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Where To Buy Disney Plus Gift Cards

How To Use A Disney Gift Card To Buy An Annual Pass Online

Can You Use iTunes Apple Gift Card For Disney Plus?

Yes, you can absolutely use Disney Gift Cards to buy an annual pass, and you can also upgrade a ticket into an annual pass.

The initial down payment for a Florida Resident Walt Disney World Annual Pass must be paid with a credit or debit card. After the initial down payment, Guests can make changes to their payment information and pay using Disney Gift Cards by contacting the Passholder Payment Team at 1-888-701-4100.

How Do You Gift A Disney+ Subscription

You can give a one-year subscription to your recipient and Disney+ will email instructions on how to redeem it on the day you choose. It’s pretty simple. You’ll just go to the Disney+ gift subscription page and follow the prompts. They’ll ask for your recipient’s name, email address, and what date you’d like them to receive the email alerting them to their gift subscription. You’ll also have a chance to include a personalized message to your recipient. You’ll then have to enter in your name and credit card numberyou know, the standard payment information.

A few things to note: First, this gift subscription card can only be redeemed by new Disney+ subscribers, so if your giftee has signed up for the Disney+ before using the email address you provide, they won’t be able to use this. Second, this gift subscription card is only offered for a one-year subscription, at $69.99 for the year.

Can I Combine Disney Gift Cards

Keeping track of a bunch of gift cards can be difficult, but thankfully there is a solution. Disney allows you to combine multiple cards into one card here!

I think his is one of the best features of Disney gift cards. You can move balances between cards and only have to keep track of one card on your trip.

The most you can move onto one Disney gift card is $1,000 so if you have more than that youll need multiple cards.

Note that if you have more than five to combine, you will have to transfer the balance to the primary card, then delete cards from your collection of My Cards as you go.

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Disney Gift Cards At Walmart

When planning a Disney vacation on a budget, discount Disney gift cards at Walmart should absolutely be on the first things your family is doing to prepare for the trip.

Disney gift cards can be used anywhere throughout the parks on anything including full service and quick service meals, snacks, merchandise, and tickets themselves. They can also be used on Disney Cruises, the Disney Store, and at They are a great way to make and stick to a budget when vacationing at the most magical place on earth.

There is a great saving potential when you purchase Disney gift cards at Walmart. We all shop at Walmart. According to this article, the average family of four spends over $4,000 at Walmart in a year. With stores in over 25 countries , us vacation planners and frugal lifestyle lovers are intrigued by the possibility of saving money on Disney at a place I shop at we ekly .

Pro tip when shopping at Walmart: every store has an internal pricing system that shows if a price has been marked down at all, or even how many times. Their secret price talk goes like this: 7,5,1. Any price ending in 7 is the original price and has never been marked down, prices ending in 5 have been marked down once, prices ending in 1 are at the final markdown prices.

Now, onto the gift cards! As always, check the Walmart gift card policies online regularly for the most up to date information!

Disney Plus Gift Cards

Disney Plus gift cards: delivery, info, prices, and ...

ByBrendan Griffiths17 August 2021

Disney Plus gift card subscriptions are a fantastic idea for any occasion. We’ll walk you through how and where to buy them

2. Disney Plus offers for you

Disney Plus gift cards are a fantastic idea for a present and are especially handy if you’ve left it all until the last minute. In addition to providing a 12-month subscription to the ever-growing Disney Plus streaming service at the click of a button, they can also be delivered to any email address you like whenever it suits you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Disney Plus gift cards can only be activated by new subscribers. If the recipient already has Disney Plus, they won’t be able to use the card – the official site notes that they “cannot be used to pay for an existing subscription.”

A Disney Plus gift card saves you around $16 / £16 compared to paying month-by-month on a standard monthly subscription. So you’re essentially getting two months free.

Because Disney Plus gift cards are digital codes, you don’t need to worry about them arriving late – you can have them delivered to any email address you want at the time of your choosing. In other words, you can send the code to yourself or arrange for it to go directly to the recipient whenever you want. That makes a Disney Plus gift card the best choice as a replacement if your original gift plans go wrong, or as a main present for the Disney fan in your life.

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What Devices Do You Need To Watch Disney+

You can watch Disney+ on a large number of streaming-capable devices, such as Roku devices for your TV, desktop PCs , Android phones and tablets, Apple iPhones and iPads, Android TV devices, Samsung Tizen smart TVs, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Amazon FireTV, Apple AirPlay, and Google Chromebook and Chromecast.

If your want to make it a whole package and give your recipient a device along with a subscription, take a look at our best streaming devices and best televisions of 2020.

What Is Disney Plus

Disney Plus is the official name of the Disney streaming service, which offers people of all ages movies and TV Shows across all Disney brands to watch. That includes Disney’s main franchise, Pixar animation, Marvel Studios and Star Wars properties, and National Geographic. The service will also feature content from its recent 20th Century Fox acquisition.

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Disney Gift Cards Canada Exchange Rate

If you purchase a Disney Gift Card here in Canada, it will be in Canadian funds, just like your credit card.

And when you make a purchase with your Canadian-funds Disney Gift Card at Disney World, you will be charged the exchange rate based on yesterdays closing numbers. Just like your credit card. The only difference is, no Foreign Currency fee.

Which, based on a $6,000 vacation, thats between $150-175 savings. Better in my pocket than in theirs.

Disney Plus Netflix And Peacock: Give These Gift Cards For Christmas

Disney Plus Gift Card System Hopefully!

With the holidays coming up, figuring out what to buy people in your life can be difficult. If you dont know what your loved ones want this year, consider getting them a streaming gift card which will allow them to watch whatever they enjoy.

With many people still quarantining and social distancing, finding entertainment to fill their time at home is essential.

Countless movies & shows can be watched on personal devices. Make your friends and familys wildest streams come true by gifting them a streaming gift card.

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Disney+ Digital Gift Subscription Cards Now Available

Disney has officially announced that Disney+ subscription gift cards are now available, digitally via These are only available in the US and are priced at $69.99 plus tax.

So if you arent sure what to get your friends and family for the holiday season, this might be a good option.

Disney is also selling Disney+ subscriptions at Disney Stores and at select locations at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

How To Gift A Disney Plus Subscription With A Digital Gift Card

If youve been enjoying Disney Plus and want to share it with others, heres how to buy a Disney+ Gift subscription for friends and family.

With over 86 million subscribers as of December 2020, Disney Plus is one of the hottest video streaming services to launch in 2019 and now, for the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and the UK, you can gift an annual subscription of the Disney+ to a close friend or loved one.

Its no wonder the service is so popular as it includes the entire Disney vault as many shows and films from its many acquisitions. It includes everything from Walt Disney classics to films and shows from Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Pixar, National Geographic, select content from 20th Century Fox, and more.

Although many were skeptical Disney could pull it off with a service that rivals the king of streaming, Netflix, I have to admit, Disney has done an excellent job of execution. And the Gift feature of Disney+ is a nice addition for friends and family who might not yet have an account. You can give the gift of a one-year Disney Plus subscription digitally without having to go to the store. The subscription will be $79.99, which is the same rate as buying a year of the service for yourself.

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Discount Disney Gift Cards

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  • Discount Disney Gift Cards

If youre looking to purchase discount Disney gift cards youre in luck! Weve got the best places and ways to buy discount Disney gift cards listed right here. Disney gift cards are great when youre looking to use for a Disney vacation or just a gift for someone. Theres so much you can do with them!

Using Disney Gift Cards

You can use Disney gift cards almost anywhere Disney! Disney Cruise Line, Aulani, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and any Disney Store including the online one. With so many uses available theyre great to have on hand, especially if you can get a deal on them.

If you have a Disney gift card and youre wondering what part of your vacation you should use it on listen up.

Disneyland Resort

Because you can get discount Disneyland tickets and Disneyland packages here and save big over gate price, theres not reason to use your gift card on them . Its better to save on your tickets and package than to pay full price just to use a gift card. There are plenty of other ways to use it.

Once youve arrived at Disneyland you can use your gift card for purchasing food in the parks, merchandize in the stores, or even pay any incidentals on your hotel room bill if youre staying on property at any of the 3 Disneyland Hotels. If you decided to upgrade your tickets to add a day or upgrade to an annual pass you could use your gift card for that too.

Walt Disney World Resort

Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Plus Gift Card

PHOTOS: Give The Gift of a Year

Disney Plus gift cards have not been released in every country where Disney Plus is up and running just yet, but the list is growing all the time. Try out the link below and see if it provides an option for your local currency.

Do double-check it is for your country as you can’t use a gift card code from outside of your country. Likewise, you’re unable to send a Disney Plus gift card to anyone in a different nation too.

If you still want more Disney-themed gifts we’d recommend Disney Villainous, the Disney Villainous expansions, or Disney’s The Haunted Mansion board game. They’re perfect choices for any Disney fan, no matter their age.

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Disney Plus Gift Subscription Cards Available Now

Shortly after the successful launch of the Disney Plus service, Disney announced that you can now buy Disney Plus Gift Subscription Cards that make it possible for you to gift a full 1-year subscription to anyone on your Christmas list this holiday season making it one of the best digital gifts you can buy if youve run out of shipping time.

So, that means that if you forgot to pick-up a gift for your sisters step-kids or your little cousin or whoever you may have forgotten to shop for this season, you can now get them the PERFECT last-minute gift: a Disney+ subscription for them to enjoy their favorite Disney shows and movies!

The gift subscription cards are $69.99 .

Disney also noted that, while you can purchase these cards digitally right here, there are physical subscription gift cards available for purchase in the U.S. at Disney Stores across the nation.

With the option to gift a Disney+ subscription to those on your list, you can now gift your friends the ability to watch the newest Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, as well as hundreds of other great Disney movies and shows . And, later this month, Disneys releasing Soul, the highly anticipated animated film, directly to Disney+.

So, what makes a Disney+ gift subscription such a great option this season?

They also have new and exciting Disney+ Originals that you can only stream, like a live version of Lady and the Tramp, High School Musical: The Series, and so much more.


Best Method Part : Disney Gift Card Deals At Bj’s And Other Wholesale Clubs

BJ’s is a wholesale club that offers a variety of discounts on Disney gift cards of different sizes. As of September 2019, the sweet spot looks to be a $100 gift card for $95.99, or 4% off. You can see that if you catch the prices during a sale, you might get up to 6% off:

At these rates, youll need to spend at least $250 on Disney gift cards just to break even on your membership. Of course, if you shop at BJs anyways, the membership might be worth it anyways.

Occasionally youll get so lucky to see a category like Wholesale Clubs get 5% back on a credit card like the three discussed above. In that case, you could purchase $1000 in gift cards from BJ’s for $959.90. You spent $10 on your annual membership. Youll get $48 in cash back on the card for this purchase, for a net spending of $921.90 or an 7.8% discount.

This trick works anywhere that has both a 5% rotating category and where you can find Disney gift cards deals. Sam’s Club is the most notable other popular option for finding Disney gift card deals. As always, we have to disclaim here that your mileage may vary.

That 7.8% isnt a huge discount, but its a really solid baseline for an easy method, assuming you have either the Chase Freedom or a Discover card that participates in the 5% cash back program. We dont call this the best because it is always the biggest discountit definitely isnt. But the combination of ease and discount size is unbeatable.

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Target Disney Gift Cards

While Target doesnt sell discount Disney gift cards per se, you can use a Target REDcard to save 5% on Disney gift cards.

A REDcard saves you 5% off of all your purchases, even Target Disney gift cards.

I especially like that there is a REDcard Debit card so I dont have to open a credit card to save on Disney gift cards!

Just add Disney gift cards to your cart on and use your REDcard as your payment method at checkout.

Disney Plus Gift Cards Might Be The Easier Option

How To Get a FREE Disney Gift Card

Luckily enough for those who dont want to finagle with changing passwords and account emails, physical gift cards are available for purchase at Disney parks and Disney stores in the continental United States and Hawaii. If you happen to swing by one between now and the gift-giving occasion, you can pick up a gift card that covers the year subscription for $69.99.

Update : Good news for those without a nearby Disney park or store Disney Plus Gift Subscription Cards are now available digitally. Like the physical gift cards, the digital Disney Plus Gift Subscription Cards includes a year of the service for $69.99. It only applies to new customers who have not yet signed up.

The 25 best movies on Disney Plus right now

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Answers To Your Questions

A Disney+ gift subscription is an easy way to give one year of Disney+ to someone special. When you purchase the gift subscription for $79.99, youll be paying for their first year of Disney+. After a year, theyll have the option to add their own payment details and continue their subscription.

Gift subscriptions can only be redeemed by new Disney+ subscribers.

When you purchase a one-year gift subscription, youll provide an email address for your recipient, choose a delivery date, and have the opportunity to write a special message. On your chosen date, well email your recipient with instructions on how to redeem their gift subscription.

No, if your recipient already has a Disney+ subscription, they will not be able to redeem your gift. Gift subscriptions can only be redeemed by new Disney+ subscribers. They cannot be used to pay for an existing subscription.


How To Buy A Disney+ Gift Certificate

  • to purchase a Disney+ Gift Card
  • Enter the Recipients Information
  • Enter Payment Info and Compete Your Purchase
  • The gift cards can only be redeemed by new U.S. Disney+ subscribers. You can add a personalized gift message and set the delivery date if you want it received on a special day like Christmas.


    If you prefer to give a physical gift card, you can also purchase a physical one-year subscription card at Disney Stores around the country.

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