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Will You Be My Groomsman Gift

Cuff Links To Wear On Wedding Day

Will You Be My Bridesmaid & Groomsmen || DIY

What better way to ask your loved ones to be your groomsmen or best man than with this box and cuffs. This is a heartfelt thank you to be worn the day of the event and then cherished for years to come. These Personalized Silver Oval Cuff Links will add that subtle touch to the men’s formal wear on the day of your wedding, and they serve as a wonderful gift that can be used in the future for other special events. So ask your men in style with these traditional wedding cufflinks that are silver plated and feature a non-tarnish finish.

Will You Be My Proposal Ideas

It is time to gather your bridal party and groom squad and are looking for unique proposal ideas? Well, look no further. Our viriety of bridesmaid and groomsman proposals will match any taste. From vibrant floral designs with gold foiled decorations to simple templates with stylish script. Invite friends and family with unique proposal cards, specially customized for every single person with their name and wedding role. Whether it is a bridesmaid, maid of honor, groomsman, usher, flower girl or ring bearer, you can make a matching set for every wedding role you need.Choose from scratch-off cards for a stylish and more elegant invites, custom puzzle proposal for the little ones or for a fun and cute bridesmaid gift or customize a wine or whiskey label and use it with your favorite bottle of drink to toast the occasion.

Give Them A Groomsmen Proposal Box

Fill the flask with his go to liquor, send him the box or hand deliver it and make sure someone is recording for the record. This groomsmen proposal gift set will hit just the right note between you and the guys. They will know how much you mean to them while being called for duty. For an added punch, get all the guys together, have the closed boxes there and have them open them together. Be sure to have a bottle of your favorite booze handy to fill up the shot glasses with for a toast that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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Awesome Will You Be My Groomsman Gifts

This is the point where you decided to get married, and of course, no wedding does without brides and grooms friends, who end up doing much for you during your wedding planning journey and help you a lot on your big day. Youve chosen them and its high time to pop up the question, so give them something special to show how much your appreciate them. Its usually a girl thing to present something to their gals but why dont we take care of guys, too? I bet that every guy would be pleased to receive a box packed with man stuff like alcohol, cigars, lighters, snacks, socks and handkerchiefs and other stuff like that. Today Im going to inspire you, guys, to show your future groomsmen how much you care with cool Will You Be My Groomsman gifts.

Send Them A Funny Text Message

Will You Be My Groomsman Cigars Gift

You can get this over with even faster, if you so choose: you aren’t proposing to your girlfriend again, after all. Send a text message if you are really a man of few words, be sure to confirm that he’s around during the date you’ve set for the wedding. Below are a few ideas for text messages you can send:

  • I know you dont know how to tie a bow-tie, but will you be my groomsman anyways?
  • I need you to hold my hair while I throw up at my wedding. Will you be my groomsman?
  • Make them a meme using ImgFlip
  • I know you like free food, liquor, and parties. Be my groomsman for access to all three?
  • This is me, asking you, to be my Groomsman. There will be beer.
  • You’ve always been great at spotting me in the gym, I was wondering if you would be able to spot me on my wedding day?
  • Bro, I only get one decision at this wedding, will you be my groomsman?
  • I found my woman, but I still need my boys. Will you be my groomsman?
  • Hey man, its time to suit up. I’m getting married, will you be my best man?
  • Just when he thought it’s just another day with you at the golf course, he’d be happy to say yes to your surprising and of all the places way of proposing to him to be one of your groomsmen.

    Check out this fun video:

    He enjoys the occasional drink, so help support his habit. Make sure you choose his favorite drinks and he will never forget this unique way of asking him to be your groomsmen, he’ll thank you once he is drunk. Ask him to be your groomsman by giving him this minibar in a jar.

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    Team Groom Groomsmen Proposal Boxes

    This box makes a serious statement all on its own thanks to the cool blue and copper color palette. For extra convenience, the question at hand is printed right on the outer lid. Inside, your crew will be treated to Team Groom socks, an acrylic shot glass, a copper-hued hip flask and a matching bottle opener.

    Ordering Wedding Stationery At Zola

    While wedding stationerylike Will you be my groomsman? cardsis fun to create, it can also be a hassle to keep track of. There are save the dates, invitations, enclosure cards, and even programs and menus to get in order.

    If having it all in one place sounds like the best option for you, look no further than Zolas Invites + Paper. Not only can you find, edit, draft, and purchase everything in one place, but there are hundreds of styles to choose from. Filter by style, color, and other options like custom photos and easily find your perfect wedding stationery.

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    I Do Crew Personalized Baseball Bat

    Hit a home- run with guys of all ages! Whether they are helping you out on your big day as the Usher, Groomsman or just a constant shoulder to lean on, commemorate their contribution with our I Do Crew Personalized 28″ Rawlings Baseball Bat. Make the bat extra special by adding your groomsmen name and the date of your wedding.

    A Celebrity Shout Out


    For $95, give your groomsman the celebrity treatment by using Cameo to pop the question! This app allows you to book a celebrity of your choosing to record themselves reading the text you provide. The celebrity will record the video and send it back to you. All thats left is to send the videos to your groomsmen of the celebrity asking the big question. With celebrities like Antonio Brown, Ice T, and Matt Hasselbeck, youll take the cake for best groomsmen proposal of all time.

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    Educational Booklet On Ties And Different Knots

    Creating the perfect knot on a tie can be a bit frustrating for many, especially if ties aren’t a normal part of their everyday routine. An educational booklet on ties will be helpful, giving them time to practice. Give them the card and tell them that you are excited to see how good or bad their tie knots are going to be at your wedding. They should catch on to the groomsmen invitation idea quickly.

    Custom Whiskey & Wine Bottle Labels

    Do you and your best friend have a special bottle of whiskey or champagne you love? If yes, then what better way to pop the question Will you be my groomsman? than write it on the bottle with customized whiskey labels. You can choose from variety of designs and templates and personalize them in just a few easy steps. Add a personalized bottle of whiskey to your groomsman proposal gift and create a fun and memorable proposal experience.

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    Personalized Gift Set With Journal

    All housed in a wooden box that can be personalized with his name or initials, this Personalized Gift Set with Journal is one fabulous groomsmen gift. It comes with a glass flask that can be filled with his favorite drink, a journal that will allow him to keep track of his adventures and a Swiss knife that comes handy for just about anything and everything that would require some necessary tools.

    Groomsmen Leather Personalized Poker Set

    Will You Be My Groomsman Cigar Box Tux Best Man Time To ...

    Nothing says “Boys Night” like poker night. Your future husband and his groomsmen can enjoy many fun-filled nights of poker and celebrations when they play out of our Personalized Groomsmen Leather Poker Set. Personalize this poker set with any title, initial, any name and any date.

    A bottle by itself is the most pedestrian of gifts, but slap on a label that personalizes the flask like its only meant for your groomsmen and shazaam, you have gift magic! The BroLabel is the perfect way to ask your buddy that important question. Treat your favorite guys to a bottle of their favorite sauce, but with a message they cant ignore. This flask is going to find a special spot in their man cave bar and be used for years to come.

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    A Home Run Groomsmen Proposal

    Well, they will have a front seat, your wedding! Hand over this MLB-inspired groomsmen proposal ticket and make their hearts leap for joy with the thought of having a front seat of all the fun and action. While this may be a nice and sporty trick for your best buds, you may level up your proposal by attaching an actual baseball game ticket along with this pseudo version.

    Drafted Groomsmen Proposal Beer Mug

    Do you hang with a real beer drinking crowd? If so, these personalized beer mugs will do the trick. Invite your boys over and slide these 25-ounce steins across your man cave bar to each of them. Their smiles will be enough for you to know Theyre in! Whats better than having a drink with the boys? Celebrate your big news with an ice cold beverage from one of these bad boys.

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    Use A Mail Subscription Service

    In the past couple of years, subscription boxes have become very popular. For a monthly fee, you subscribe to a service where a company will compile and mail your favorite things. Whatever it may be, there is a subscription box for everyone. Select a subscription box that represents your groomsman or the relationship that you share with them. Many of these subscription boxes have free or inexpensive introductory offers.

    If you are not genuinely interested in keeping a subscription but want to invest in a box for the sake of your friend, then you can use the trial period just to secure a box for them. In the box, send a note thanking them for the experiences shared with you, with a formal invitation as a groomsman.

    Where Do I Start

    Scottish DIY bridesmaid groomsmen wedding gift surprise

    Well, here. This site is dedicated to helping you, Mr. Groom. Well give you ideas for gift giving, but also helpful reviews of products that are already out there like this from London Jae Apparel.

    All you have to do is think about your groomsmen and well point you in the right direction.

    This is going to be fun.

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    How To Give Groomsmen Proposal Gifts

    There are a few things to consider when giving proposal gifts to your future groomsmen/women and best person. For starters, do you want to ask everyone at once? Or would you rather have a meaningful one-on-one moment with each of your loved ones? Do you plan on toasting everyone’s new wedding party status afterward? Or would you prefer a chill day out fishing or playing golf? Choosing the right time and place will help set the tone for handing over your gifts and asking that all-important question.

    Lastly, think about how you want the moment to play out with your chosen friends and family. Some grooms opt for a light-hearted approach with a funny proposal card, while others prefer to take it a little more seriously. However you decide to deliver your gift, make sure it’s something personal or practical your loved ones will really appreciateit’s not every day you ask someone to help you tie the knot!

    The Simplest Will You Be My Groomsman Gift

    If you are a man of few words or have a prospective groomsman that lives far away, consider sending them an invitation card. You can write in the card, making it as personal as you want or you can simply send the card their way with your name on it. An invitation card makes a statement while still keeping it casual.

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    Black Leather Wallet & Cufflinks Gift Set

    It’s sure to bring a smile on his face knowing his superior taste when it comes to shopping. This Black Leather Wallet & Cufflinks Gift Set is not too difficult to find when you want the best for someone.Gift boxed with custom foam packaging, you are all set to giving one awesome gift! It’s one handsome gift that can be personalized for the special men in your life.

    More Groomsmen Proposal Gift Ideas

    Will you be my Groomsman Gift Boxes Classic

    If you need even more gift ideas for the big day proposal, here you go!

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    I’d love to hear from you! What ideas do you have for a groomsmen proposal ideas or a will-you-be-my-best-man gift? Have you or your significant other received a heartfelt best-man proposal box? How did you pop the question and add a personal touch or two?

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    Because You Are Worth It

    It may sound strange, but as much as a gift for the grooms party should fit the occasion and the recipients, it says something about you, too.

    And we arent talking about buying expensive gifts to show how flush you are with cash. We are talking about taking the time amidst all the chaos surrounding your wedding planning to think about these menyour groomsmen. To think about them as individuals and men you have relied on and will continue to rely on.

    Its true, most of us guys miss out on subtlety. But that doesnt mean we shouldnt try to be thoughtful and honest in our gift giving to our groomsmen.

    These men have made a sacrifice to be in your wedding. Why? Because they love you. You are worthy of the sacrifice of their time and attention in this matter of a wedding and probably in much more. In their eyes, you are worthy of sacrifice. Repay them with a token. Even if it isnt much. Put some thought into it and thank them for believing in your upcoming wedding and for believing that you are worthy.

    Will You Be My Groomsmen

    There are endless ideas for how to ask a groomsman to be in your wedding, but hopefully this provides a good base for your brainstorming session. And if these ideas sound too expensive and youd like to keep each invitation or groomsmen gift under $25, we have a vast collection of gift ideas your groomsmen will love.

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    Give Your Groomsmen Socks To Wear On Your Wedding Day

    Heres a unique gift thatll literally knock the socks off of your groomsmen! These personalized groomsman socks add a fun and personal touch to wedding fashion. Gift these to your wedding party for your groomsmen proposal and everyone will be on the same page. Socks are an obligatory gift for men on all occasions, but groomsmen socks are perfect for this once in a lifetime event and will look amazing in those wedding pictures. A nice addition to your mans wardrobe collection, these socks also say thanks for being my groomsman and gives the guys some attention at the wedding.

    Practical Groomsmen Proposal Boxes

    Will you be my Bridesmaid? Bridesmaid Boxes Vlog | Ana Duarte

    How’s this for a groomsmen proposal idea? Each box is stocked with stuff that’ll easily get them through the celebrations to come. There’s a beer mug, sunglasses, a bottle opener, a can koozie and a cigar cutterâbachelor party essentials, basically. Plus, it all comes neatly packaged in a rustic gift box.

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    Spiral Your Groomsmen Proposal

    Put a little gridiron in your gifting with a gift that won’t fumble on your big weekend. Your groomsman will feel like a Super Bowl MVP when you toss your groomsmen a perfect spiral with this cool personalized football. How many gifts can you ask your man to run a deep slant to receive? Throw some laces in his hand with a gift that won’t disappoint.

    This idea is social distance friendly and an especially good groomsmen proposal idea if any of your guys are freaked out by Covid and does not want to get anywhere near you.

    To pull this groomsmen proposal idea off, do the following:

  • Buy the personalized football and have it customized with your groomsmen’s names and “Will You Be My Groomsman “
  • Hop in your car and drive to your groomsmen’s house.
  • Send your groomsmen / best man a text that tells them to go outside
  • Throw him the football.
  • Watch the smile on his face when he reads it
  • Hashtag #GroovyGroomsmen on social media when you post the video so we can share in the celebration with you!
  • To see this groomsmen proposal idea in action, check out how pulled it off in this video on Tik Tok.

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