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Where To Register For Baby Gifts

How To Use The Registry Checklist

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Creating a registry can be overwhelming especially for first-time parents. Targets checklist helps them figure out what they actually need to get through the first year . If you’re already overwhelmed;by options, you’ll appreciate that Target does some of that work for you.

The checklist consists of 12 categories like diapering, feeding and nursery furniture that each have smaller subcategories within them. For example, the nursery furniture category lists a bassinet, a crib, a crib mattress, a changing table and a glider or rocker. Target doesnt seem to overdo the lists and includes what parents actually need.

Once you add the suggested items to your list , you can check a box next to the category name. As you add items to your list and check off boxes, Target will keep track of how many areas youve completed on your checklist. The feeding section may say 5/13 complete, while the clothing section says 7/7 complete. Theres no pressure to complete everything, but the checklist helps you spot what youre missing.

+ Important Baby Registry List Items To Own +

Building a baby registry list is overwhelming! Trying to figure out what baby products to register for and what your baby will actually need/ use its first year of life is challenging. So, let us help. This is your basic if I knew then what I know now registry.

Its the exact list I would give my sister or a good friend. As a mother of five through both birth and adoption, I have been through this baby registry process enough to know what works and what doesnt. I hope my experience can help ease your mind and help you design the perfect baby registry list for your new baby.

Of course, once your shower is over and youve washed and folded all the mini clothes in fragrance-free detergent, there are more things to buy and many things that you can find used. Weve made notes of those, too.

Best Baby Registries For Freebies & Discounts

6 Best Baby Registries for Freebies &…

Youve gone to everyone elses baby shower, and now its time for yours.

Or maybe youre the first of your loved ones to have a baby shower and you dont know where to start.

Either way, its a great time to make sure you get all the freebies and discounts available. Heres where to start:

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The Benefits Of A Target Baby Registry

Universal registry: Just drag a button onto your bookmarks bar to start adding gifts from other sites onto your Target registry. Once you click the button, a window pops up that lets you choose the quantity and color of the gift. Theres even a spot to write a cute note to anyone who looks at your registry. Gift givers will still have to buy the gift on the original site , but you can manage your list directly from Target’s site.

Comprehensive app: You need to download the Target Registry app , and then you can forget about printing or saving receipts. The app stores this info, so all you have to do is scan your registry bar code to return an item.;;

Group gifting: Target lets your family members and friends pitch in to buy a single gift. If you have an expensive item, like a stroller, the gift giver contributes a specific amount toward the purchase instead of taking the entire total on themselves. Target even adds a status bar to show you and your guests how much more is needed for that gift. Once you hit the mark, youll receive an eGiftCard to purchase the item yourself. Genius!

Completion bonus: Eight weeks before your due date, Target emails you a 15 percent off coupon that;you can use twice once in store and once online. Your registry even has a giant countdown with the number of days until you get your discount.;

How To Create A Target Baby Registry

Baby Gift Registry  Chicco

Navigate to Targets Baby Registry page and click create registry. If you already have a Target account, you can sign in using that, or you can create a new one. Once youre logged in, the fun part begins. You get to put in your due date, choose a unique URL for your registry think something like baby-girl-smith and add your gift address.

Once youre finished with the setup, you can experience one of Targets unique registry features: the tour. The guided virtual tour explores different parts of your registry and shows you how and where to add and keep track of your gifts. Target automatically adds four popular items to the registry to get you started. Ours had a bath discovery gift set with bath products for baby, a box of Infants Tylenol, a baby shampoo and lotion combo pack and a box of diapers. You can dismiss or keep those items before you start adding your own.

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What Is A Baby Registry

A baby registry is a list of baby products from retail stores that you would like to receive in preparation for your babys birth. It lets your friends and family members know which items you want most, and it also gives you a way to keep track of your baby gear before the babys arrival.

You can include anything that youd like on your registry, from infant care products like bottles and onesies to big items such as strollers and car seats. Some parents-to-be create registries at multiple stores or use a universal baby registry to pull baby items from various stories into one checklist.

Best For Twins: Buybuy Baby


  • Perks: Welcome bag for baby
  • Completion discount: 15%

Why We Chose It: BuyBuy Baby is a store that focuses solely on baby items, so its great for parents of twins who dont want to get distracted by stores that offer other items. Its also easy to save money at BuyBuy Baby for parents of twins who will likely be spending more.

  • Free shipping for a year if registry purchases reach $1,500

  • Great discounts

  • Ability to use Bed Bath & Beyond coupons

  • Cannot add items from other stores

  • No group gifting

With its great selection, buybuy BABY has become the go-to place for an all-in-one baby essentials store. With its tremendous selection of products, from strollers and diaper bags to breast pumps and bottles, BBB is perfect for parents-to-be of twins who have a long list of necessary baby items.

And if you get overwhelmed by all the options, you can schedule an in-store appointment with one of the stores registry consultants, who will guide you through the store and your decisions. And if the total value of gifts purchased from your registry exceeds $1,500 , you’ll earn unlimited free standard shipping for your babies first year.

Take a look at some of the best baby strollers you can buy.

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Kellys Closet Baby Registry

If youre going the cloth diaper route, its a fab idea to create a baby shower registry at Kellys Closet, which carries an incredibly wide selection of cloth diapers and diapering accessories. While Kellys Closet carries non-diapering goodies as well , make no mistake that youre here for the diapers. Just a heads-up that your friends and family will need to input a password to access your baby gift registry, but you can let your guests know that they can call in orders, too.

The perks: While Kellys Closet doesnt offer a special discount for items not gifted off the baby registry, it does have a steady stream of coupons and promotions. Plus, youll earn Diaper Dollar reward points toward future purchases. Your baby goes through a lot of diapers in the first year, so youll put those to good use.

Register here:

How To Start A Baby Registry

Unboxing – Target Baby Registry Free Gift

Should you register for the baby items you’d like to have? In a word, yes. If it seems weird to ask for specific gifts get over it. Once you’ve sat through a shower where the mom-to-be opens three monitors, two wipe warmers, a hideous bedding set, and 87 hand-wash-only sweaters, you’ll get it. Gift givers come out of nowhere when a baby arrives. Aside from shower guests, your coworkers , neighbors, far-flung cousins, and your mom’s friends will all be shopping for your baby. Registering eliminates duplicate and not-your-style gifts, and the running around they set off. Here are our tips on how to register the right way.

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How We Made Our Picks For The Best Baby Registries

Even when you know what you want out of a baby registry, there are a lot of options to wade through. That can get really overwhelming, really fast. So, we did the work for you. We tested out these registry programs and determined the best of the best. Narrowing them down based on discounts and perks, reliability and convenience, you can check out our favorites below.

Ready to get started? Below, we’ve done the research for you and rounded up the best baby registry sites for 2021.;Choose just one or use two to have a backup either way, you cant go wrong with these options. And if you’re still not sure which registries to use, try;What to Expect’s;Baby Registry Builder;to get personalized suggestions for which registries to use and which products to register for.

How Do You Set Up A Baby Registry

You can set up a registry in the store or online at Create an account, answer a few questions about your baby and start adding items to your list. You can browse the top registry items purchased by other parents to help you make selections. With the Walmart App, you can access and manage your registry from your phone any time you wish. You even have the ability to use your phone to scan items in the store and add them directly to your registry.

Preparing for your new baby just got a lot easier. Save money. Live Better.

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What Should You List On Your Baby Registry

Now comes the fun part. If you’re wondering what to put on your baby registry, the list below gives you ideas for all the baby registry must-haves and nice-to-haves you might like to include. You can navigate by the categories below, or you can read through the entire list of 96 items making note of those that you’d like to include.

76. Baby toothbrush and toothpaste

77. Baby hair brush

78. Bulb syringe for nasal mucus

79. Gentle laundry detergent.

Amazing Services To Add To Your Baby Registry List

Where to Register for Baby Gifts Online

There are plenty of service-based gifts that you can add to your registry that are super helpful to new parents.

  • Cooking Food of any kind. Home-delivered gourmet, something pre-made and frozen, or an account at your favorite takeout joint.
  • Cleaning A cleaning service for a few weeks or months
  • Home Doula Mothers helper, babysitter, night nurse are variations on the theme of someone to help you get the baby cared for
  • Massage It may be a while before you feel comfortable going for one, but its so nice to have that gift certificate on the fridge as a reminder
  • Classes Mommy and Me, Gymboree, Moms Group you may not have considered these kinds of groups ever before in your life, but you soon will! Membership has its privileges. Here are five classes to consider with your baby. Too soon? Start with a local Moms Group and take baby steps!

*Very Cool Perk: the Amazon baby registry service allows you to register for services as well as pretty much everything else a mama might want.

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How To Create An Amazon Baby Registry

Once you get to the main , click the “Get Started” button. You’ll be prompted to put in your name, address, expected due date and shipping address. That’s all you need to do to create a basic registry. If you want to personalize your registry, there’s a section for optional information. You can include the gender of your baby, let Amazon know if this is your first child and write a cute message to family and friends who check out your list. Amazon includes a helpful sample note where parents-to-be can tell gift givers the color of the nursery or, for instance, that they prefer compact items because their apartment is on the smaller side.

Once you have the registry ready to go, it’s time to add products. You can add them from the individual product pages or look at Amazon’s Registry Checklist, which shows you popular products without ever having to leave the registry page.

To install the Universal Registry Button, you just click the install button to add it to your browser. Go to any retailer’s site and use the button when you find something you like.

The Bay: Canadas Gift Registry

Hudsons Bay You can create any Gift Registry with HBC The Bay.

There are currently no promotions for beginning a Baby Registry with them, but you could probably find many ideas that would help in any gifts when it came to a Nursery and toys.

Dont forget to Check out More Savings with Baby Coupons, Baby Freebies, and other significant savings!

Leave a Comment and let me know what you think of this Baby Registry List!

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More Than A Baby Registry

Why limit yourself to a baby registry opened with one of the traditional stores, forcing you and your friends & family to buy all gifts at one store, often at unfavorable prices ? My Desires lets you create a uniquely customizable and totally free baby registry where you can add any gift you would like from anywhere. From the nursery that caught your eye at Pottery Barn Kids, to the Sophie Giraffe teether you saw at Amazon, but also for example the handmade paper mobile you saw in a small shop in your neighborhood and that you snapped a picture of with your cell phone. Distribute your baby registry among your friends and family and they will be able to indicate the gift they would like to get you. They are free to buy the gift at the store you will have indicated on your registry and have it delivered to your address, or to make a financial contribution directly to your bank account. Or they can even buy it in another store of their choice and give it to you personally. No more unwanted or double gifts !

Days Of The Week Onesies

Buy buy baby registry gift bag

Truth: Babies tend to go through multiple outfits a day. But newborns can at least start the morning off with these 100 percent Pima cotton onesies accented with delicate day-of-the-week lettering, plus envelope shoulders and snaps on the legs for easy changing. And while these are pretty gender-neutral, they also make a set for baby girls. You can count on this onesie set as one of the best baby gifts that will get a lot of use.

Buy it: Kissy Kissy Boys Days of the Week Onesies Set, $119,

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Snuggle Bugz Canada Baby Store

Snugglebugz: Baby Register with a Refer a Friend Bonus

Refer a Friend Bonus: If you have a friend whos expecting the same time you are Share the love. Every friend you refer will give a $15.00 off $100 Coupon for Snuggle Bugs.

All you need to do is be registered and tell your friends to register as well.

Also, what is nice about Snugglebugz is if you have a few items that were not purchased at the due date you can complete your registry and receive a 10% off select on the remaining items.

Registry options are available both online and in-store.

Baby Gift Card Bonus: Get a double bonus when people shop from your baby registry you will be rewarded with extra gift cards towards your next purchase. For example, $25.00 with $500 spent.;

You must be registered for a minimum of 50 items to qualify for the reward program. Exclusions apply.

Another Great one on the Baby registry List!

Babylist Baby Registry Free Stuff

Babylist offers you a way to organize your wish list and add items from other websites. Babylist offers some unique and useful baby products you may find useful and quickly add to your wish list when you complete the online registry. You’ll also discover quite a few freebies when you register.

  • Free Hello Baby Box welcome gift filled with goodies, samples, and brand cards
  • 15% completion discount for Babylist store items 60 days before your baby’s arrival date
  • Free registry insert cards to add to your shower invitations
  • Free for others to add cash funds for diapers, college fund, and more
  • Free chat, email, or call with registry consultant
  • Free registry checklist tool to ensure you include everything you need
  • Free shipping for Babylist store orders $45
  • Free pregnancy tracker for weekly updates
  • Receive price change and out of stock alerts

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When Should You Create Your Baby Registry

You can put your baby shower registry list together whenever you have the chance, but try to give yourself plenty of time to research products and think through what you need. Youâll want it to be ready by the time your baby shower invites go out, so check in with the host of your shower about when she plans to do this.

Like many moms-to-be, you might find it convenient to start to prepare your registry toward the end of the first trimester, adding more items during the second trimester as you start making decisions about which products are best for you and your baby.

You may want to change or add items to your list once you know your babyâs sex â if youâre finding out ahead of time, that is! You might be able to find out whether youâre having a boy or girl when youâre about 20 weeks pregnant during the mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

Once your baby shower registry is complete, the host of your baby shower can include your registry information in the shower invitations or share it via email or social media.

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