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Where Can I Sell My Walmart Gift Card For Cash

Use An Unwanted Gift Card To Benefit Yourself


Perhaps youve received a gift card to a store, restaurant or online retailer that you rarely visit. Now is the time to consider your gift card as if youve discovered money on the sidewalk. Use that gift card to purchase gifts for others or take someone to lunch. Take that gift card and treat yourself to a new outfit or toy without feeling guilty in the least.

If you’re looking for discount gift cards, the companies mentioned on this page can also offer you the best price. Buy gift cards from these places to take advantage of the perks they offer.;

Where Can I Sell Itunes Gift Cards

Game Flip allows you to sell iTunes gift cards on their site, and, in fact, iTunes cards are one of their more popular resale items. Once youve created a user account, complete with login and password, youre able to register your card within the platform and, hopefully, resell it.

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How Can I Trade In Gift Cards For Cash

A good option for where you can exchange gift cards for cash is Gift Card Granny. As an aggregator of sites that let you sell gift cards online, you simply enter the gift card you want to sell and your balance. It will then show you a list of sites that will pay you for this gift card.

You can find out more by checking out Gift Card Granny directly, including to see why we consider it the best online Coinstar alternative.

One of the main reasons why its our pick is because it only includes legit sites in its list of potential buyers. Youll also immediately be able to see the price that theyre each offering, which will be up to around 92% of the balance.

You can see an example below when I asked to sell a $100 gift card from Target.

Just know that, in some cases, you cant sell gift cards online electronically instantly with this method, as the sites will mostly only pay you once theyve verified that your card is legit. Depending on how you ask to be paid, it can also take a couple of days for the money to arrive.

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Mall Kiosks And Other Stores

At my local mall, there is a kiosk where gift cards can be sold for cash. Run by one of the prominent online resellers, the cashier will make an offer for your card. If you accept the offer, the reseller takes the plastic and you walk away with the money. At this particular venue, the highest amount you can get is 75 percent of the gift cards value. Although the amount you receive may be less, if youre conveniently located near a kiosk, you can obtain money quickly.

Target may also accept gift cards, but you wont get cash payment in return. Youll get a Target gift card to spend instead. Please call your Target before going to the store to be sure they are still accepting cards.

There’s Never A Reason To Get Stuck With A Gift Card You Don’t Intend To Spend

Sell walmart gift card

Of course, you could always ask to exchange your card for another present or a gift card to another store. However, you risk hurting the feelings of the well-meaning person who handed you the card for your birthday or other holiday occasion. This is rarely worth the trouble, especially if the person who gave you the gift was a close relative or your boss at work.

It is always possible to re-gift your gift card to someone else on your own gift list, as long as your friends and co-workers shop in that particular store. If they do, then your holiday shopping just became exponentially easier and they will appreciate receiving the card. If they don’t, then you’ve burdened them with the same dilemma you were left with in the first place.

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Where To Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards

The market has greatly consolidated in the last year. Most gift card websites now focus on selling cards at a discount or buying in bulk.

The two main sites that still buy unwanted gift cards from individuals are Raise and Cardpool and they have very different business models. Cardpool buys cards directly from consumers. Raise lets you list the cards you want to sell on their marketplace.

Can You Exchange Gift Cards For Cash At Coinstar

Coinstar Gift Card Exchange kiosks used to offer a way for you to exchange gift cards for cash. This meant if, say, you wanted to exchange an Amazon gift card for cash because you dont like shopping on Amazon or because it was expiring, you could just find a kiosk near you and turn that credit from Amazon to cash.

However, theyve now removed their gift card exchange kiosks, reportedly due to the high cost of renting floor space from stores for these. This means that, for now, Coinstar Gift Card Exchange kiosks have become:

  • Places where you can deposit coins, including serving as a coin counting machine. This is then exchanged for a gift card or a charity donation
  • A way to exchange coins for notes
  • Coinstar bitcoin sellers, in that you can exchange cash for bitcoins
  • An Amazon coin machine, in that you can get an Amazon cash voucher by using cash to add to your Amazon balance

Theres a chance that theyll update their services in the near future to allow you to sell your gift cards online but this isnt the case yet. That said, well be sure to update this article once that happens.

And to get a free $5 gift card that you can exchange for cash, all you have to do is for a FREE $5 welcome bonus, just for verifying your email address.

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Use The Visa Gift Card To Pay Your Bills

The next method, which is as good as getting liquid cash, is using the gift card to cover your bills. This can be done with the free service called Plastiq as mentioned above.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Pay large bills like your mortgage, car payment, and more

Since you would have used cash to pay for the installments of loans like your car loan or mortgage, using the card is as good as cash.

Some companies, such as Plastiq, allow clients to settle certain bills through credit cards.

And, since Visa cards are perceived as credit cards, you can use them with companies that allow payment by credit.

However, you should know that since the company will treat the card as a credit card, the card will incur slightly fees. Its completely free to sign up and try.


  • Pay everyday bills

Besides using the cards for larger bills, you can also use it to settle regular bills or, better still, make some local purchase with the Visa gift card.

This is possible since, in most cases, Visa gift cards are acceptable in stores that accept normal Visa cards.

Also, billers who accept the use of credit cards will, in most instances, take the gift card as payment.

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Can You Redeem Gift Cards For Cash

â Can You Use Walmart Visa Gift Card On Paypal ð´

A gift card is a great gift for those who are difficult to shop for. Sometimes, however, cash is much preferred over a gift card. Luckily, there are several things you can do to turn your card into cash. You can sell your gift card, trade it in for cash, or use your gift card to gain points that will save you money.

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Can I Sell Used Gift Cards Or Get Cash Back

Yes! Even if you used a gift card to purchase an item or two, you can sell it for cash, especially if there is still a lot of money on the cards balance.

If the remaining balance is only a few dollars and you cant purchase anything else with it, you probably wont be able to sell it. You should contact the store and request cash back instead.

The law in some states dictates that retailers must give back the money when a gift card thats under a certain balance. The balance limit varies from state to state. California currently has the highest limit$10 per gift card.

Sell Your Gift Cards Online

There are several legitimate websites that allow you to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash. You won’t get the full face value of your gift card, but if you have no intention of using it then cashing it in at an online exchange site such as Gift Card Granny is a good alternative. If you prefer, you may also be able to trade your gift card for a different gift card youre more likely to use.

You will lose less if it is a very popular gift card, like Amazon or Walmart, and you will lose more if it is a less common or less sought-after gift card, says Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert at True Trae.

Popular gift cards available at Gift Card Granny include those from Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Home Depot, iTunes, Starbucks, Target and Walmart. Typically, you can either sell the gift card directly to the website or list the card for sale yourself .

There are other online gift card brokers, including CardCash, which in addition to buying and selling gift cards, will allow users to trade gift cards. CardCash says it will pay up to 92% of a gift cards value. We went to the sell page of CardCash and plugged in a $100 Target gift card. We instantly got an offer of $80. For a $100 Walmart gift card, we were offered $89.

We plugged in a $100 Target gift card. Cardpool offered to buy it outright for $70, but said if we listed it for sale on Cardpools site, we could get $84.

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Examples Of How Much Cash Your Gift Cards Could Earn

To help you determine the best place to sell your unwanted gift cards, weve compared several price estimates from popular stores. Heres how the five gift-card marketplaces stack up.


*Note: Estimated exchange prices for Gameflip and Raise were based on the rates of digital gift cards currently listed and selling on their marketplaces, minus the applicable seller fees .

Go To A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk To Trade It In card balance

One super easy way to convert Visa gift cards to cash is to find a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk. Theyre usually yellow and you can often find them in shopping malls and supermarkets.

All you have to do is enter your gift cards information into the kiosk, which will include things like the set of numbers on the front of the card.

Youll then be presented with a range of offers for you to decide which one you want. Once youve made your selection, youll be issued a voucher to take to the cashier to get your money.

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What Is The Fee For The Coinstar Gift Card Exchange

The Coinstar gift card exchange rate is one-to-one when it comes to gift cards. That is, whatever the value of the coins you put into the kiosk is how much the gift card it gives you will be worth. There is, however, an 11.9% service fee for exchanging coins for notes.

This is pretty steep, especially as it means that if you deposit $100 of coins, youll lose almost $12 of this. This is why it can be a good idea to check for other options where you can cash in change for free.;


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What Are Other Options For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Gift Cards

Maybe youre not as online savvy as youd like to be, and youre looking for other options to rid yourself of your Target gift card. Or, you still want to earn cash, but the idea of stopping by the post office or shipping your card out via FedEx seems like more effort than youre willing to make.

Maybe youre completely unconcerned with the idea of earning cash from your gift card, and you want to ensure that the card goes to good use, since you don’t need it. Whatever the case may be, we have a solution for you.

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Selling Your Gift Cards Online Works Best

You’ll find that selling your unwanted and unused gift cards online will be your most convenient option. This convenience does not come completely free however. Websites that assist sellers in the resale of gift cards take a commission, generally as much as 15% of the sale price. This is only fair, as you are using their website to attract prospective buyers and conduct the sale.

Online resale companies usually offer a range of options for sellers and buyers on their web pages:

. Digital gift cards

. Gift card vouchers

. Plastic gift cards as they were originally sold

For this reason, as well as those already mentioned, it is most efficient and profitable to deliver gift cards digitally. If that is not a given option, then your next best choice is to sell a gift card voucher that the buyer can either directly redeem or print out for future use. If you have the physical gift card, the resale marketplace will likely convert it into a digital format for the buyer.

Remember: When selling through an online resale site you will be responsible for commission fees. This is in addition to any and all applicable shipping fees. Removing the cost of physically shipping a plastic gift card to its new owner is the best method for making the deal profitable.

Top 10 Places To Sell Gift Cards For Cash

Why do gift cards on eBay sell for more than they’re worth? | Economics IRL

Receiving a gift card as a present is a mixed bag emotionally. Of course youre grateful but you also cant help but wish the giver had opted for cash instead. If youre currently facing financial hardship, as many of us are in the current climate, the blow will sting even more. You want money to pay your rent, not Apple store credit!

Luckily, you have more options available to you than just sucking it up and using your gift card to buy some consumer goods you dont need. There are many places you can trade your store credit for cold hard cash, both online and in person.

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Can You Exchange A Gift Card For Cash At Walmart

The fastest way to get cash for a gift card is to sell your card at a Gift Card Exchange kioskthe yellow one. Gift Card kiosks look like the green kiosk that sounds like a slot machine when people pour coins into the hopper. Thats not the machine you need.

Beside this, Does CardCash pay instantly?

Once we receive the card the payment is typically issued within 24-48 hours.

Likewise,;Where can I exchange my gift card for cash?

Online Gift Card Resellers. A variety of online gift card resellers will give you a cash offer for an unwanted gift card. Mall Kiosks and Other Stores. At my local mall, there is a kiosk where gift cards can be sold for cash. Service Centers. Online Auctions and Classified.

Also,;Does Walgreens exchange gift cards for cash?

Phone cards, pre-paid card and gift cards are not eligible for refunds or exchanges unless state law specifies otherwise. Consumers who want to return items purchased from have the option of returning them via United Parcel Service or taking them to a nearby Walgreens store.

How long does raise take to sell?

Physical gift cards are shipped to you for free in three to 14 business days, while most electronic gift cards are delivered instantly . You can buy and sell with confidence because of Raises one-year money-back guarantee.

Reddit Gift Card Exchange

Reddit is known for being a calm oasis in the storm that is social media. Why wouldnt you turn to Redditors to buy your unwanted gift cards?

Naturally, you might be wary of trusting an anonymous user to transfer your payment without a third party overseeing the transaction. Although some scammers frequent the Gift Card Exchange subreddit, theres also a reputation system and detailed guidelines, so you can significantly reduce your risk by being cautious.

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Donate Your Gift Cards

Fundraising committees are always looking for donations for their upcoming events. Whether theyre looking for prizes for their charity Bingo or needing some items to add to the upcoming silent auction, gift cards of any type are profitable options to generate income for a worthy cause.

If you happen to have a gift card to a popular retailer such as Sams Club, or you have a Walmart gift card, a fundraising committee may use it to purchase supplies they need for an upcoming event.

Another option is to save your gift cards for an annual Angel Tree event. An Angel Tree is a holiday season charitable cause that requests specific gift cards that would benefit a family with young children. Just make sure you check the balance and assure that the cards youre gifting do not expire anytime soon.

Whatever method you choose, donating your card to a cause you are passionate about is a way to purge the unused gift card and get the most value from it at the same time.

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