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Where To Find Large Gift Boxes

Over 2000000 Dogs Served

The Big Box 12 x 5.3/4 x 5.3/4 Large Gift Boxes

See why #BarkBoxDay drives pups bonkers!

  • “Lily loves her BarkBox. She is so excited when it comes and can’t wait for me to open it. The treats arevery high quality and if your baby has allergies they help with that too.”

    Machelle & Lily

  • “Great selection of toys for her to chew and chase after. She loves all the treats and has been learning avariety of tricks. She gets excited every time her special box is delivered.”

    Debbie & Shadow

  • “Deciding to try out BarkBox was one of the best things we’ve done! He LOVES his toys way more than thestore bought ones. We are definitely going to keep the monthly tradition going for years to come!”

    Angela & Hooch

  • “We absolutely LOVE it – the collections in the box are always so creative and fun. The treats are healthyand the toys are well-made and high quality.”

    Danielle & Hudson

  • “Dog treats and toys have all been quality, shipped on time regularly every month. I have been veryhappy… and will continue to subscribe.”

    Julia & Samwise

  • Powerful Psychological Triggers Unleashed

    Just as the heading above states, when you present a large gift box of the superior quality you will find at PACKQUEEN, you are setting up a psychological trigger that will result in a chain reaction of positivity.

    From the first moment of presentation, you build curiosity and anticipation. The recipient begins to wonder what could be inside this obviously high-quality box, and of course, it also lends the impression that high-quality items may be inside.

    Leading the recipient’s mind in this way is actually putting yourself in the most advantageous position to get the psychological outcome you want. Whether that is to win a contract, motivate staff, or some other goal, as long as you follow through with quality gifts, your chances of success are massively increased.

    Get Well Gift Box Ideas

    A get well gift box is your chance to deliver friends and family members tangible TLC and warm wishes. These boxes might include items intended to help the recipient heal or simply trinkets that show someone you care.

    What is it: A pretend-play doctor set, reminiscent of childhood, with a twist: its made of chocolate.

    Why we love it: This small gift is a good-natured, playful way to say get well.

    Price: About $26

    Where to get

    What is it: A build-a-box creation filled with a luxe bathrobe, fruit infuser water bottle, and vegan hand soap.

    Why we love it: Its pure feel-good luxury in a box. Just imagine your recipient, wrapped up in a fluffy robe and sipping on some fruit-infused water.

    Price: About $80

    Where to get

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    Home Office Essentials Box

    What is it: This work-enhancing home box features office decor, gadgets, and productivity aids that any goal-oriented friend or coworker will swoon over.

    Why we love it: Re-energize and motivate your recipient to stay focused and passionate. Plus, this box is great for onboarding new employees.

    Price: $113.64

    Where to get it:SwagUp

    What is it: A build-a-box creation filled with a petite succulent plant, an eco-friendly journal, and a colorful desk tray.

    Why we love it: This employee welcome kit adds effortless style to any workspace and will help new hires set up their desk on their first day.

    Price: About $60

    Where to get

    The Adults & Crafts Crate

    Buy Extra Large Flat

    What is it: A subscription box brimming with crafting possibilities. Couples will love using the materials and instructions to craft handmade items for their new married life.

    Why we love it: This gift offers hands-on fun and also sentimental value. Crafty couples will love stumbling upon that wood burning craft and other DIY projects they made together during their first month of marriage.

    Price: Plans as low as $30.00 a month

    Customizable? No

    Where to get it:Cratejoy

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    Master The Art Of Corporate Gifting With Packqueen

    Corporate deals are sometimes rational and sometimes just come down to how somebody feels about you. In the latter case, what you give as a gift and how you give it can assume much more importance than the specifics of the deal itself.

    First impressions certainly count, and we can tell you right now that if your corporate gift doesn’t start with the presentation of a large gift box, you are shooting blanks as far as making the right impression goes. Without question, the most important part of any corporate gifting effort is the presentation.

    Presenting a large gift box shows you are dedicated to winning. Bold, aggressive strategies are behind 9 out of every 10 corporate success stories. You can join their ranks.

    Gift boxes aren’t just for impressing potential clients, either. They’re also a strategically clever way to reward loyal and competent staff for a job well done, or simply for going the distance. The same principles are in play here. You want to make a favourable impression, and you set a good example when you use a large gift box. It shows you have more than just token respect for your employees.

    In either case, it’s all about image, and gaining a favourable reaction in response to a favourable impression. This favourable impression is created through the presentation of a large gift box, and your best source for large gift boxes is PACKQUEEN.

    Also Great For Product Packaging

    When you want to sell in real style, our boxes are the way to make a strong impression on customers, too. We have such a large range of boxes to choose from, and for certain types of items, our large gift boxes can be the best choice for packing your goods.

    Customers receiving goods through delivery services will be thrilled to find you have packed their items with care and attention, even going as far as providing a high-quality gift box for shipping the item in. Never underestimate the power of a good first impression. It can make all the difference in the world.

    Browse our range online or download our catalogue today.

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    American Cocktail Club Box

    What is it: A thank you gift full of premium ingredients hand-selected by expert cocktail mixologists.

    Why we love it: Its a delicious toasty-worthy treat that arrives conveniently packed in a box and requires no trip to the bar.

    Price: Plans as low as $37.99 a month

    Customizable? No

    Where to get it:Cratejoy

    Gift Box Ideas For Valentines Day

    Crafty Christmas Countdown #17 – Large Gift Box From Santa’s Workshop

    A box of chocolates is the safe Valentines Day gift. Try a box of something different, something like a gift box, packed with items both traditional and unexpected.

    What is it: A subscription box full of gourmet ingredients that help recipients pursue culinary adventures.

    Why we love it: Its both deliciously indulgent and experiential.

    Price: Plans as low as $47.49

    Customizable? No

    Where to get it:Cratejoy

    What is it: A build-a-box creation filled with festive jelly beans, a cozy blanket, and a wine carrying case.

    Why we love it: Its everything you need for festive and cozy Valentines day.

    Price: About $65

    Where to get

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    A Box Of Their Favorite Wines

    What is it: With dozens of wines available, In Good Taste lets you select a specific wine favorite of the bride, the groom, or the entire bridal party and will ship over a box of minis. Perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal gifts, or day-of-event sips, there is no need to tote around full bottles when they just want a glass or two.

    Why we love it: Wine makes any celebration a little more exciting and these minis are just as beautiful as they are delicious and convenient.

    Price: $45

    Where to get it: In Good Taste

    Gift Box Ideas For Mothers Day

    Cant pick just one present for your amazing, remarkable, formidable mom? Thats okay. Pack a bunch of special items into a custom gift box to create something with more wow-factor than a bouquet of roses.

    What is it: Cozy slippers and luscious lavender-licious skincare products, including a rich, skin-softening souffle.

    Why we love it: It gives mom all she needs for a DIY star-studded spa treatment.

    Price: $49.95

    Where to get it:Cratejoy

    What is it: A monthly subscription box of artisan treats and self-care essentials that help your mom feel like a million dollars.

    Why we love it:Luxury treats give working moms the just-right indulgence they need.

    Price: Plans as low as $34.17

    Customizable? No

    Where to get it:Cratejoy

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    The California Wine Mixer Tasting Box

    What is it: In Good Taste Wines winemaker curated 8 of Californias best wines, the company then packaged them in by-the-glass bottles, making learning more about wine easy and eliminates the waste of having to open full bottles just to try a new wine. These 8 gems are delivered directly to the recipient in a beautiful box displaying the variety of white, rosé and red wines.

    Why we love it: This flight gifts an entire wine tasting experience. The box includes 8 standout California wines, allowing for discovery and a fun tasting for 2.

    Price: $65

    Where to get it:In Good Taste

    Why Our Extra Large Gift Boxes Are Exactly What You Need

    12 CT Large Gift Favor Boxes Gable Boxes with Satin ...

    You may be familiar with the expression that it’s what’s inside that counts, and certainly that is very important. But you should never overlook the importance of having a good exterior.

    When you buy cardboard boxes at wholesale from PACKQUEEN, you are getting a premium quality product that is super strong and also attractive. Our boxes are made from the very best cardboard, and they are produced with technology that returns superior results.

    Using these boxes is the first step in a process which, if applied correctly, will virtually assure you get the outcome you are seeking.

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    Extra Large Gift Boxes

    Here at the Tiny Box Company we offer a huge selection of packaging solutions to meet your every need. For those big gifts or retail items you can choose from our top quality extra large gift boxes. These include recycled and recyclable boxes which are, of course, a great choice if you want to be green, while buying brilliant boxes for sizeable gifts.

    If you are a retailer who sells large products then our extra large boxes could be just what you need. They enable you to package goods in your shop if you have physical premises alternatively you could use them to package and ship deliveries out to customers who have shopped online. Either way, these boxes are ideal for retailers of big products.

    Individuals can also make use of our extra large gift boxes. They are particularly useful for large birthday and Christmas presents, which will look even more impressive in this packaging. Whatever your gift box needs we at Tiny Box Company can help, and if you require sizeable gift boxes, just order online today.

  • 280 x 220 x 110mmSKU: SSWH22
  • 280 x 220 x 110mmSKU: SSKR22
  • 430 x 305 x 35mmSKU: A3WH35
  • 430 x 305 x 35mmSKU: A3BL35
  • 320 x 320 x 40mmSKU: SQWH32
  • 320 x 320 x 40mmSKU: SQKR32
  • 320 x 320 x 40mmSKU: SQBL32
  • 320 x 320 x 40mmSKU: SQGR32
  • 200 x 200 x 200mmSKU: PUBW20
  • 200 x 200 x 200mmSKU: PUGR20
  • 200 x 200 x 200mmSKU: PUWH20
  • 200 x 200 x 200mmSKU: PUBL20
  • 400 x 300 x 110mmSKU: SDSSGR40
  • Thank You Gift Box Ideas

    No present says thank you quite like a gift box. A collection of treats helps you represent your gratitude in creative and festive ways. A box tells your recipient they deserve so much more than a card.

    What is it: A build-a-box creation filled with a picnic blanket, a portable cheese board, and a deluxe bottle opener.

    Why we love it: Its basically the picture-perfect picnic in a box. Just add food and beverages.

    Price: About $85

    Where to get

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    A Snack And Coffee Box

    What is it: A box of energizing feel good snacks and an exclusive premium coffee blend from Palindrome Coffee Co to wash it all down.

    Why we love it: Its energizing, delicious, and precisely what any busy professional, especially any coffee lover, needs to do their best work.

    Price: Starting at $24.95

    Where to get it: Caroo

    The Mental Wealth Box


    What is it: A self-care subscription box focused on mental health.

    Why we love it: It encourages an inside-out approach to self care that brings value to anyones life.

    Price: Plans as low as $49.99 a month

    Customizable? Yes

    Where to get it:Cratejoy

    What is it: A rush of healthfulness, a box packed with wholesome snacks and wellness essentials such as hand sanitizer.

    Why we love it: Its eating well and living well in a perfect care package.

    Price: Starting at $24.95

    Where to get it: Caroo

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    Custom Igloo Glacier Gourmet Cooler

    What is it: A rugged cooler filled with gourmet snacks to satisfy every dads tastes.

    Why we love it: Its both consumable and reusable. The cooler is something Dad can use again and again.

    Price: $60.75

    Where to get

    What is it: A pack of dad essentials, including a hoodie and a classic dad hat.

    Why we love it: It sets your favorite dad up with customizable, yet still classic styles.

    Price: $95.30

    Where to get it: SwagUp

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