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Who Sells Lyft Gift Cards

Your Complete Guide To Lyft Gift Cards


Lyft is a ride-hailing app that lets you book rides directly from your smartphone. Its quickly become one of the biggest players in the ridesharing;space, competing with Uber as the app of choice for people who need to get a ride quickly. If you have a friend or family member who loves using Lyft, a…

    Lyft is a ride-hailing app that lets you book rides directly from your smartphone. Its quickly become one of the biggest players in the ridesharing;space, competing with Uber as the app of choice for people who need to get a ride quickly.

    If you have a friend or family member who loves using Lyft, a Lyft gift card;can be a great way to keep them moving. Lyft gift cards;are ideal for college students, city dwellers, or anyone you want to make sure has a safe ride home.

    In this article well walk you through how to give the gift of Lyft, and show you how to redeem a gift card. Well also look briefly at the history of the company, show you how to create an account if youre new to the app, and answer some frequently asked questions about the service.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Buying The Gift Card At Website Or App

    Lyft makes it easy for users to buy a gift card. All they need to do is to open the app or go to the website, log in to their account, and do the purchase.

    Here are the steps of how to buy a gift card:

  • Open your Lyft app.
  • Tap the menu icon .
  • Tap Promos.
  • Scroll down and find the Gift Lyft to friends option and tap it.
  • Choose your payment method to pay for the card. You can use a prepaid card, debit, or credit card to complete the purchase.

    If you use iOS devices, you can also use PayPal and Apple Pay for the payment

    Note: The steps are more or less the same if you buy a gift card from the web browser.

    After you buy the gift card, you have the option to either keep the card for yourself or send it to a friend as a gift. If you want to send it to a friend, do not add the 16-digits code to your account.

    Lyft Gift Card $: Target

    Description “Thisgift card is redeemable only for eligible goods and services via theLyft platform . The entire value will be credited to yourLyft account upon redemption in theLyft App. Except where required by law, this GC is not reloadable, not redeemable for cash, not refundable, and cannot be resold.

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    Where To Buy Lyft Gift Card

    A Lyft Gift card is useful when it is time to gift someone, and it works like a charm because traveling costs are expensive sometimes and it helps to have a little discount through discount code and save money while traveling.

    Getting the right gift for someone is difficult and requires a lot of research and thinking.

    It requires constant thinking and questions like: what should I give? What makes her happy? Will the gift be useful to his/her?

    The Internet is full of such answers -you will find flowers to perfume, earphones, and headphones.

    Thanks to the innovation of the gift card, you can gift your friends and family their favorite gift which is useful in so many ways.

    Almost every company provides the gift card for their customers.

    There are Lyft gift cards, food gift cards, hotels, and flight gift cards, and its easy to use and buy.

    How Do I Use A Lyft Gift Card

    Lyft to sell gift cards at Starbucks coffee shops

    You now understand how to buy a Lyft gift card, but what if youre on the other end? What if youve received a Lyft gift card and need to figure out how to use it?

    Dont worry: The steps for redeeming a Lyft gift card are simple.

    To redeem a physical Lyft gift card:

  • Find the Claim Code. This is a 16-digit code located on the back of the gift card.
  • Open the Lyft app.
  • Type the Claim Code code from the email in the Enter promo code box.
  • Tap Apply.
  • Here are a couple things to keep in mind when using a Lyft gift card:

    • To use Lyft gift cards, you need some other default payment method on file. This can be a credit card, debit card, or any other valid Lyft payment option. This ensures that you can pay for the remaining amount of a Lyft ride if your gift card balance isnt sufficient.
    • Lyft gift cards cannot be used to pay for Lyft tips, cancellation fees, or damage fees.

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    Why Buy A Lyft Gift Card

    As convenient as they are, the cost of Lyft rides can add up. If you know someone who uses Lyft a lot already, then a gift card is a no-brainer. Theyre especially great gifts for college students, way more hip and useful than that iTunes gift card you may have been considering.

    Lyft isnt just for young people, however. They can also be handy for business travelers, since Lyft is almost always cheaper than renting a car or paying to park your car at the airport. Or what about your elderly relative who doesnt drive and wants a way to get around thats easier and cheaper than calling up a taxi?

    Just as with any other gift card, these gift cards are available at a variety of price points, ranging from $25 to $250 . This means theres a card for every occasion, from something small like a birthday to something major such as a retirement or wedding.

    Reasons To Buy A Lyft Gift Card

    There are lots of reasons you might want to buy a Lyft gift card for a friend or loved one.

    To start, giving someone a Lyft gift card is far more practical than other sorts of gifts. Particularly if youre looking for a gift for a millennial urbanite, a gift card for Lyft is something that the recipient is bound to use .

    Of course, dont think that Lyft gift cards are just for young people. They can also be very useful for older professionals who travel frequently for business.

    Lyft is a far more convenient way to get to and from the airport than using your personal vehicle. Plus, the cost to take Lyft;to the airport is often equal to what youd pay to park your car for just one day. And when you get to your destination, you can even use Lyft in lieu of renting a car.

    The final reason Lyft gift cards are a great gift is that you can buy them at a variety of price points. Just want to give a small $25 gift for your coworker, sibling, or boss? You can get a Lyft gift card for it.

    Want to go big and give the new grad in your life a nice head start as they move to a new city? You can purchase Lyft gift cards for up to $250, which will be enough for several weeks of regular Lyft rides. Theres an option for every budget and occasion.

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    How To Buy And Redeem Lyft Gift Cards

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    Did you know that Lyft has gift cards available for purchase? You can purchase them directly through the Lyft website, and you can use a debit card, credit card, or PayPal account to make things easy! To purchase the gift card, you will need to have a Lyft account and gift cards purchased through the Lyft website are solely digital. You can purchase gift cards on in amounts up to $250. If you want to give a physical gift card, you can find those through Amazon however, they can be purchased in amounts up to $50. You can also find physical gift cards at Kroger, Office Depot, or Safeway in amounts up to $250. Another benefit to purchasing from Amazon or one of the previously mentioned brick and mortar stores is you do not need a Lyft account to do so.

    Redeeming Lyft gift cards is also a simple process. To redeem a physical gift card, you need to locate the 16 digit code on the back of the card. Open your Lyft app and tap your picture in the top left corner of the app. Click on the promos tab. Enter the 16 digit code from the back of the card into the box that says Enter Promo Code. Then, click Apply. Congrats, you have redeemed your gift card!

    One of the great things about Lyft gift cards is that they do not expire. They can also be used for as many rides as the amount covers. They are truly a great gift for anyone of any age.;

    Frequently Asked Questions About Lyft Gift Cards

    How to sell your gift cards for cash (with Raise and Cardpool)
    Where can I buy a Lyft gift card?

    You can purchase a Lyft gift card on the companys website at Or you can purchase it on the app. When on the app, find the promo section and select Gift Lyft to Friends. Once purchased, the Lyft gift card cannot be refunded or voided.

    You can also save money by buying the Lyft gift card at Gift Card Granny.

    Does the Lyft gift card cover all expenses?

    Once youve uploaded the value of your gift card to the app, the gift card will apply to your next ride. However your gift card may not cover certain fees such as cancellation and damage fees, and tipping the driver. The payment method you created your account with will cover these extra fees if they apply to you.

    How does the Lyft gift card work?

    Everything is through the app, which means your wallet is less cluttered with plastic. You have to set up a payment method through the app, even if youre only planning on spending within the limits of your gift card. Once you have the gift card, you can redeem on any Lyft ride you take in the US.

    How can I check the balance on my Lyft gift card?

    Need to take a Lyft and want to know if your gift card can cover it? Checking your balance is quick and simple, just visit;our Lyft balance check page.;You can make a call or open the app to check how much you have left. On the app, your gift card balance will be in bold in the promos section.

    What can I do if my gift card is stolen or lost?
    Does the Lyft gift card expire?

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    How To Redeem Lyft Gift Card

    If you buy a gift card for yourself, you may want to know how to redeem the card so you can use it.

    When you send a gift card to yourself, you will receive an email containing a 16-digit code. Copy this code.

    Heres how to redeem the gift card:

  • Open your Lyft app.
  • Tap Promos then tap the Enter promo code.
  • Enter the 16-digit code here and tap Apply.
  • Done.
  • Although the above is for a digital gift card, redeeming a physical gift card is more or less the same.

    You have to find the 16-digit code on the back of the card, open the app, and add the code into your account.

    How Do I Quit Lyft

    Open the app and sign into your account, if necessary.

  • Tap the three bars and select Help. Tap Help in the menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom and, under Get help, tap Profile and account settings. Select Profile and account settings.
  • Tap Delete My Account. Choose Delete my account and it will be deactivated.
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    Buying The Gift Card At Stores

    Alternatively, you can also buy them at stores. Mortar and brick stores like Office Depot, Kroger, and Safeway usually have Lyft gift cards, worth up to $250.

    Lyft gift card on online store like Amazon, however, is worth only up to $50. Unlike buying through the app or website, you dont need an account to buy a gift card from these stores.

    Using Gift Card Balance On Rides

    Drive a Lift in Your Conversions with These 5 Lyft Landing ...

    When you redeem a gift card, your balance will be automatically entered as a payment option that you can use when booking rides with Lyft.

    You can use your balance right away, or save it for special trips as you see fit. This also gives you the flexibility to use a company credit card;for business trips, then use the gift card balance;for personal rides.

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    How Can I Buy Bitcoin With Lyft Gift Card

    If you want to buy bitcoin using your Lyft gift card then you have to find a reputable exchange or marketplace that will let you do it.

    How To Buy Bitcoin With LyftGift Card On Paxful Summary

  • Create an account;with;Paxful.
  • Verify your account.
  • Go to Buy Bitcoin and look for Lyft Gift Card.
  • Open a trade with the vendor and complete the terms.
  • Receive bitcoins directly into your Paxful wallet.
  • Thats it! You have successfully purchased bitcoin with Lyft gift card as the payment method.

    What Will Happen If The Card Is Stolen And Lost

    Lyft help center will check if the gift card code is redeemed if not redeemed then you need to send the code, and Lyft will code balance automatically to the Lyft account.

    In case if you have not received the gift code, the first thing you need to check your email spam folder, junk folder there is a chance you have received and saved in the spam folder.

    Next thing you can see the code in Lyft purchase history and from there you can add the code.

    Lyft does not hold the responsibility for the retailers gift card if it gets stolen or lost.

    Lyft help centerwill do nothing regarding the retailer gift card issue you need to contact the retailer help center.

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    Citi Double Cash Card

    Since the Double Cash card earns 2% cash-back on every purchase 1% when making the charge and 1% when paying off the charge its a decent choice for Uber and Lyft ride purchases.

    Hot Tip: Check for Uber or Lyft gift cards being sold at the bonus category merchants offered on specific cards. Bonus category merchants such as grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, office supply stores, and others may earn greater rewards than using your card to make purchases direct with Uber or Lyft.;

    How To Buy Bitcoin With Lyft Gift Card Instantly

    I Try the App Raise to Sell My Gift Cards

    bySeptember 22, 2021, 12:24 am162 Views1 Votes

    ;Lyft gift cards are a popular gift item and are often exchanged for other goods and services.

    Lyft gift cards can be purchased from any major gift card retailer in bulk including CardCash.

    On both Paxful and LocalBitcoins, you can buy or sell just about any type of gift card including Lyft gift cards for bitcoin instantly and securely.

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    Sending Via The Website

    To send via the website, first go to From there you can either buy a gift card;or follow instructions on how to redeem one.

    To buy one, first tap on Send gift card. Youll then be prompted to sign in to your account.

    Enter your phone number, then confirm its you by providing the code the app texts to you.

    Online, youll notice that you have a few more options in regard to gift cards. For one, there are multiple card designs that arent available on the app.

    You also have the ability to send gift cards;in denominations other than $10, $25, $50, or $100 by selecting Other from the amount section.

    From there you enter the recipients name, email address, a personalized note, and tap next.

    On the next page youll confirm details and choose the payment method you want to use. To change your Lyft default payment setting, tap on Payment and add a different credit card.

    How Do I Redeem A Gift Card

    Redeeming a Lyft gift card is easy.

    To redeem a physical gift card:

  • Locate the Claim Code. This is a 16-digit code located on the back of the gift card.
  • Open the Lyft app.
  • Tap your photo in the top left corner.
  • Tap the Promos tab.
  • Type the Claim Code in the Enter promo code box.
  • Tap Apply.
  • Type the Claim Code code from the email in the Enter promo code box
  • Tap Apply.
  • Note that youll need a default payment method on file in order to use any gift cards. This will cover the following costs:

    • Cancellation;and damage fees
    • Any ride where the cost is more than your gift card balance

    If you have any issues using a gift card , contact Lyft support.

    Once youve redeemed the gift card, you can check your remaining balance using the following steps:

  • Open the app.
  • Tap your photo in the top left corner.
  • Tap the Promos tab.
  • Your gift card balance is listed in bold. Under the remaining amount, youll see more terms and conditions in gray.
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    Best Business Card For Uber & Lyft

    There are very few business cards that offer elevated earnings or benefits for rideshares. Here is one of the best business credit cards that does offer top earnings for Uber and Lyft.

    Must Reads: For more info on the Ink Business Preferred, see our guides on its benefits, 7 things to do as a new cardholder, and our full review. This is our favorite Chase business credit card.

    The Ink Business Preferred card is one of our favorite business cards, partially due to its bonus earnings on purchases that businesses commonly make.

    Youll be earning 3x Ultimate Rewards points on travel, which includes Uber and Lyft purchases.

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