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Where Can You Sell Gift Cards

Can I Sell Used Gift Cards Or Get Cash Back

Sell Gift Cards Online: Can You Really Make Money On eBay With This?

Yes! Even if you used a gift card to purchase an item or two, you can sell it for cash, especially if there is still a lot of money on the cards balance.

If the remaining balance is only a few dollars and you cant purchase anything else with it, you probably wont be able to sell it. You should contact the store and request cash back instead.

The law in some states dictates that retailers must give back the money when a gift card thats under a certain balance. The balance limit varies from state to state. California currently has the highest limit$10 per gift card.

Register Your Card For Extra Perks

When you get a Starbucks gift card, it makes sense to register it right away so you can participate in the My Starbucks Rewards program. When you register the card, youll get a freebie. You can also upload the gift card to the Starbucks app and reload it that way, too.

Because you have to include your birth date during registration, Starbucks will send you another freebie on that special day. And then every time you pay with that card, youll earn rewards points, which will add up to free food and free drink down the road.

The Pros Of Flipping Gift Cards

  • You dont need to invest a lot of money when getting started in gift card flipping. You can get started with only a few gift cards and work your way up from there.
  • Gift cards can be very popular during peak seasons such as the holidays, so you can take advantage of the shopping trends of big retailers to earn more.
  • Gift card flipping is a flexible side hustle you can work on during your free time. With zero targets and commitments, its a great gig for people who dont have a lot of time in their hands.
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    Grab Cashback On Every Gift Card Purchase

    Make someone birthday occasion or festival special by selling your unused gift cards. You can choose gift cards from the stores you want to sell or even you can buy the gift cards which you can send as a surprise gift to your loved ones. Zingoy is the best place where you get the opportunity to list your unwanted gift cards from Amazon, Flipkart, Bookmyshow, Shopclues, Snapdeal and more. Bulk gift cards can be also sold on Zingoy by becoming the premium seller.

    Questions & Answers About Gift Cards

    The 18 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards Near Me and Online ...

    How much will I get for my Gift Card?

    You earn REAL CASH back from your gift cardâs! Exchange rates may vary by brand and so will your cash return. Once weâve verified the balance on your card, weâll present you with an offer. There’s absolutely no commitment to accept an offer.

    How will I get paid after I sell Pronto Pawn my Gift Card?

    All you have to do is visit one of our convenient locations. Allow them to check your Gift Card for an available balance. Your friendly sales person will make you an offer to purchase your Gift Card. If you accept, the sales person will handle the details and get your $$ to you quickly!

    What payout options does Pronto Pawn offer?

    We offer two payment options for sold gift cards:1) Cash while present.

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    How Much Do You Get For Gift Cards At Coinstar

    Coinstar discontinued its gift-card-buying services at all Coinstar terminals. However, if youre using Coinstar to count your change, you can maximize your payout by choosing to accept payment by gift card. This option allows you to skirt the fees associated with cash payout.

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    Is It Safe To Use Buysellvouchers To Cash Out Gift Cards

    Yes, the website has been regulated and online for close to a decade, and its very secure. Aside from making it easy to sign up, the transactions are very fast and that leads to a very impressive set of results. On top of that, you dont have to share the credit card information when you register, which is very important.

    You can also choose if you want the product delivery to be manual or instant. As a seller, this means that if you go with the manual delivery, you have to monitor when you get a sale, and then you have to share the gift card with your client. This delivers more control but it can be more time consuming.

    On the other hand, you can use the automatic delivery. This is a great pick because not only does it allow you to automate the process, but results as a whole are very impressive every time. That, combined with the unique range of features and ideas, is what really makes things stand out. With that being said, its definitely important to avoid any rush and find the right sales approach that suits your needs and requirements.

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    Buy Items You Can Resell For Cash

    Id mentioned earlier how I like to resell items on sites like Poshmark. Well, if I had a gift card to a retailer whose wares are popular on Poshmark, I could use that gift card to make some cash for myself. Heres what Id do.

    First, Id research which kinds of clothing or accessories from that retailer people liked to buy on Poshmark. Then, Id use that gift card to buy items I plan to resell. Finally, once they arrived, I would photograph them and put them up for sale, as new with tags, on Poshmark.

    So, its a roundabout way of getting cash for that gift card. But in the end, if the items sell, it would have worked.

    Finally, if youre interested in signing up for Poshmark, use my link and be sure to enter the code SUDDENLYFRUGAL. That will get you $10 off your first purchase on the site.

    Trade Gift Cards Online

    Money Minute: How to Sell Gift Cards

    To get cash for gift cards, you can use one of a number of gift card exchange websites that will offer you cash or another retailers gift card for your unwanted gift card.

    Youll never get 100% back on online gift card exchanges. That’s because the exchange itself typically takes a small fee, and shoppers using the exchange won’t want to pay full price to buy a gift card secondhand. But if you exchange your gift card online, you should be able to recoup at least half of the full value.

    Depending on the type of gift card, the amount, and the supply of similar cards, you could earn anywhere between 54% and 92% of the cards value via an online gift card exchange, says Mark Romanelli, executive vice president of product for, the largest aggregator of online gift card exchanges.

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    How To Exchange Gift Cards For Cash Online

    Dont feel like wasting your time selling your gift card in person? You can register for an online platform that enables you to exchange your card for another one or for cash.

    Note that this method takes more time since you will have to wait for the payment to be processed or for your check to come via mail.

    Since there are many gift card cash back websites out there, you should find out as much as possible about each of them to make an informed decision. Some platforms offer better payouts and charge lower fees than others.

    Do you have only a few dollars on your gift card balance? If youd like to get that money and as quickly and effortlessly as possible, you should rely on DoNotPay!

    Sell Gift Cards Online Direct Deposit

    There are several sites where you can sell unwanted gift card like CardCash and GiftDeals . However, usually you will sell a gift card cheaper than its face value. All you need to do is to state the merchant of your card and then check for the highest offer. The price of the card depends on how popular the card is. Different gift cards have different procedures for selling.

    We have selected for you some marketplaces where you can consider selling your gift card. Be aware that you will be paying a small fee or commission at most online gift card exchange sites. Therefore you also may want to look into the options to sell your gift card locally.

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    How To Become A Premium Seller Partner

    Premium Partners get the huge benefit of selling gift cards in bulk. To become the partner you simply need to contact Zingoy. After becoming the partners you can choose or request us for what types of gift cards you want to sell in bulk. Apart from selling gift cards, you can also buy gift cards online at Zingoy.

    Sell Gift Cards For Cash Online

    Can you buy target gift cards at Kroger

    Selling your unwanted gift cards for cash is probably the best option to consider. There are a number of websites that allow you to either sell or exchange your gift cards to ones that you will actually use.

    Lets say you have a $100 gift card from Target. Selling it online, you could get as much as $90.

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    Gift Card Flipping: Sell Gift Cards And Earn Cash

    Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase or sign up through my links, at no cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more info.

    Gift card trading can be a very lucrative business, that is, if you know how to play your cards right. Heres the only guide youll need on how to buy and sell gift cards for profit.

    The gift card industry is estimated at $1 trillion in 2020 thats massive money. Millions of people still use gift cards for personal shopping every day, and it comes as no surprise.

    Theres something undeniably attractive about getting gift cards at discounted rates.

    And while consumers love them, retailers consider gift cards an integral part of their business as it pulls people into their stores and encourages them to make more purchases.

    During the holidays, gift cards serve as some of the most popular gifts.

    Offering a gift card from a store you know your friend loves has more impact than handing out hard cash, and is more convenient than having to purchase an item youre not so sure your friend will love.

    The bottom line is that gift cards are here to stay, and aspiring money-makers can still take advantage of their popularity to make money flipping gift cards one of the most lucrative side hustle ideas if you study how the market works.

    If youre new to this trading game, sit back and relax. Theres a lot to learn and plenty to take in.

  • The pros of flipping gift cards
  • Donate The Gift Card To A Charitable Silent Auction

    Have you ever gone to a fundraising event where there are gift cards up for bidding? Chances are someone donated those gift cards to help the charity raise money.

    Like regifting, I would only recommend this strategy if you know that the gift card you are donating has 100% of its value on the card. Also, check with your accountant if you can receive a tax deduction for this donation. While that doesnt put cash directly in your pocket, it could lower your tax liability for that year.

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    Why Sell Gift Cards For Cash

    Got a gift card you dont want? Then sell it for cash online, at a mall kiosk, in some grocery stores or at select service centers. You wont get the gift cards full value back in cash, but getting some money in return is better than nothing. Depending on where you sell the card and the demand for that particular brand card, the cash back offer can be anywhere from 60 to 92 percent. Payment options typically range from cash, a check in the mail, a gift card to a different store or a PayPal deposit.

    Companies that buy gift cards turn around and sell the cards to other people at a slightly higher rate, but still below the face value. Since being the go-between in this gift card aftermarket can be fairly profitable, there are a number of places where gift cards can be sold for cash.

    What Can You Do With Unwanted Gift Cards

    How to Sell Gift Cards with WordPress and Boost Your Revenue

    How many gift cards have you received in recent years that are just laying in your drawers?

    Maybe youre not shopping at that store, or it isnt available in your current city at all. Maybe the gift card you got doesnt have enough value for you to add your own money to buy something with it.

    In fact, youre not the only one storing gift cards that would probably go to waste soon.

    Summing up the amounts of each gift card you probably wish you could get cash for those unused gift cards.

    Rather than losing money, why not profit from your unwanted gift cards?

    If you sell gift cards, you wont get the full value, but its better than losing 100% of it.

    You can even get free gift cards for completing some simple tasks online.

    Indeed, there are a number of ways to profit from your unwanted gift cards.

    From regifting to selling them for cash, you could put your rejected gift cards to good use.

    Lets see what are the best ways to benefit by getting rid of them.

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    Where Can I Sell Gift Cards For Cash Instantly Near Me

    Getting a gift card for your birthday or any other special occasion can be fun, provided that the card is in sync with your taste. Did you receive a gift card from a retailer you dont like? Did you win a card as a reward for completing a survey but dont think youll use it? Regardless of the situation, you should consider exchanging the unwanted gift card for cash to avoid having it go to waste.

    If youre wondering, where can I sell gift cards for cash instantly near me, our guide will provide the answer!Register for DoNotPay to learn all about gift card exchange methods. We will also help you file a cashback request for the remaining money on your half-used gift card from Disney, , Victorias Secret, or any other company.

    Products You Can Buy/sell Via Buysellvouchers

    The Buysellvouchers platform is bringing you a multitude of products that you can sell gift cards for. These include mobile recharge products, Facebook, AirBnB, Adidas, Nike, Turbobit, Walmart, Netflix, Starbucks, Best Buy, mobile app stores like the Google Play Store or iTunes and the App Store. Buysellvouchers also has support for platforms like Amazon, eBay, Spotify, Sephora and so on.

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    The Cons Of Flipping Gift Cards

  • Acquiring cards with discounted rates requires lots of work. If youre looking to make a profit with this method, you need constantly be on the lookout for deals. You also need to be in tune with the markets supply and demand to know which brands have the highest-selling gift cards.
  • Reselling gift cards wont earn you a massive profit. Youll probably earn around $2 to $3 dollars from each gift card, or even less. In order to make a considerable income, youd need to trade a lot and trading a lot requires that your efficient in sourcing cards.
  • Scammers abound in this business. If you arent careful, you may purchase cards that no longer have value in them, or sell cards that no longer work because someone has stolen the code. Buying and selling gift cards on eBay or Craigslist, for example, is not advised as these are unsecured places where scammers run rampant.
  • How Does It Work

    7 things you can do with an unwanted gift card

    Our process is very simple:

    • Bring us a card with the security code unrevealed
    • We agree on a price for the card
    • We verify the cards funds
    • You receive your cash

    With our service, you dont have to cringe every time you receive a card to a store you dont frequent, because you can always turn your gift cards into cash! The only other thing you need to bring with you is your drivers license or identification card.

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    Deposit The Gift Card Amount In The Bank

    Believe it or not there are certain gift cards, often in the form of a debit card that you receive as a reward for a purchase, that you can deposit directly into your bank account. I usually get these after buying my dogs flea and/or heartworm medicine at the vet.

    I learned this the hard way. For the longest time, I would try to use these gift cards to buy gas or groceries. But each time I would swipe it and even after the instructions for use at retailers, the card would be reject. Finally, one day I read the fine print on the back and discovered the bank deposit option, which is what I did.

    How To Stay Safe When Selling Gift Cards

    Among the best sites to sell gift cards online for cash instantly is a marketplace where they verify the card balance and also offer protection both to the buyer and the seller. Ones you have sold the gift card, it is essential that you keep it for up to 180 days just in case the buyer is unable to redeem the card balance.

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