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Where To Buy Visa Gift Cards Without Fees

Fifth Third Access 360 Reloadable Prepaid Card

How to Buy Visa Gift Cards without a Purchase Fee

Best for ATM withdrawals

Fifth Thirds Access 360° prepaid debit card takes part in Allpoints massive U.S. network and has access to over 50,000 ATMs. This card is available in the 11 states where there are Fifth Third branches, which is the only place you can get the card.

  • General fees and features: $4 monthly fee thats waived if you have $500 or more in deposits monthly or a Fifth Third checking account no costs for activation or inactivity.

  • Purchases: No fees.

  • ATM withdrawals: Free at Fifth Third ATMs and ATMs in the Allpoint ATM network free at Presto! ATMs inside Publix stores and at 7-Eleven ATMs listed on the bank’s website or mobile app $2.75 fee at other ATMs, plus any ATM operator fees.

  • Reload methods: Direct deposit, bank transfer, cash load at Fifth Third branch or ATM.

  • Other services: Card can have joint owners.

  • Downsides: Theres no access to a nationwide retail network for adding cash the cards not available in every state and the card doesnt have a separate savings feature.

Do All Visa Gift Cards Have A Fee

Yes the fee is based on the gift cards value.

  • Gift card values from $10.00 to $74.99 have a $2.95 fee.
  • Gift card values from $75.00 to $149.99 have a $3.95 fee.
  • Gift card values from $150 to $249.99 have a $4.95 fee.
  • Gift card values from $250.00 to $349.99 have a $5.95 fee.
  • Gift card values from $350.00 to $500.00 have a $6.95 fee.

Shop Around For Lowest Total Cost

Before I became the spokesperson for, I was a customer. Wanting to make a personalized gift card for my sons baseball coach, I looked online for various places to make custom gift cards and compared the cost of each. had the lowest activation rate and personalization charges I could find.

I havent compared websites recently, but I still believe that is the case. At just $3.95 for a $100 Visa gift card plus $1 to upload my own photo, the total purchase charge came to $4.95. Because the card is sold online, however, I had to pay shipping charges of $1.99. Still, when I compared the total above the value of the gift card amount to in-store options, I paid a little less and got a fully custom gift card PLUS it came in a free custom greeting card.

Some gift cards charge variable activation fees based on the dollar amount loaded onto the card. For example, at, the activation fee is currently $2.95 for a custom Visa gift card with a balance of up to $74.99. It costs $3.95 to get a gift card in the dollar amount of $75 to $149.99. The basic shipping charge is $1.99.

If you go to the grocery store , then gift cards with a $5.95 activation charge cost about the same as the custom optionsyou just dont get to put a picture on the card or write a personal message.

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Buy Discounted Gift Cards On Ebay

There are two ways of buying gift cards on eBay:

  • Through the eBay Gift Cards Store: youre just purchasing gift cards at face value and using eBay as a place to buy them. Youre not getting them at a discount.
  • Search for gift cards on eBay: with the Buy It Now options, youre not really going to save that much more on gift cards compared to the gift card exchange sites above. You can save more money by being patient and bidding on the gift card auctions. This may or may not be worth the trouble for you, but youll likely save some decent change. Youll also sometimes find high valued gift cards on Ebay that may not be available through the exchange sites. I like buying my Starbucks gift cards on Ebay, and I can usually score a really good deal.
  • Save On Popular Gift Cards With eBay

    • Amazon
    • Home Depot

    Want To Get A Visa Gift Card

    Get Visa Gift Card By Register Without Any Fees

    A smart gift anyone can appreciate.

    The Visa Gift card is an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and suits all your gift-giving needs. It’s also perfect for people of all ages. You decide how much money to give they decide where to spend it.

    You will receive important information regarding the Visa Gift card such as how to activate and use the card. This information should be given to the recipient of the card.

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    Visa Gift Card Security

    At Gift Card Granny, not only do we make it our mission to save you money, but we understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance.

    When you buy a Visa gift card online from our site, rest assured that youll receive the correct gift card with the promised balance through a secure order. We will also protect your personal information during the transaction. This includes any sensitive details and data.

    For inquiries about the security of your personal information, contact our customer service team. For more information on why and how we collect and store personal data, please see our privacy policy.

    Is A Gift Card A Kind Of A Prepaid Card

    A gift card is different from a prepaid card. You need to understand that a gift card is specifically for shopping at a particular store or stores. You cannot withdraw or send money using a gift card. Prepaid cards have the option of sending money, shopping at accepted points as well as withdrawing cash from ATM points. You can use a prepaid card to buy a reloadable gift cards with no fees from merchants who sell them.

    Again, money loaded in prepaid cards does not expire. You can use it at any time you wish. Gift cards can expire. It means that when you receive one, you should use it within a specified time. After that, the card becomes a mere plastic.

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    Is A Prepaid Card A Bank Account

    A prepaid card is a standalone financial outcome that you load with money, and then it ultimately runs out of money unless you reload more. And a bank accounts card is called a debit card, and it operates similarly, but it is tied to the accounts funds. Neither is a credit card, which provides short term loans to the cardholder.

    A prepaid card can have a similar specification to a bank account however, you can use it to deposit your paycheck or auto-debit bills. And this is because routing and account numbers can be selected to the card. Plus, neither a prepaid card nor a debit card can create credit, when you can build credit with a credit card.

    If your credit is not its best, try taking out an ensured credit card for credit-building. Along with, make sure the card issuer will notify the 3 major credit bureaus of your credit habits.

    What Are Prepaid Debit Cards

    3 Big Problems With Visa Gift Cards

    A prepaid debit card can serve as a budgeting tool or an all-out replacement for a bank account and the best prepaid cards offer convenience while charging few fees.

    Prepaid cards are easy to get. Theres no credit check, and theyre often available even if you cant get a bank account because of a bad banking history. Unlike with a credit card, you load funds onto prepaid cards before use.

    Some companies also offer mobile-optimized banking accounts that dont require a squeaky-clean banking or credit history and they often cost less than prepaid cards. Skip ahead to read about these low-fee alternatives.

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    Tips For Getting The Best Gift Card

    There are a handful of things we can count on every holiday season: time off from work and school an overweight, bearded out-of-towner breaking into homes through the chimney tone-deaf neighbors singing at your doorstep overeating and, of course, gift cards. Theyre everywhere this time of year, and for good reason: people generally love them.

    But you dont want yours to be just one gift card among many received by your intended recipient this year. Youd probably prefer it to be enjoyed rather than forgotten in a drawer full of clutter. And you certainly want to get a good deal, because who doesnt?

    Given that your gift card strategy can make or break the holiday season, particularly the budget part, we compiled a list of 10 great tips for gift card success. You can find them below. Shop wisely!

  • Look for a Discount. You might assume that sales and savings dont apply to the gift card market, since gift cards are more like currency than retail products with traditional product margins. Thats not the case, however, as the best gift cards can usually be bought for less than face value. You can learn where to look for deals from our article on the best gift card exchanges.
  • Resale is Always an Option. If you dont end up using a particular gift card or the recipient doesnt like it, youre not out of luck. You can sell it on a gift card exchange or simply swap gift cards with a friend or family member.
  • American Express Gift Cards

    A sure winner in the office setting, these are accepted everywhere American Express is accepted. They are good gift options for your employees, as well as friends and family. The one drawback is the purchase fee that is involved in each one you buy at your local drug store or supermarket. Besides locally, you really can only get them through the American Express Gift Card webpage. See American Express Gift Card savings and coupons.

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    How Many Types Of Gift Cards Do We Have

    We have two types of gift cards. They include open-loop gift cards and closed-loop gift cards. Open-loop gift cards are mainly from banks whereby you can use them at any store to buy anything you may wish. On the other hand, closed-loop gift cards are specific to a particular merchant. You cannot use them anywhere as it is for the case of open-loop cards.

    Chase Gift Cards No Fees And Free Shipping

    Staples Deal Alert! Get a $20 Visa prepaid card when you ...

    For a limited time only, you can buy Chase Gift Cards online with no fees and no shipping charges due to Chase not selling their gift cards at their branches. They are waiving their standard shipping fee of $4.95 on online gift card orders due to this inconvenience. There is also no fee for Chase Gift Cards purchased online. Buying Chase gift cards is a great way to meet the spending requirements for .

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    Wells Fargo Easy Pay Prepaid Card

    Wells Fargo is a reputable company known for its excellent services of offering security in financial institutions as well as money and parcels in transit. The company has a prepaid card that is important in helping you to make purchases of goods as well as paying for services and sending money to others.

    With the card, you can always reload quickly when it runs out of cash using cheques or direct deposit in their branches distributed in over 36 states of the United States of America. Moreover, access to ATM services free. Withdraw money at any of their 13,000 ATMs distributed countrywide.

    Wells Fargo charges you $2.50 upon using non-Wells Fargo ATMs. You can recharge using the ATMs. Above all, their customer service is 24/7. You can thus call anytime you have an issue with your card.

    One thing you should put in mind is that you will be required to pay a monthly fee for the card. However, no purchase fees and application fees whatsoever. Apply here for the card.

    Lost And Stolen Cards

    If your prepaid Visa card is lost or stolen, reach out to our customer service team by completing our contact form. A customer service representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Please note that in some cases, prepaid Visa cards with remaining balances may be suspended and reissued with a minor service fee.

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    Buying Gift Cards Online

    Many financial institutions and major retailers such as Walmart and Target sell the cards online, although some banks only sell to their customers. You can also locate online vendors on the Visa gift card website.

    Choose a vendor and click the icon. First, choose a card design and gift amount, and then select a delivery method, such as mail or email. Enter information on the recipient, including his address or email. The vendor will accept payment by check or credit card.

    Purchasing a Visa gift card from an online source is the most convenient for the majority of people. However, you cannot use the card until it is physically shipped to you. The best online sources for Visa gift cards include credit unions and banks such as Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo and Chase. Further, Visa gift cards are available in online card centers such as Gift Card Mall,, and

    Buy Discounted Gift Cards From Exchange Sites

    How to Easily Spend Left Over Visa Gift Cards

    Youre basically buying previously owned gift cards at a discounted rate. These gift card exchange sites will only carry merchant-branded options, since thered be no reason for someone to sell off their Visa or MasterCard gift card. *Use the gift card exchange sites noted below to sell off any unwanted gift cards you may have also.

    My 3 favorite sites for buying discounted gift cards : is one of the best for buying gift cards and its my personal favorite.

    You can get $5 off $75+ with this offer link & code RAISE75AF. I review here. A $10 off $50+ purchase code is sometimes active throughout the year as well 10RAISEAF.

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    About Visa Gift Cards

    Visa is the world’s most widely-accepted credit card company. They help over 200 countries connect people, governments, businesses and financial institutions. From financial inclusion to advancing digital currency, Visa offers its consumers and clients secure and cutting edge solutions to their financial needs.

    Get the best Visa gift card deals when you shop Gift Card Granny. We take pride in our customization options, ease of ordering and speed of delivery. You can also save on the go with our mobile app!

    Send a prepaid Visa gift card to anyone, for any occasion. Simply select a traditional plastic gift card or an eGift card that the recipient can download for immediate use. Usable to make purchases on anywhere* that accepts Visa as a form of payment.

    The 9 Best Reloadable Prepaid Cards With No Fees

    A prepaid card is a type of card that requires you to load with money to use it. You can use a prepaid card to purchase goods and services from online stores or at physical shops that accept the card services. Most financial institutions provide reloadable prepaid cards with no fees. You only need to recharge with a certain amount of money, and you are good to go.

    A prepaid card works just like the debit card. However, the two are different in that a prepaid card has no connection with any bank account. You use what you have loaded at any merchant store accepting the card. On the other hand, a debit card links to your bank account. Therefore, when you use the card to buy goods and services, the spend money deducts from your account.

    With a prepaid card, you have no limitation to buying goods and services only. You can as well send money to someone else using a checking account. What you do, you input the card number during checking out and enter the PIN after indicating the amount you wish to send. You can also buy gift cards online with a checking account from stores such as Amazon for anybody.

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    Visa Gift Cards Are Sold In Some Banks

    Another place to buy Visa gift cards is from your bank. Not all banks sell them, but those that do typically sell cards to existing customers at a competitive ratearound $4 for any load value.

    The primary benefit of buying gift cards from a bank is that you may be granted additional security features such as the same protection that comes with the banks credit or debit cards. The downside is that you typically have to be an account holder with the bank in order to buy a gift card. Check your bank to see if you can buy gift cards and what additional benefits are given to existing customers.

    Send a gift in seconds with a Visa eGift card or a Top Merchant eGift card.

    Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance

    Where to buy visa gift card with no activation fee ...

    Please have your gift card ready when you check the balance.

    If you purchased or received a Visa gift card right from Gift Card Granny, visit our Visa balance check page for current balance information.

    For Visa gift cards not purchased on Gift Card Granny, you must contact the financial institution responsible for your gift card in order to check the balance Visa is unique in that it doesnt provide gift card balances or transaction information for its gift cards.

    Here are the most common issuing banks and providers of Visa gift cards:

    See our Visa Gift Card fee schedule.

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    How Do Prepaid Cards Work

    Including a prepaid debit card, you can choose a method of loading money on to a card like adding cash or direct deposit at a retailer and decide how much funds to count. From there, you would use the menu to compose purchases online or in-store.

    Many cards also permit you to withdraw cash from an ATM, earn rewards, send money to friends, or set money away in savings accounts as well as you may not do all this with a bank account, making prepaid cards an excellent replacement for traditional banking.

    If you have been omitted from banks due to a bad banking history or tend to overspend and have poor credit, a prepaid debit card could be a fantastic money management tool.

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