibotta is a really useful app to have, that will get you cash back on your purchases. I dont know about you, but I love getting free money back on things that I am going to be buying anyway!

    Grocery shopping is a huge expense for most families, so being able to get cash back on the food and drink that you buy can be a blessing, especially if you are going through a rough financial patch.

    When you are about to do your grocery shopping, you can open up the Ibotta app and select the items that you are planning on buying.

    Once you have done your shopping, you will upload your receipt so that it can be seen that you bought those items, and you will get the cash back for those.

    If you have loyalty cards, you can link these to the app as well, by using the same method as mentioned above.

    Another way of earning with theIbotta app is by getting cash back on your online purchases if you are doing it on your cell phone.

    Once your account reaches $20, you are able to cash out and can redeem it in the form of free gift cards.

    When you sign up using our exclusive link you will earn your first $10 for FREE, which will help you on your way to the cashout!

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